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McDonnell Douglas Corporation Patents
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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4139172 Staggerwing aircraft February 13, 1979
An aircraft having a fuselage provided with wing panels in staggered positions along the fuselage such that control surfaces of the forward wing panel are substantially closer to the center of gravity than are the control surfaces of the rearward wing panel. This arrangement results in
4137354 Ribbed composite structure and process and apparatus for producing the same January 30, 1979
A composite structure includes a grid having filaments built up in a stacked arrangement in rows with the rows crossing at nodes where the filaments of the crossing rows are interlaced. None of the filaments passes directly through any node, but instead the filaments of each row pass
4134345 Retractable guide latch mechanism January 16, 1979
A guide latch mechanism to restrain cargo in three directions. The mechanism retracts to permit cargo to pass over the mechanism and automatically erects to a vertical position for future use.
4131863 CO Chain reaction chemical laser December 26, 1978
This application concerns the operation of a CO chemical laser fueled by carbon monosulfide (CS) and oxygen. These fuels allow the operation of a chain reaction, one step of which is the laser pumping reaction. The chain reaction mechanism reduces the O-atom requirement and increases the
4130787 Reliability monitoring system December 19, 1978
A system for monitoring a machine tool under automatic control is provided which uses the actual path of the tool in all directions of motion for comparison with a mathematically ideal path to detect tool error. Machine tool position is obtained from independent feedback devices on each
4125799 Gyro caging loop system November 14, 1978
A system for providing a stable caging loop for two-degree-of-freedom dry tuned gyros used in a strap-down inertial navigation system. The system provides satisfactory noise rejection and good navigation accuracy using cross axis torquing only with extremely simple analog shaping circuit
4125017 Redundant inertial measurement system November 14, 1978
A system providing economical redundant strap-down inertial measurement capability in a space navigation system. By appropriate orientation of two-degree-of-freedom dry tuned rotor gyros, the system is able to achieve complete redundancy utilizing only three gyro units. With this ori
4118280 Automated microbial analyzer October 3, 1978
Medical specimens suspected of containing harmful microorganisms are diluted in saline solution and the dilution so formed is vacuum loaded into a cuvette or card containing viewing walls having dried selective culture media therein. The dilution rehydrates the culture media, each of
4116775 Machine and process for reading cards containing medical specimens September 26, 1978
Medical specimens suspected of containing certain microorganisms are introduced into cards containing wells having culture media therein. A reduction in the light transmitting characteristics of any well indicates the presence of a microorganism. Each well is examined at periodic int
4116755 Chem-milling of titanium and refractory metals September 26, 1978
An improved composition and process for chemically milling titanium, refractory metals, and their alloys, resulting in decreased absorption of hydrogen, thus allowing chemical milling of beta titanium and alpha beta titanium, which normally cannot be chemically milled in conventional
4116580 All cutting edge drill September 26, 1978
An all cutting edge drill in which the cutting edges include the cutting edges across the point, at the shoulders between the point cutting edges and the side flute edges, and along the flute edges, all of which avoids local wear areas and gains higher surface speed and a better finish a
4116303 Exhaust muffler September 26, 1978
Exhaust muffler for sound suppression, particularly designed as an automotive muffler, which comprises a gas inlet tube communicating with a first chamber in an outer, preferably cylindrical, casing, and an exit tube coaxially aligned with the inlet tube within the casing, the inner
4116161 Dual tumbling barrel plating apparatus September 26, 1978
An apparatus for plating work pieces including irregularly-shaped workpieces of various sizes with a technique known as ion vapor deposition wherein the articles are tumbled in adjacent counter-rotating barrels, a portion of which are cathodes of a high voltage system. The barrels rotate
4116150 Cryogenic insulation system September 26, 1978
Cryogenic insulation system for containers for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG, comprised of a low temperature resistant metal, preferably high nickel steel, primary membrane or liner supported by a primary layer of reinforced foam insulation, and a secondary liner p
4115168 Carbon monosulfide generating process September 19, 1978
This application concerns a process for generating carbon monosulfide (CS) in quantity for a carbon monoxide (CO) chemical laser using thermochemical dissociation of carbon disufide (CS.sub.2) in a high temperature (T.gtoreq. 2400 K) fuel-oxidizer flame.
4113130 Joint for a nestable cargo carrier September 12, 1978
A joint for a nestable cargo carrier including a plurality of circular sections conically shaped to form an ogive contour when nested, one within the other. The shell segments are bolted together to provide the present positive mechanical joint, reliable joint sealing and ease of field
4110266 Process for converting the decomposition products of polyurethane and novel compositions thereby August 29, 1978
Decomposing polyurethane foams and converting the depolymerized reaction product containing amines, both aromatic and aliphatic, into polyols suitable for reaction with polyisocyanate to produce fresh polyurethane foam, by first reacting polyurethane foam with ammonia or an amine such as
4109185 Servo system employing digital components August 22, 1978
A servo system, particularly well suited for use in a computerized numerical control system for a large machine tool, in which a plurality of axis controlling servo circuits are controlled by one computerized axis controller. As each controlled axis moves, an attached resolver's output
4107986 Five component strain gauge balance August 22, 1978
A five-component strain gauge balance for measuring the forces and moments exerted on a reflection plane model aircraft in a subsonic continuous-duty or blow down wind tunnel. The balance beams are arranged in a diamond pattern so that the rolling moment reactions are concentrated in the
4105290 Optical color communication system August 8, 1978
A transmitter and remotely located receiver are used to form an optical color communication system wherein diffraction gratings blazed, for example, in the sixth and higher dispersive orders are utilized in the transmitter and receiver to provide for simultaneous transmission and rec
4104612 Head-up display command bar generator August 1, 1978
This apparatus generates a signal to control the vertical position of a horizontal bar indicator in a head-up display for viewing by the pilot of an aircraft so that the bar is superimposed on the pilot's view of the runway to assist him in controlling the pitch attitude of the aircraft
4104426 Production of muffler material August 1, 1978
Acoustical insulation or sound absorbing material particularly useful as automobile muffler material, having high temperature, vibration and chemical resistance, and of sufficient structural rigidity to resist packing or degradation when exposed to engine heat, vibration and exhaust
4103157 High speed photodetector and system July 25, 1978
A photodetector capable of achieving an extremely high speed of response includes a Shottky barrier semiconductor diode in unpackaged chip form and a mount in which the diode is installed such that a photosensitive region on the diode is exposed forwardly toward the source of light which
4100322 Fiber-resin-carbon composites and method of fabrication July 11, 1978
Production of composites having increased strength, particularly at elevated temperature, heat resistance and ablative properties, while maintaining low weight, by a process which comprises impregnating fibrous reinforcement, such as a woven fabric of graphite yarns, with a resin, e.
4099138 Chemically fueled laser July 4, 1978
This application relates to fuel for a chemical laser in which carbon monosulfide (CS) is reacted with oxygen atoms (O) to fuel a carbon monoxide (CO) chemical laser. The use of carbon monosulfide results in faster pumping of the laser, less heating of the medium, and a lessened need
4098326 Heat exchanger gas separator July 4, 1978
A gas conveying duct-type heat exchanger is shown and described having two gases passing therethrough, preferably in counterflow relationship. An easily assembled, sectioned gas separator is provided to divide the duct into separate gas conduits. The separator sections are designed to fi
4098271 Oxygen supply system and flow indicator July 4, 1978
A flow indicator for use in a continuous flow type oxygen apparatus. The flow indicator constructed of a flexible chamber and restrictor to give an immediate visual indication of a minimum acceptable oxygen flow within the system.
4095619 Yarn inserting and packing machine June 20, 1978
A machine for inserting cross yarns through an array of longitudinal yarns so as to produce a three-dimensional weave includes yokes positioned adjacent to the array of longitudinal yarns and two rotatable shafts mounted on each yoke along opposite sides of the array with the shafts
4093395 Drill and combined drill countersink June 6, 1978
A drill for producing close tolerance holes in non-ferrous and non-metallic composite materials in which the essentially cylindrical size of the body of the drill is maintained all the way to the drilling point, the cylindrical shape as it approaches the drilling point is tapered by bein
4092733 Electrically alterable interconnection May 30, 1978
An electrically alterable, non-volatile interconnect selectively connects and disconnects microcircuit elements formed on a wafer. The interconnect is formed on the same wafer as the microcircuit elements during the circuit fabrication process to permit electrically controlled reconf
4092716 Control means and method for controlling an object May 30, 1978
A method and device are provided for displaying the effect of control action in real time by simultaneously applying the control action both to the system to be controlled and a computer model of the system. The effect of the control action on the model is displayed to the operator in a
4090555 Heat pipe assembly May 23, 1978
A separable heat pipe assembly for stabilizing the generally frozen soil adjacent and supporting a structural member or foundation in permafrost or similar regions, including a cooperative combination of a tubular structure installed in a permafrost environment, a heat pipe element h
4089494 Reduced servo noise control for a hydraulic actuator May 16, 1978
In a hydraulic actuator such as those used in multiple degree freedom motion bases for aircraft simulators, a secondary force sensitive hydraulic servo loop is added in parallel to the primary position feedback servo loop with the secondary loop having a servo valve possessing substa
4089250 Cartridge holder with extractor/indicator May 16, 1978
An improved explosive cartridge holder having an indicator to show the presence of a cartridge and a spring and new design to assist in removal of the discharged cartridge.
4089140 Carpet installation for frangible aircraft floors May 16, 1978
A carpet installation for use with a frangible panel to assist in the disintegration and breakup of the panel permitting ventilation through an aircraft floor. The carpet installation utilizes positioning and hold-down tiles to reduce adhesive contact with the frangible panel and isolato
4087037 Method of and tools for producing superplastically formed and diffusion bonded structures May 2, 1978
The invention covers a method of and tools for producing structures from suitable materials which are sequentially formed superplastically and then diffusion bonded using forming dies that are flexible to conform to desired contours imparted to the mating dies, which can accommodate
4086378 Stiffened composite structural member and method of fabrication April 25, 1978
Stiffened structural components, particularly integrally stiffened light weight shell structures, produced by molding astiffening member, preferably formed of a graphite-epoxy composition and having a so-called isogrid rib stiffening configuration, to a partially cured (B-stage) cond
4079235 Computer numerically controlled threadcutting machine tool March 14, 1978
A computer numerical control system for controlling a lathe or similar machine tool in the cutting of threads. One computer is used as an interpolator to produce speed commands in real time for producing a smooth cutting tool motion. A second computer is used as an axis controller for
4079106 Method for continuously fabricating three-dimensional filament reinforced foam insulation March 14, 1978
A method and apparatus for continuously fabricating three-dimensional (3D) filament reinforced foam insulation slabs. Rows of X or longitudinal filaments are fed longitudinally into a machine in spaced, stacked horizontal planes. Rows of Y or transverse filaments are fed transversely
4073690 Citrobacter freundii broth February 14, 1978
A broth medium for the detection of Citrobacter freundii in urine. The medium employs palatinose and rhamnose as carbon sources to enhance the growth of the organism. A combination of .alpha.-hydroxy-2',4,4'-trichlorodiphenyloxide and Brilliant Green are employed to inhibit the growt
4072575 Broth and method for detecting E. coli in mixed water samples February 7, 1978
A broth medium for the detection of Escherichia coli in water samples, i.e., sewage specimens, and process for inoculation and incubation of said broth to conduct satisfactory detection tests. The medium employs para-coumaric acid and acetazolamide to inhibit growth of unwanted micro
4072573 Pseudomonas aeruginosa broth February 7, 1978
A broth medium for the detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in urine. The medium employs cetyl trimethylammonium bromide to inhibit growth of unwanted organisms that normally give positive results in tests for P. aeruginosa.
4072572 E. coli detection broth for clinical use with automated microbial analyzer February 7, 1978
A medium for the detection and identification of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in urine samples.The medium employs para-coumaric acid, saponin and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid to inhibit growth of unwanted microorganisms and thus eliminate false positive test results.
4072571 Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter broth February 7, 1978
A broth medium for the detection of Klebsiella, specifically Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter in urine. The medium employs 3-(.alpha.-acetonylbenzyl)-4-hydroxycoumarin and 2,4 dinitro-phenyl hydrazone of .alpha.-Ketoglutoric acid to inhibit growth of Escherichia Coli organisms
4068770 Foldable inclined multi-section ramp actuation system January 17, 1978
A foldable, articulated inclined ramp or stair assembly actuation system is shown and described. The assembly comprises at least three elements connected by hinges to each other and foldable on each other under the control of a series of pulleys interconnected by a single drive cable. A
4068357 Method and apparatus for fabricating open weave scrim cloth January 17, 1978
A method and apparatus for continuously weaving fibers or filaments, particularly glass fiber filaments, into a scrim cloth, to serve as reinforcement in the fabrication of filament reinforced foam insulation slabs. The scrim cloth consisting of uniformly spaced filaments in the X (l
4065788 Realtime image processor December 27, 1977
An image formed on an array of photosensitive elements is scanned and stored. A defocussed image is scanned and subtracted from the stored signals. The frame-to-frame subtractive algorithm permits simultaneous image enhancement and elimination of sensor induced noise. Required storag
4063267 MNOS Memory device December 13, 1977
A method for fabricating a variable threshold IGFET free of parasitic effects and the "floating gate" effect. The IGFET includes an oxide layer having a portion of minimum thickness in the region thereof overlying an interstitial portion of a semiconductive substrate having a pair of spa
4062876 Sensitive pH indicator December 13, 1977
Process of preparing reduced aniline blue pH indicator for use in detecting presence of microorganisms in culture media. The process involves reducing aniline blue by the sequential addition of sodium thioglycollate. The reduced aniline blue indicator may be used in certain media designe
4055104 Tire piercing munition October 25, 1977
A munition designed to be emplaced in concrete or other paved surfaces which is particularly destructive to pneumatic tires.
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