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St. Louis, MO
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6229940 Incoherent fiber optic laser system May 8, 2001
An incoherent fiber optic laser system is provided which provides a high quality output beam which is readily scalable and which can be focused to a target location located relatively near or relatively far without requiring sophisticated optical elements. The incoherent fiber optic lase
6225963 Cloverleaf spiral antenna and array May 1, 2001
A broadband spiral antenna wherein the outermost spirals for lower frequency operation are formed in the shape of a four lobed cloverleaf so that the low frequency operation can be provided in a relatively limited space leaving room for four other spiral antennas between the lobes so
6225939 Impedance sheet device May 1, 2001
A thin sheet impedance device and process for controlling the resistance, capacitance and inductive properties of a material through the use of a plurality of impedance elements of specific sizes, shapes and material on one side of a thin dielectric sheet in combination with a plurality
6221177 Method for preparing pre-coated aluminum alloy articles and articles prepared thereby April 24, 2001
An aluminum-alloy article such as a fastener is prepared by providing an aluminum-alloy article precursor that is not in its final heat-treated state, and in one form is in its solution treated/annealed state. A curable organic coating material is also provided. The method includes a
6218980 Terrain correlation system April 17, 2001
A terrain correlation system for use in conjunction with an inertial navigation system of a vehicle is provided which can update position information and which is both independent of altitude and compatible with varying course paths. In the preferred embodiment, reference terrain alt
6213712 Helicopter blade positioning mechanism for foldable rotor blades April 10, 2001
An improved blade positioning mechanism for folding a helicopter blade attached to a pitch control housing permits a controlled folding of the main rotor blade for increased safety and decreased risk of damage to the helicopter or other equipment. The invention also folds the main rotor
6210046 Fiber optic connector with micro-alignable lens having autofocus feature and associated fabricat April 3, 2001
A fiber optic connector and an associated fabrication method where the connector has a connector housing having a base side, a and pair of sidewalls upstanding from the base side that are spaced apart in relation to each other, and each of the housing sidewalls define at least one ap
6204920 Optical fiber sensor system March 20, 2001
A system such as for sensing strain or temperature of an aircraft and for transmitting information in communication systems. A sensor array includes a first light responsive Bragg grating sensor having a first operating bandwidth and a second light responsive Bragg grating sensor having
6200945 Environmentally safe solvent composition March 13, 2001
The present invention provides a solvent composition that is environmentally safe and has a palatable odor. The solvent composition can be used in numerous applications such as cleaning metal and non-metal surfaces and as a thinning agent. The solvent composition of the invention inc
6200309 Photodynamic therapy system and method using a phased array raman laser amplifier March 13, 2001
System and method for photodynamic therapy using a phased array Raman laser amplifier including a beam generator for generating a fundamental laser beam and a Raman seed frequency laser beam, and a fiber optic laser amplifier array for forming a diffraction limited output laser beam at t
6198983 Table-driven software architecture for a stitching system March 6, 2001
Native code for a CNC stitching machine is generated by generating a geometry model of a preform; generating tool paths from the geometry model, the tool paths including stitching instructions for making stitches; and generating additional instructions indicating thickness values. Th
6196690 Sensor assembly with dual reflectors to offset sensor March 6, 2001
Radiant energy sensor is protected from severe environments with a radiant energy sensor assembly that off-sets the sensor from the environment. The sensor assembly includes a radiant energy sensor, a pair of reflective walls facing one another, one of the walls having a transmissive ape
6194127 Resistive sheet patterning process and product thereof February 27, 2001
Pattern transfer process for manufacturing a patterned resistive sheet with reduced process steps, and the resulting article of manufacture.
6190172 Modular video display system February 20, 2001
A visual display system, such as a flight simulation system, includes a number of display screens and a number of associated video projectors which project predetermined video images on the display screens in response to control signals provided by an operator. In one embodiment, the
6185486 Air vehicle landing/takeoff area mapping system and method February 6, 2001
An air vehicle landing/takeoff area mapping system includes a plurality of transmitters located in the landing/takeoff area with each transmitter propagating a signal having a signal frequency indicative of the transmitter location. A receiver is located on the air vehicle and is cap
6185470 Neural network predictive control method and system February 6, 2001
A method and system for controlling a dynamic nonlinear plant. An input signal controls the plant and an output signal represents a state of the plant in response to the received input signal. A memory stores input and output signals corresponding to m consecutive past states of the plan
6181426 Gas concentration monitoring system January 30, 2001
A system for monitoring the concentration level of a gas in a monitored environment, e.g., for monitoring the concentration level of a fire suppression agent in the engine bay and/or cargo bay of an aircraft. The system includes a light source for producing source light, an optical s
6173440 Method and apparatus for debugging, verifying and validating computer software January 9, 2001
A new approach for software debugging, verification and validation is disclosed. The present invention utilizes a knowledge-based reasoning approach to build a functional model of the software code for identifying and isolating failures in the software code. The knowledge-based reasoning
6173414 Systems and methods for reduced error detection latency using encoded data January 9, 2001
A fault-tolerant data processing system includes first and second microcircuits in a master/checker configuration. The first and second microcircuits perform identical transforming operations on identical data to generate respective outputs. The internal state of each microcircuit is
6168736 Thermosetting syntactic foams and their preparation January 2, 2001
A low-density, syntactic foam material is provided according to the invention. The syntactic foam material is prepared by mixing together a plurality of microballoons and a finely divided solid thermosetting resin. Fibers are also preferably incorporated into the material during proc
6168067 High strength friction stir welding January 2, 2001
A method for reducing material property degradation during friction stir welding. More specifically, the method includes the steps of solution heat treating first and second structural members at a first predetermined temperature schedule. The first and second structural members are then
6164837 Integrated microelectromechanical alignment and locking apparatus and method for fiber optic mod December 26, 2000
An apparatus and a method for aligning an optical fiber with an optoelectronic device inside an optoelectronic package using an internal automated micro-aligner and internal solder heater means for locking the optical fiber in a precisely aligned position with the optoelectronic devi
6155450 Composite shell shaped as a body of revolution December 5, 2000
The invention relates as a whole to composite structures and may be used, in particular, in the manufacture of bodies or compartments of flying vehicles used in rocketry and aeronautics.A composite shell shaped as a body of revolution comprises a load-bearing framework of a multilayer st
6154522 Method, system and apparatus for aiming a device emitting a radiant beam November 28, 2000
The present invention is a method, system and apparatus for aiming an x-ray system at the surface of a target object, such that the x-ray beam will strike the surface of the target object at a predetermined angle and direction. A laser is positioned on the surface of the target object, s
6152739 Visual display system for producing a continuous virtual image November 28, 2000
A visual display system for producing a continuous far-focused virtual image according to the present invention includes a number of adjacent video image generation and display modules. Each module includes an image generator that generates a video image representative of a portion of a
6140632 Method for producing a spatially stratified optical system for use in the micron and sub-micron October 31, 2000
A method for producing a spatially stratified Optical System includes the steps of a) selecting a suitable, spatially stratified profile of index of refraction to achieve an optical system having a desired performance; b) selecting an atomic/molecular species having a suitable index of
6138951 Spacecraft dispensing system October 31, 2000
A dispensing system for releasing a number of spacecraft from a launch vehicle. The dispensing system includes a base support structure securely fastened to a launch vehicle and a number of stacked frame assemblies. Each frame assembly includes a number of substantially parallel load bea
6129309 Aircraft engine apparatus with reduced inlet vortex October 10, 2000
An aircraft engine apparatus with a reduced inlet vortex is provided which utilizes a vortex disruption system that periodically discharges pulses of engine bleed fluid through at least one outlet port opening through the inlet of the engine nacelle to disrupt the engine inlet vortex. Th
6128545 Automated apparatus and method of generating native code for a stitching machine October 3, 2000
A computer system automatically generates CNC code for a stitching machine. The computer determines the locations of a present stitching point and a next stitching point. If a constraint is not found between the present stitching point and the next stitching point, the computer generates
6128112 Weighted-sum processing method and apparatus for decoding digital signals October 3, 2000
The method and associated apparatus of the present invention decodes digital signals by appropriately weighting the respective noise portions of the two phase segments generated by the detector, such as an APD in an optical communications system, such that the digital signal can be r
6126110 Horizontally opposed trunnion forward engine mount system supported beneath a wing pylon October 3, 2000
The present invention relates to an engine mount assembly for supporting an aircraft engine in aft-cantilevered position beneath the aircraft wing. The assembly includes a pair forward engine mounts positioned on opposite sides of an integrally formed yoke member wrapped about the upper
6122884 Selective metal matrix composite reinforcement by laser deposition September 26, 2000
The structural assemblies are selectively reinforced with metal matrix composite in the regions susceptible to mechanical failure. More specifically, a channel is machined in a structural member in an area of relatively high stress. A reinforcing member is inserted into the channel.
6122569 Store interface apparatus September 19, 2000
A store interface for routing different types of store signal formats to multiple wing stations using pre-existing aircraft wing wiring. The store interface provides an interface between an aircraft and an associated store adapted to bidirectionally communicate with the aircraft accordin
6122102 Sighting apparatus for aiming an optical device September 19, 2000
A sighting apparatus is provided for aiming an optical device mounted on a moving platform and having both coarse and fine adjustment. The sighting apparatus includes a fixed base and an outer support ring that is capable of rotation by a drive motor about an azimuthal axis perpendicular
6121936 Conformable, integrated antenna structure providing multiple radiating apertures September 19, 2000
A conformable, integrated antenna assembly providing three or more radiating apertures in a single antenna structure is provided. The antenna assembly is adapted to mount flush with the fuselage or other surface of an aircraft or other structure. A range of antenna services, including
6121618 Method of operating a high responsivity thermochromic infrared detector September 19, 2000
A high responsivity thermochromic infrared detector which has an operating temperature that is established on the steepest part of the phase transition curve and is maintained there while the infrared detector is operated.
6119982 Pre-loaded stores ejection ram system and method September 19, 2000
The stores ejection system and method of the present invention provide automatic pre-load device, such as a pneumatically-operated pre-load piston, to pre-load a store ejection ram into contact with a bomb or other store prior to store ejection. Mechanical shock to the store during e
6119055 Real time imaging system and method for use in aiding a landing operation of an aircraft in obsc September 12, 2000
An imaging apparatus for aiding landing of aircraft in weather conditions obscuring a pilot's view of a runway. The apparatus comprises a plurality of LED assemblies which are disposed along the runway. Each LED assembly includes a plurality of LEDs, a receiver and a plurality of drivers
6115656 Fault recording and reporting method September 5, 2000
A method for recording and reporting fault information pertaining to various components of an aircraft. The method involves recording a diverse plurality of information output from various line replaceable units (LRU's) and other components of the aircraft during takeoff, flight and
6114674 Multilayer circuit board with electrically resistive heating element September 5, 2000
A multilayer circuit board and an associated heating apparatus is provided for heating electrical components. The multilayer circuit board includes a trace layer having at least one electrical trace terminating with a contact pad that is positioned to electrically contact a respective le
6109563 Plug door operating mechanism August 29, 2000
The present invention provides a door operating system for opening and closing a door covering an exit opening of an aircraft. More particularly, the present invention provides a door operating system for opening and closing a plug type door typically located on the lower passenger deck
6105902 Aircraft fuselage and method of forming same August 22, 2000
An apparatus and method for forming an aircraft fuselage having at least one doubly curved portion. A plurality of fuselage panels are extruded with integrally formed stiffening portions extending preferably longitudinally the full length of each fuselage panel. The stiffening portio
6101884 Fastener equipped with an untethered fiber-optic strain gauge and related method of using the sa August 15, 2000
A method for measuring strain on a structure having a bore and an untethered fiber-optic strain gauge embedded in the bore, which includes the steps of inserting a coupler portion of a fiber-optic cable into the bore in operative relationship to the fiber-optic strain gauge, and using
6099906 Immersion process for impregnation of resin into preforms August 8, 2000
A preform resin immersion process (PRIP) for impregnating resin into a preform for the fabrication of composite structures. The resin contains a heatactivated catalyst and a thixotropic agent which maintain the viscosity of the resin at selected low level during the resin immersion p
6098260 Rivet fastening system for radial fuselage joints August 8, 2000
The present invention provides a fastening assembly system for applying fasteners along the seams of a cylindrical structure. The fastening apparatus includes a base unit which releasably attaches to a cylindrical structure, and a first fastening device coupled the base unit for applying
6092764 Interface seal for an aircraft July 25, 2000
An interface seal (52) for an aircraft (50) has a first rigid structural beam (60) attached to a first portion of the aircraft (50). A second rigid structural beam (64) is attached to a second portion of the aircraft (50). An elastomer skin (62) is connected to the first rigid structural bea
6089505 Mission adaptive inlet July 18, 2000
A mission adaptive inlet (42) for an aircraft (40) has a rigid lip panel (56) pivotally attached to an inlet (42) of the aircraft (40). An actuation mechanism is coupled to the rigid lip panel (56) and causes the rigid lip panel (56) to pivot from a first position to a second position.
6089444 Process of bonding copper and tungsten July 18, 2000
Process for bonding a copper substrate to a tungsten substrate by providing a thin metallic adhesion promoting film bonded to a tungsten substrate and a functionally graded material (FGM) interlayer bonding the thin metallic adhesion promoting film to the copper substrate. The FGM interl
6086018 Interlocking assembly system for an aircraft cabin July 11, 2000
The interlocking assembly system includes a seat track, a floor beam and a clip for connecting the seat track to the underlying floor beam. The clip includes first and second clip members that cooperate to engage the opposed edges of the floor beam. Each clip member has a beam attachment
6083264 Implant material for replacing or augmenting living bone tissue involving thermoplastic syntacti July 4, 2000
An implant device material is provided for replacement or augmentation of living bone tissue involving a thermoplastic syntactic foam material formed from microballoons, a polymer such as polyetherimide which wets and binds the microballons into an array, and interstitial space is presen

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