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St. Louis, MO
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4255483 Fire barrier compositions and composites March 10, 1981
Fire barrier composition particularly applicable as an acoustic panel-fire wall structure in aircraft, capable of withstanding a 2, F. flame temperature, comprising incorporating a silica-containing material such as silicic acid or the reaction product of silicic acid and male
4254477 Reconfigurable memory circuit March 3, 1981
The disclosed device uses an interconnect switch for the selective coupling of serial memory elements in series with other memory elements. A control unit may test elements, designate some of the elements as operable for use and designate other elements as spares. The memory system is de
4254406 Integrating analog-to-digital converter March 3, 1981
An integrating analog-to-digital converter particularly adapted to measure inertial instrument outputs for strap-down navigation. In the converter, an input signal is summed with a number of precisely quantized voltage pulses and is integrated. An error signal at the output of the integr
4251174 Roller hold down February 17, 1981
A roller hold down is designed to restrain parts being cut from a stack of flat sheets. The roller hold down eliminates the need for secondary fastening means to restrain the parts during the cutting operation. The parts are restrained in position on a flat worktable by a pair of cyl
4249191 Stripped nitride structure and process therefor February 3, 1981
A method for fabricating MOS and MNOS transistors on a common substrate which strips the silicon nitride required for MNOS operation away from areas where it is not required. The removal of the nitride from the MOS gate eliminates cumulative threshold instability and allows separate
4248105 Horizontal stabilizer drive February 3, 1981
A mechanical power transmission apparatus, of the differential gear type, for actuating an airplane control surface requiring two independent actuator inputs to a single control surface. Asymmetric loading to the control surface is accommodated by a mechanical fuse link. The fuse link
4244661 Fastener means and joint for laminates January 13, 1981
A galvanically compatible flanged sleeve is inserted within a close fitting hole in a structural joint wherein at least one of the structural members is a composite laminate. The sleeve is then expanded outwardly into a high interference fit by the insertion of a fastener therethrough. T
4243192 Ball pivot thrust bearing flex joint January 6, 1981
A ball pivot thrust bearing flex joint assembly having an inner race member and an outer race member, the inner surface of the outer race member being a concave spherical self lubricating surface which provides a maximum envelopment of the complementary convex spherical outer surface of
4243187 Missile director with beam axis shift capability January 6, 1981
A line of sight guidance system in which the radiated output of a pulsed laser is spatially modulated to produce a beam radiated from an optical projector along a first axis, including a missile or projectile carrying a beam receiver and signal decoder which receives and decodes informat
4236123 High-power CO laser November 25, 1980
This application discloses a laser which is free from dependence on oxygen atom dissociators and does not require any electrical input. It is a purely chemical CO laser. This invention discloses a laser in which the combustion is fueled by a suitable fuel-oxidizer, e.g., CH.sub.4 --H.sub
4234253 Attenuation measuring system November 18, 1980
A fiber optic attenuation measuring system includesa transmitter for generating and transmitting a reference signal from a first end of fiber optic cable, and a receiver positioned to receive the signal from a second end of the cable. The receiver compares the transmitted signal with a
4233937 Vapor deposition coating machine November 18, 1980
A machine for vapor coating a workpiece with a coating metal supplied in wire form includes a vessel enclosing a vacuum chamber and having a door for providing access to the vacuum chamber. The vessel is connected with a vacuum pump for evacuating the vacuum chamber. Mounted within the v
4230925 Circuit board wire bonding and cutting apparatus October 28, 1980
Apparatus for weld bonding circuit connection wires to stitch pins in a printed circuit board, including a bonding head which combines an omni-directional cutter in association with an electrode which the circuit wire extends, and structure is provided to bend the exposed end of the
4229886 Microwave heated vacuum dryer for powders October 28, 1980
A source of microwave energy is introduced into a pressure vessel in which a vacuum is drawn. Powdered materials to be dried are introduced and removed from the vessel by screw conveyors which are long enough so that in combination with the material, they prevent the loss of the vacuum i
4225259 Pallet coupler September 30, 1980
A coupler for use in joining cargo pallets by their attach rings. The coupler, normally used in pairs, provides for uniform spacing of joined pallets and bendability between pallets, permitting the joined pallets to traverse crests and valleys without putting concentrated loads on the
4221619 Sponge carrier adhesive process September 9, 1980
A flexible, e.g. polyurethane, open cell foam sheet is impregnated with a controlled amount of a liquid polymerizable resin system which cures at ambient temperature, and the resin impregnated sheet is immediately chilled at a suitably reduced temperature, e.g. F. or below, to
4219170 Missile roll position processor August 26, 1980
A weapon system using a line of sight guidance system is provided with a missile containing two symmetrically located optical receivers. Information contained in a beam into which a missile is launched is used by the two receivers and associated processor means to derive roll positio
4218879 Overspeed protection device August 26, 1980
An overspeed protection system is provided which utilizes simplified construction for detecting overspeed conditions of a rotating device. In the preferred embodiment, a single up/down counter is employed in an overall sequence which includes a first time period during which the coun
4217625 Lighted instrument dial face display August 12, 1980
A front lighted display for an instrument dial face and pointer, including in combination with such dial face and pointer and according to one embodiment, a plurality of light emitting diodes (LED) positioned around the inner periphery of an LED mounting and directing light rays onto the
4217397 Metallic sandwich structure and method of fabrication August 12, 1980
The structure and the process for making a metallic sandwich structure in which metal worksheets, preferably made from titanium alloy, are joined in a preselected pattern by an intermittent or discontinuous weld. The joined sheets are sealed by a continuous weld to form an expandable env
4215161 Fiber-resin-carbon composites and method of fabrication July 29, 1980
Production of composites having increased strength, particularly at elevated temperature, heat resistance and ablative properties, while maintaining low weight, by a process which comprises impregnating fibrous reinforcement, such as a woven fabric of graphite yarns, with a resin, e.
4212953 Fire-retardant polyurethane foams July 15, 1980
Production of urethane foams of increased fire resistance by mixing an ethylenic, e.g. allyl or vinyl, phosphorus compound with a polyol and polymerizing the polyol with polyisocyanate while simultaneously polymerizing the ethylenic phosphorus compound with a suitable catalyst to for
4210389 Bond and method of making the same July 1, 1980
A solid state laser rod and a mount through which heat is dissipated from the rod are joined together at a bond comprised of a reflective layer on the surface of the rod, a barrier layer over the reflective layer, and a solder layer between the barrier layer and the mount. The reflective
4207394 Process and apparatus for analyzing specimens for the presence of microorganisms therein June 10, 1980
Microorganisms in a specimen are detected, identified, and enumerated by introducing the specimen into a sampling cartridge and diluting the specimen with a known volume of water within the cartridge. The cartridge has a manifold and several cassettes attached to the manifold. Each c
4207291 Ozone removal filter having manganese dioxide coated thereon June 10, 1980
Filter for removal of ozone from air, e.g. in aircraft cabins, comprising a porous and preferably light weight and thermally stable substrate, particularly an organic polymer such as polybenzimidazole, containing a film or coating of manganese dioxide. The article can be formed by tr
4202035 Modulo addressing apparatus for use in a microprocessor May 6, 1980
A microprocessor with a two bus structure and modulo addressing hardware which converts any section of main memory into an apparent circular address space for use as a five-fold data register. The modulo addressing hardware has a capability for circularly loading data into a sequential
4200609 Ozone removal filter containing manganese dioxide and ceric oxide catalysts April 29, 1980
Production of a device or filter for removal of ozone from air, e.g. in aircraft cabins, by depositing an oxide film containing manganese dioxide on a substrate, particularly a light weight thermally stable substrate, e.g. polybenzimidazole, by treatment with a permanganate solution
4198608 Glitch detector and trap April 15, 1980
A glitch detector and trap circuit is disclosed for removing a glitch generated by a digital-to-analog (D/A) converter due to an error in one or more bits of the input digital signal. The analog output signal is delayed by one sample period. The converter output signal is then subtracted
4198180 Thrust controlled drilling apparatus April 15, 1980
Drilling apparatus for driving a drill bit in one pass through several plies of material having different hardness characteristics, and in which the speed of rotation of the drill bit is selected automatically by the thrust resistance encountered by the drill bit. The automatic selection
4188670 Associative interconnection circuit February 12, 1980
The disclosed apparatus uses an associative memory technique for the selective coupling of circuit elements to a data bus wherein each element is assigned an associative address and is coupled to the data bus when it receives said address on its address lines. The apparatus further c
4184862 Heat exchanger gas separator January 22, 1980
A gas conveying duct-type heat exchanger is shown and described having two gases passing therethrough, preferably in counterflow relationship. An easily assembled, sectioned gas separator is provided to divide the duct into separate gas conduits. The separator sections are designed to fi
4184749 Wide angle narrow bandpass optical filter system January 22, 1980
A spherical lens element and a concentric lens element receive light, in that order, from a wide field of view, and diverge all rays so that upon leaving said concentric element, the angles of all rays approximate that of radial lines. This light is then filtered through a concentric nar
4183480 Automatic sway bracing rack January 15, 1980
A store carrier having automatic sway bracing which includes two swaybraces located symmetrically at a span larger than a pair of inner suspension hooks and smaller than a pair of outer suspension hooks. When a store is loaded on either the inner or outer pair of hooks and the hooks clos
4180943 Dual lost motion mechanism for an aircraft door January 1, 1980
A pair of four-bar linkages employing lost motion incorporated into an aircraft door construction which simultaneously are operable by a main door handle so that the output crank of each linkage has a dwell which is sequenced such that the operation of the associated latches and door
4180442 Electrodeposition of coatings on metals to enhance adhesive bonding December 25, 1979
The invention is directed to the electrodeposition of a coating of an organic compound or polymer on a metal such as aluminum, and the formation of a chemical bond between the metal and the coating. In the method for electrolytically depositing such coating on the metal substrate, e.g.
4177029 Apparatus for continuously fabricating three-dimensional filament reinforced foam insulation December 4, 1979
A method and apparatus for continuously fabricating three-dimensional (3D) filament reinforced foam insulation slabs. Rows of X or longitudinal filaments are fed longitudinally into a machine in spaced, stacked horizontal planes. Rows of Y or transverse filaments are fed transversely
4174465 Signal transmitting interface system combining time compression and multiplexing November 13, 1979
Apparatus for transmitting particular output signals from a plurality of analog-to-digital converters to the guidance computer of an inertial navigation system. The number of channels of signals to be transmitted exceeds the number of available data lines. The A/D converter output is
4173515 Group D enterococci broth November 6, 1979
A broth medium for the detection of Group D enterococci in urine. The medium employs neomycin sulfate to inhibit growth of Staphylococcus aureus, potassium tellurite to inhibit growth of gram-negative organisms, and ferric ammonium citrate and esculin hydrolysate indicators.
4172470 Soft seat valve October 30, 1979
A zero leakage valve, employing a radially squeezed elastomeric o-ring seal. In opening and closing, the o-ring is transferred from the valve element to a following retainer sleeve. The transfer is facilitated by relieving the squeeze on the o-ring coincidental with valve movement from
4172469 Soft seat check valve October 30, 1979
A check valve having dual seats and dual poppets which act in a series arrangement as a double valve. One seat poppet combination employs an o-ring type seal and the second seat poppet arrangement employs a metal-to-metal sealing surface. Each seat poppet arrangement performs in typi
4170952 Cryogenic insulation system October 16, 1979
Cryogenic insulation system for containers for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG, comprised of a low temperature resistant metal, preferably high nickel steel, primary membrane or liner supported by a primary layer of reinforced foam insulation, and a secondary liner p
4167311 Projection system and process September 11, 1979
A projector casts light rays upon a reflective surface to produce a focused scene, and within the periphery of the scene the reflective surface has a small aperture. Behind the aperture is a concave mirror which is positioned to intercept the projected rays that pass through the aperture
4167009 Re-entry chaff September 4, 1979
4. A radar disabling means, including:A plurality of individual pieces of radar reflective chaff, each having a tear-drop shape.
4164738 Focused synthetic array August 14, 1979
This invention relates to a focused synthetic array wherein a different signal from a crossed beam antenna is converted to a bipolar video signal and applied as the input to a synthetic array processor. In another embodiment of the invention there is a separate reduction of each beam
4155970 Method for making a hollow composite using a destructible core May 22, 1979
A method of making a high temperature fluted core composite radome structure.
4150836 Backed boss seal fitting April 24, 1979
A fitting for establishing a sealed connection with a boss which fitting includes a concentric depression about the innermost portion of its boss engaging surface, which retains a backup ring of special cross-section by means of an inwardly facing circumferential surface therein, the rin
4149588 Dry cooling system April 17, 1979
A highly effective and efficient dry cooling system for dissipating waste heat of a steam-electric generating power plant. The dry cooling system includes an assembly of cells or modules having passively acting heat pipes installed in a Y configuration in each module. These heat pipes
4149235 Computer numerical control system for machine tool April 10, 1979
A numerical control system for a machine tool. The relay controls for the machine tool are simulated in the read only memory of a computer which is used as a controller for the flow of digital information between the control display panel, the tape reader, a memory, the machine tool and
4147822 Composite structure and process and apparatus for making the same April 3, 1979
A composite structure containing a weave and a rigidifying resin matrix is formed in a hollow configuration with inwardly directed ring stiffeners. This is achieved by arranging longitudinal strands in radial rows or groups around a base mandrel and weaving a circumferential strand throu
4140580 Broth for indicating presence of candida yeast and other yeasts and fungi February 20, 1979
A broth medium for the detection of Candida yeasts, Saccharamyces cerevisiae, Torulopsis glabrata, and Aspergillus niger in urine. The medium employs chloramphenicol and potassium tellurite to inhibit the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. The medium also uses reduc
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