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McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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4347777 Rack with compliant wedge actuated swaybraces September 7, 1982
A store carrier having automatic sway bracing which includes two sway braces located symmetrically at a span larger than a pair of inner suspension hooks and smaller than a pair of outer suspension hooks. When a store is loaded on either the inner or outer pair of hooks and the hooks
4347670 Apparatus and process for drying granular products September 7, 1982
An apparatus for drying seeds and other granular products includes a drying vessel that is connected to a vacuum pump which evacuates air from its interiors. The drying vessel has an enclosing side wall and a tubular portion which is surrounded by the side wall, all such that an annular
4344264 Flexible corner seal structure for cryogenic container August 17, 1982
Cryogenic insulation seal for a concrete container, having an inner cryogenic liquid tank, comprising a concrete floor slab, a vertical concrete wall moveably supported on the concrete floor, and insulation positioned within the container adjacent the horizontal floor slab and the ve
4341044 Machine for grinding gashes in end mill cutters July 27, 1982
A grinding machine for automatically cutting gashes into the end of a fluted end mill blank includes a base on which a grinding wheel is supported such that it moves back and forth tracing a swing path. The end mill blank is held in a work head that is supported upon a vertical slide
4340671 E. coli sensitivity broth July 20, 1982
A medium for determining Escherichia coli sensitivity to a pre-selected antimicrobial agent. The medium contains nutrient sources, inhibitors to inhibit growth of gram-positive and of other gram-negative micro-organisms, and an indicator which will show metabolic activity or lack the
4340611 Process for removing soybean hulls July 20, 1982
A process for removing hulls from soybeans comprises the steps of placing the soybeans in an atmosphere of reduced pressure, subjecting the beans to microwave energy while the beans are within the atmosphere of reduced pressure, removing a portion of the moisture from the beans until the
4339638 Electrical switch July 13, 1982
An electrical switch includes a body having one open end exposed for adaptation of a pyrotechnic cartridge and the other end sealed by the base of a pin type connector assembly having short conductive pins and elongated conductive pins with relief areas containing insulative material
4338352 Process for producing guided wave lens on optical fibers July 6, 1982
A lens is produced on the end of a single mode optical fiber by first coupling light into the fiber so that the light projects out the end of the fiber on which the lens is to be produced. The fiber end is then dipped in and out of a drop of negative photoresist and held in a vertical
4332392 Dual sealing ring seal with hydraulic expansion June 1, 1982
A seal for use in a cylindrical groove in a cylindrical item positioned in a cylinder such as a rotary valve where the seal is subjected to reciprocating forces as the item and the cylinder rotate with respect to each other. The seal has two adjacent pairs of outer sealing rings with
4328461 Apparatus for and method of measuring a high voltage electric field May 4, 1982
Apparatus for measuring a high voltage electric field, such as may be used in simulating lightning strikes or the like on a test specimen, is disclosed. In general, a capacitive electric field sensor is disclosed which utilizes a pair of spaced conductors or electrodes and which is p
4326847 Launch environment simulator April 27, 1982
Firing and subsequent aiming-tracking of a tube-launched projectile are realistically simulated by a launch environment simulator comprising a launch tube, means for delivering a combustible gas mixture to the launch tube, means for igniting the gas within the tube, an effectively orific
4326599 Speaker bezel/retainer April 27, 1982
A speaker grille bezel-retainer terminating in a tubular portion with multiple groups of radially intermittent serrations axially displaced to receive a matching bezel ring having an inside diameter with alternate tabs and cut-outs and the tab is shaped to form a ramp to axially advance
4323623 Composite plastic structure and method for producing same April 6, 1982
Core sandwich structure comprised of a lightweight core material in the form of a low density thermosetting resin matrix composition containing glass microballoons, particularly an epoxy resin containing glass microballoons, sandwiched between high strength fiber-thermosetting resin
4321622 Video track transfer system and method March 23, 1982
TV playback apparatus and method for a record having track sets comprising video track analogs and a plurality of audio track analogs disposed between the video tracks. All tracks in a respective track set are sensed for playback by a movable reading head incorporating a combination of
4318994 Enterobacteriaceae species biochemical test card March 9, 1982
An improved card for use in an automated machine to detect the continued existence of microbes in a plurality of wells containing different media so that the organism can be speciated. The card includes an improved configuration wherein the wells have different reduced oxygen environment
4318895 Process for generating singlet-oxygen March 9, 1982
A process and apparatus are provided for producing singlet molecular oxygen, O.sub.2 (.sup.1 .DELTA.). A nitrogen containing base such as NH.sub.3, diethylamine, ethanolamine, propylamine, triethylene diamine, phenethylamine, methyl amine, or dipropylamine is mixed with hydrogen pero
4317131 System and method for reproducing pictures and related audio information February 23, 1982
System, method and record medium for the reproduction of pictures and related audio information on a television receiver or monitor. Video information for discrete frames of the picture is recorded in spaced apart tracks on the record medium, and extended audio information for each frame
4316278 System for reading or recording indicia on a flexible disc February 16, 1982
A system for reading or recording indicia on a flexible disc. The disc is rotated between a pair of surfaces, one of which is flat and the other of which is elongated and curved. The opposed flat and curved elongated surfaces stabilize the disc at a precise point therebetween to enable
4315610 Optical image stabilizing system February 16, 1982
Apparatus for stabilizing the image of an electro-optical sensor system. The stabilizing apparatus includes a mounting structure subjected to various rotational and translational vibrations of various sorts. The mounting structure supports a platform on which the electro-optical system
4315225 Heat sink laser diode array February 9, 1982
A laser diode is soldered between metal plates for intimate thermal and electrical contact. The plates are prefabricated and are provided with an insulated spacer therebetween. The two metal plates are held together in a preferred orientation by the spacer which is firmly adhered and sea
4315097 Back contacted MIS photovoltaic cell February 9, 1982
This photovoltaic cell in a principal embodiment comprises a P-type substrate having an unshadowed first surface adapted to receiving incident radiation and a second surface which contains at least one ohmic contact and at least one metal-insulator-semiconductor contact, this structure
4311661 Resin impregnation process January 19, 1982
Process for producing a resin-fiber composite which comprises applying a "B" stage resin film to a mold surface, placing a fiber reinforcement layer over the "B" stage film, applying a porous parting film over the fiber reinforcement layer, applying a bleeder layer over the fiber rei
4310408 Electrophoresis chamber January 12, 1982
A continuous free-flow electrophoresis chamber construction is provided which includes a coolant chamber employing coolant flow in a direction that traverses the flow of buffer carried in a buffer chamber. The construction further employs large area membranes separating first and sec
4309300 Cleaning solvent and method of cleaning a metal surface January 5, 1982
The surfaces of organic polymeric coatings applied to detail parts or components are subject to contamination and ultraviolet degradation prior to final overcoating procedures. The sources of ultraviolet exposure are light transmission through windows, artificial lighting, or temporary
4309268 System for hydrodynamic compensation for electrophoresis crescent distortion January 5, 1982
Crescent distortion of output samples collected during a continuous free flow electrophoresis separation process is reduced by providing means with the electrophoresis chamber whereby lateral flow across the chamber may be controllably varied to introduce beneficial hydrodynamic compensa
4308197 Fire resistant composites December 29, 1981
Highly fire resistant composites or laminates particularly applicable as structural components in aircraft, e.g. in the engine nacelle, as part of the acoustic panel-fire wall structure, and capable of withstanding a 2, F. flame temperature, comprising incorporating an additiv
4305057 Concave quadratic aircraft attitude reference display system December 8, 1981
A Heads-Up Display system which displays an attitude reference to pilots in order to provide a reference display system as a primary flight instrument. The Heads-up Display system uses a pitch ladder system based on Euler angle data which eliminates the erratic motion or "flip-flop" of
4304821 Method of fabricating metallic sandwich structure December 8, 1981
The structure and the process for making a metallic sandwich structure in which metal worksheets, preferably made from titanium alloy, are joined in a preselected pattern by an intermittent or discontinuous weld. The joined sheets are sealed by a continuous weld to form an expandable env
4302490 Production of an ozone removal filter November 24, 1981
Production of a device or filter for removal of ozone from air, e.g. in aircraft cabins, by depositing an oxide film containing manganese dioxide on a substrate, particularly a light weight thermally stable substrate, e.g. polybenzimidazole, by treatment with a permanganate solution
4301707 Embedded explosive severance of non-metallic materials November 24, 1981
This invention relates to apparatus for explosively severing non-metallic material such as aircraft canopy transparencies, egress panels and other structural members. To provide a more effective use of a given amount of explosive, a detonating cord is encapsulated within the material to
4301333 Speech compression November 17, 1981
A device for providing real time speech compression and expansion and method therefor which enables speech data, sampled at a predetermined rate, and consisting of a preselected number of bits per sample, to be compressed in real time by a factor of approximately 2:1, and upon decomp
4299490 Phase nulling optical gyro November 10, 1981
A beam of light is split and introduced into different ends of a light path whose rotation is to be sensed. At least one frequency shifter is placed in the light path to affect the frequency difference of the two beams so as to introduce or adjust a nonreciprocal phase shift. The beams a
4298176 Remote refueling station November 3, 1981
A refueling system, for use in a tanker aircraft from a remote location without a direct out-the-window view of the refueling operation, having enhanced three-dimensional viewing of the refueling operation by use of multiple video cameras, polarized video monitors and cross-polarized eye
4296677 Tandem hydraulic actuator October 27, 1981
A linear fluid actuator having two pistons and two cylinder chambers in tandem to provide redundancy when supplied from independent pressure sources. The actuator is balanced in that the actuator output force is equal in extend or retract positions. The two cylinder chambers are made
4294163 Non adjustable hydraulic cylinder October 13, 1981
A hydraulic actuator cylinder primarily for the actuation of aircraft landing gear in which the rod end is made integral with the piston rod with the attaching threads positioned inside the cylinder. The piston head is designed to float on the piston rod plus or minus the amount of adver
4291890 Valve seal with O-ring and backup ring September 29, 1981
A seal structure for use in high pressure pneumatic or hydraulic fluid actuators. A solid toroidal shaped elastomeric O-ring and a solid toroidal shaped backup ring are emplaced in a specially configured circumferential groove on an internal sleeve. A conical shaped ramp in the groove bo
4288021 Tooling for superplastic forming diffusion bonding processes September 8, 1981
Tooling for use in an autoclave or a hot press for the superplastic forming and diffusion bonding of metals which tooling includes upper and lower portions with a labyrinth seal therebetween having inert counterflowing gas introduced thereto to prevent contamination from flowing across t
4286927 Hydraulic power transfer unit September 1, 1981
A multi-piston motor pump for the transfer of hydraulic energy from one hydraulic system to another without the transfer of fluid therebetween. A plurality of pistons are maintained in predetermined phase by a nutator mechanism or spider which is then used to rotate a shaft connected to
4285620 Symmetrical spur point drill August 25, 1981
A drill for use on reinforced composite parts comprising a two fluted marginless drill body with four forward cutting edges, said edges first scribing a hole in the composite and then cutting the plug from the circumference of the hole inward to the axis of the hole.
4284963 Etalon laser diode August 18, 1981
A laser diode suitable for integrated and fiber optic applications requiring single transverse and single longitudinal mode operation. The single transverse mode is provided by making a gallium arsenide double heterostructural laser diode with a narrow stripe width and a relatively l
4282627 Large clearance fairlead grommet August 11, 1981
A one piece fairlead grommet for protecting an aircraft control cable where penetrating a bulkhead or cable support panel. The fairlead grommet has a generally cylindrical body with frustro conically shaped flanges and a through-slot, generally, longitudinally oriented. The slot forms an
4282627 Large clearance fairlead grommet August 11, 1981
A one piece fairlead grommet for protecting an aircraft control cable where penetrating a bulkhead or cable support panel. The fairlead grommet has a generally cylindrical body with frustro conically shaped flanges and a through-slot, generally, longitudinally oriented. The slot forms an
4281447 Detachable tool interface system for a robot August 4, 1981
A mechanical system for allowing removable attachment of tools to a robot which is capable of accommodating positional and angular errors between the tool and the robot during attachment and release of the tool by using tapered attachments.
4281379 Computer driven control system for a numerically controlled machine tool July 28, 1981
A control system for a numerically controlled (NC) machine tool which includes a direct access, time sharing, general purpose host computer located remotely from the location of the machine tool, is provided with a dedicated microprocessor located proximate the machine tool. The dedicate
4279995 Selective salmonella carbohydrate and medium constructed therefrom July 21, 1981
2-Deoxy-D-Ribose is used as a carbohydrate source which selectively differentiates all of the Salmonella spp., Arizona spp., and 60% of the Citrobacter freundii from other members of the Enterobacteriaceae family. By combining the 2-Deoxy-D-Ribose with Citrobacter freundii inhibitors and
4277200 Structure to retard fretting and method of manufacture July 7, 1981
Fretting caused by movement of adjacent structural members at high stress is prevented by providing a tetrafluoroethylene layer between the moving surfaces. The tetrafluoroethylene may be applied directly to the mating surfaces of parts or on the surfaces of shim stock inserted therebetw
4273481 Hydraulic stop June 16, 1981
An automatic hydraulic stop for use with a numerical control machine and cutting tool. The stop senses the distance to a work piece, limits the depth of penetration of the tool into a work piece and provides protection for inadvertent travel of spindle of the numerical control machine be
4273006 Aircraft horizontal stabilizer drive June 16, 1981
A mechanical power transmission apparatus, of the differential gear type, for actuating an airplane control surface requiring two independent actuator inputs to a single control surface. Predetermined, proportionately variable, asymmetric loads between the two actuators are accomodat
4268328 Stripped nitride MOS/MNOS process May 19, 1981
A method for fabricating MOS and MNOS transistors on a common substrate which strips the silicon nitride required for MNOS operation away from areas where it is not required. The removal of the nitride from the MOS gate eliminates cumulative threshold instability and allows separate
4264730 Medium for determining sensitivity of Klebsiella and Enterobacter organisms to selected antibiot April 28, 1981
The sensitivity of Klebsiella and Enterobacter organisms to preselected antibiotics is determined with a medium consisting essentially of a nutrient source for Klebsiella and Enterobacter organisms, about 0.01 to about 0.03 g/l 2,4 dinitro phenyl hydrazone of .alpha.-Ketoglutaric acid,
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