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McDonnell Douglas Corporation Patents
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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4432302 Resin impregnation ring February 21, 1984
A hollow impregnation ring for coating fibers with a binder, the ring having a slot thru which the binder flows onto the fibers. The pressure of said binder within said ring controlling a seal and the flow of said binder from said slot.
4429707 Hydraulic power transfer unit February 7, 1984
A vane for use in switching a hydraulic port formed in a cylindrical surface, the vane having a wiper at the top of the vane body with a ring shaped surface whose inner edge is shaped to match the shape of the hydraulic port and surface shaped with a contour which is a portion of a c
4428196 Aircraft split hydraulic system January 31, 1984
A hydraulic system having two pumps, typically driven by two independent prime movers, a primary and secondary reservoir and associated valving to permit the system to run as one system or two independent systems, all for the purpose of redundancy and safety. The system senses fluid leve
4427274 Wide angle projection system January 24, 1984
A projection system that is particularly suited for simulating aircraft flight includes a large dome and a projector and optical system that are located outside of the dome. The dome has a diffuse reflective surface that is presented inwardly. The projector produces a pattern of light
4426707 Single mode cavity laser January 17, 1984
This external cavity laser utilizes an unstable resonator in conjunction with a high reflectivity stripe end mirror which is oriented substantially parallel to the plane of the maximum divergence of the laser diode output beam and whose axis is substantially parallel to the plane of the
4423682 One-way explosive transfer assembly January 3, 1984
A one-way explosive transfer assembly embodying a body formed with an interior chamber containing an explosive shock transfer body formed with shock wave attenuating passage means shaped to transfer heat and to control the explosive shock when traveling in one direction toward an exp
4421997 Multiple axis actuator December 20, 1983
A multi-axis actuator which provides force along three translational and two rotational axes through the interaction of multiple windings on a single platen which interact with the poles of a magnetic member spaced apart a sufficient distance to allow linear and rotational motion. Said
4420976 Multiplexed true mass gaging system December 20, 1983
A standardized, modular, fuel quantity gaging system suitable for use with aircraft having a plurality of fuel tanks. The system utilizes a standard electronic module, preferably located on the front spar of the center wing box, to house a redundant, centralized, microprocessor-based ele
4420270 Visual display presentation box December 13, 1983
A portfolio with a ring or other type binder for securing visual display material uniformly while being carried or during visual display presentations. This box-like portfolio features a double hinged top which, when mobilized by use of its pull strap feature, activates its lid and its
4418083 Process of making hollow dried grape November 29, 1983
A process of drying an intact whole grape having substantially the same configuration as the fresh grape is described. The dried grape has a moisture content (wet basis) of below about 10% and varies from crisp to chewy depending on the time and temperature of drying. The critical step
4417949 Enhanced aluminum etchant November 29, 1983
This disclosure concerns a process for increasing the etch rate of an aluminum and aluminum alloy chem-milling composition while increasing the tank life of the composition by adding sodium nitrate to a composition containing sodium hydroxide as the principal active ingredient.
4417519 Explosive switch November 29, 1983
An extremely fast operating, explosive operated, switch wherein a torus supports and insulates the facing ends of flat wires of the open circuit to be closed. An explosive input is applied to a conducting piston swage member which normally is insulated from the flat wires by the torus. T
4416908 Insect de-infestation method November 22, 1983
This application covers a method of treating grain and packaged foodstuffs with microwave energy under vacuum to kill insects, larvae, and eggs without raising the temperature of the product being treated to an extremely high level.
4415375 Transient titanium alloys November 15, 1983
Transient titanium alloys having the composition A-XH, where A is titanium or a titanium alloy, such as, Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V, Ti-5Al-2.5Sn, Ti-6Al-4V, or Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo; where H represents hydrogen and where X is a weight percent value between about 0.01 and 0.5%. The alloys may be produce
4414658 Linear tracking arrangement in a photographic disc type information containing system November 8, 1983
An optical system for recording information on or retrieving information from a rotating disc is disclosed herein. In this system a beam of light located on one side of the disc is directed onto and laterally across a given track of the disc. The track serves to contain the recorded
4412665 3-Wheeled levered trailing beam landing gear November 1, 1983
A three wheeled, generally in line, articulated landing gear with the lever trailing the lever hinge axis, applied in a pair. Each shock strut, axle, and rolling assembly counter twist upon retraction about a laterally offset post to present the smallest frontal area or pod si
4410577 Woven layered cloth reinforcement for structural components October 18, 1983
Individual plies of woven cloth having different fiber orientation patterns are prelocated with respect to each other and by continuous means, such plies are arranged into a stacked package and sewn together to secure the plies in a predetermined position with respect to each other.
4409884 Synchronization cylinder October 18, 1983
A fluid actuator where an outside cylinder envelopes an inside cylinder producing four chambers, two for the power stroke and two for synchronization, for application where two or more cylinders are to drive a single load such that all cylinders advance at the same rate by cross plum
4405427 Electrodeposition of coatings on metals to enhance adhesive bonding September 20, 1983
The invention is directed to the electrodeposition of a coating of a phosphorylated amide on a metal such as aluminum, and the formation of a chemical bond between the metal and the coating, such amide being in the form of (a) an organic polymer consisting of a poly (phosphinohydrazide),
4403827 Process for producing a diffraction grating September 13, 1983
A diffraction grating is formed by depositing a glass film on a substrate and thereafter applying to the glass film a layer that is highly absorptive to radiation of a specific wavelength. The highly absorptive layer is then coated with a photoresist that is transparent and photosens
4403075 Flame resistant composition containing polymeric phosphorylated amides September 6, 1983
Highly fire resistant composites or laminates particularly applicable as structural components in aircraft, e.g. in the engine nacelle, as part of the acoustic panel-fire wall structure, and capable of withstanding a 2, F. flame temperature, comprising incorporating an additiv
4398248 Adaptive WSI/MNOS solid state memory system August 9, 1983
The disclosed solid state mass memory system comprises an adaptive, wafer scale integration, nonvolatile mass memory system organized as a stack of individual memory wafer modules with a memory system control means.
4395751 Flux-balanced variable frequency inverter July 26, 1983
Replacing the timing core of a conventional two-core inverter with a magnetic amplifier allows for control of frequency and for B-H loop symmetry. Switching of the magnetic amplifier results in inverter commutation rather than the familiar pulse width modulation.
4394246 Electrophoresis apparatus with flow control July 19, 1983
This free flow electrophoresis separation apparatus includes means for controlling the buffer flow across the separation chamber. This is useful in controlling crescent distortion of the sample streams as well as minimizing undesired pressure differentials within the apparatus. The e
4393730 Unidirectional detent gate July 19, 1983
A unidirectional detent system for use with a flap handle to permit the setting of a variable stop for positioning of flaps for aircraft takeoff.
4393393 Laser diode with double sided heat sink July 12, 1983
A laser diode is soldered between metal plates for intimate thermal and electrical contact. The plates are prefabricated and are provided with an insulative spacer therebetween. The two metal plates are held together in a preferred orientation by the spacer which is firmly adhered and se
4390277 Flat sheet scatterometer June 28, 1983
A scatterometer for determining root mean square (RMS) scattering of light from reflective surfaces using monochromatic light which is generated by a source, expanded, collimated into a sampling beam, directed to a movable reflective surface which directs the light to the surface to be t
4387964 Electron addressed liquid crystal light valve June 14, 1983
This light modulating device comprises three subsystems: an electron gun which produces a scanning constant intensity electron beam, a liquid crystal cell, and an appropriate optical system to deliver light to and from the modulating effects of the liquid crystal cell. The modulation is
4387304 Phase dependent SEM IC chip testing with voltage contrast June 7, 1983
Properties of a dynamically operated integrated circuit (IC) are examined by a nondestructive, noncontact method utilizing a scanning electron microscope such that both logic state information as well as timing information regarding signal propagation delays are presented as contrast
4384610 Simple thermal joint May 24, 1983
A thermally conductive mechanical joint is provided between two object surfaces across which it is desired to conduct heat. The joint includes metallic material of a predetermined melting point below the normal operating temperature of the joint. The metallic material is bounded by a
4383905 System for hydrodynamic compensation for electrophoresis crescent distortion May 17, 1983
Crescent distortion of output samples collected during a continuous free flow electrophoresis separation process is reduced by providing means with the electrophoresis chamber whereby lateral flow across the chamber may be controllably varied to introduce beneficial hydrodynamic compensa
4383042 Process for detecting soft spots in aluminum May 10, 1983
A process and compositions for detecting improperly processed areas in heat treated aluminum are disclosed. A solution containing an acid or a base and an oxidizing agent and, if desired, a color enhancing ingredient is applied to an aluminum object to produce a color difference between
4382049 Forming a lightning spark isolation barrier May 3, 1983
A controlled dielectric barrier is created surrounding a fastener to isolate its sparking areas. The barrier is formed by creating a cap to define a desired cavity between the cap and the fastener and then dielectric isolation material is placed in the cavity and held in place by the
4380075 Mode stable injection laser diode April 12, 1983
High power operation in conjunction with excellent mode stability is rendered possible by a unique configuration comprising the use of two injection laser diode sections in a crossed-junction configuration.
4379798 Integral woven reinforcement for structural components April 12, 1983
Three-dimensional non-crimp integral woven reinforcement for structural components formed as an integral woven assembly of warp and fill fibers, e.g. graphite fibers, in a multiplicity of layers, with light weight tie yarn, e.g. of fiberglass, passing from one side of the layered system
4379535 Pallet restrain system April 12, 1983
A pallet restraint system for use in the cargo bay of an aircraft in an air drop sequence. The system assures an equal application of the parachute extraction force and simultaneous release of all load sensitive latches by means of hydraulic interconnectors between the latches to vary th
4379273 Pulse transformer laser diode package April 5, 1983
A package for matching the characteristic impedance of a transmission line to the impedance of a pulsed semiconductor laser diode so that short duration pulses of light can be produced with a fast repetition rate. The package mounts the laser diode on the center post of a one turn second
4376987 Threshold referenced MNOS sense amplifier March 15, 1983
An MNOS nonvolatile memory array employing single-element-per-bit storage and two-element-per-bit sensing utilizing a threshold referenced sense amplifier is organized such that the two legs of the sensing circuit are in substantial electrical balance during sensing.
4375680 Optical acoustic sensor March 1, 1983
A light source is operated near its threshhold and its output is split and sent in opposite direction about a fiber optic coil which is exposed to acoustic energy. The recombined light out of the coil is modulated at acoustic frequency. The modulated light can be fed back to the light
4373974 Solder composition February 15, 1983
Novel solder composition or solder cream, particularly adapted for soldering components in electronic circuitry, comprising finely divided solder metals such as tin and lead, dispersed in a vehicle containing viscosity controlling agents, organic solvents, and a rosin or rosin deriva
4371870 Fail transparent LCD display with backup February 1, 1983
A display system is constructed such that upon failure of the primary display which comprises a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that becomes transparent upon failure, a backup display located directly beneath the primary display becomes visible to the display user.
4370390 3-D Chopped-fiber composites January 25, 1983
A low-cost composite structure, having near isotropic mechanical properties, produced by molding a matrix material with a reinforcing fiber element. The reinforcing fiber elements are comprised of three or more fibers to form a three-dimensional figure. In the preferred embodiment at
4369940 Airbreathing propulsion system for supersonic vehicles January 25, 1983
A propulsion system for airbreathing vehicles having a ducted inlet for a supersonic powerplant and incorporating means in the vehicle for momentarily changing the normal flight attitude of the vehicle for obtaining high inlet pressure recovery for the propulsion powerplant and there
4368234 Woven material and layered assembly thereof January 11, 1983
Complex woven material as reinforcement for forming layered resin impregnated articles which are resistant to catastrophic damage from shock or local impact as from a hard object, comprised of woven bands or strips of high modulus fibers such as carbon or graphite fibers, separated in at
4366377 Dual sensitivity optical sensor December 28, 1982
A dual sensitivity photodetector comprising a central region comprising a relatively high sensitivity reach through avalanche photo diode and a surrounding region comprising a relatively lower sensitivity P-type intrinsic N-type photodiode is disclosed which possesses the advantages of
4365029 Coating and adhesive composition comprising (a) PVC, (b) acrylate polymer having carboxyl cure s December 21, 1982
A coating and adhesive composition which comprises an ethylene-acrylic elastomer, a high molecular weight polyvinyl chloride and a filler, preferably carbon black. The composition is cured with a suitable catalyst, preferably an amine catalyst, to form an abrasion resistant coating,
4364991 Fire resistant compositions and composites December 21, 1982
Highly fire resistant composites or laminates particularly applicable as structural components in aircraft, e.g. in the engine nacelle, as part of the acoustic panel-fire wall structure, and capable of withstanding a 2, F. flame temperature, comprising incorporating an additiv
4360239 Manual/auto brake valve November 23, 1982
A manual/automatic brake valve of the OR configuration wherein either the servo command or the manual pedal force, whichever is the greatest, overpowers the other and is the exclusive controller of the brake pressure and springs are provided to generate a feel force during manual actuati
4351388 Inverted meniscus heat pipe September 28, 1982
A high conductance heat pipe with annular grooves engaging a composite wick having a porous sheath containing a capillary core of glass beads and arranged to provide at least one axial vapor passage. The working fluid projects through the screen sheath to expose the meniscus to the heate
4349859 Shielded structural or containment member September 14, 1982
A member suitable for use at the exterior surface of an aircraft for structural or containment purposes includes a nonmetallic base or core and a thin electrical shield over that surface of the base that is presented outwardly. Preferably the base is a composite consisting of graphite
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