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McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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4564275 Automatic heliostat track alignment method January 14, 1986
A method of automatically aligning heliostats by comparing the actual sunbeam centroid position on a target to a command reference position to determine the error in the sunbeam centroid location.The sunbeam centroid position error is then analyzed to correlate the error to errors in the
4562433 Fail transparent LCD display December 31, 1985
A display system is constructed such that upon failure of the primary display which comprises a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that becomes transparent upon failure, a backup display located directly beneath the primary display becomes visible to the display user.
4558426 Transducer multiplexer December 10, 1985
This transducer multiplexer enables a multiplicity of individual bridge type transducers to be calibrated simultaneously under computer control. The various transducers are connected to a common loading means capable of providing a variety of known loads to the transducers also under com
4555844 Part turnover attachment for automatic machine tool December 3, 1985
There is provided by this invention a part turnover attachment for use with an automated machine tool comprised of a chuck for supporting the tool in the rotatable spindle of the machine tool and a rotatable pickup mechanism that attaches to a workpiece. The rotatable pickup mechanism is
4555133 Container restraint release November 26, 1985
A release/restraint mechanism for air-dropped cargo interposed between fixed aircraft structure and the restraining webbing. A fixed arm is oriented opposite a pivoted arm which is fixed in one position and free to rotate in the release position. A restraint arm is pivoted at one end of
4554545 Conformal head-up display November 19, 1985
A system for providing a Head-Up Display (HUD) on board an aircraft to assist a pilot in guiding the aircraft. The display is positioned in the pilot's normal line of sight. In one mode it utilizes a radio beam landing system such as an ILS (Instrument Landing System) to generate symbols
4551628 Radiation dispersing cavities November 5, 1985
A radiation dispersing cavity has its interior surface covered by a plurality of deformations, each of which acts as a dispersing element which is small with respect to the effective diameter of the cavity and yet large with respect to the wavelengths processed by the integrating cav
4545848 HCT Crystal growth method October 8, 1985
A method of preparing pseudobinary mercury, cadmium, telluride (HCT) crystals by controlled crystal growth in a fused silica ampule uses a modified Bridgman-Stockbarger method. In this method, the alloy is cast into one end of the ampule, inverted, heated to a temperature between the
4545561 Piezoelectric valve operator October 8, 1985
A valve (10) is provided for the control of fluid flow. The valve (10) includes a housing (20) having a fluid inlet aperture (40) and a fluid outlet aperture (48). A piezoelectric device (12) is disposed within the housing (20) adjacent the fluid inlet aperture (40) and the fluid outlet
4542869 Flap mechanism September 24, 1985
A mechanism for supporting and translating a wing trailing edge flap system. The flap is pivotally supported by a carriage and track at one point and the free ternary link of a four-bar linkage at a second point, to combine and form an overall six-bar linkage system of the Stephenson
4540465 Process for continuous recovery of nitric acid/hydrofluoric acid titanium etchant September 10, 1985
A process of continuously chemically milling refractory metals, e.g., titanium using a supersaturated milling solution which form a water soluble precipitate, milling at temperatures of F., and using two chemical milling tanks so that the milling solution is p
4534813 Compound curve-flat pattern process August 13, 1985
Flat pattern equivalents for curved surfaces may be generated by developing a regular network of quadrilateral grid elements resembling a fish net which is mathematically smoothed onto the curved surface. Surface features such as boundaries and cutouts are mapped onto the network. The ne
4534222 Fiber-optic seismic sensor August 13, 1985
A vibration sensor is constructed by providing two preferably matched coils of fiber-optic material. When the sensor experiences vibration, a differential pressure is exerted on the two fiber coils. The differential pressure results in a variation in the relative optical path lengths
4531986 Solder composition July 30, 1985
Novel solder composition or solder cream, particularly adapted for high speed soldering of components in electronic circuits, whereby movement of components is avoided and essentially no solder balls are formed, comprising between 10 and 14% of a vehicle and between 86 and 90% of sol
4530625 Hydraulic stop July 23, 1985
An improved hydraulic stop for use with drilling and countersinking tools. The stop limits the penetration of the tool into the workpiece by dwelling at a pre-set depth while the machine spindle continues to travel (feed) through a hydraulic override system.A safety relief valve, pre-set
4521115 Pulse coded optical attenuation meter June 4, 1985
An attenuation measuring system includes a transmitter for generating and transmitting a signal from a first position to a second position, and a receiver adapted to receive the signal at the second position. One of the transmitter and the receiver includes a simple log converter circuit
4518255 Temperature tracking range finder May 21, 1985
The disclosed apparatus is a temperature tracking narrow band optical range finder which includes a prior art GaAs laser diode for emitting a laser energy pulse to a target and an improved GaAs avalanche detector for receiving a reflected pulse from the target. This range finder can be
4515450 Transparency for use with a flying spot scanner to generate images May 7, 1985
A transparency that is used in a flying spot scanner to generate imagery for simulated flight contains a rectangular center section and eight peripheral sections, four of which lie along the side boundaries of the center section, while the remaining four are at the corners of the center
4512836 Method of producing composite structural members April 23, 1985
The inventive method is used to make 3-Dimensional reinforced and flanged parts from filaments which are braided or wound flat (parallel to the surface of a mandrel).The method comprises the steps of:depositing a first layer of impregnated reinforcements on a mandrel parallel to the surf
4509994 Solder composition for high-density circuits April 9, 1985
Novel solder composition or solder cream, particularly adapted for soldering components in high-density electronic circuits, e.g., fusing electrical components to small pads of the order of 10 mils square or smaller, comprising a narrow range of between 10 and 14% flux-containing veh
4502555 Portable weighing system for aircraft March 5, 1985
This portable weighing system for aircraft includes a plurality of individual load cells which are connected to a central computing and display unit capable of storing dimensional characteristics of commonly encountered aircraft. The computer within the central unit compensates by it
4495598 Computer rotate function January 22, 1985
The rotate function of this invention involves cyclic shifts of 1 to 4 byte data by an amount of 0, 1, 2, or 3 bytes either to the left or to the right. Only one CPU firmware clock cycle is required regardless of the shift amount. This shifting is done either on data which is transferred
4483498 Flight control surface coupling system November 20, 1984
A flight control surface coupling system which provides a two-element drive coupling between two control surface segments. The first element is a torsion bar that has adequate spring rate to suppress surface flutter yet soft enough to deflect and function as a low load compliance element
4482375 Laser melt spin atomized metal powder and process November 13, 1984
A method of producing rapidly solidified metal powder utilizes a spinning metal source and a laser beam to melt the surface layer of the source and atomize it. The laser beam is directed at a glancing angle along the surface of the spinning metal source. The source spins at a high speed
4481527 High density MNOS transistor with ion implant into nitride layer adjacent gate electrode November 6, 1984
High density, simplified fabrication and the elimination of sidewalk leakage effects are achieved by the implementation of a self-aligned ion-implantation step during the fabrication of the MNOS transistor wherein, after the formation of the gate electrode of the transistor, low ener
4481005 Chain drive system November 6, 1984
A chain drive system (10) wherein the chain (12) includes a plurality of interconnected links (14) is provided. The chain drive system (10) includes a drive gear (28) for driving the chain (12). A rack (20) is provided and includes a plurality of spaced apart teeth (22) for engagemen
4477039 Vented cowl variable geometry inlet for aircraft October 16, 1984
A vented cowl variable geometry inlet for aircraft which provides means to permit starting an overly contracted inlet by dumping sufficient air to obtain the start, as well as to dump air when no thrust is required, but without loss of combustion, and to effect operation of an aircraft o
4474044 Apparatus and process for superplastically forming metals October 2, 1984
A flat blank of a metal which becomes superplastic at elevated temperatures is transformed into a part of the desired configuration in an apparatus that is utilized in connection with a hydraulic press, the apparatus having a lower section that is mounted on the press bed and an upper
4471659 Optical vibration sensor September 18, 1984
A vibration sensor is formed by coupling the vibration to be sensed to change the positional relationship between grating means and light beams so that the resultant variations in light intensity of the beams beyond the grating means vary with a function of the sine and cosine of the
4470569 Locking, redundant slat drive mechanism September 11, 1984
A slat system in which the slats are supported on tracks and the slats are actuated by a simple bell crank linkage oriented so that its plane of motion is parallel to the wing chord reference plane. The mechanism retracts to a collapsed over-center position and extends to an over-center
4465582 Continuous flow electrophoresis apparatus August 14, 1984
The unique construction of this Continuous Flow Electrophoresis Apparatus eliminates the need for ion permeable membranes between the electrode chambers at the sides of the separation chamber and the separation chamber itself. By carefully controlling the relative geometries of the elect
4461343 Plated heat pipe July 24, 1984
A heat pipe formed by metal deposition, on porous metal wick parts, which forms the enclosure and provides both a metallurgical bond to the wick and a hermetic seal.
4457516 Universal sleeve July 3, 1984
A universal sleeve for use in an air recirculation barrier to seal off the passage of air around penetrating components comprising a flexible piece of material joined along two edges to enclose the components passing thru the barrier. The engaging edges of the flexible material has Velcr
4454648 Method of making integrated MNOS and CMOS devices in a bulk silicon wafer June 19, 1984
This combination process enables both MNOS and CMOS devices to be fabricated upon the same wafer in very large scale integration systems. Conventional moat isolation techniques are replaced with low temperature ion implantation processing to accomplish substrate isolation. Both n and
4454602 Conductively cooled laser diode array June 12, 1984
Room temperature operation of a multiple laser diode array is enabled without the need for liquid cooling by interleaving individual laser diode assemblies with electrically insulating but thermally conducting spacer heat sink layers which have electrically conducting portions adjacent t
4452646 Method of making planar III-V compound device by ion implantation June 5, 1984
A planar process and new structure which leads to large scale integration capability by utilizing selective ion implantation into semi-insulating Gallium Arsenide substrates or any other compound semi-conducting material to yield isolated depletion enhancement mode JFETS and MESFETS, p-n
4452395 Nozzle assembly for a reaction engine June 5, 1984
A reaction engine, such as a ramjet engine, has a nozzle assembly which maintains acceptable combustion chamber pressures during both high thrust and low thrust modes of flight. To this end, the engine has a primary nozzle in which a swing disc is located, and the disc turns from an open
4452162 Corner structure for cryogenic insulation system June 5, 1984
Cryogenic insulation system for containers for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG (liquid natural gas), comprised of a low temperature resistant metal, preferably high nickel steel, membrane or liner supported by a layer of reinforced foam insulation. There is provided
4448106 Method of identifying hard targets May 15, 1984
A system for identifying a hard target from a distance. A delivery vehicle, such as a missile or bomb, is adapted to be dropped from the air. The delivery vehicle contains a plurality of hard target identifier or kinetic penetrator elements. Each of the elements has a nose portion of
4446536 Complementary metal oxide semiconductors address drive circuit May 1, 1984
An address drive circuit for use on programmable, nonvolatile, semiconductor memories which use either Metal Nitrite Oxide Semiconductor (MNOS) or "floating gate" transistors for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Storage (EEPROMS). The inventive drive circuit is bas
4444249 Three-way heat pipe April 24, 1984
A three-way heat pipe configured in a generally Y-shape having a condenser-evaporator or heat-sink end, an evaporator arm and a condenser arm. In addition to conventional internal pumping the heat pipe is mechanically pumped externally from the heat-sink end to the evaporator arm. He
4443743 Two axis actuator April 17, 1984
A multiaxis actuator is described which provides force along at least two translational axes through the interaction of multiple windings on a single platen which interact with the field poles of a magnetic member spaced apart a sufficient distance to allow multiaxis operation. Said
4441842 Foot actuated latch April 10, 1984
A foot actuated latch for use in an aircraft cargo bay to provide vertical and longitudinal restraint of a cargo container. The latch having a lineal engaging and disengaging action which resists lineal forces parallel to latch movement tending to disengage that latch pawl from the conta
4441675 High lift surface actuation system April 10, 1984
A drive system for high-lift devices on aircraft having two power drive units, one at each end of the connecting torque tube system, so as to force sum the outputs. A one-way brake always insures against inadvertent retraction of the device but allows extension. An asymmetrical protectiv
4439282 Treatment of metals to enhance adhesive bonding March 27, 1984
A process for enhancing adhesive bonding of a metal substrate, particularly aluminum, which comprises treating the aluminum substrate, after optional cleaning thereof in an alkaline solution, with an ammoniacal solution of a copper salt, e.g. copper sulfate, to form a cuprammonium, i.e.
4439155 End caps for use with a launch environment simulator process and structure March 27, 1984
End caps for a launch environment simulator apparatus are provided which add realism to the firing simulation by producing smoke and a small amount of debris. The end caps serve to retain a combustible gas mixture within the apparatus prior to firing. Upon firing the end caps are consume
4439014 Low voltage electro-optic modulator March 27, 1984
The low voltage operation of this electro-optic modulator is realized by a unique system configuration in which the input light beam is first separated into two linearly polarized components of equal intensity, the beams are then focused into two crystals where the beams propagate as pur
4435109 Dwell assembly back spotface March 6, 1984
A dwell assembly back spotface for use with a reverse feed drill to provide an accurate depth of cut together with cutter dwell to insure a clean hole.
4435100 Fail-safe zero-load hinge/pivot March 6, 1984
A fail-safe zero-load hinge or pivot-joint having a first load primary support path comprising a sleeve and nut combination and a secondary or redundant load support path comprising a shaft, sized to be inserted axially through the sleeve with diametrical clearance, for threaded enga
4434479 Nonvolatile memory sensing system February 28, 1984
A sensing system for a nonvolatile memory transistor array employs reference transistors which are substantially identical to the memory transistors within the array and employs means to program the threshold voltage levels of the reference transistors to a lower level than that of t
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