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St. Louis, MO
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5001646 Automated helicopter flight control system March 19, 1991
An apparatus and method for controlling the flight of a helicopter, in which the pilot commands vehicle state changes, embodies several significant advances to the helicopter control art. Among these are control decoupling to reduce undesired helicopter responses in other axes to pil
4994991 Digital synchronous detector sampling February 19, 1991
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for the measurement of weak signals in an output device, including weak signals in the presence of obscuring noise, by pseudorandom sampling of a repetitive alternating potential waveform and digitally extracting the fundamental hormonic to reconstruc
4994892 Aluminum germanium ohmic contacts to gallium arsenide February 19, 1991
Ohmic contacts are attached to n-type Gallium Arsenide with an alloy of Aluminum-Germanium. The contact is prepared by depositing by evaporation a sequence of 400 Angstroms of Germanium, 300 Angstroms of Nickel, and 2000 Angstroms of Aluminum and subsequent alloying.
4989439 Springback stretch press February 5, 1991
A device and method for taking to account the elasticity of materials during bending operations to cause the proper amount of overbending such that after springback and while at rest, the material assumes its intended shape.
4986346 Moving belt radiator heat exchanger January 22, 1991
A rolled belt heat exchanger utilizes the increased heat transfer due to a large, extended surface belt. Heat is transferred from a heated roller to the belt, and then allowed to radiate to space as the belt follows a generally flattened oval path away from the heated roller.
4985979 Method of installing interference fit sleeved fasteners having radiused intersection for stress January 22, 1991
In this fastening system two or more layers of material are fastened together by inserting a hollow sleeved fastener such as a rivet or a bolt into the hole in a high interference fit to expand the hole radially. The sleeve is configured either as a collar and a straight shank or as an
4984347 Method for attaching a doubler to a skin structure January 15, 1991
A method and the resulting structure for attaching a doubler to the damaged skin of an airplane, using the original fastener holes, where the fastener countersinks are filled with interference fitted washers and the new fasteners have an interference fit with the airplane skin, doubler a
4981717 Diamond like coating and method of forming January 1, 1991
A method of depositing diamond-like films produces depositing species from a plasma of a hydrocarbon gas precurser. The plasma is generated by a laser pulse which is fired into the gas and is absorbed in an initiater mixed with the gas. The resulting detonation produces a plasma of ions,
4979279 Fastener installation tool apparatus December 25, 1990
This invention provides a novel nose assembly for an installation tool for crimping or swaging nuts onto threaded bolts to form a lock-bolt combination. The nose assembly is configured such that its spindle has a bight section or slot to receive a projected head of a pull piston. This
4976507 Sagnac distributed sensor December 11, 1990
A system based on the usage of a Sagnac interferometer operating in a dual sensing mode is described which allows the determination of the location and amplitude of a time varying disturbance on a single fiber.
4973819 Gantry with a laser mounted numerically controlled carriage November 27, 1990
A gantry, having a high powered laser, up to 2,000 watts or larger, mounted on a numerically controlled carriage. The gantry is constructed to support and rapidly move the laser, and a laser delivery system, about a work cell, such that the laser is constantly in close proximity to the w
4973269 Compression shield termination November 27, 1990
A device for terminating a braided shield to a grounding connector, having a plate that pushes an elastomeric member into the braided shield, pressing the braided shield into the grounding connector, electrically grounding the shield to the connector. The plate and elastomer are atta
4973131 Modulator mirror November 27, 1990
This modulator mirror comprises at least two partially transparent reflector stacks bonded to two separate substrates held apart by spacers to create a parallel gap between the partially transparent reflector stacks wherein the gap has a reference spacing of an even number of quarter
4964718 Optical corrector October 23, 1990
An optical projection system is provided wherein a light valve supplies an aperture consisting of spatially separate colors for projection by a plurality of projection lenses to a projection plane. A color correction lens is placed at a selective pupil of the projection system wherein
4963025 Apparatus and method for calculation of shape factor October 16, 1990
The apparatus and method herein provides for the calculation of shape factors and transfer factors of any object, particularly useful in radiative heat transfer analysis. The object sought to be characterized can be a model of full sized. A radiometer measures the light flux from var
4958932 Optical measuring apparatus September 25, 1990
An apparatus for measuring the distance between two locations on a surface within a cavity includes a sheath which is inserted into the cavity and a scope which extends through the sheath. Through the scope, one from a remote location may observe the surface as well as reference marks wh
4953974 Optical measurement of thin films September 4, 1990
Properties of thin films are monitored in real time by measuring the interactions of the light from an injection laser diode with the thin film adjacent to one of the facets of the laser diode by an associated photodetector. Thickness, index of refraction and other properties can be
4950043 Distortion-free fiber optic sensors embedded in titanium August 21, 1990
Highly sensitive, fiber optical cables, embedded in titanium, and remaining free from the refractive distortion ordinarily attributable to the presence of diffused titanium molecules in the fiber, are made possible by an optical fiber intermetallic composite having a titanium aluminide
4948108 Circuit board support device August 14, 1990
A particularly useful circuit board support device is disclosed which provides a rigid protected environment for a circuit board during curing, transport, testing and assembly. The circuit board support devices are modular and may be stackably rigidly joined into convenient multiple
4948068 Circulation control slots in helicopter yaw control system August 14, 1990
In a NOTAR.TM. (No tail rotor) system for a helicopter, the addition of vortex generators in the longitudinal slots or nozzles which produce the circulation control portion of the system which combines with a jet thruster and fluid resource to replace the tail rotor.
4942013 Vacuum resin impregnation process July 17, 1990
A process and system for vacuum impregnation of a fiber reinforcement, such as carbon cloth, with a resin to produce a resin-fiber composite. Liquid resin enters in arrangement or system comprising a fiber reinforcement layer on a tool or mold and is directed via a system of flow paths t
4939845 Multi purpose thread ring gage July 10, 1990
The present invention is directed to an improved, multi purpose measuring device for determining various parameters of an externally threaded member. In particular, the invention includes a substantially ring shaped housing slidably supporting at least one pair of gage plugs having m
4934793 NVG compatible LCD June 19, 1990
A night vision compatible display employing a liquid crystal display, and an infrared attenuating filter having characteristics which permit a high degree of infrared attenuation while transmitting substantial amounts of visible light, in combination with an incandescent source and refle
4931859 Schlieren color television image aperturing device June 5, 1990
A Schlieren-type color television projector utilizes a fiber optic rear projection screen (FORPS) at an initial focal point to translate the spatially separated, converging rays of component colors produced by the Schlieren-type color television projector into a plurality of spatially
4931740 Electrostatic field gradient sensor June 5, 1990
A sensor for measuring disturbances to an electrostatic field caused by the intrusion of a charged body or a charge producing body. The sensor employs at least two probes displaced from each other which have attached beads of radioactive material to provide free ions in the vicinity of t
4930701 Confluent nozzle June 5, 1990
Nozzle contained within tubular housing. An annular manifold concentrically surrounds and abuts the outside of the housing. The manifold communicates with an external source of water. A cylindrical transducer is located within the housing. A hollow cone having an exit opening formed by a
4930362 Wheel spin-up tester June 5, 1990
Disclosed is an advantageous device and method of simultaneously testing multiple wheel transducers, typically on modern aircraft, with the ability of performing the test remotely, as from the cockpit.
4923150 Parachute spring ring release May 8, 1990
A parachute ring release mechanism with a spring incorporated to insure disengagement of the parachute risers. The ring release is structured such that the parachute risers may be released by either one of two rip cords.
4922259 Microstrip patch antenna with omni-directional radiation pattern May 1, 1990
A microstrap patch antenna with a substantially omni-directional radiation pattern includes an upper hemisphere microstrip patch radiator working against a ground plane and a lower hemisphere microstrip patch radiator working against a ground plane, the ground planes being oriented in cl
4919512 Wavelength shift switch and sensing system April 24, 1990
A multi position optical switch requiring no electrical service at the actuator and capable of continuous or discrete sensing of switch position is disclosed.
4918619 Multiplexed junction probe for fuel gaging system and system containing same April 17, 1990
A true mass fuel gaging system for aircraft utilizing multiplexing of tank unit measurements in or adjacent a fuel tank for improved accuracy and fault isolation. The system provides dual equipment channels for redundancy throughout all data processing portions of the system and also
4916928 Stops for curved SPF/DB sandwich fabrication April 17, 1990
The process for forming a metallic sandwich structure having a curved surface, particularly a surface curving about more than one axis, such as a quadric surface partially by direct displacement and partially by a fluid interface. Additionally, means to restrain the work sheets being
4916712 Optically pumped slab laser April 10, 1990
There is provided an optically pumped laser having highly reflective coatings on opposite sides such that multiple reflections of radiation between the reflective coatings of the opposed sides produce lasing in a transverse mode. A plurality of diode lasers mounted in a linear array
4915782 Aluminum lithium etchant April 10, 1990
A caustic etchant composition suitable for use on lithium containing aluminum alloys has between about 125 to 300 grams per liter of sodium hyroxide, between about 35 to 145 grams per liter of sodium sulfide, between about 0.5 to 4 percent by volume of triethanolamine, between about
4906199 Shield grounding connector and method March 6, 1990
A device and method facilitates grounding shielding, including hardware and structures necessary to allow proper connection, practice the steps of the method, minimize pigtail length, facilitate the formation of a wire bundle assembly, facilitate repair and installation, and result in ma
4904963 Staggered quadrature phase shift keyed laser modulator February 27, 1990
A staggered quadrature phase shift keyed modulator which avoids the need for timing circuits. Three phase modulators serially change the phase of a laser beam so that it may sequentially have a total phase shift of .pi., .pi./2, 0, -.pi./2. The input signal is divided into two pulse trai
4904194 Polarized grounding pin February 27, 1990
A polarized grounding pin incorporating a spring, to provide continuous electrical conductivity between mated connector shells.
4903341 Semiconductor optical heterodyne detector February 20, 1990
There is provided by this invention an optical heterodyning device comprised of a semiconductor heterostructure having a forward biased electrode connected thereto for optically mixing an input signal frequency with a local oscillating frequency in the separate confined laser cavity
4903175 Illumination module February 20, 1990
An illumination module comprising a housing having one or more cavities, each containing a source of illumination such as an incandescent lamp at its closed end. A housing mounting plate containing a window coextensive with the open end of the housing is affixed to the open end of said
4898468 Sagnac distributed sensor February 6, 1990
A system based on the usage of a Sagnac interferometer operating in a dual sensing mode is described which allows the determination of the location and amplitude of a time varying disturbance on a single fiber.
4898234 Air heat exchanger February 6, 1990
A plurality of inlet and outlet channels for receiving and exhausting respectively the flow of a heat exchange medium directed to the inlet channels are located adjacent a plate provided with generally parallel, elongated orifices extending in the direction of and in registration with
4896719 Isothermal panel and plenum January 30, 1990
A plenum in combination with a heat exchange panel and a panel structure having a large number of closely spaced orifices of equal size. The plenum area relative to that of the orifice area is such that a pressure head in the plenum is maintained to provide a constant flow of heat exchan
4879895 Normal shock locator November 14, 1989
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for locating the position of a normal shock in a fluid flowing in a duct.
4875775 Reciprocally switched four modulator system October 24, 1989
An optical instrument is provided which can be configured as a gyro, spectrometer, or other sensor of effects that can influence the transmission of light through a light conduit wherein a beam of light is split and introduced into both ends of an optical fiber which in the gyro case
4872120 Multiplexed junction probe for fuel gaging system and system containing same October 3, 1989
A true mass fuel gaging system for aircraft utilizing multiplexing of tank unit measurements in or adjacent a fuel tank for improved accuracy and fault isolation. The system provides dual equipment channels for redundancy throughout all data processing portions of the system and also
4868121 Islet isolation process September 19, 1989
A method of producing intact islets of Langerhans in an insulin producing condition uses a mixture of Hank's solution and 10% by volume fetal calf serum to ductally distend the human pancreas. The exocrine tissue of the pancreas is digested at about C. by an enzyme preparation
4858852 Divergent trailing-edge airfoil August 22, 1989
A special contour near the trailing edge of an airfoil which improves the airfoil effectiveness. The contour is a combination of a blunt airfoil base, a local region of high surface curvature, typically on the airfoil lower surface, and upper surface and lower surface trailing edge slope
4857698 Laser perforating process and article produced therein August 15, 1989
A process for perforating a metal sheet with clean holes of substantially uniform size and shape comprises placing a suitable transparent backing tape, such as an adhesive polyethylene tape, on one surface of the metal sheet. The assembly is placed in a fixture, a laser beam generated by
4851077 Chemical milling of lithium aluminum alloy July 25, 1989
A chemical milling solution for lithium aluminum alloy is disclosed for manufacturing a surface finish having superior smoothness characteristics. The process is especially useful where material reduction or thinning is required wherein machining would otherwise be impossible or too expe
4844627 Interference fit bearings July 4, 1989
This interference fit bearing is divided into an outer and an inner bearing assembly. The outer bearing assembly has an outside radial dimension measured from the center of the bearing which is at least 0.002 inches larger than the opening into which it will be interference fit. The insi
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