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McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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5122176 A method of densifying a glass or glass composite structure June 16, 1992
A method of densifying glass-composite structures using a superplastically deformed foil to partially encapsulate a glass-composite part and a part holding die. The die and part are contained in a rigid box held in a press. The foil is deformed over the die and part. Heat and pressure ar
5119382 Tetravalent chromium doped passive Q-switch June 2, 1992
There is provided by this invention a laser cavity for producing a periodic output pulse and a passive Q-switch for use therein. The laser cavity is typically comprised of a lasing medium, a pair of reflecting elements, and a passive Q-switch. The Q-switch is composed of inorganic, solid
5118931 Fiber optic microbending sensor arrays including microbend sensors sensitive over different band June 2, 1992
A fiber optic sensing system detects changes in a material based upon physical deformation of a fiber bonded to the structure in which stress, strain or failure is to be detected. Deformation of the fiber affects propagation of light therethrough, permitting detection based upon dete
5115963 Superplastic forming of panel structures May 26, 1992
Process for making a panel structure by superplastic forming from a pair of face sheets disposed on opposite sides of a core sheet, the core sheet being bonded as by welding to the face sheets along a plurality of spaced weld areas, the core sheet and face sheets having superplastic
5111211 Broadband patch antenna May 5, 1992
A log periodic antenna of simple, circuit board construction exhibits an average standing wave ratio of less than 2.0 over a broadband frequency characteristic.
5110210 Precision angle sensor May 5, 1992
Optical apparatus for measuring angles to a precision approaching the theoretical optical limit for a fixed aperture. Calculations and measurement of the angle are made on the basis of the displacement of a very detailed waveform on a multi-pixel detector from a known point on the de
5106568 Method and apparatus for vacuum bag molding of composite materials April 21, 1992
A method and apparatus for vacuum bag molding of composite materials which eliminates the need for a porous release sheet. Prepregs are placed on a forming tool and overlayed with at least one sheet of nonporous material and a breather sheet and then enclosed within an impermeable membra
5104067 Detonating cord powered canopy breakers April 14, 1992
A powered canopy breaker attached to an ejection seat, that fractures a canopy when the seat is ejected. The breaker has a piston that is operatively connected to an explosive cartridge. When the seat is ejected, the piston engages the canopy, pushing the piston a predetermined distance
5098011 Method and tooling for fabricating monolithic metal or metal matrix composite structures March 24, 1992
The tool and the process for forming structural shapes from multiple elements of either a monolithic or metal matrix composition by either diffusion bonding or brazing the metal or metal composites under temperature and pressure. The pressure is applied by expanding superplastic meta
5096342 Apparatus for drilling composite structures March 17, 1992
There is provided by this invention an apparatus for drilling composite materials which provides controlled depth drilling. In a first embodiment of the invention, a drill motor is integrated within a microstop cage and retained by a lock nut, such that by extending or shortening the mic
5096142 Folding internal cover March 17, 1992
An aerodynamic fairing seal for use on a variable incident airfoil which protrudes through a structural opening in an aircraft such that the fairing covers the opening as the airfoil is moved during flight. In the preferred embodiment on a T-tail configuration aircraft which utilizes a
5092524 Nozzle throat disc for thrust vectoring March 3, 1992
Tapered disc rotatably mounted in the exhaust duct of a propulsion system. The disc can be rotated about an axis normal to the yaw plane. A disc bump projects from both the upper and lower surfaces of the disc, and extends diametrically across it. When fluid is flowing through the exhaus
5092376 Apparatus for injecting resin March 3, 1992
There is provided by this invention an apparatus for injecting resin which provides a sealed injection position for uniform injection pressure on the resin and allows the depth of the injection needle to the controlled so that even minute delaminations, cracks, and voids in composite str
5087484 Rotating sealant applicator February 11, 1992
This invention is an apparatus and method for applying sealant to a countersunk fastener hole. The apparatus comprises a sleeve, an adapter tube within the sleeve, a nozzle housing attached to the adapter tube, and a tip within the nozzle housing. A guide pin is attached to the adapter
5079642 Electro-optic modulator with acoustic damping January 7, 1992
There is provided by this invention an electro-optic modulator for damping acoustical energy produced by an electro-optic crystal. The modulator couples acoustic energy from the electro-optic crystal to an acoustic coupler due to the matching acoustic impedances of the coupler and the
5076122 Tube end finishing tool December 31, 1991
A cutting insert having four symmetrically located cutting edges is mounted on a cutting insert holder, which is in turn mounted on a rotary driver. One of the cutting edges projects out from the cutting insert holder. The rotary driver rotates the projecting cutting edge along a circula
5075797 Cooled mosaic window December 24, 1991
A process and resulting structure for a window typically used on weapons with infrared sensors. The window has a plurality of transparent blocks connected in a mosaic pattern. Between the blocks are slots, that allow a coolant to flow through and cool the window, such that the window doe
5072896 Powered canopy breakers December 17, 1991
A powered canopy breaker attached to an ejection seat, that fractures a canopy when the seat is ejected. The breaker has a piston that is operatively connected to an explosive cartridge. When the seat is ejected, the piston engages the canopy, pushing the piston a predetermined distance
5071293 Feed rate regulator for a hand-held drill December 10, 1991
Barrel casing attached to the housing of a hand-held drill. A retractable guide arm is cantilevered from one end of the barrel casing. The cantilevered end of the guide arm has a passageway for the drill bit, and thereby guides it. A rate limiter is attached to the other end of the b
5069318 Self-stabilized stepped crashworthy stiffeners December 3, 1991
A crushable, composite, columnar, self-stabilized structure for absorbing energy by progressively reacting compression forces along the axis of the structure. The compression failure initiates at one end and progresses to the second end of the stiffener in a controlled fashion in that at
5067671 Anti tip-off ejection rails November 26, 1991
Ejection seat rails that guide an ejection seat out of a vehicle, wherein the seat has rollers that travel along the rails. The rails are constructed such that the rollers simultaneously disengage from the rails, reducing the amount of tip-off that would occur if the rollers were to
5066100 Binary alignment corrector November 19, 1991
There is provided by this invention a binary alignment corrector for correcting the directional errors caused by non-linear placement or "bowing" of diodes within laser arrays. The binary alignment corrector is an array of diffraction gratings with each diffraction grating correspond
5062472 Turbulent droplet generator with boom mounted pitot pump collector November 5, 1991
Disclosed is an advantageous system for heat rejection especially useful in the space environment.
5062457 Corrugated air hose assembly November 5, 1991
A duct for aircraft use which has ease of use and will resist degradation over time. Silicone impregnated cloth is supported by a nylon helix and covered with a protective braiding of KEVLAR.RTM., a commonly used polyamide fiber. The resulting tube can be strung through tight openings.
5061988 Integrated circuit chip interconnect October 29, 1991
An integrated circuit chip interconnect combining tape automated bonding techniques and conventional wire bonding and adapted to communicate by wire bonding leads to the maximum number of terminal leads for a given chip size, and to accommodate a variety of different chips by the same
5059059 Conical expansion washer October 22, 1991
A method and the resulting structure for attaching a doubler to the skin of an airplane, using the original fastener holes, where the fastener countersinks are filled with interference fitted washers and the new fasteners have an interference fit with the airplane skin, doubler and w
5058827 Super debris deflector October 22, 1991
A vertically mounted deflector attached to a landing gear, that prevents debris from being thrown by the tires into the engine of an aircraft. The deflector has two vertically mounted plates that have oblique stepped surfaces facing the tires.
5058497 Compliant pressure roller October 22, 1991
A compact roller system including a housing for a plurality of disks, each independently supported within a support member having sides which partially envelop the external peripheries of the disk. The disks do not separate or dislodge from their corresponding support members, yet the
5055143 Re-entrant angle closure on superplastically formed structure October 8, 1991
A superplastically formed and diffusion bonded structure formed with two or more sheets and upset forging the material at the perimeter to provide the expulsive material between the inner most sheets so as to close the entrance angle formed between the expanded sheets at the line where t
5051580 Neutral particle beam velocity vector sensing system September 24, 1991
Velocity vector components of a relativistic high energy beam of atomic particles are measured by examination of the Doppler shifts of spontaneous photo emissions from the beam. Beam direction can be calculated directly from measurements made at the Doppler-free angle if beam velocity is
5051572 Photomultiplier gating circuit September 24, 1991
An advantageous device and method enables a photomultiplier to be gated on and off at electronic rates. A single multi-winding pulse transformer is employed to enable the triggering of the photomultiplier tube.
5050392 Refrigeration system September 24, 1991
There is provided by this invention a method and an apparatus for cooling a heat load that is operable in zero gravity conditions and while in any orientation due to the design of the apparatus. The apparatus' components are also selected so as to comprise a lightweight refrigeration sys
5046848 Fiber optic detection system using a Sagnac interferometer September 10, 1991
The process and apparatus of at least two sensor configurations enable both the location and severity of an environmental disturbance on an optic path to be measured.
5039566 Transparent composite material August 13, 1991
A transparent composite material, which may take the form of a plate, includes a polymeric matrix and glass fibers embedded within the matrix. The polymer of the matrix and the glass of the fibers are transparent and have substantially the same index of refraction. A bond exists between
5033917 Chip extraction apparatus July 23, 1991
There is provided by this invention a chip extraction apparatus for extracting chip swarf from a workpiece for collection in an external vacuum source. The chip extraction apparatus is comprised of a nosepiece assembly which houses a spring/atmospheric pressure actuated piston for pr
5031183 Full aperture semiconductor laser July 9, 1991
There is provided by this invention a semiconductor laser which achieves high-power operation due to full aperture emission from a broad emitting facet. The semiconductor laser's full aperture emission is enabled by the physical structure and alignment of the semiconductor layers which a
5029776 Variable explosive source for an ejector system July 9, 1991
An explosive source for a store ejector system, having a plurality of explosive cartridges that are sequentially detonated to provide a relatively constant force on the store, when the store is ejected. Operatively connected to each explosive cartridge, is a check valve that prevents
5026140 Distortion-free fiber optic sensors embedded in titanium June 25, 1991
Highly sensitive, fiber optical cables, embedded in titanium, and remaining free from the refractive distortion ordinarily attributable to the presence of diffused titanium molecules in the fiber, are made possible by an optical fiber-intermetallic composite having a titanium aluminide
5020884 Optical cell June 4, 1991
There is provided by this invention an optical filter comprised of a transparent housing having an inner cavity with frosted sides that diffuse and scatter incident light beams. For transmission of light the cavity is filled with an index of refraction matching fluid which offsets the
5018920 Interference fit bolt and sleeve May 28, 1991
In this fastening system two or more layers of material are fastened together by inserting a hollow sleeved fastener such as a rivet or a bolt into the hole in a high interference fit to expand the hole radially. The sleeve is configured either as a collar and a straight shank or as an
5015440 Refractory aluminides May 14, 1991
Light weight refractory aluminides, such as Al.sub.3 Nb and related aluminides may be produced from metallic powders by a high temperature exothermic reaction of refractory metals with molten aluminum. Mixtures of refractory metals and aluminum may be prepared and densified by powder
5015322 Tank arrangement particularly designed for chemical milling operations May 14, 1991
A tank arrangement particularly adapted for processing parts in chemical milling operations, especially for circulation of water-base maskant fluid. The system includes a tank containing up-flow and down-flow draft tubes, each containing a low speed, high volumetric displacement impeller
5012423 Back-up fly by wire control system April 30, 1991
A device and method of back-up fly by wire control, especially useful in fly by wire systems when a failure mode is encountered. The problem of back-up system controllability with the type of compliant sidestick which has minimal displacement and returns to zero upon release of the contr
5010841 Rotating sealant applicator April 30, 1991
An apparatus and method for applying sealant to a countersunk fastener hole. The apparatus includes a sleeve, an adapter tube within the sleeve, a nozzle housing attached to the adapter tube, and a tip within the nozzle housing. A guide pin is attached to the adapter tube and follows an
5008526 Photodetector output coupling with low and high frequency outputs April 16, 1991
There is provided by this invention a photodetector and circuitry connected thereto wherein separate outputs are produced for low frequency and high frequency signals of the light impinging on the photodetector.
5006963 Selectable chip carrier April 9, 1991
A selectable chip carrier is disclosed which is adapted to receive an integrated circuit chip having a plurality of terminals disposed about its periphery and to allow for the connection of selected ones of these terminals to selected voltage potentials, ground, or signal lines using
5005640 Isothermal multi-passage cooler April 9, 1991
A thin multi-passage cooler that produces an isothermal heating surface, high heat transfer coefficients, without producing an excessive pressure drop across the coolant passages. The cooler having a plurality of first passages in fluid communication with a plurality of second passages.
5003318 Dual frequency microstrip patch antenna with capacitively coupled feed pins March 26, 1991
A dual frequency stacked microstrip patch antenna is comprised of a pair of circular radiating patches separated by a layer of dielectric, the two upper patches being further separated by another layer of dielectric from a pair of separated ground planes. A modal shorting pin extends bet
5001717 Cavity dump laser controller March 19, 1991
There is provided by this invention a controller for cavity dumping a laser which maintains a consistent output pulse energy level. The constant output pulse energy level is due to the clipping of the circulating power within the laser's cavity upon its reaching a threshold level. In ord
5001704 Multipurpose bus interface March 19, 1991
A multipurpose bus interface circuit for interfacing a first communications bus to a second communications bus where at least one of the buses is a command/response time division multiplexing data bus. The interface circuit includes a main controller for controlling the transfer of data
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