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McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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5422794 Aircraft bag-rack with an illuminated handrail June 6, 1995
A bag-rack mounted on an aircraft ceiling has a handrail secured to a recessed lower front portion thereof by a mount which also spaces the handrail from the bag-rack. The handrail is dimensionally shaped to conform to the inner surface contours of a user's hand and the recessed port
5422772 Secure fiber optic networks June 6, 1995
Sagnac interferometer based secure communications systems are integrated into high speed data transfer rate networks using a smaller number of separate fiber optic cables than would be required if networks were constructed from pluralities of point-to-point systems. Redundancy can be
5419528 Vibration isolation mounting system May 30, 1995
A system is disclosed for mounting a vibration producing device onto a spacecraft structure and also for isolating the vibration forces thereof from the structure. The system includes a mount on which the device is securely mounted and inner and outer rings. The rings and mount are c
5417372 Foam and fiber spray gun apparatus May 23, 1995
Apparatus for uniformly blending and applying a mixture of a two part resin and radar absorbing fibers to a surface. The fibers retain their length distribution after mixing and application. The unreacted resin base and catalyst components of the resin, one or both of which are premixed
5415366 Arm restraint May 16, 1995
An arm restraint system for an ejection seat of an aircraft. The arm restraint system includes a pair of shrouds that are attached to the seat and each contain an outer channel. Extending through each outer channel is a corresponding strap that is coupled to the cockpit and fastened to a
5413023 Elastomeric prepreg roving composite May 9, 1995
An elastomeric prepreg wherein a carrier, whether roving, yarn, broad goods or tape, is impregnated with an uncured elastomeric rubber system which may include the addition of modifiers to enhance the properties of the coating. The prepreg is capable of being spooled and de-spooled for
5407634 Grain size control of metallic materials by inert gas doping April 18, 1995
A method of inhibiting grain growth and restricting grain size during heat-treatment and hot-working of metallic materials. A small volume of inert gas is added to a metallic material so that the inert gas is dispersed throughout the metallic material. The metallic material is then h
5406290 Hit verification technique April 11, 1995
An interceptor's point of impact on a targeted missile is quickly revealed in the milliseconds preceeding and following the impact by illuminating the target with radar signals at a high pulse repetition rate and observing the reflected radar echoes on an A-scope display. The position
5405176 High pressure mechanical seal April 11, 1995
A relatively impervious mechanical seal is formed between the outer surface of a tube and the inside surface of a mechanical fitting of a high pressure fluid or hydraulic system by applying a very thin soft metal layer onto the outer surface of the hard metal tube and/or inner surface
5402577 Radiographic inspection aid April 4, 1995
The inspection aid 10 disclosed and claimed herein is characterized by a shape-mutable, radiographically non-absorptive appliance which includes an individual upper 28 and pair of lower 30 and 32 pins arranged in adjacent, right triangle relation and inserted transversely through either
5402231 Distributed sagnac sensor systems March 28, 1995
Wavelength division multiplexed Sagnac distributed sensor systems that allow the determination of the position and amplitude of a frequency dependent environmental effect acting on the optical path of Sagnac loops. The sensor includes two Sagnac interferometers operating at different
5402132 Monopole/crossed slot single antenna direction finding system March 28, 1995
A direction finding system utilizing a single monopole/crossed slot antenna in combination with associated electronic circuitry. Each of the four ports of the antenna are connected to amplitude varying elements whose outputs are combined by a power combiner. A microcontroller stores the
5398410 Method of making a superplastically formed structure having a perforated skin March 21, 1995
A perforated sheet is diffusion bonded to a thin solid sheet. Each of the perforations of the perforated sheet is tapered, having a maximum diameter at the surface that is not bonded to the thin sheet and a smaller diameter at the surface that is bonded to the thin sheet. The bonded perf
5397891 Sensor systems employing optical fiber gratings March 14, 1995
One or more optical fiber gratings are used to sense environmental effects that can vary the spacing between the lines of the grating to vary the center frequency of the spectral envelope, either reflected or passed thereby. Light of the sensor grating's spectral envelope is transmitted
5395187 Method and apparatus for attaching a drill motor to a drill plate with a clamping device having March 7, 1995
A device for securely clamping a drill motor to a drill plate in order to drill precisely positioned holes in a workpiece includes an annular mandrel and annular collet concentrically disposed about the cutting element. A first end of the collet includes a plurality of longitudinally
5393604 Production of silica "green" tape and co-fired silica substrates therefrom February 28, 1995
Production of silica "green" tapes employed in fabrication of multilayer circuit boards, by mixing silica powder comprised of spherical substantially uniform particles ranging in size from 0.1 to 2 microns, e.g., 0.7 micron, with a liquid medium containing a vinyl acetate--acrylic co
5384959 Method of making a SPF/DB hollow core fan blade January 31, 1995
A hollow core fan blade for a gas turbine engine, having a continuous leading edge, is fabricated using a four-sheet superplastic forming/diffusion bonding process which results in a cost-efficient and lightweight, yet strong, structure. The rotor blade is comprised of a face sheet w
5381506 Flat to spiral polymer light waveguide January 10, 1995
An L-shaped normally flat polymeric waveguide laminate is used to connect between an inline array of optical devices, a plurality of optical fibers or the like and a circular connector, such as typically used to feed pluralities of optical transmission lines through a bulkhead or other
5380995 Fiber optic grating sensor systems for sensing environmental effects January 10, 1995
One or more optical fiber gratings are used to sense environmental effects that can vary the spacing between the lines of the grating to vary the center frequency of the spectral envelope, either reflected or passed thereby. Light of the sensor grating's spectral envelope is transmitted
5368807 Method for vacuum bag molding fiber reinforced resin matrix composites November 29, 1994
A method for fabricating fiber reinforced resin matrix composite structures having molded outside surfaces with intermittent molded inside surfaces (e.g. an aircraft skin with internal stiffeners) is performed as follows: composite prepreg stiffener sections are preformed and laid up on
5366787 Panel structure fabrication November 22, 1994
The structure and process for making a metallic panel structure from a plurality, e.g. two, core elements each comprised of a pair of sheets of superplastic material welded together along a plurality of weld lines, the weld lines of one core element being spaced differently or of differe
5347434 Aircraft bag-rack with an illuminated handrail September 13, 1994
A bag-rack mounted on an aircraft ceiling has a handrail secured to a recessed lower front portion thereof by a mount which also spaces the handrail from the bag-rack. The handrail is dimensionally shaped to conform to the inner surface contours of a user's hand and the recessed port
5344685 Production of composite sandwich structures September 6, 1994
Contoured sandwich radomes and other composite structures having a core consisting of a series of flexible foam mandrels laid side-by-side, with inner and outer facings made up of a fabric impregnated with a resin system, capable of providing superior breakdown voltage characteristics
5338433 Chromium alloy electrodeposition and surface fixation of calcium phosphate ceramics August 16, 1994
Process for simultaneous electrodeposition of at least a two component alloy system of cobalt and chromium on a substrate, by providing an aqueous solution of divalent cobalt and trivalent chromium ions and containing ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, at a pH of about 3 to about 5, el
5330826 Preparation of ceramic-metal coatings July 19, 1994
A metal substrate, e.g. titanium, having a calcium phosphate coating, particularly hydroxylapatite, and containing a metal such as cobalt, codeposited on the substrate by electrolyzing a cobalt salt, particularly cobalt sulfate, liquid electrolyte having a calcium phosphate material,
5328517 Method and system for removing a coating from a substrate using radiant energy and a particle st July 12, 1994
A method is provided for removing material from a structure having at least one layer of material formed on a substrate. The method includes the steps of irradiating a target area of a structure with radiant energy sufficient to break or weaken chemical bonds in the material, and impingi
5322790 Islet isolation process June 21, 1994
A method of producing intact islets of Langerhans in an insulin producing condition uses a mixture of Hank's solution and 10% by volume fetal calf serum to ductally distend the human pancreas. The exocrine tissue of the pancreas is digested at about C. by an enzyme preparation
5322246 Ice prevention device for airfoils June 21, 1994
An aft facing step situated across the span of an airfoil. A chemical or thermal deicing or running wet anti-icing device is located in or on the airfoil upstream of the step, and causes water to run back towards the step. The step suddenly reduces the thickness of the airfoil chord
5319660 Multi-quantum barrier laser June 7, 1994
A semiconductor laser device which provides enhanced carrier confinement. This device utilizes a single or multi-quantum well structure located between graded index confinement layers which are in turn between a pair of cladding layers. Semiconductor layers are selected such that the
5315203 Apparatus for passive damping of a structure May 24, 1994
An apparatus for controlling the motion of a structural member on a space platform truss structure, launch vehicle, automobile, building, or the like is comprised of a first driving piezoelectric element and a second constraining piezoelectric element. The first piezoelectric element is
5311592 Sagnac interferometer based secure communication system May 10, 1994
A secure fiber optic communication system capable of tens of gigabits/second data transfer rates that utilizes a pair of single mode fiber optic cables in combination with one or more light sources, phase modulators, detectors and polarization scrambling elements to form a Sagnac int
5309747 Using exhaust gas mass flow rate to control superplastic forming May 10, 1994
A forming die which includes a die cavity contains a forming blank composed of a metallic alloy having superplastic properties. The forming pressure in a pressurized space adjacent the forming blank is regulated by a pressure regulator. The volume of the die cavity is determined, as is t
5300367 Metallic structural panel and method of fabrication April 5, 1994
A metallic structural panel having a plurality of internal passages separated by supporting ribs and its method of fabrication. The fabrication assembly of the metallic structural panel is essentially comprised of a housing defining an internal cavity, a plurality of internal tubes,
5300159 Method for manufacturing superplastic forming/diffusion bonding tools from titanium April 5, 1994
A method for manufacturing superplastic forming/diffusion bonding tools and a wide range of other aerospace parts by forming a titanium aluminide interface layer from ion vapor deposition is disclosed.
5297760 Aircraft skin lap splice March 29, 1994
Fuselage skin lap splice for aircraft formed of metal or composite skin panels. The adjacent skin panels comprise an outer skin and an inner skin, having contacting overlapping longitudinal edge portions, and a plurality of fasteners connecting such overlapping edge portions. A plurality
5296285 High emittance low absorptance coatings March 22, 1994
An aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate having a low absorptance high emittance two-layer coating produced by first anodizing the substrate to form an anodic coating, followed by applying a topcoat of an inorganic white paint on the anodic coating, such dual layer coated substrate having
5294055 Rotatable arms for thrust vectoring and changing the area of a nozzle throat March 15, 1994
Two arms rotatably mounted in slideable abutment with an interior wall of a nozzle. The arms extend from a common axis of rotation, and each includes a bump having a crest running radially from the axis of rotation to the tip of the arm. Together with the opposing ceiling and adjacent si
5293269 Aspheric cylindrical lens and method of fabrication March 8, 1994
An aspheric cylindrical lens for collimating, with low optical aberrations, the asymmetrically diverging beams of diode laser arrays and a method of fabricating such lenses. The aspheric cylindrical lens are formed from a plano-spherical optical lens. The planar surface of the lens is th
5289965 Method of superplastically forming and braze bonding a structure March 1, 1994
A process for forming single piece metal alloy panel structures includes both superplastic forming and braze bonding steps, and is particularly adapted to superplastically formable materials which are not particularly diffusion bondable, such as aluminum alloys. The process involves
5286210 Connector interface assembly and method February 15, 1994
A connector interface assembly is disclosed which includes modules which contain electrical terminals of an electrical signal or power source. The assembly also includes a ground plate and a module retainer block having receptacles for removably receiving the modules therein. The retaine
5284996 Waste gas storage February 8, 1994
Method for storing a waste gas mixture comprised of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and inert gases, the gas mixture containing corrosive contaminants including inorganic acids and bases and organic solvents, and derived from space station operations. The gas mixture is stored under
5283844 Monolithic active waveguide optical crossbar switch February 1, 1994
A semiconductor active waveguide optical crossbar switch to allow optical signals to be routed to any number of ports with no net attenuation of signal strength. The optical crossbar switch is comprised of a network of optical waveguides wherein both lateral and transverse carrier confin
5281822 Advanced neutron detector January 25, 1994
A neutron detector for use in high energy flux environments. Multiple stacked arrays of biased Si PIN diodes are provided with adjustable lower and upper energy detection thresholds. Shielding along the sides and back of the detector limits the sensing to along the forward line of sight
5281388 Resin impregnation process for producing a resin-fiber composite January 25, 1994
Process for vacuum impregnation of a dry fiber reinforcement with a curable resin to produce a resin-fiber composite, by drawing a vacuum to permit flow of curable liquid resin into and through a fiber reinforcement to impregnate same and curing the resin-impregnated fiber reinforcement
5279152 Apparatus for testing and bleeding automatic braking systems January 18, 1994
A testing and bleeding apparatus incorporates an adapter rack, an adapter cable and a bleed cable harness for connecting the main unit of the apparatus to an automatic braking system. An adapter rack hold down assembly is used to secure the apparatus in order to allow in flight testi
5274488 Secure communications system December 28, 1993
There is provided by this invention a secure fiber optic communication system based on the Sagnac interferometer that allows multiple authorized users to communicate on the system by modulation and detection of two counterpropagating light beams. The security of the system is based on a
5272716 Hand held laser apparatus December 21, 1993
A hand held laser apparatus containing a semiconductor laser diode switchably connected to a power supply. The output of the laser diode is focused and collimated by a pair of lens. Circuitry is provided to allow for either continuous wave or pulsed modes of operation as well as the
5269048 Hidden hinge December 14, 1993
A hinge assembly capable of moving a panel or door between a flush, closed position and an outwardly opened position with at least 180 degrees of possible rotation of the panel. A housing is attached to the body at the edge of the door opening and locates a jack screw which drives a carr
5265830 Trailing edge splitter November 30, 1993
A plate projecting in an aft direction from the blunt trailing edge of a wing. The plate extends across the span of the trailing edge, and may be either planar or curved in the spanwise direction. The plate is canted to form an acute depression angle with respect to a collinear extension
5261837 High density bi-pin receptacle November 16, 1993
A simple and durable socket receptacle is adapted for receiving an electrical device such as a lamp which has a plurality of closely spaced contact pins. The receptacle comprises a dielectric means for receiving the contact pins which has a plurality of apertures which are in a one-t
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