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Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
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RE38140 Dual interleaved DC to DC switching circuits realized in an integrated circuit June 10, 2003
Dual interleaved DC to DC switching circuits realizable in an integrated circuit form, capable of monitoring individual inductor current using only one current sense resistor and providing automatic duty cycle adjustment to keep the inductor currents in the interleaved DC to DC switching
8588288 Method and apparatus for controlling a continuous time linear equalizer November 19, 2013
An example method for controlling a continuous time linear equalizer includes: developing a voltage histogram of a signal present at an output of a continuous time linear equalizer; developing a quality factor for the voltage histogram; comparing the quality factor with a prior quality
8587461 Data acquisition system with analog-to-digital converter having integrated multiplexer control November 19, 2013
A data acquisition system includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) having a MUX control outputs, a controller coupled to the ADC, a multiplexer coupled to the MUX control outputs of the ADC, and an operational amplifier coupling an analog data output of the multiplexer to an inp
8582668 Soft repetition code combiner using channel state information November 12, 2013
An embodiment is a method and apparatus to decode a signal using channel information. A channel state estimator generates a tone value representing channel information. A quantizer quantizes the tone value. A combiner combines de-interleaved symbols weighed by the quantized tone valu
8581766 DAC with novel switch regulation November 12, 2013
A system includes an NL bit digital to analog converter (DAC) ladder module having NL ladder resistors connected in parallel, NL series resistors connected in series between the NL ladder resistors, and a plurality of switches. NL is an integer greater than one. Adjacent pairs of the
8581251 Device for protecting an electronic integrated circuit housing against physical or chemical ingr November 12, 2013
The invention relates to the creation of a housing for an integrated circuit which makes it possible to detect physical ingression into said housing. The invention applies in particular to the protection of secrets which may possibly be contained in said integrated circuit, in the event
8576888 Dual laser-power-level control and calibration system for burst-mode and continuous-mode transmi November 5, 2013
Dual laser-power-level control and calibration system for burst-mode and continuous-mode transmitter. A first signal path receives a transmit signal that also drives the transmit laser, and a second signal path receives the output of a monitor diode. The first and second signal paths
8575988 Mixed-signal integrator architecture November 5, 2013
A mixed signal correlator utilizes coherent detection within a capacitance measurement application. In some applications, the mixed signal correlator is used to measure capacitance of a touch screen display. An external capacitor whose capacitance is measured is kept small for improv
8575971 Current mirror and current cancellation circuit November 5, 2013
Techniques are described to mirror currents and subtract currents accurately. In an implementation, a circuit includes a first current source coupled to a first node to provide a current IPD1 and a current mirror coupled to the first node through a first switch T1 to provide a curren
8575755 Semiconductor device having mode of operation defined by inner bump assembly connection November 5, 2013
Semiconductor devices are described that are configured to have a state of operation defined by a connection between at least one inner bump assembly and a selected outer bump assembly. In an implementation, the semiconductor device, which may be a wafer-level (chip-scale) package se
8575493 Integrated circuit device having extended under ball metallization November 5, 2013
Semiconductor devices are described that have an extended under ball metallization configured to mitigate dielectric layer cracking due to stress, particularly stress caused by CTE mismatch during thermal cycling tests, dynamic deformation during drop tests, or cyclic bending tests,
8571079 Average-power control loops and methods through laser supply voltage closed-loop control October 29, 2013
Average-power control loops and methods through laser supply voltage closed-loop control. In accordance with one of the methods, a switching converter is coupled to provide power to a first terminal of a laser diode, a programmable current source is coupled to control the average cur
8566515 Memory subsystem October 22, 2013
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to memory subsystems implemented within, or connected to and accessed by, parallel, pipelined, integrated-circuit implementations of computational engines designed to solve complex computational problems. Additional embodiments of the
8564277 System for and method of virtual simultaneous sampling with a single ADC core October 22, 2013
Voltage balancing in multi-cell battery packs is improved by estimating instantaneous voltages on the cells. In accordance with one embodiment, an apparatus for reading voltages from multiple voltage sources includes a first multiplexer coupled to multiple voltage sources and a controlle
8564267 Multi-mode parameter analyzer for power supplies October 22, 2013
A system includes an input selection module, a multiplier selection module, a multiplier module, an adding module, a plurality of accumulators, and an estimation module. The input selection module selects input signals including a duty cycle signal and current and voltage signals of
8294495 Constant slope ramp circuits for sampled-data circuits October 23, 2012
A circuit includes a level-crossing detector to generate a level-crossing detection signal when an input signal crosses a predetermined voltage level. A first stage set of capacitors is operatively coupled to the level-crossing detector. A ramp circuit is operatively coupled to the set
8290171 Headset with microphone and wired remote control October 16, 2012
In an example embodiment a headset includes a phone jack, a speaker connected to the phone jack, a microphone coupled to the phone jack and a resistive switch string coupled to the phone jack to the same ring of the phone jack as the microphone. In another example an integrated circuit
8284825 Blind channel quality estimator October 9, 2012
An embodiment is a method and apparatus to estimate channel quality. An absolute processor computes absolute real and imaginary values of real and imaginary parts, respectively, of output of a demodulator. A phase count unit generates first and second phase counts representing deviat
8278782 Active parasite power circuit October 2, 2012
A circuit is provided that includes a parasitic power circuit that powers a parasitic circuit. The parasitic power circuit derives a supply voltage from an external AC or other signal suitable for use as a communications signal. A PMOS transistor or transistors is utilized to enable a su
8278748 Wafer-level packaged device having self-assembled resilient leads October 2, 2012
A wafer-level packaged semiconductor device is described. In an implementation, the device includes one or more self-assembled resilient leads disposed on an integrated circuit chip. Each of the resilient leads are configured to move from a first position wherein the resilient lead i
8276025 Block interleaving scheme with configurable size to achieve time and frequency diversity September 25, 2012
An embodiment is a method and apparatus to interleave data. A demultiplexer demultiplexes an input packet having N bits into L sub-packets on L branches. M flipping blocks flip M of the L sub-packets. M is smaller than L. L sub-interleavers interleave the (L-M) sub-packets and the M
8271216 Isolated current sensor with codec September 18, 2012
The present disclosure includes a power measurement, circuit breaker or integrated protection system including isolated analog-to-digital modulators for measuring current using current sensors, such as, for example, current shunts, in a single or multiphase power system. In one embod
8270552 System and method for transferring data from non-spread clock domain to spread clock domain September 18, 2012
An apparatus for transferring data in a non-spread domain to a spread domain. The apparatus comprises a first-in-first-out (FIFO) memory; a write pointer generator adapted to generate a write pointer for writing data into the FIFO memory in response to a non-spread clock signal; a sp
8270483 Method and apparatus for applying accurate parameter estimation and efficient fade detection in September 18, 2012
A method to control weighted prediction for video compression. The method comprises (A) generating statistics based upon analysis of a plurality of video frames, (B) detecting a fade condition based upon the statistics, (C) generating one or more estimated weighted prediction parameters
8269345 Bump I/O contact for semiconductor device September 18, 2012
A bump contact electrically connects a conductor on a substrate and a contact pad on a semiconductor device mounted to the substrate. The first end of an electrically conductive pillar effects electrical contact and mechanical attachment of the pillar to the contact pad with the pillar
8269172 Double layer photodiodes in ambient light sensors and proximity detectors September 18, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, devices and methods for detecting both ambient light and proximity to an object. This detection is performed by a double-layered photodiode array and corresponding circuitry such that ambient light and proximity detection are enab
8265174 Method and apparatus for detection of load impedance modulation in a transformer circuit September 11, 2012
A method and apparatus for detection of load impedance modulation as a result of communication of data from the secondary to the primary side of a transformer are presented. The load impedance on the secondary of the transformer barrier is modulated differentially using data to be co
8264089 Enhanced WLP for superior temp cycling, drop test and high current applications September 11, 2012
A WLP device is provided with a flange shaped UBM or an embedded partial solder ball UBM on top of a copper post style circuit connection.
8259464 Wafer level package (WLP) device having bump assemblies including a barrier metal September 4, 2012
WLP semiconductor devices include bump assemblies that have a barrier layer for inhibiting electromigration within the bump assemblies. In an implementation, the bump assemblies include copper posts formed on the integrated circuit chips of the WLP devices. Barrier layers formed of a
8253856 Method and/or architecture for interlaced video resampling and color format conversion using com August 28, 2012
An apparatus including a first circuit and a second circuit. The first circuit may be configured to generate a first control signal, a second control signal and a third control signal in response to a first interlaced video signal. The second circuit may be configured to generate a s
8238477 Data slicer with multi-mode threshold generator August 7, 2012
In an embodiment, set forth by way of example and not limitation, a data slicer includes a signal input node, a comparator having a first input of a first polarity, a second input of a second polarity which is the opposite of the first polarity, and an output coupled to a data out node,
8223900 Receiver with mixed-mode automatic gain control July 17, 2012
In an embodiment, set forth by way of example and not limitation, a receiver with automatic gain includes a receiver stage, an AGC stage, and a digital processor which collectively define an AGC loop. Preferably, the AGC stage has a control circuit and a feedback circuit with matched
8218655 Method, system and device for improving video quality through in-loop temporal pre-filtering July 10, 2012
A method, system and device are provided for pre-filtering device for filtering a video signal prior to digitally encoding. The method includes receiving at least one input picture and at least one reconstructed picture from an encoding process and performing an in-loop temporal filt
8217820 Using multi-level pulse width modulated signal for real time noise cancellation July 10, 2012
A mixed signal processing circuit includes an analog to PWM converting circuit and a finite impulse response (FIR) filter having a multiple output tapped delay line and a summing and integration circuit. The mixed signal processing circuit converts an input analog signal to a PWM sig
8203305 Enhanced voltage-based fuel gauges and methods June 19, 2012
Enhanced voltage-based fuel gauges and methods that increase the accuracy of voltage-based fuel gauges and allow the use of voltage-based fuel gauges to detect current, and particularly excessive current from a battery without the use of a sense resistor. When used with a coulomb cou
8198863 Model-based battery fuel gauges and methods June 12, 2012
Model-based battery fuel gauges that connect across a rechargeable battery and track the per-cent state of charge of the battery. The model based fuel gauges provide a measure of the open terminal voltage of a battery, even when the battery is powering a load, to provide the state of
8188755 Electrostatic MEMS driver with on-chip capacitance measurement for autofocus applications May 29, 2012
A driver and capacitance measuring circuit includes a voltage source that selectively generates an output voltage at a first node during a driver mode to alter a capacitance of a device that is connected to the first node and that has a variable capacitance. A current source selectively
8188754 Method and apparatus for sensing capacitance value and converting it into digital format May 29, 2012
A capacitive sensing system are configured to sense a capacitance value and convert the sensed capacitance value to a digital format. The capacitive sensing system provides good selectivity and immunity to noise and interference, which can be further enhanced by enabling spread spect
8188682 High current fast rise and fall time LED driver May 29, 2012
The present invention contemplates a variety of improved techniques for the fast switching of current through, among others, LED loads. A current shunting device is utilized to divert current away from a load at high speed when activated, thus enabling the control of the amount current
8188541 Vertical MOSFET with through-body via for gate May 29, 2012
In an embodiment, set forth by way of example and not limitation, a MOSFET power chip includes a first vertical MOSFET and a second vertical MOSFET. The first vertical MOSFET includes a semiconductor body having a first surface defining a source and a second surface defining a drain and
8183902 Methods and systems for digital pulse width modulator May 22, 2012
In one embodiment, the digital pulse width modulator of these teachings includes comparators and a number of phases and capable of increasing resolution without increasing clock frequency. In another embodiment, the digital pulse width modulator (DPWM) of these teachings includes equalit
8179195 Current-feedback instrumentation amplifiers May 15, 2012
Current-feedback instrumentation amplifiers that include dynamic element matching for the input transconductance amplifiers by periodically swapping the transconductance amplifiers between the instrumentation amplifier input and the feedback input. The instrumentation amplifiers may
8175261 Systems and methods for adaptive echo cancellation May 8, 2012
An echo canceller comprises foreground and background filters. The background filter locates and confirms peaks, defines active regions centered about the confirmed peaks and updates coefficients of the foreground filter when the background filter is more effective than the foregroun
8175150 Methods and/or apparatus for implementing rate distortion optimization in video compression May 8, 2012
An apparatus comprising a first circuit, a second circuit and a third circuit. The first circuit may be configured to determine one or more signal characteristics in a portion of an input video signal. The second circuit may be configured to select a multiplier value from a plurality
8174363 Multi-transceiver RFID reader system with centralized control and frequency source May 8, 2012
Embodiments of the present invention provide RFID systems having a centralized frequency source and controller. The centralized frequency source generates a reference signal, having a frequency below the RF band of interest, which is transmitted to a plurality of reader nodes. The ce
8165219 Memory word array organization and prediction combination for memory access April 24, 2012
Described systems and methods allow a reduction in the memory bandwidth required in video coding (decoding/encoding) applications. According to a first aspect, the data assigned to each memory word is chosen to correspond to a 2D subarray of a larger array such as a macroblock. An ar
8165172 Robust wideband symbol and frame synchronizer for power-line communication April 24, 2012
An embodiment is a method and apparatus to perform symbol synchronization. A sign element obtains signs of samples in a sample vector. A correlation estimator computes a correlation of the sample vector. A synchronization detector detects symbol synchronization. Another embodiment is
8164320 Methods and systems for control of switches in power regulators/power amplifiers April 24, 2012
A system includes a first switch connected to a voltage input and a switching node. A second switch is connected to the switching node and a reference potential. A first circuit generates first rising edges and first falling edges by comparing a voltage at the switching node to a fir
8159205 Inductor current measurement for DC to DC converters April 17, 2012
A system includes an averaging module, a high pass filter module, a first estimation module, a sensing module, and a combining module. The averaging module receives an output voltage of a power supply and that generates an average output voltage. The high pass filter module receives
8150362 Electronically tuned agile integrated bandpass filter April 3, 2012
A method and apparatus for an electronically tuned agile integrated bandpass filter is described. In one embodiment, the invention is an intermediate frequency filter for use in an integrated circuit. The filter includes a first filter stage, including a first LC resonator. The first
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