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Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaften e.V. Patents
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaften e.V.
Gottingen, DE
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4061560 Apparatus for deflection electrophoresis December 6, 1977
In a procedure for performing a continuous, free-film deflection electropesis in which a narrow stream of a sample mixture is introduced into a thin strip of a buffer solution flowing through a separating chamber while an electric field is applied transversely to the flow direction,
4060672 Electrochemical energy cell with solid electrolyte November 29, 1977
Electrochemical cells utilize crystalline chalcogen halides as solid eleclytes. Processes for the manufacture of the chalcogen halides and of the solid electrolyte cells are disclosed.
4037480 Manual dexterity aptitude testing July 26, 1977
Method and apparatus for testing the aptitude of a person for an activity requiring manual dexterity according to which a joint in an arm of the person is subjected to a predetermined stress in a direction in which the joint moves, and the resulting deflection is measured.
4031391 Electron microscope including improved means for determining and correcting image drift June 21, 1977
A corpuscular beam microscope, specifically an electron microscope, inclug means for adjusting the position of the object image in the microscope, and means, coupled to said adjusting means, for determining and correcting drift of the object image by means of a control signal which
4029762 Lipid A-preparation June 14, 1977
A preparation consisting essentially of lipid A or alkali-treated lipid A sorbed on a particulate organic carrier material and an immunizing agent containing same being useful against diseases caused by gram-negative enterobacteriaceae.
4018662 Method and apparatus for simultaneous quantitative analysis of several constituents in a sample April 19, 1977
A method for simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis of antigens r antigen-effective substances in a sample provides placing the sample in a carrier medium through which it migrates toward a plurality of physically separate carrier strips. The medium on each strip contains a qu
4004248 Control of timing of laser operation January 18, 1977
To prevent time jitter of laser action after occurrence of an event -- such s energization of the laser -- after a reference time, in which the laser is stimulated to emission after having received a pump pulse energy slightly less than the laser threshold energy, an additional, auxiliary
4003707 Method and arrangement for measuring the concentration of gases January 18, 1977
A method and an arrangement for measuring the concentration of gases in a mple includes the generation of a monochromatic light beam having predetermined color characteristic. An indicator generates light signals indicative of the concentration of the gases in a sample to be measured
4001704 Laser solar cell apparatus January 4, 1977
A highly doped optical amplifier in the form of a thin layer or fiber wherein the pump light is directed transversely to the surface of the layer or fiber. A transparent substrate is provided underneath the layer or fiber and a solar cell is provided in light receiving relationship to
3997779 Circuit device for secondary electron multipliers December 14, 1976
A circuit device for electron multipliers, especially photomultiplier tub in which the amplification is varied by switching the number of active dynodes. Sensitivity ranges from diode-mode up to a multiplier with full number of dynodes. The signal is taken from the last active dynode,
3988699 Electrochemiluminescence laser October 26, 1976
Organic radical anions and cations are formed by passage of electric curr through compounds to be ionized in solution in an organic solvent and the anions and cations are allowed to combine to form excited molecular associations (exciplexes) in a laser resonator where they give up t
3986521 Evacuation device October 19, 1976
An evacuation device for removing volatile components from a reaction ves of a protein sequenator and requiring connection to a single vacuum pump is provided. The evacuation device includes a vacuum path having a downstream end thereof connectable through a cooling trap to the vacuum
3983436 Electric arc discharge lamp September 28, 1976
To permit high density of light output, for example in the order of 400kW.sup.3 required to stimulate lasers, the arc is stabilized by generating the arc inside a transparent tube, the inner surface of which is covered with a film of liquid, such as water, or an aqueous metal salt s
3982127 Method and apparatus for displaying the internal structure of an object September 21, 1976
The pattern of X-rays produced by interaction of a beam of X-rays and a ted object is converted to an optical signal by a fine-grained zinc silicate screen which is viewed by a television camera through a magnifying optical system. The combination of a fine-grained luminescent scree
3978035 13-Norleucine-14-desamido motilin, a method for preparing it and an agent containing it August 31, 1976
The specification describes the total synthesis of L-norleucine-13-motilin ased on the replacement of the L-methionine radical located in the 13-position by an L-norleucine radical. In accordance with the present day development of peptide synthesis the central arginyl-methionyl-bond (ami
3972627 Apparatus for investigating fast chemical reactions by optical detection August 3, 1976
An apparatus for investigating the course of fast chemical reactions, which are initiated in a liquid chemical system under investigation by an external perturbation, e.g. a steep temperature rise (temperature jump). The apparatus comprises first and second light paths conveying a probin
3971936 Corpuscular beam microscope, particularly electron microscope, with adjusting means for changing July 27, 1976
The determination and correction of the image drift in an electron microse is accomplished using a correction signal obtained by forming the convolution product of an actual object image (instantaneous microscope image) and a reference object image (microscope image at an earlier point
3970928 Electrical apparatus for the calibration of equipment used in the measurement of particle volume July 20, 1976
Calibration apparatus for use with particle volume measuring equipment us the Coulter process, which detects and analyzes the voltage pulses produced by particles passing a narrow aperture in which an electric field is maintained.The calibration apparatus includes a calibration pulse ge
3960905 Diacylglycerophosphoric acid esters of aminoethanol and methylaminoethanol and method of prepari June 1, 1976
Aminoethyl and methylaminoethyl esters of diacylglycerophosphoric acid in ich the acyl groups are alkanoyl or alkenoyl having 10 to 22 carbon atoms are prepared in good yield by reaction of the corresponding .beta.-bromoethyl esters with ammonia or methylamine base.
3956618 Mechanical-electrical transducer May 11, 1976
A mechanical-electrical transducer for the simultaneous contact-free and reaction free determination of a plurality of translatory and/or rotary components of the motion or position of an object coupled to the transducer, with a computer circuit which generates signals corresponding
3952203 Object adjustment device for a charged particle beam apparatus April 20, 1976
Object positioning apparatus for positioning the object to be observed in a orpuscular beam apparatus such as an electron microscope or the like having both lateral or rotational degrees of freedom in which means are provided to mechanically separate the lateral motion and rotational or t
3949221 Double-focussing mass spectrometer April 6, 1976
A double-focussing mass spectrometer having an electrostatic field energy alyser followed by a magnetic field momentum analyser. The entrance diaphragm is essentially annular and thus the entrance aperture of the spectrometer defines a hollow cone with its apex at the ion source. The
3944326 Waveguide March 16, 1976
A waveguide for submillimeter and infrared wavelength range electromagnetic radiation comprises a metal grating with a grating constant criterion: ##EQU1## BEING GREATER THAN (2/.lambda.).sup.2, WHERE .lambda. IS WAVELENGTH OF AN ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE PROPAGATING FREELY IN THE SURROUN
3941662 Apparatus for culturing cells March 2, 1976
Cells are grown in a layer attached to the roughened inner wall of a conter of fluorinated ethylenepropylene copolymer filled with a culture medium buffered with bicarbonate ions. The pH of the medium is monitored and maintained by varying the rate at which carbon dioxide is fed to the
3940423 1,2-O-dialkylmethylidene-glycero-3-phosphatides February 24, 1976
Glycerol is reacted with a ketone having 19 to 35 carbon atoms to 1,2-O-dialkylmethylidene-glycerol which is phosphorylated by means of .beta.-bromoethylphosphoric acid dichloride. The resulting intermediate is aminated with ammonia, methylamine, dimethylamine, or trimethylamine to a
3935727 Pressure jump relaxation measurement apparatus February 3, 1976
An autoclave body is formed with a pressure chamber which has a closable ning; to permit rapid replacement of a rupturing membrane, the body is formed with a slot, channel, or notch, in which a strip of membrane material can be inserted, to be secured against the opening of the chamber
3931594 Transverse-flow laser cell and laser arrangement including the cell January 6, 1976
The cell of a liquid laser is defined between the rounded, parallel edges four coaxial cylinder sectors of fused quartz. The narrow gaps circumferentially bounded by the flat, converging side faces of the sectors provide conduits for rapid flow of dye liquid into and out of the cell
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