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Masco Corporation
Taylor, MI
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RE32981 Anti-siphon and anti-knock diverter valve July 11, 1989
A diverter valve 10 has a two piece housing 22 including a lower member 24 and an upper member 26 securely snap fitted together within a cavity 12 of a faucet body 14. The housing 22 has a piston valve assembly 28 slidably mounted therein for movement between a first position which allow
D594422 Console June 16, 2009
D587214 Double light switch February 24, 2009
D586762 Single light switch February 17, 2009
D524422 Faucet handle July 4, 2006
D511372 Fluid intake cover November 8, 2005
D507200 Fingerprint sensing security device July 12, 2005
D494841 Extended electronic door lock backing plate August 24, 2004
D486559 Shower escutcheon February 10, 2004
D486054 Integral non-metallic electronic key February 3, 2004
D484217 Vegetable spray December 23, 2003
D479032 Thumb print identification safe door handle August 26, 2003
D438447 Lock keypad March 6, 2001
D331508 Triple dresser December 8, 1992
D315397 Faucet March 12, 1991
D313836 Faucet January 15, 1991
D313835 Faucet January 15, 1991
D290494 Faucet handle June 23, 1987
D290493 Faucet handle June 23, 1987
D286974 Utility knife handle December 2, 1986
D270467 Electronic air cleaner September 6, 1983
D269996 Control unit for an electronic air cleaner August 2, 1983
8277714 Braid capture overmolding October 2, 2012
The invention described herein relates to capturing a covering such as a braid on a exterior profile of a plastic tube by overmolding onto a plumbing tube, wherein a circumferentially surrounding covering or braid is modified prior to the overmolding process.
8220126 Barbed metal insert overmolding using crosslinked polymers July 17, 2012
The invention described herein relates to method by which a leak-proof connection may be made to a refrigeration device using shape memory characteristics of crosslinking and overmolding to affect the leak-proof connection.
8158714 Scrub and stain-resistant coating compositions, method for manufacturing thereof and articles co April 17, 2012
Disclosed herein is a method that includes mixing opacifying agent particles with a thickening agent to form a first mixture; the mixing being conducted at a shear rate of about 10 to about 2,000 sec.sup.-1; the first mixture having a viscosity of greater than or equal to about 70 Kr
8157294 Glueless whirlpool fittings April 17, 2012
A fitting for a whirlpool joins a pair of pipes. The fitting includes a coupling from which one of the pipes extends, the coupling having a flexible member adapted to cause a seal to sealingly engage the pipes or the pipes to seal against themselves, and a first thread. A nut engages
8147236 Reshaping tool for polymeric tubing April 3, 2012
A reshaping tool incorporates a tool head and clamp for reshaping the cross section of a tube constructed from one or more polymer materials. The clamp holds the tube in place while the head portion of the tool, which is moveable with respect to the clamp, engages the tube for reshap
8145538 Quote-to-order validation system for housing components March 27, 2012
A quote-to-order system builds an order for cabinets for a house directly from the quote provided to the builder. This reduces data entry time and errors. The system also validates the final order relative to the quote and relative to the builder's purchase order. The quote-to-order syst
8137452 Easy-to-clean, mechanically stable coating composition for metallic surfaces and process for coa March 20, 2012
The present invention is directed to an optically clear coating made from a composition comprising an epoxy-melamine resin. The coating is obtained on a metallic substrate and has a very rigid structure and a unique combination of properties that includes hydrophobicity/easy-to-clean,
8082608 Bathing area surround December 27, 2011
An example bathing surround includes a surround wall, a tub basin having a top tub bottom and a plurality of tub sides, and a tub ledge extending from the tub basin transverse to the tub sides. A tub flange extends from the tub ledge away from the tub bottom. The tub ledge and the surrou
8056157 Lightweight shower tray November 15, 2011
A shower stall tray includes a plastic shell defining an outer surface and a cavity that is filled with a light weight resinous material and a structural member having a density less than the resinous material. The plastic shell is formed to include a visible surface and a backside s
8034187 Sink drain adapter for drain cleaning device October 11, 2011
The present invention is a drain adapter for adapting a flushing device to a drainpipe. The adapter has a main body including an indent portion for retaining the flushing device during operation. The main body also includes an enlarged portion. The enlarged portion corresponds to a sink
8007928 Coated article with black color August 30, 2011
An article is coated with a coating having a black color. In a preferred embodiment, the coating comprises a nickel or polymer basecoat layer, and a first color layer comprised of oxygen-rich refractory metal oxycarbides, a second color layer comprising oxygen-rich refractory metal o
7948719 Solid state circuit protection system that works with arc fault circuit interrupter May 24, 2011
An electric circuit includes a load, a solid state device, and a control for opening the circuit such that current will not flow through the solid state device, and for facilitating flow of current to bypass said solid state device and provide a current path to an arc fault circuit i
7855518 Dimming algorithms based upon light bulb type December 21, 2010
A lighting control circuit for dimming a light is provided with different algorithms that are utilized to dim fluorescent and incandescent lights. Some method of identifying the type of light which is to be dimmed, reports to a control for the lighting control circuit, and the approp
7851094 Power supply for plumbing device December 14, 2010
An example arrangement for providing power includes a microbial fuel cell and a controller for supplying power to a plumbing component. The controller supplies power using power generated by the microbial fuel cell. An example method of powering a plumbing device includes providing w
7832440 Machine and method for applying pressure sensitive sample chips to a card November 16, 2010
A machine for applying pressure sensitive sample chips to a card includes a linear conveyor for receiving and transporting cards, and at least one sample application station disposed along the conveyor. The sample application station includes a feed roller overlying and spaced from the
7793554 Flexible sensor flow and temperature detector September 14, 2010
Methods and apparatuses for detecting the flow volume of a fluid using alternating vortices.
7674754 Water-based metalworking fluid incorporating polymeric boron materials March 9, 2010
A water-based metalworking fluid is comprised of a polymeric boron species which includes at least B, N and H, together with a surfactant operable to provide an emulsion of the boron species with water. The polymeric boron species may be a polyborane or a borazine polymer and may be
7634823 Interface structure for a shower surround December 22, 2009
A tub surround includes a retainer assembly which is mounted within an outer band section to receive an inner band section to connect the surround sections. The retainer assembly also permits the surround to be arranged in a packaged arrangement, which is conducive to efficient stora
7633239 Dimming circuit for controlling electrical power December 15, 2009
A dimming circuit includes an isolated DC voltage source that is selectively coupled to a switch through which power is supplied from a source to a load. In a disclosed example, the switch comprises two MOSFETs. The isolated DC voltage source is selectively coupled directly to the ga
7581437 Level sensor for granules in water September 1, 2009
The present invention relates to a system for measuring the level of granular material in a container immersed in an aqueous medium, particularly, but not exclusively, for use as a measure of sanitizer level in spa and whirlpool halogenation systems. Electrodes fixed in the container
7574812 Pivot plate leveler August 18, 2009
An example pivot plate leveler includes a first plate having one of a protrusion and a cavity and a second plate having the other of the protrusion and the cavity. The first plate is pivotable with respect to the second plate to provide a level surface. An appliance is received on th
7527229 Ratchet plate leveler May 5, 2009
An example leveling device includes a first plate having a first set of positioning teeth and a second plate having a second set of positioning teeth. The first set of positioning teeth engage the second set of positioning teeth. The first plate is rotatable relative to the second pl
7510385 Resin infused acrylic shell March 31, 2009
An improved method of forming fiber-reinforced plastic shells for bathtubs utilizes a fiber mat placed on a rear surface of a plastic shell. The fiber mat is infused with a resin, and is then cured. The mat and resin are preferably received within a vacuum chamber as the resin is infused
7338628 Resin infused acrylic shell March 4, 2008
An improved method of forming fiber-reinforced plastic shells for bathtubs utilizes a fiber mat placed on a rear surface of a plastic shell. The fiber mat is infused with a resin, and is then cured. The mat and resin are preferably received within a vacuum chamber as the resin is infused
7293910 Surge suppressor for a mixer head assembly November 13, 2007
A valve assembly for a molding system includes a plurality of sequentially activated valves. The valves suppress the initial surge of each individual fluid material component such that a proper quantity of each component is supplied to the mix head at the beginning of each cycle. Eac
7278624 Automatic faucet with polarization sensor October 9, 2007
An automatic faucet system includes a sensor and a controller. The sensor includes an emitter constructed and arranged to emit light having a first polarization toward an object. The sensor further includes a detector configured to detect light reflected from the object having a second
7073224 Telescopic polygon radial drive coupling for a drain cleaning machine July 11, 2006
A coupling assembly for a portable drain cleaning machine includes a polygonal adapter mounted to a motor output shaft through a threaded interface. A polygon adapter threads over the motor output shaft in a locked male/female relationship to transmit rotation therebetween. A polygon
7063106 Cartridge for a mixing valve and process for its instrumental assembly June 20, 2006
A mixing valve cartridge assembly having an envelope, a bottom member integral with the envelope, a fixed plate and a movable plate, both made from a hard material, a means for operating the movable plate, and a retaining cover for the cartridge envelope, such that the entire valve c
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