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Orlando, FL
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4651012 High brilliance lensless projection system of test patterns March 17, 1987
A projection system derived from certain solid geometrical properties using two aperture plates bearing arrays of holes with well defined spacing projects radiation from diverse sources such as electromagnetic radiation, visible and invisible light radiation, discrete particles, X-rays,
4648944 Apparatus and method for controlling plating induced stress in electroforming and electroplating March 10, 1987
Internal stress on an object being electroplated is monitored continuously with a gauge. The gauge includes a metal receptor which is employed as a second cathode in the electrodeposition process. A separate plating current is supplied between the anode and second cathode, distinct from
4647365 Stress monitoring apparatus for use in electroforming and electroplating processes March 3, 1987
Internal stress on an object being electroplated is monitored continuously with a gauge. The gauge includes a metal receptor which is employed as a second cathode in the electrodeposition process. A separate plating current is supplied between the anode and second cathode, distinct from
4639138 Fiber-optic rotation rate sensor having dual interferometer loops January 27, 1987
A fiber optic rotation rate sensor employs two fiber loop interferometers. Two Sagnac fiber optic interferometers are interleaved such that both fibers are contained in each each interferometer. A coherent light beam at one frequency is proprogated in only one of the fibers, and an optic
4635341 Variable center distance insertion device January 13, 1987
A variable center distance insertion device for attaching varying sized parts which have leads extending therefrom to a board, such as a printed circuit board, having holes therethrough. The device includes an inserter assembly disposed above the board and an anvil assembly disposed belo
4617532 Optically stabilized semiconductor microwave diodes October 14, 1986
A semiconductor device is optically phase-locked by utilizing (1) the Burstein shift in differently doped semiconductor layers and injecting light having an energy level lower than the absorption edge of the heavily doped layer in which optical absorption is not desired and higher than t
4608866 Small component helium leak detector September 2, 1986
A small component leak detector is provided having (i) a vacuum chamber for receiving test objects, (ii) a cryogenic pump, and (iii) a mass detector. The cryogenic pump is capable of entrapping a purge carrier gas, such as nitrogen, but not entrapping a detecting gas, such as helium. The
4606514 Method for homing a projectile onto a target and for determining the ballistic trajectory thereo August 19, 1986
A method for homing a projectile onto a target wherein the projectile is self-steering in an extended trajectory in its flying end phase, in particular an artillery projectile, from which there is effected a search and homing onto a target. Also provided is an arrangement for the change
4604686 Associative data access method (ADAM) and its means of implementation August 5, 1986
An input/output driver program residing in digital computer apparatus responsive to Pascal type of software and which operates to emulate an asychronous terminal, as opposed to bisynchronous devices having defined protocols, in a distributed processing environment. The computer thus
4595561 Liquid sample holder June 17, 1986
A liquid sample holder having a fluid sample receptacle bounded by two substantially parallel sheets. The parallel sheets define a fluid analysis area, and adjacent to that area is a peripheral overflow. Air bubbles are trapped in the peripheral overflow because the distance between the
4589972 Optically black coating with improved infrared absorption and process of formation May 20, 1986
An optically black coating with improved infrared absorption is disclosed along with a process for formation therefor. An anodizable substrate is first treated in a surface modification step prior to anodizing to produce major surface modifications at least about 100 microns in width and
4555331 Self-metering semi-automatic quantitative filtration assembly November 26, 1985
A semi-automatic quantitative filtration assembly is disclosed having a measuring means to measure and present a known quantity of fluid for filtering and a fluid holding means adjacent to a filter medium. The fluid holding means is adapted to receive and hold excess fluid during filteri
4534204 Calibration method for ultra sensitive noble gas leak detector August 13, 1985
A process of calibrating an ultrasensitive noble gas leak detector using a radioactive alpha source, such as americium 241, comprising accumulating helium molecules from the radioactive alpha source in an enclosed volume for a specified period of time, permitting the helium molecules to
4532757 Robotic fruit harvester August 6, 1985
A method and system for harvesting fruit, such as citrus fruit. A modularized housing is provided with a mechanism for disposing the housing opposite a picking zone of a tree, with an open side thereof defining a picking aperture. The picking zone is illuminated, and an electronic ca
4532674 Hinge assembly with over-center latch August 6, 1985
A hinge assembly which includes two sleeves, two U-channels, a spring to effect pivotal movement between the sleeves and several links which both transmit drive force from the spring and act as an overcenter latch to lock the hinge assembly in an unfolded configuration. Each U-channel is
4527362 Deployable truss July 9, 1985
A deployable truss which includes at least one foldable module. Each module includes two fixed frames, two gate assemblies, two base members and diagonal braces which are arranged for folding compactly. Foldable panels can also be attached to the module. The truss can include multiple mo
4519842 Admixture and method for improving hydraulic cement mixes May 28, 1985
A hydraulic cement mix including hydraulic cement, aggregate, sufficient water to effect hydraulic setting of the cement, and an additive comprising a poly(hydroxyalkylated)polyethyleneamine or a poly(hydroxyethyl)polyethyleneimine or mixtures of each or both, the additive being pres
4507969 Ultrasonic liquid jet probe April 2, 1985
An ultrasonic liquid jet probe for coupling ultrasonic waves with a structure. The probe includes an ultrasonic transducer for emitting or receiving ultrasonic waves, a housing disposed about the transducer and in fluid communication with a source of liquid under pressure, and a nozzle
4492166 Submunition having terminal trajectory correction January 8, 1985
A submunition having an infrared detector disposed in a nose portion thereof, the detector having a narrow angularly-displaced field of view, and vanes for causing the submunition to rotate at an essentially constant rate while in flight, thus to cause the infrared detector to scan a tar
4492110 Ultra sensitive noble gas leak detector January 8, 1985
A noble gas leak detector is provided using a non-evaporable getter pump to remove active gases but not noble gases during leak detection. The vacuum system is constructed of all-metal valves, metal connection devices and metal passageways to reduce out gassing and minimize the permeatio
4488910 Admixture for nonplastic cement mixes and method December 18, 1984
A hydraulic cement mix including hydraulic cement, aggregate, sufficient water to effect hydraulic setting of the cement, and an admixture comprising a mixture selected from an olefin sulfonate, an alkylarylsulfonate, an alkyloamide, an ethoxylated fatty amine, an alkanolamine, and a
4488249 Alignment error calibrator and compensator December 11, 1984
In an airborne target acquisition and tracking system having a stabilization axis and an optical axis in which a slight mechanical misalignment is present, an apparatus and method for electronically compensating for such misalignment. A roll rate sensing circuit in the system produce
4481082 Method of making rings November 6, 1984
A method of making rings which includes the steps of placing tubes into a container, filling the container with a bonding material in liquid form, solidifying the bonding material within the container, slicing the container into wafers and then removing the bonding material from the
4481052 Method of making refractory hard metal containing tiles for aluminum cell cathodes November 6, 1984
This invention relates to electrolytic reduction cells for aluminum production wherein tiles have been placed upon the cathode surfaces to improve the cell operation. These tiles have aluminum-wettable surfaces, which reduce electrical losses and increase cathode life. The tiles are
4478001 Protective entranceway October 23, 1984
The present invention relates to a protective entranceway contained in the outer door of a van, trailer or other shelter means. In one mode our device takes the form of a door operable about a vertical hinge line, and although thicker than an ordinary door, it serves in the manner of an
4477056 High force-gain valve October 16, 1984
A high force-gain valve including a housing having first and second openings therein, a fluid diverter fixed in position within the housing and aligned with the second opening, a translatable gate closely surrounding the diverter and having a sealing edge which in the closed position
4475794 Aluminum, aluminum oxide, cromium, gold mirror October 9, 1984
A composite mirror and a method for making the mirror. The mirror has an aluminum reflective surface and coatings of aluminum oxide, chromium and gold deposited thereon, thus making the mirror highly reflective yet corrosion resistant. The method of making the mirror includes the steps o
4475323 Box truss hoop October 9, 1984
A box truss hoop which is defined by circumferentially adjacent collapsible boxes. The hoop is expandable radially from a compact, folded configuration to a deployed hoop configuration. Each of the boxes includes collapsible inner and outer frames, connecting side members extending b
4473405 Admixture for hydraulic cement September 25, 1984
The present invention is a specific combination of components having unique properties both in composition and benefits. Such a combination has been found in alkali or alkaline earth metal nitrates, alkanolamines and alkali or alkaline earth metal thiocyanates. In such combinations it ha
4466996 Aluminum cell cathode coating method August 21, 1984
This invention relates to a method for the application of a coating composition containing Refractory Hard Material to a cathode substrate to prepare an aluminum wettable cathode surface.A mixture of Refractory Hard Material and carbon system is applied to a cathode substrate, cured and
4466995 Control of ledge formation in aluminum cell operation August 21, 1984
The application of a Refractory Hard Material coating composition to selected areas of the surface of an aluminum cell cathode permits tailoring or control of ledge formation during cell operation. Cell voltage improvements are also noted, resulting in more efficient cell performance
4466161 Means and method for adjusting and connecting cords August 21, 1984
A bead for connecting cords. The bead includes holes therethrough through which the cords extend and adhesive in the holes for bonding the cords to the bead. A method is also described for adjusting the lengths of and connecting cords and includes the steps of fabricating a bead with hol
4452423 Magnetically actuated valve June 5, 1984
A magnetically actuated valve which includes a one-piece valve body, a linearly translatable poppet for selectively blocking an aperture in the valve body, a magnetically operable rotor, a magnetic collar or electromagnetic coil external to the valve body for inducing rotation of the
4441376 Motor driven hinge assembly April 10, 1984
A motor driven hinge assembly for effecting relative pivotal motion between hinged members. The assembly includes first and second members hinged together, drive links slidingly connected to the first member and pivotally connected to the second member, a motor disposed within the fi
4428847 Anode stud coatings for electrolytic cells January 31, 1984
The invention relates to a method for protecting anode studs by coating the anode studs with an outermost surface layer of titanium diboride, zirconium diboride, titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, or mixtures thereof. The anode studs which are specifically to be protected in this i
4425195 Method of fabricating a diamond heat sink January 10, 1984
A method of fabricating a diamond heat sink which includes the steps of metalizing a diamond, temporarily attaching the diamond to a base plate, electroplating the exposed surfaces of the diamond with at least a primary metallic layer to provide a metallic base, and separating the base p
4418097 Coating for graphite electrodes November 29, 1983
A process for reducing high temperature oxidation of graphite electrodes for steel making by coating the electrodes with a siloxane fluid, such as dimethylpolysiloxane. Silicon carbide particles can be suspended in the siloxane fluid to improve coating characteristics.
4410350 Production of pellets and pellet-containing fertilizer composition October 18, 1983
A composition comprising an agricultural fertilizer and pellets is disclosed. The fertilizer and the pellets are predominantly in the minus six plus thirty mesh size. The pellets consist essentially of at least one hydroxide, oxide or carbonate of calcium, magnesium or both, and cons
4407677 Concrete masonry units incorporating cement kiln dust October 4, 1983
A composition for the preparation of concrete block, comprising aggregate, cement, and cement kiln dust.
4401472 Hydraulic cement mixes and processes for improving hydraulic cement mixes August 30, 1983
A hydraulic cement mix including hydraulic cement, aggregate, sufficient water to effect hydraulic setting of the cement, and an additive comprising a poly(hydroxyalkylated)polyethyleneamine or a poly(hydroxyethyl)polyethyleneimine or mixtures of each or both, the additive being pres
4388045 Apparatus and method for mixing and pumping fluids June 14, 1983
A first fluid injected at high velocity into a chamber forms a tornado-like vortex advancing toward a smoothly curved narrow throat communicating with an outlet. A second fluid inlet located within the eye of the vortex has a second fluid which is pumped therethrough and mixed with the f
4386848 Optical target tracking and designating system June 7, 1983
An optical sight system having in combination: a sight assembly (10), including a stabilized mirror (12, 14), a laser designator (24), a laser ranger (26), a common optical system (16), a television optical system (20), and a television camera (22); a control panel (50), including manual
4386501 Heat pump using liquid ammoniated ammonium chloride, and thermal storage system June 7, 1983
A thermochemical heat pump/energy storage system using a liquid ammoniated salt, that is, a salt complexed or reacted with ammonia, is described. The system, which can be used for heating or cooling an enclosure either in a batch operation or continuously, provides energy storage for bot
4386357 Patch antenna having tuning means for improved performance May 31, 1983
A patch antenna employing a matching stub for improved performance. The patch antenna comprises a conductive patch disposed closely over a ground plane, having a shorting pin shorting the conductive patch to the ground plane at a central point and a coaxial feed line attached to the
4381092 Magnetic docking probe for soft docking of space vehicles April 26, 1983
A boom formed by spring biased telescoping tubes is gimbaled at one end to a docking or probe space vehicle and at the opposite end to an electromagnet probe with the gimbaled joints spring biased to axially align the assembly. A light weight conical drogue fixed to the captive space
4373956 Additive for hydraulic cement mixes February 15, 1983
A hydraulic cement mix including hydraulic cement, aggregate, sufficient water to effect hydraulic setting of the cement, and an additive comprising a mixture of an alkali or alkaline earth or ammonium salt of thiocyanic acid, such as sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium or magnesium
4370307 Preparation of pure magnesian values January 25, 1983
A method for recovering a magnesium carbonate of high purity from an aqueous magnesium hydroxide slurry is disclosed. The slurry contains at least 1 percent of magnesium hydroxide and consists of water, magnesium hydroxide and impurities normally associated with magnesium hydroxide s
4362935 Field portable element analysis unit December 7, 1982
A field portable X-ray fluorescent spectrometer is described including a multichannel analyzer (2) and a plurality of interchangeable sensor heads (4). Each sensor head includes a shutter (100) which, when open, permits one of several radiation sources (80, 82) to irradiate a material to
4359699 PIN Diode attenuator exhibiting reduced phase shift and capable of fast switching times November 16, 1982
A variable attenuator is formed by a section of lossy transmission line having a plurality of PIN diodes in parallel with discrete sections of the line. A D.C. current flowing through the transmission line controls the effective resistances of the diodes and thereby varies the per unit l
4356558 Optimum second order digital filter October 26, 1982
A second order digital filter utilizing six processor operations, two add instructions, two shift instructions and two store instructions. No multipliers are required. The filter is used as a digital filter in a servo loop having a Z transform of, G(Z)=4 (1-Z.sup.-1)+Z.sup.-2.
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