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Dusseldorf, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D440217 Sending head for a handheld wireless transmitter April 10, 2001
D429700 Operating panel August 22, 2000
D335292 Combined vacuum pump and compressor May 4, 1993
D335291 Combined vacuum pump and compressor May 4, 1993
6965768 Allocation of a channel for data calls with a different useful signal/ disturb signal ratio than November 15, 2005
An optimized utilization of the resources of a mobile radio network including a number of channels suitable both for the transmission of data and of voice is achieved by a mobile radio telecommunication network and a method for allocating a channel requested for a telecommunication link
An optimized detection of the complexity at the telecommunication network end for the purpose of charging is made possible by a telecommunication network and a method for detecting, at the telecommunication network end, the complexity, at the telecommunication network end, with respect t
6701999 Method and device for producing slabs of steel March 9, 2004
A a process for producing slabs from steel, in which the strand leaves a permanent mold with liquid melt enclosed by the strand shell and, in a downstream strand guiding assembly, the gap between guide rollers mounted in stands is set infinitely variably by adjusting elements connecting
6696186 Humidifying device for a fuel cell, method for humidifying a fuel cell membrane and fuel cell February 24, 2004
The humidifying device for a fuel cell has a membrane, one side of which is exposed to cathode exhaust gas of a fuel cell for extracting water vapor from the exhaust gas. A connecting element connects the other side of the membrane to an anode or cathode gas supply to the fuel cell. In o
6690919 Determining the quality of telecommunication services February 10, 2004
A method for ascertaining the quality of service of telecommunication services in a communication network is provided including assessing subjectively obtained quality of service parameters, transmitting the quality of service data to a central station in the communication network an
6650891 SMS-supported method for online/offline detection of user groups in mobile wireless networks November 18, 2003
An apparatus and method for informing a first mobile wireless subscriber identity module which is signed on to a mobile wireless network about further mobile wireless subscriber identity modules that are likewise signed on to a mobile wireless network includes sending a mobile wireless
6644151 Apparatus for the continuous, chipless separation of individual, identical disk-shaped blanks or November 11, 2003
Apparatus for the continuous, chipless separation of individual, identical pieces from a solid round workpiece, includes at least two cutting rollers, cooperating with one another, for separating and rolling the workpiece. Each of the cutting rollers is defined by a separating portion
6633808 Method for transmitting traffic information October 14, 2003
A digital card of a highway network is provided in the form of a traffic file in a traffic data control center and in a terminal. Sections of streets or lanes or groups of streets or lanes are each represented as a segment in the digital card. Data pertaining to a chain of segments which
6626229 Method and device for producing slabs September 30, 2003
A process for producing slabs having a thickness D>100 mm, at casting speeds v<3 m/min, in a continuous casting installation in which melt is supplied to a permanent mold from a storage reservoir via an immersion nozzle and from which, on the aperture side, a strand shell enclosing
6618667 Method for identifying events which cover more than one segment using segments September 9, 2003
The transmission of traffic information from a control center to a terminal is optimized with respect to the volume of data to be transmitted by a control center, a terminal, and process for decoding the traffic information pertaining to a highway network transmitted from a traffic c
6615632 Parting tool September 9, 2003
A parting tool for continuous chipless separation of identical parts from a rotation-symmetric workpiece, includes a cutting roller having a main body advancing a workpiece in a transport direction from an entry side to an exit side. The main body has a slip bevel at the entry side and a
6611749 Binary transmission system August 26, 2003
Optimized, universal transmission of traffic information and the coding thereof by different terminals is permitted in a simple, inexpensive and efficient manner by apparatuses and a method for transmitting traffic information relating to a road traffic network from a traffic information
6611194 Method for inserting a service key in a terminal and devices for implementing said method August 26, 2003
A secure and efficient key management system for utilizing a service key for retrieving service data transmitted to a terminal from a service center via a communication channel. A service key is inserted into a terminal and is used to enable the decryption of the received encrypted s
6585299 Pipe connector July 1, 2003
A pipe joint with a sleeve element, which has an internal thread, and with a spigot element, which has an external thread which can be screwed to said internal thread. One element has a constant pitch throughout and the other element, with two sections extending in each case from the end
6585032 Strip casting plant July 1, 2003
A strip casting plant with side limits arranged closely adjacent to a carrying belt. The side limits, and preferably the supply device for molten metal, are capable of vibrating and are connected to a device for producing vibrations. The adhesion of solidified material can thus be pr
6568459 Process and apparatus for casting a continuous metal strand May 27, 2003
An apparatus and process for casting a continuous metal strand, in particular steel, in a continuous casting apparatus having strand parts disposed opposite one another and being fitted with bearings in which guide rollers are mounted, and having actuators by which a gap between resp
6563820 Process and device for forwarding non speech-bound information May 13, 2003
The invention relates to a process and a device for forwarding non-speech-bound information between a mobile communications network and any other communications network. To allow data packets data to be sent, regardless of its receiver address, to the involved communications network,
6556918 Method for identifying a place, and terminal and central unit therefor April 29, 2003
A convenient, trouble-proof, economical identification of a place, especially for remote-controlled navigation of a vehicle through a traffic network, is made possible by a terminal unit, a central station and a method for identifying a name via the terminal unit, especially for iden
6550624 Telescopic crane April 22, 2003
A telescopic crane, includes a substructure, a superstructure rotatably mounted onto the substructure, a counterweight and a telescoping boom structure which includes a main boom slewable about a luffing plane. The main boom has a boom base and at least one telescope section received in
6541974 Device for storing a gaseous medium in a storage container April 1, 2003
A device for measuring the filling level of a medium--for example hydrogen--in a storage container of a storage device--for example a tank system. To provide a simple and direct possible way of accurately determining the filling level of the storage container even without knowing the
6536314 Device for continuous chipless separation of single identical rings from tubular workpieces March 25, 2003
A device for continuous chipless separation of single identical rings from a tubular workpiece, includes at least two cutting rollers which are placed about the tubular workpiece, and which operate in a same direction and are interconnected by a positive engagement. Each cutting roller
6523011 Communication system for transmitting accounting instructions February 18, 2003
A communication system for transmitting accounting instructions has central and decentralized devices. Accounting instructions input by individual users at the decentralized devices are checked for authenticity and retransmitted to the central devices to be processed. According to the
6513840 Drill rod coupling February 4, 2003
A boring rod connector with a journal element that has a tapered external thread section located between an outer shoulder and a journal face, a thread-free section located between the outer shoulder and the external thread section, and a thread-free section located between the external
6508497 Overhead clamp-type gripping device for grabbing a load January 21, 2003
An overhead clamp-type gripping device for gripping a load from above, includes a carrier frame which is movable in a vertical direction and has support elements positioned on both sides of a center plane and extending downwards from the carrier frame for movement relative to one another
6474487 Ring lifting crane November 5, 2002
A ringlift crane having a ring which can be elevated and forms an annular track. Arranged within the ring is a standardized undercarriage from a first crane class and a standardized upper carriage, which is connected for stewing action to the undercarriage and has a plurality of hoisting
6470957 Process for casting a continuous metal strand October 29, 2002
A process for casting a continuous metal strand, in particular steel, in a continuous casting apparatus having strand parts disposed opposite one another and being fitted with bearings in which guide rollers are mounted, and having actuators by which a gap between respective opposed roll
6450242 Method and device for casting thin billets September 17, 2002
A method and a belt casting device for producing thin billets, in particular composed of steel, has an endless belt to which liquid metal is supplied via a feed device which has a casting channel and is connected to a metallurgical vessel. In this case, the feed device is in the form of
6438127 Process and apparatus for the operation of virtual private networks on a common data packet comm August 20, 2002
Economical and dependable networking of spatially separated branches of an organization is made possible for a plurality of individual subscribers with spatially separated branches by means of an arrangement and process for the operation of layer-3 virtual private networks (VPN A, VPN B)
6435218 Pipe with crack stopper feature, and process of protecting a pipe against propagation of cracks August 20, 2002
A steel pipe, includes an outer corrosive-preventive protective sheath, which has a surface layer of plastic material, and a crack stopper zone extending over a section of the pipe. The crack stopper zone includes a bandage which is wrapped around the pipe section and made of high-streng
6433862 Method and device for treating samples August 13, 2002
A method for analyzing a sample of a steel melt taken from a metallurgical vessel includes taking a sample in a measuring probe, inserting the measuring probe into a holder, and severing the measuring probe at a position of the measuring probe at which the sample is held for producing
6432343 Process of manufacturing rotationally symmetrical articles August 13, 2002
In a process of making a rotationally symmetrical article, such as rope pulleys, running wheels or the like, from plastic material such as cast polyamides, raw material melts of plastic material and predetermined amounts of catalysts, activators and stabilizers are prepared at different
6432176 Device for storing compressed gas August 13, 2002
A closed storage reservoir has at least one feed and discharge line for compressed gas and, in its interior, a gas flow control system which connects the feed and discharge line to a solid filling for storing the compressed gas in the interior. To ensure the highest possible specific
6430555 Method and device for data transmission between a central unit and a data terminal August 6, 2002
The invention relates to a process for data exchange via a communications channel between a central unit, which processes, stores and provides data, and a data terminal device. Initially, a permanently unchanged application-independent query structure (general query structure) is sto
6427513 Process and device for producing pipes as per the UOE process August 6, 2002
The invention related to a process for producing pipes, especially large pipes, as per the UOE process, wherein the pipes, after internal and external seam welding, are incrementally calibrated by cold expansion up to half the pipe length. The cold expansion is also used for straight
6426709 Method for transmitting local data and measurement data from a terminal, including a telematic t July 30, 2002
A reduction in telecommunications costs in the transmission of extensive data from a telematic terminal unit in a vehicle to a central station is made possible by a method for the transmission of location data implicating the location of the terminal unit in a traffic network at a po
6422799 Overhead transport system July 23, 2002
A overhead transport system with load-bearing members, in particular transverse bars for attachment of loads, includes running rails which extend in at least two horizontal planes in spaced-apart, parallel disposition, and at least one crane which travels in an upper one of the plane
6415208 Apparatus and method for surveying rails, in particular running rails for cranes, shelf handling July 2, 2002
Apparatus and method for surveying rails, in particular running rails for cranes, shelf handling units, running wheel blocks, includes a transmitter unit arranged on the rail and having a laser, which emits at least one laser beam aligned longitudinally in the direction of the rail, and
6409480 Drive unit for hydraulic consumers for individual structural component parts of a machine June 25, 2002
A drive unit for hydraulic consumers for individual structural component parts of a machine for producing shaped articles from molding materials, including a motor, a pump driven by the motor, and a carrying part configured to connect at least one of the pump and the motor to the mac
6408930 Adjustable plate mold June 25, 2002
An adjustable plate mold includes two broad-side walls and first and second narrow-side walls clampable between the two broad-side walls to define a size if a slab formable by the plate mold. A frame work includes cassette holders corresponding to the narrow-side walls. Actuating element
6398055 Device for storing pressurized gas June 4, 2002
A device for storing compressed gas having a plurality of storage containers which each have a container wall which surrounds a cavity provided for storing the compressed air. The storage containers are connected to one another, and have at least one connection for introducing and/or
6389950 Manually controlled lifting device with a pneumatic lift drive mechanism May 21, 2002
A manually controlled lifting device is provided including a pneumatic lifting drive, a lifting member, a load carrying means, a pressure source, a pressure line, a flow control device, a pneumatic pressure switch and a vent drive. The lifting member is arranged on the pneumatic lifting
6388581 Method and system for monitoring the proper operation of a debiting device May 14, 2002
A method for monitoring the correct operation of an electronic debiting appliance which is arranged in a vehicle and makes log entries on a mobile memory module in the context of a use accounting system for the use of a road network or for the entering of a stipulated geographical zone b
6366045 Operating-cycle synchronized engagement and disengagement of servo axle groups by means of elect April 2, 2002
Disclosed is a system for an operating-cycle synchronized disengagement and re-engagement of groups of servo axles to be synchronized electronically and a method for disengaging and engaging a servo axle group to be synchronized electronically with a master position value sequence where,
6360162 Process for informing an information center about the path covered by a vehicle in a road networ March 19, 2002
The invention describes an efficient transmission of data for making possible an accurate reconstruction of a path driven by a vehicle in a traffic network, a terminal unit, a central bureau and a process for informing (13) a central bureau (107) about a path, in particular for infor
6344164 Process and device for the injection molding of a plastic mass February 5, 2002
An injection unit for injecting plastic into a cavity of a mold includes an injecting device connectable between an extrusion die and the mold. The injecting device includes a mouth having a plurality of openings that is insertable into the mold so that the plastic flows through the plur
6336575 Submerged nozzle for slab continuous casting moulds January 8, 2002
An immersion nozzle of a metallurgic vessel which is arranged upstream of a continuous casting mold and which is constructed as a single-piece structural component part and has, in the mouth area, a slit-shaped pour-out opening whose length is several times greater than its width. The
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