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Maatschap Holtmaat Patents
Maatschap Holtmaat
Zuidwolde, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
PP19855 Astilbe plant named `Valery` March 24, 2009
A new and distinct cultivar of Astilbe plant named `Valery`, characterized by its compact, upright and sturdy plant habit; strong and healthy dark green-colored foliage; freely flowering habit; red purple-colored flowers arranged on thick flowering stems; and good garden performance.
PP19839 Astilbe plant named `Delft Lace` March 24, 2009
A new and distinct cultivar of Astilbe plant named `Delft Lace`, characterized by its upright and sturdy plant habit; strong and healthy dark-green colored foliage; freely flowering habit; dark pink-colored flowers; and good garden performance.
PP18803 Echinacea plant named `Pink Double Delight` May 13, 2008
A new and distinct cultivar of Echinacea plant named `Pink Double Delight`, characterized by its upright and somewhat outwardly spreading plant habit; moderately vigorous growth habit; freely basal branching habit; and large single inflorescences with pink-colored ray florets and dar

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