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MWB Messwandler-Bau AG Patents
MWB Messwandler-Bau AG
Bamberg, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5258076 Arrangement for covering doors, windows or like type room closure November 2, 1993
An arrangement for covering doors, windows or like type room closure devices having translucent regions, in particular a curtain or a roller blind, is provided, at the side thereof which faces towards the room closure device, with photovoltaic cells or a photovoltaic layer and the sa
5237265 Fiber optics arrangement for measuring the intensity of an electric current August 17, 1993
In the case of a fiber optics arrangement for measuring the intensity of an electric current while utilizing the Faraday effect in which the magnetic field surrounding the conductor 1 through which the current flows affects the polarization condition of the light, the path of which leads
4845453 High-voltage voltage transformer with shields July 4, 1989
A high-voltage voltage transformer with a core at high voltage which is surrounded coaxially by a high voltage winding provided with a slotted metal shield and with a low voltage winding also coaxially surrounding the same, as well as with a coaxial shielding electrode at ground potentia
4835918 Device for shading spaces June 6, 1989
A device for shading areas, in particular for shading areas or plazas where people can walk, in desert areas, comprising a roofing surface which extends on carrier elements at a spacing from the surface to be shaded, preferably with a roof skin or membrane stretched on supports, to provi
4731599 Combined high-voltage current and voltage transformer March 15, 1988
A combined high voltage current and voltage transformer of head-type construction with a column of insulating material carrying the top housing whereby the active parts of the current transformer and above the same the active parts of the voltage transformer are arranged within the top
4701738 High-voltage current transformer October 20, 1987
A high-voltage current transformer of the head design with a column made of insulating material which supports the head housing. The primary lead is approximately U-shaped, whereby only its horizontal base passes through the central opening of secondary system and at least one of its two
4700905 Arrangement for tape winding machines for the compensation of a unilateral tape tension October 20, 1987
An arrangement for tape winding machines for the compensation of a unilateral tape tension of tapes to be wound which can be easily attached to a winding machine or integrated into the same. This is achieved in that the arrangement consists of a compensating roller (6) provided between a

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