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M.L. Aviation Company Limited Patents
M.L. Aviation Company Limited
Slough, GB2
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4414901 Explosive device including an ignition circuit monitor November 15, 1983
An explosive device comprises a charge of explosive material which can be fired by feeding power from a firing circuit to an igniter circuit which includes an electrically-energizable fuse. In order to check the integrity of the igniter circuit, a monitoring circuit feeds a continuous st
4353528 Restraining device October 12, 1982
A restraining device for controlling the movement of a loaded strop 3 comprises a power-driven reel for the strop and an associated pair of toggle-controlled clamping jaws 14, 15 pivoted at 16 and 17 respectively. The jaws are cross-connected by a link 18 and are loaded into the oper
4196879 Ejector release unit for airborne stores having lockable sway brace assembly April 8, 1980
An ejector release unit comprising a pair of hooks for supporting a store and an ejection device for ejecting a store supported by the hooks also includes, adjacent each hook, a sway brace assembly comprising a pair of pads for engagement with the upper surface of a store supported by th
4141297 Ignition circuits February 27, 1979
This invention relates to an ignition circuit assembly for an explosive device of the kind in which an electric heating element is energizable from a transformer secondary winding to ignite the explosive. A transformer primary winding, which in use is magnetically coupled to the seco
4127344 Webbing strops November 28, 1978
A fitting for securing to the end of a flat strop comprises a body formed with a through bore which is tapered for at least a greater part of its length, a correspondingly tapered plug accommodated within the bore, a screw-threaded retaining member engaging corresponding threads on the b
4033422 Apparatus for manoeuvring aircraft July 5, 1977
An aircraft handler for manoeuvring aircraft fitted with skids comprises a self-propelled frame having at least two coaxial wheels, a drive motor for the wheels and a jacking system for engagement with a strong point on the underside of the aircraft structure. The frame is provided with
4033226 Cartridge holders July 5, 1977
A cartridge holder for fitting into the breech of an ejection release unit comprises a generally cup-shaped body formed of two parts, one of which forms the base of the cup and the other of which forms a continuous cylindrical wall for the cup which fits into the base part. The base part

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