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RE35058 Peroxy cured (meth)acrylic ester compositions employing nitrite, borate, silicate or carbonate s October 10, 1995
(Meth)acrylic ester formulations employing peroxy initiators have accelerated cure rates when the substrates to which they are applied, or the compositions themselves, include nitrite, borate, silicate or carbonate salts. The compositions should be free of acids having a PKa of 6 or
RE32889 Thixotropic cyanoacrylate compositions March 14, 1989
Cyanoacrylate compositions which employ fumed silicas treated with polydimethylsiloxane or trialkoxyalkylsilane are stable and exhibit an unexpectedly high thixotropic ratio. Such compositions are useful in adhesive applications or, when stabilized so as to prevent polymerizaton in c
RE32240 Self-emulsifying anaerobic composition September 2, 1986
A self-emulsifying anaerobic-curing composition is disclosed. The composition is rendered self-emulsifying by incorporating certain anionic and/or nonionic surfactants in a concentration range of about 0.25 to about 10.0 percent. The preferred anionics comprise the petroleum sulfonat
D366612 Package for instant adhesives January 30, 1996
D363889 Equipment housing November 7, 1995
D319175 Combined dispensing container and cap August 20, 1991
D311139 Container closure October 9, 1990
D310969 Container closure October 2, 1990
D310168 Sealant applicator August 28, 1990
D271215 Combined adhesive container and dispenser November 1, 1983
6901997 Thermal interface wafer and method of making and using the same June 7, 2005
A thermal interface wafer for facilitating heat transfer from an electronic component to a heat sink. The wafer is formed from at least one elongate, vertically-oriented strip of thermally conductive material having a layer of conformable, heat-conducting material formed thereon. Prefera
6677468 Methods of reducing chloride content in epoxy compounds January 13, 2004
In accordance with the present invention, methods have been developed for the reduction of the chloride content of epoxy compound starting materials. Invention methods comprise fractionating an epoxy compound starting material into portions (e.g., fractions or cuts) having different
6673192 Multi-amine compound primers for bonding of polyolefins with cyanoacrylate adhesives January 6, 2004
Primers for cyanoacrylate adhesives which are based on compounds having multiple amine groups thereon ("multi-amines") which have at least three secondary or tertiary amine groups, at least one of which is a tertiary amine group. The multi-amine compounds are characterized by having ther
6672378 Thermal interface wafer and method of making and using the same January 6, 2004
A thermal interface wafer for facilitating heat transfer from an electronic component to a heat sink. The wafer is formed from at least one elongate, vertically-oriented strip of thermally conductive material having a layer of conformable, heat-conducting material formed thereon. Prefera
6657031 Reworkable thermosetting resin compositions December 2, 2003
This invention relates to thermosetting resin compositions useful for mounting semiconductor devices onto a circuit board, such as chip size or chip scale packages ("CSPs"), ball grid arrays ("BGAs"), land grid arrays ("LGAs"), and the like, each of which having a semiconductor chip, suc
6620946 Low shrinkage thermosetting resin compositions and methods of use thereof September 16, 2003
In accordance with the present invention, there are provided thermosetting resin compositions with a reduced propensity to shrink in volume upon cure and methods of use therefor. The compositions of the present invention include compounds having aromatic, rigid-rod like spacer groups bet
6573328 Low temperature, fast curing silicone compositions June 3, 2003
Heat-curable silicone compositions employing a reactive silicone, a silicone hydride crosslinker and a catalyst system which includes a rhodium-based catalyst, a stabilizing system are disclosed. A combination of rhodium and platinum-based catalysts are employed as well. The composit
6519968 Shipping container for exothermic material February 18, 2003
A shipping container for exothermic material comprises an outer container and a plurality of inner containers enclosed within the outer container with a quantity of coolant material adjacent the inner containers. Each inner container includes a box defining an enclosure, a fluted insert
6516853 Apparatus and method for manufacturing elastic hair fasteners February 11, 2003
The present invention provides an improved method and apparatus for manufacturing elastic hair fasteners that eliminate the need for a metal clamp in the fastener assembly. The apparatus of the present invention that employs the inventive process is an incremental, automatic system t
6511707 Apparatus and method for controllable application of a flowable material to a workpiece January 28, 2003
A controllable device for applying a flowable material such as anti-seize composition to a workpiece utilizes a plurality of elongated nozzles insertably accommodated through a fixture plate to deposit such material onto the workpiece in a predetermined pattern. The fixture plate is
6509394 Optimized anaerobic adhesive compositions and methods of preparing same January 21, 2003
The present invention relates to anaerobic adhesive compositions which have been optimized using experimental design techniques to produce desired physical properties. A simplified cure system is disclosed which permits enhanced fixture and cure times.
6506464 Squeezable multilayered container January 14, 2003
A squeezable, multi-layer, structurally self-supporting container capable of dispensing a controlled amount of a liquid product. The container comprises an external layer of a polyolefin material, an internal layer formed of a polyolefin material, and an intermediate layer positioned
6503960 Dispersion stable curable compositions and method for making hollow shells using same January 7, 2003
A curable composition and method for making hollow shell molds, such as those employed to make hearing aids. The curable composition includes a (meth)acryl functionalized curable component, a cure system, a pigment composition, and a dispersion stabilizing additive. The pigment compo
6500891 Low viscosity thermally conductive compositions containing spherical thermally conductive partic December 31, 2002
The present invention discloses a thermally conductive adhesive composition that is useful for encapsulating electronic parts. More particularly, this invention provides adhesive compositions that have 90% of the alumina particles having an average diameter sufficiently low to maintain t
6483707 Heat sink and thermal interface having shielding to attenuate electromagnetic interference November 19, 2002
Heat sink and electrically non-conducting thermal interface having shielding to attenuate electromagnetic interference. The interface comprises a generally planar substrate having first and second outwardly facing surfaces. The substrate is formed from a material, preferably a polyme
6451948 Radical-curable adhesive compositions, reaction products of which demonstrate superior resistanc September 17, 2002
The present invention is directed to radical-curable adhesive compositions which include a (meth)acrylate component; a thermal resistance-conferring component; and a radical cure-inducing composition. Reaction products of the compositions of this invention exhibit superior resistance of
6451927 Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms September 17, 2002
The present invention relates to adhesive and sealant compositions in non-flowable form. More particularly, the present invention relates to non-flowable adhesive and sealant compositions which are particularly useful in the threadlocking and sealing applications and which can be pac
6444740 Oil resistant compositions September 3, 2002
The present invention provides silicone compositions, cured elastomers thereof demtonstrate improved resistance to oil. The compositions include a reactive silicone component, wherein the silicone component cures by way of an addition cure mechanism or a condensation cure mechanism; and
6439431 Single stroke fluid dispense system August 27, 2002
A single stroke fluid dispense system, including a dispense member having a dispense end defining a dispense end opening and a container well communicating with the dispense end opening for receiving a fluid to be dispensed. A closure cap is supported over the dispense end opening of the
6433036 Radiation-curable, cyanoacrylate-containing compositions August 13, 2002
A radiation-curable composition which includes a cyanoacrylate component or a cyanoacrylate-containing formulation; a metallocene component; and a polymerizingly effective amount of a photoinitiator to accelerate the rate of cure is provided.
6432540 Flame retardant molding compositions August 13, 2002
Flame retardant molding compositions that are substantially free of halogen, phosphorus, and antimony are disclosed. Also disclosed are the use of these flame retardant molding compositions to coat electronic devices such as integrated circuits.
6413354 Oil resistant silicones July 2, 2002
A silicone composition that is oil resistant when cured is described. More particularly, this composition includes a silanol terminated silicone fluid, an organic plasticizer, a filler and a crosslinker, wherein the cured composition remains adhesive after exposure to oil. The present
6391993 High temperature, controlled strength anaerobic compositions curable under ambient environmental May 21, 2002
The present invention provides anaerobic adhesive compositions, reaction products of which demonstrate controlled-strength at ambient temperature conditions and enhanced resistance to thermal degradation at elevated temperature conditions. The compositions are (meth)acrylate- and/or
6376080 Method for preparing polybenzoxazine April 23, 2002
The invention relates to a method of preparing a polybenzoxazine which includes heating a molding composition including a benzoxazine and a heterocyclic dicarboxylic acid to a temperature sufficient to cure the molding composition, thereby forming the polybenzoxazine. Also disclosed
6375730 Non-ozone depleting co-solvent compositions April 23, 2002
A non-ozone depleting, non-flammable co-solvent composition useful as a carrier for actives such as accelerators, catalysts, initiators, activators and other primer materials for use as adhesive promoter compositions in combination with adhesive compositions. The co-solvent compositi
6372350 Curable epoxy-based compositions April 16, 2002
The present invention relates to epoxy compositions; in particular the present invention relates to stable low temperature curing epoxy-based compositions.
6357635 Dispensing closure assembly March 19, 2002
A dispensing closure assembly positionable over an open end of a container includes a cap attachable to the end of the container and having a sealable opening in fluid communication with the contents of the container.
6343721 Sealed dispensing device February 5, 2002
A dispensing device provides for dispensing of flowable material such as adhesives. The dispensing device includes a housing having a chamber with an inlet port and an outlet port for receiving and dispensing the flowable material. A valve assembly is supported within the housing having
6343718 Unit dose dispense package February 5, 2002
A unit dose storage and dispenser cartridge for a unit dose of an ingredient includes a storage and dispense container dispensably containing a unit dose of the ingredient. The container includes a cylindrical interior wall defining a cartridge passageway having an ingredient-contain
6342577 Thermosetting resin compositions useful as underfill sealants January 29, 2002
The present invention provides a thermosetting resin composition useful as an underfilling sealant composition which rapidly fills the underfill space in a semiconductor device, such as a flip chip assembly which includes a semiconductor chip mounted on a carrier substrate, enables the
6342545 Radical-curable adhesive compositions, reaction products of which demonstrate superior resistanc January 29, 2002
The present invention is directed to a radical-curable adhesive composition which includes a (meth)acrylate composition; a thermal resistance-conferring agent; and a radical cure-inducing composition. Reaction products of compositions in accordance with this invention exhibit superio
6323253 Flame-retardant UV and UV/moisture curable silicone compositions November 27, 2001
The present invention is directed to silicone formulations which are capable of being rapidly cured to tough elastomeric materials through exposure to UV radiation, and optionally through exposure to moisture as well. The cured products demonstrate high resistance to flammability and
6303549 Fluorinated aerosol lubricating compositions October 16, 2001
Aerosol compositions containing fluorinated oils are disclosed. At least one fluorinated component compatible with the fluorinated oil and a propellant are included in the aerosol composition. Fluorinated oil-containing non-aerosol compositions are also disclosed. In a particularly d
6292976 Device for providing surface preparation September 25, 2001
An apparatus cleans, primes and prepares a surface onto which a gasket, adhesive or other bonding agent is to be applied. The apparatus includes a robotic device capable of movement along multiple axes. An end effector is supported by the robotic device (18) for movement along the surfac
6291593 Adhesive compositions with retarding additive September 18, 2001
A methacrylate ester or acrylate ester adhesive composition including a retarding additive to extend the open time and/or reduce the peak exotherm temperature. The retarding additive is selected from the group consisting of non-protonic Lewis acids and zinc salts and mixtures thereof.
6284817 Conductive, resin-based compositions September 4, 2001
The invention provides a conductive, resin-based composition, which includes a resinous material, and a conductive filler dispersed therein. The conductive filler includes a first conductive filler component and a second conductive filler component. The particles of the first conductive
6281261 Flame-retardant UV curable silicone compositions August 28, 2001
The present invention is directed to silicone formulations which are capable of being rapidly cured to tough elastomeric materials through exposure to UV radiation. The cured products demonstrate high resistance to flammability and combustibility.
6278125 Shielded radiation assembly August 21, 2001
A shielded radiation assembly provides easy access to a radiation treatment space while minimizing radiation leakage. The shielded radiation assembly includes a support structure and a radiation shield supported on the support structure. A radiation emitting device is movably supported o
6277930 Epoxy resin composition containing unsaturated monomer, curing agent, photoinitiator and epoxy ( August 21, 2001
The present invention relates to an epoxy resin composition used for cap seal of a hard disc drive spindle motor, which hardly causes outgassing even when using in a hard disc for high-speed rotation and has high reliability. The composition comprises an epoxy resin having at least one
6274389 Mounting structure and mounting process from semiconductor devices August 14, 2001
The present invention provides a mounting structure for semiconductor devices which enables a semiconductor device, such as CSP/BGA, to be fixed to a circuit board. This invention also provides a mounting process for semiconductor devices.
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