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RE41591 System and method for detecting hazardous materials using agitation August 31, 2010
A system and method for detecting contaminants in or on objects, having a movably mounted container for holding objects and having a plurality of perforations and an entrance opening through which objects may be placed into the container. A housing encloses the container and forms a barr
RE41247 Optical transport system April 20, 2010
A bi-directional, redundant, optical transport system is configured to provide a non-blocking, bi-directional, multi-channel, protocol independent optical transport system for the simultaneously transfer of digital, analog, and discrete data between a plurality data terminal equipmen
RE40425 Optical interface devices having balanced amplification July 8, 2008
An optical interface devices (OID) routes signals entering each of its ports to all other ports. The OID passively routes the optical signals and performs no conversion of the signals into the electrical domain. In addition to signal routing, the OID also performs bi-directional ampl
RE39503 Space-based server network architecture March 6, 2007
A space-based server network architecture (1) which permits on demand transfer of mission and control data between client satellites (14) in an orbit about earth and an earth station (20, 22, 24, 26) irrespective of the location of the client satellite (14) relative to the earth station
RE38433 High performance, thin metal lined, composite overwrapped pressure vessel February 24, 2004
An innovative technology for composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) has been developed which significantly increases cost effectiveness, increases reliability, and reduces weight over state-of-the-art COPVs. This technology combines an innovative thin liner made of a metal having
RE37331 Dual-control scheme for improved missile maneuverability August 14, 2001
A comparative dual-control strategy actuates forward and aft control devices simultaneously to significantly improve a missile's maneuverability/dynamic capability. A substantial, and measurable, operational effect of the inventive control strategy is a dramatic improvement in a miss
RE36298 Vehicle September 14, 1999
A vehicle in free space or air, with external surfaces primarily fashioned from planar facets. The planar facets or panels are angularly positioned to reduce scattered energy in the direction of the receiver. In particular, radar signals which strike the vehicle are primarily reflected
D650446 Modular flight deck simulator December 13, 2011
D599854 Writing instrument September 8, 2009
D585857 Seamless display console February 3, 2009
D536649 Muffler assembly housing February 13, 2007
D536053 Gun cupola January 30, 2007
D534468 Truck system dashboard January 2, 2007
D503961 Missile April 12, 2005
D492676 Video display console with dual upright displays July 6, 2004
D487434 Video display console with upright display March 9, 2004
D476325 Video display console June 24, 2003
D455423 Video display console April 9, 2002
D449364 Sharpened nose penetrator October 16, 2001
D442666 Sharpened nose penetrator May 22, 2001
D442253 Sharpened nose penetrator May 15, 2001
D441826 Sharpened nose penetrator May 8, 2001
D437284 Aircraft February 6, 2001
D428381 Supersonic business jet July 18, 2000
D419278 Toy aircraft January 25, 2000
D418804 Partially buoyant aerial vehicle January 11, 2000
D417639 JASSM missile December 14, 1999
D417184 Supersonic business jet November 30, 1999
D414486 Dual mode telephone handset September 28, 1999
D388392 Unmanned aircraft December 30, 1997
D382851 Unmanned aircraft August 26, 1997
D373641 Information kiosks September 10, 1996
8589858 Requirement manager for UML and SysML application November 19, 2013
A system for displaying relationships between data of one of a UML or a SysML application includes a machine readable storage medium and a processor. The machine readable storage medium is configured to store a plurality of data for a project designed using one of the UML or the SysM
8589049 GPS-based system and method for controlling vehicle characteristics based on terrain November 19, 2013
System and method for controlling vehicle operating characteristics. The method includes receiving, at a vehicle, global positioning system (GPS) data, and, based on the received GPS data, determining the vehicle's location. The method also identifies terrain map information associated
8588267 Rectangular core optical fiber and rectangular core optical fiber arrays November 19, 2013
An array of optical fibers includes a plurality of optical fibers. Each optical fiber includes a core having a substantially rectangular cross section, and cladding surrounding the core. The cladding includes a pair of substantially parallel flats. The array of optical fibers can be used
8588263 Method and apparatus to suppress gain-switched spikes in fiber laser amplifier systems November 19, 2013
Apparatus and method for generating controlled-linewidth laser-seed-signals for high-powered fiber-laser amplifier systems. In some embodiments, the natural chirp (frequency change of laser light over a short start-up time) of a DBR laser diode when driven by pulsed current is used t
8587867 Beam combiner apparatus and method November 19, 2013
A beam combining method (and concomitant apparatus) comprising, with a plurality of cascaded partially reflective surfaces, receiving images from a plurality of fields of view and combining the images into a single output optical path, and employing compressive sensing with an optical
8587637 Three dimensional ladar imaging and methods using voxels November 19, 2013
Various techniques are provided for forming three-dimensional images. For example, in one embodiment, a system for three-dimensional imaging of an object includes an imaging sensor that provides a focal plane array and a sensor controller. The system also includes a laser illuminator cou
8587496 Radome with optimal seam locations November 19, 2013
A method for determining the seam location for each layer of a multilayer radome for use with an array antenna includes the steps of quantizing the radome thickness, and forming an image of the quantized thickness vs. line array position. Seam locations are assigned for an original p
8585332 Linear compensator tool for drill countersinking and seal groove machining November 19, 2013
A drill countersinking and seal groove machining tool to accommodate an accurate drill countersinking and seal groove machining operation. The linear compensator tool applies sufficient force to react to the drilling or seal groove machining process, but not so much force as to distort t
8584738 Apparatus and method for extracting heat from a device November 19, 2013
A cold plate includes a face sheet comprising a composite material and having a lower surface and at least one cooling tube attached to the lower surface and being capable of transmitting a cooling fluid therethrough. A heat extraction system includes a cold plate comprising a face s
8584666 Prism shields for a parabolic trough solar collector November 19, 2013
A solar receiver assembly includes a tube adapted to carry a heat transfer medium and a glass envelope surrounding the tube and having opposed ends. An interface is disposed between each end and the tube so as to seal and support the tube from the envelope. And the receiver includes
8584293 Footwear cleaning device for removing magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants November 19, 2013
A device for removing metallic and other contaminant particles accumulated on footwear, comprises in one embodiment, a housing and a grid of cleaning rods supported by the housing. The grid of cleaning rods typically includes rotating rods and non-rotating rods which vibrate. Some of
8584241 Computer forensic system November 12, 2013
A method for processing, analyzing live and off-line physical memory in order to determine the presence, and initiate the removal, of malware from the system. The internal structures within the host operating system, the drivers, and the user-space executables can be utilized to self
8583583 Cyber auto tactics techniques and procedures multiple hypothesis engine November 12, 2013
Disclosed is an exemplary multiple hypothesis engine that provides situation assessment capabilities regarding cyber auto tactics techniques and procedures. Dynamic cyber adversarial operations are evaluated via a combination of techniques using a Bayesian multiple hypothesis tree, or
8583371 Autonomous gyro temperature calibration November 12, 2013
The present disclosure provides systems and methods that improve the pointing accuracy of a spacecraft using temperature-sensitive gyros (e.g., MEMS gyros) by using a temperature bias model to compensate for temperature biases of the gyros and using attitude data (e.g., star tracker
8582491 Method and apparatus for routing communications using active and passive end-to-end quality-of-s November 12, 2013
A method and apparatus for routing communications using end-to-end QoS reservations based on node mobility profiles is disclosed. The method may include setting up active quality of service reservations along a first path to a destination edge node, receiving a mobility profile from the
8582330 High voltage and frequency distributed power system November 12, 2013
A switching power supply transmits power between a single front end including electromagnetic interference filtering and power factor correction circuits to an output end at a high voltage and high frequency from which any desired DC voltage or waveform may be readily and directly de
8581775 Subwavelength aperture monopulse conformal antenna November 12, 2013
A method for determining a target angle. Optical frequency or radio frequency energy is received through a pair of fixed, foreshortened, and opposing subwavelength apertures in a lensing system. A lens of the lensing system positions at least one of the pair of fixed, foreshortened,
8578771 Compact gradiometer with accelerometer based rotational control November 12, 2013
A rotational stabilization system and method which allows for greater spatial separation of accelerometer sensors while maintaining or reducing an existing external footprint.

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