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RE36138 Percutaneous absorption promoter, a tape plaster and a method of promoting percutaneous absorpti March 9, 1999
A percutaneous absorption promoter comprises a derivative of amino acid in which the amino group has or does not have an acyl substituent or a hydrocarbon substituent, the carboxylic group has a hydrocarbon substituent and the part between the amino group and the carboxylic group has
8587130 Die-sorting sheet and method for transporting chips having adhesive layer November 19, 2013
A die-sorting sheet includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer exposed on an outer periphery of the carrier sheet, and a base film exposed on a central area that is inside the outer periphery. A method for transporting a chip having an adhesive layer includes the steps of: providin
8586181 Protective sheet for solar cell module November 19, 2013
Provided is a protective sheet for a solar cell module having a resin sheet, a vapor deposited layer containing an inorganic oxide provided on at least one side thereof, and a fluorine resin layer containing a silane coupling agent laminated on the vapor deposited layer.
8574395 Protection sheet for coating film November 5, 2013
Provided is a protective sheet for a coating layer comprising a substrate sheet and provided thereon a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, which can be applied as well to a coated surface insufficiently cured immediately after dried, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer described abo
8568873 Pressure-sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates, polarizing plate with pressure-sensitive adhe October 29, 2013
Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates which can apply a polarizing plate on a liquid crystal cell with good adhesion and has the characteristic that a liquid crystal display device obtained therefrom is less liable to cause light leakage even under the envi
8564870 Active-matrix electrochromic display device and method for producing the same October 22, 2013
There is disclosed a method for manufacturing a display device arrangement, which includes a plurality of electrochromic pixel devices arranged in a matrix. First a plastic insulating layer is provided comprising passages for electrical conductors. Thereafter, in optional order, elec
8561796 Package material for adhesive bandage and packaged adhesive bandage October 22, 2013
Disclosed herein is a package material for adhesive bandage which is used for packaging therein an adhesive bandage including a surface base having one surface, an adhesive layer provided on the one surface of the surface base and a releasing sheet attached to the adhesive layer so as to
8298873 Method for producing circuit substrate, and circuit substrate October 30, 2012
The method for producing a circuit substrate of the present invention is characterized in that the circuit substrate is produced using as sheet a circuit substrate sheet including an uncured layer a part of which, the part being other than a part at which a circuit chip is disposed, is
8292188 Electronic circuit and IC tag October 23, 2012
The present invention provides an electronic circuit which comprises a circuit line and a terminal portion connected to the circuit line, wherein the terminal portion has a folding endurance structure at a junction where the terminal portion is connected to the circuit line and the f
8282765 Adhesive sheet October 9, 2012
The present invention provides an adhesive sheet for attaching to a plasticized vinyl chloride resin article such as a blood bag made of a plasticized vinyl chloride resin, and having a center-line surface roughness Ra of 1.0 .mu.m or higher, which includes a film substrate and a hea
8273437 Sheet material for multilayer optical recording medium, multilayer structural body for optical r September 25, 2012
A sheet material for a multilayer optical recording medium (10-a) which comprises an optical recording layer comprising a multiple-photon absorbing material (1), an adhesive layer (4) and a transfer layer of the energy beam curable type (3). The transfer layer of the energy beam cura
8268333 Orally administered agent and an orally administered agent/supporting substrate complex September 18, 2012
With an object of providing an orally administered agent (in particular a film-shaped orally administered agent) with which the ease and safety of taking the agent are improved, to attain this object, in an orally administered agent 1b having one drug-containing layer 11 and two wate
8247503 Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet August 21, 2012
The object of the present invention is to provide an adhesive composition which can form a thinner adhesive layer, which has good storage stability and which can actualize high package reliability even when exposed to severe reflow conditions in a semiconductor package in which a sem
8222620 Light irradiation apparatus and light irradiation method July 17, 2012
A light irradiation apparatus 10 is configured to comprise: a supporting means 11 for supporting a semiconductor wafer W as an irradiated object, the semiconductor wafer W being stuck with an adhesive sheet S having an ultraviolet curable adhesive on a circuit formation surface; and a li
8212345 Holding jig, semiconductor wafer grinding method, semiconductor wafer protecting structure and s July 3, 2012
A backgrinding machine 10 of a semiconductor wafer W includes: a table 13 set on the working plane of a mount 11; a multiple number of holding jigs 20 arranged via check tables 15 on table 13; a grinding machine 30 for performing a grinding process of the rear side of semiconductor wafer
8196632 Mounting apparatus and mounting method June 12, 2012
There is provided a mounting apparatus capable of forming dicing tapes in the process of feeding-out a strip material, and sticking the dicing tape to a ring frame to fix a semiconductor wafer. The mounting apparatus 10 sticks the dicing tape to the ring frame RF to fix the semiconductor
8186254 Sheet cutting device and cutting method May 29, 2012
A cutting device that, after a sheet is stuck on a wafer on a sticking table, cuts the sheet along the outer edge of the wafer. The cutting device includes a robot body disposed besides the sticking table and a cutter blade supported by a tool holding chuck positioned at the front en
8182649 Fixed jig, chip pickup method and chip pickup apparatus May 22, 2012
It is an object to provide a fixing jig which can unmovably suction a chip group produced by segmenting a semiconductor wafer into pieces, and can suction one chip by detaching the chip selectively and reliably from the chip group. A fixing jig 3 is composed of a jig base 30 and an c
8178198 Adhesive sheet May 15, 2012
An adhesive sheet includes a substrate and an energy-ray curable adhesive layer formed on the substrate. The energy-ray curable adhesive layer includes an energy-ray curable acrylic copolymer and a urethane acrylate. The energy-ray curable acrylic copolymer is formed by copolymerizing at
8174130 Laser dicing sheet and manufacturing method for chip body May 8, 2012
Disclosed herein is a laser dicing sheet comprising a base material comprising a polyurethane acrylate film and a shape-restoring film; and an adhesive layer formed on a surface of said polyurethane acrylate film of the base material.
8171977 Sheet peeling apparatus and peeling method May 8, 2012
A sheet peeling apparatus 10 comprises: a supporting means 11 for supporting a semiconductor wafer W stuck with an adhesive sheet S; a feeding means 12 for feeding out a peeling tape T; a sticking means 14 for sticking the peeling tape T to the adhesive sheet S; a holding means 15 fo
8168851 Adhesive skin patch sheet May 1, 2012
An adhesive skin patch sheet comprises a support, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a release sheet laminated in that order, the release sheet is divided by a cut line into a small first release sheet and a large second release sheet, the cut line is formed so as to be convex o
8148442 Pressure sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates, polarizing plate with pressure sensitive adhe April 3, 2012
The disclosed a pressure sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates which has a storage elastic modulus (G') at C. of at least 0.3 MPa; a polarizing plate having a pressure sensitive adhesive; a process for producing the above polarizing plate which comprises sticking a pola
8142595 Mounting apparatus and mounting method March 27, 2012
To provide a mounting apparatus for uniting a semiconductor wafer with a ring frame, the wafer having an adhesive sheet stuck on one surface thereof. In the mounting apparatus, a portion of the adhesive sheet is preliminarily peeled off through a preliminary peeling means, the wafer
8137781 Information sheet March 20, 2012
An information sheet is held between an adhesive sheet and an adherend, and is partitioned into a first and second sheet portion by a first perforated-line. When the second sheet portion is folded at the first perforated-line position and overlapped on the first sheet portion, the ed
8129010 Adhesive sheet March 6, 2012
An adhesive sheet applicable to a delivery slip and the like includes a first sheet having a first sheet base of which both surfaces are formed as printable surfaces; and a second sheet having a second sheet base of which one surface is formed as a printable surface, while the other
8114520 Laser dicing sheet and process for producing chip body February 14, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a laser dicing sheet which is capable of preventing cutting of dicing sheet by laser beam, damage of the chuck table and fusion of the dicing sheet to the chuck table. A laser dicing sheet according to the present invention comprising
8113914 Treating method for brittle member February 14, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a treating method for brittle member capable of stably holding the brittle member when applying predetermined treatments such as transportation and grinding back surface of a brittle member such as a semi-conductor wafer and separating the
8110271 Adhesive sheet and release sheet February 7, 2012
There is provided an adhesive sheet comprising an adhesive base sheet, an adhesive layer, and a release sheet laminated in sequence from the adhesive base sheet. The release sheet comprises a release agent layer and a release base material laminated in sequence from the adhesive laye
8106522 Adhesive sheet for a stealth dicing and a production method of a semiconductor wafer device January 31, 2012
An adhesive sheet is provided enabling to efficiently produce the very small size semiconductor chip by a stealth dicing method. An adhesive sheet for a stealth dicing includes a substrate and an adhesive layer formed on one side of the substrate, wherein a Young's modulus of the adh
8101884 Method for production of a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet January 24, 2012
A pressure sensitive adhesive sheet 1 includes a base material 11 and a pressure sensitive adhesive layer 12. A plurality of through holes 2 pass through one face of the pressure sensitive adhesive sheet 1 to the other face. The hole diameter of the through holes 2 is 0.1 to 300 .mu.m an
8080604 Adhesive containing ladder-type polysilsesquioxane and adhesive sheet December 20, 2011
An adhesive containing a ladder-type polysilsesquioxane which firmly bonds metals and synthetic resins and an adhesive sheet having an adhesive layer formed by using the adhesive on at least one side of a substrate are provided. An adhesive comprises a ladder-type polysilsesquioxane
8071126 Percutaneous absorption type patch December 6, 2011
A percutaneous absorption type patch adapted to be applied to a skin surface of a patient. The percutaneous absorption type patch comprises: a stratum-corneum release member constituted from a sheet-like first supporting substrate and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated on
8038824 Sheet peeling apparatus and peeling method October 18, 2011
A sheet peeling apparatus 10 includes: a supporting means 11 for supporting a semiconductor wafer W stuck with an adhesive sheet S; a tape sticking means 14 for sticking a peeling tape T to the adhesive sheet S; a pulling means 13 for pulling the peeling tape T; a peeling assisting m
8034667 Semiconductor sealing resin sheet and semiconductor device manufacturing method using the same October 11, 2011
A semiconductor sealing resin sheet is composed of a supporting sheet and a sealing resin layer releasably laminated on the supporting sheet, wherein the sealing resin layer has a thermosetting property, the elastic modulus of the sealing resin layer before thermosetting is 1.0.times
8034417 Process film for use in producing ceramic green sheet and method for production thereof October 11, 2011
There can be provided a casting film for producing a ceramic green sheet which film comprises a substrate film, an undercoat layer and a cured layer, wherein the undercoat layer is composed of a condensation polymer from a metal alkoxide and/or a partially hydrolyzed product of a metal
8026332 Sealing material for optical element and sealed optical element September 27, 2011
A sealing material for optical elements with excellent transparency, crack resistance, and heat resistance which can produce a cured product of the sealing material and a sealed optical element are provided. The sealing material for optical elements comprising a compound with a ladder
8020600 Sheet sticking apparatus September 20, 2011
A sheet sticking apparatus includes a first feeding device for feeding out a first sheet having an adhesive layer on one surface thereof, a second feeding device for feeding out a second sheet, and a folding device for folding the second sheet. The sheet sticking apparatus further in
8017232 Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for plasma display and adhesive sheet prepared by formin September 13, 2011
Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for a plasma display in which a moire phenomenon can be prevented without disposing an anti-glare film and the like in order to decrease a thickness of an optical filter in a plasma display, improve a productivity of the optical f
8003441 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device August 23, 2011
A manufacturing method of a semiconductor device according to the present invention comprises: laminating a surface protective sheet to a circuit surface side of a wafer formed with grooves which divide each circuit wherein an adhesive film is adhered on the circuit surface of the wafe
7989563 Resin compositions, films using the same and process for producing the films August 2, 2011
The present invention provides a resin composition containing a reactive monomer and/or oligomer having allyl ester groups, a film of the resin composition which is excellent in transparency and heat resistance and has a high thickness precision, and a process for producing such a film.
7976921 Release agent composition and release liner July 12, 2011
A release agent composition includes a poly(meth)acrylate (A) containing a structural unit (1) represented by the following formula (1); ##STR00001## in which R.sup.1 represents hydrogen or a methyl group and R.sup.2 represents a long-chain alkyl group having 12 to 28 carbon atoms
7972990 Process for recording into rewritable recording medium of non-contact type July 5, 2011
In a process for recording into a rewritable recording medium of a non-contact type, when adjacent lines or adjacent overlapping lines are drawn by scanning the medium having a reversible heat sensitive color developing layer on a substrate with laser light and a second line 2 is dra
7968039 Method of producing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet June 28, 2011
To produce a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet according to which air entrapment and blistering can be prevented or eliminated through through-holes, and yet the through-holes are not readily visible at a substrate surface, a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface of a pressure-sensitiv
7967048 Transferring device and transferring method June 28, 2011
A transferring device 10 for transferring plate-like members such as a semiconductor wafer and the like among the first table T1, the second table T2 and the third table T3. The transferring device 10 includes a supporting unit provided with a supporting face for the semiconductor wa
7963710 Label printer June 21, 2011
The printer includes a printing unit 12 that performs printing on each of a label L1 and a second raw sheet M2 on the way of feeding out a first raw sheet M1, which is temporarily stuck with labels L1 on a release liner S, and a second raw sheet M2 having no adhesive layer; a peeling
7955703 Silicone rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive sheet June 7, 2011
There are disclosed a silicone rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive sheet comprising a transparent substrate film and a silicone rubber layer which is formed by coating the surface of the transparent substrate film with silicone rubber in an amount of 5 to 100 g/m.sup.2 (after drying
7954534 Tape sticking apparatus and sticking method June 7, 2011
A tape sticking apparatus includes a feed-out device for feeding out a raw sheet in which a strip-shaped tape base material is temporarily stuck on one surface of a strip-shaped release liner. A cutting device is configured to form a closed-loop-shaped cut-line on the tape base mater
7954533 Sheet cutting table June 7, 2011
A sheet cutting table 13, after sticking an adhesive sheet S to a semiconductor wafer W, for cutting the area outside the semiconductor wafer W as an unnecessary adhesive sheet S1 with a cutting device 15. The table 13 includes an inner table 52 which supports the semiconductor wafer
7952527 IC tag May 31, 2011
According to the present invention, there is disclosed an antenna circuit characterized by comprising: a substrate, a surface circuit consisting of a planar coil circuit portion and at least one pair of opposed electrodes connected to the planar coil circuit portion formed on the s
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