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D419801 Exterior surface configuration of a cabinet February 1, 2000
D401106 Siphon bottle November 17, 1998
8584693 Device for monitoring gas concentration and method using the device November 19, 2013
A monitoring apparatus for monitoring the relative flow rates of first and second gases that are to be mixed comprises a first flow-monitoring, laminar flow element in a first gas flow path for detecting a differential first gas pressure thereacross and a second flow-monitoring, lami
8579146 Gas storage apparatus November 12, 2013
A gas storage apparatus comprises a pressure vessel in the form of a cylinder, closed by a valve, containing a non-permanent gas having under its storage conditions a gas phase and a liquid phase. A jacket formed of plastics sachets surrounds and is in heat transfer relationship with the
8574521 Gas stream purification apparatus and method November 5, 2013
An apparatus and method for removing contaminants from a gas stream is provided which includes (a) introducing the gas stream into a reaction chamber of a scrubber; (b) oxidizing first contaminants in a liquid phase with a reactive species in a sump of the scrubber for providing an o
8297074 Coiled heat exchanger having different materials October 30, 2012
A coiled heat exchanger having a plurality of tubes which are wound around a core tube is disclosed. The coiled heat exchanger having a casing which delimits an outer space around the tubes, and wherein a first and a second component of the coiled heat exchanger are composed of diffe
8292988 Washing column with reduced structural height October 23, 2012
The invention relates to a washing column (T) for implementing a physical gas washing. Gas (1) is sent from the bottom to the top and washing agent (2) is sent from the top to the bottom through the washing column. At least two washing sections (WS1, WS2) are arranged on top of one anoth
8291725 Method for cooling superconducting magnets October 23, 2012
The invention describes a method for cooling at least one super-conducting magnet. According to the invention, the cooling of the super-conducting magnet(s) takes place exclusively by means of one or more helium flows which are at at least two temperature levels.
8267670 Pistonless compressor September 18, 2012
A compressor for the compressing of gaseous medium with at least one compressor cylinder which is connected with an inlet duct and with an outlet duct for the medium, an operating fluid, in particular an ionic operating fluid, being arranged in the compressor cylinder, which fluid is
8261908 Container for precursors used in deposition processes September 11, 2012
Precursor source containers to hold precursor materials used in thin film deposition processes, such as ALD and MOCVD methods are described. In particular, the container holds both a liquid precursor or a dissolved precursor solution and a rinse solvent in separate chambers, and reduces
8256608 Conveyor belt with articulating members September 4, 2012
A conveyor belt includes a conveying surface comprising a plurality of rod-shaped members each of which is constructed and arranged for vertical displacement with respect to each other for providing a space between adjacent ones of the plurality of rod-like members. The conveyor belt may
8249439 High-pressure gas heating device August 21, 2012
A high-pressure gas-heating device has a pressurized container (1) carrying a gas, a heating element (3) arranged in the pressurized container (1), and an insulation (2). The insulation (2) is arranged on the interior wall of the pressurized container (1). The pressurized container (
8240544 Introduction of nanoparticles August 14, 2012
The invention relates to a method for joining objects made of metal, plastic or ceramic by means of heat input such as soldering or welding, wherein materials such as particles, in particular nanoparticles, elements, atoms, molecules or ions are introduced into the joint. It is propo
8235314 Nonequilibrium humidity control for jet milling August 7, 2012
A process for the jet milling of particles where water vapor is added to the jet milling system. The temperature, pressure and relative humidity of the water vapor is maintained and adjusted to ensure that the water vapor present during micronization is greater than allowed under equ
8215120 Process for cooling a storage container July 10, 2012
A process for cooling a storage container, in particular a mobile storage container for a cryogenic medium, is described. According to the invention, the following process steps and features are provided: a) Direct or indirect connection of the storage container (S) that is to be c
8130810 Lasers March 6, 2012
A laser apparatus comprises a laser having a lasing chamber an inlet to the lasing chamber for a lasing gas containing a heavy noble gas and an outlet from the lasing chamber for the discharge of a flow of lasing gas, wherein the outlet is able to be paced in communication with the a
8128736 Carbon dioxide production for enhanced oil recovery March 6, 2012
A method for producing carbon dioxide by the steps of feeding a CO.sub.2-rich feed stream containing fuel gas to an oxygenated oxygen-selective ceramic bed to produce a product stream of carbon dioxide, water, and residual oxygen; adding oxygen to this product stream and feeding to a
8127842 Bitumen production method March 6, 2012
A method for the production of a CO.sub.2 rich stream for sequestration in depleted oil sand reservoirs. The method comprises the steps of: a) purging non-condensable gases from an oil sand reservoir with steam; b) contacting a gaseous oxidant stream comprising oxygen, carbon dioxide,
8118284 Collector-distributor combination February 21, 2012
A collector-distributor combination in a column, which is filled with a random packed bed or with a structured packing, is disclosed. The liquid phase is guided over a collector with inclined planes to a central opening, which is connected to an ascending pipe, from which the liquid
8114369 Catalyst containing platinum and palladium for the selective reduction of NOx with hydrogen (H2- February 14, 2012
The invention relates to a novel catalyst having excellent activity and selectivity for reducing nitric oxides (NO/NO.sub.2) to nitrogen gas (N.sub.2) with hydrogen (H.sub.2) being used as a reducing agent under strongly oxidizing conditions (e.g., 2-10 vol % O.sub.2) (H.sub.2-SCR) in
8087454 Rolled heat exchange January 3, 2012
The invention relates to a rolled heat exchanger with several pipes that are wound around a central pipe, with a casing that delimits an external space around the pipes and with a liquid distributor for distributing liquid in the external space. According to the invention, the liquid
8080092 Reflux condenser apparatus and method December 20, 2011
A reflux condenser and a method for conducting away liquid from the lower region of reflux passages, is disclosed. The reflux condenser has at least one heat exchanger block which has reflux passages and refrigerant passages, and a pressure container which encloses the heat exchanger
8070049 Device and method for wave soldering December 6, 2011
The instant invention relates to a device for wave soldering workpieces, encompassing means for moving the workpiece, which is to be soldered, along a specific path across at least one solder wave generated above a solder reservoir, with a protective and/or active gas atmosphere of a
8069885 Apparatus and method for dispensing liquid and gaseous hydrogen December 6, 2011
A service station, in particular a hydrogen service station for filling a motor vehicle with a gaseous and/or a liquid medium, in particular with gaseous or liquid hydrogen, is disclosed. The station includes a) a reservoir for storing a liquid medium, b) a liquid medium dispensing unit
8051901 Mass transfer or heat-exchange column with mass transfer or heat-exchange areas, such as tube bu November 8, 2011
The invention relates to a mass transfer or heat-exchange column, a tube bundle heat exchanger, with a first mass transfer or heat-exchange area, a first tube bundle (2), and a second mass transfer or heat-exchange area, in particular a second tube bundle (8), that is arranged spatially
7989508 Process and reactor for implementing exothermic and endothermic reactions August 2, 2011
Implementing at least one endothermic and/or exothermic reaction in a compact reactor which has passages for conducting gaseous and/or liquid media, through which passages the reactants of the endothermic or exothermic reaction as well as a heating medium or coolant are sent, whereby
7988134 Transfer trays for mass transfer columns in offshore use August 2, 2011
The invention describes a mass transfer column with at least one transfer tray via which liquid is routed in essentially the horizontal direction and through which gas is routed in the vertical direction. The transfer tray is designed as a reverse flow tray and a first separating weir (4
7975727 Line for guiding a medium July 12, 2011
An arrangement for guiding a medium, preferably compressed, gaseous hydrogen, is described. The arrangement encompasses a medium line, a cooling medium return line which surrounds the medium line, and a cooling medium feed line. The cooling medium return line and the cooling medium f
7964166 Process for removing contaminants from gas streams June 21, 2011
The present invention provides for process for inhibiting the levels of nitrogen oxides in process gas streams from sulfuric acid regeneration and production plants. The process gas stream from the waste heat boiler and the candle mist eliminator is contacted with ozone which will react
7956231 Method for separation of olefins June 7, 2011
To decrease capital costs of crack gas treatment of the olefin plant, a method for separation of olefins reduces the units for catalytic hydrogenation. In the method, olefins having three carbon atoms are separated from olefins having four carbon atoms. Crude gas is precompressed (1)
7954691 Method for joining tube plates and tubes as well as friction tool to carry out the method June 7, 2011
The invention relates to a method for the joining of tube plates (10) and tubes (11) in a tube bundle heat transfer device with the help of a rotating friction tool. Here, the friction tool is rotatingly moved into the open end of a tube (11) surrounded by the tube plate (10) in the
7947581 Formation of graphene wafers on silicon substrates May 24, 2011
Processes for forming full graphene wafers on silicon or silicon-on-insulator substrates. The processes comprise formation of a metal carbide layer on the substrate and annealing of the metal carbide layer under high vacuum. For volatile metals, this annealing step results in volatil
7918070 Device and method for sealing packages April 5, 2011
The invention pertains to a device and a method for sealing a package with a sealing seam by partially fusing together the packaging material, and a supply system for protective gas. The device includes a gas supply for inert gas and an inert gas outlet opening, wherein the gas supply fo
7891483 Device for treating foodstuffs with a conveyor belt for conveying foodstuffs through a treatment February 22, 2011
A device for treating foodstuffs, in which the foodstuffs are conveyed by a conveyor belt through a treatment zone, such as tunnel freezers for freezing foodstuffs. The conveyor belt is supported by a frame on which sliding rails are mounted to reduce friction. The conveyor belt is guide
7815875 Device for converting gaseous streams October 19, 2010
The invention relates to a device for the reactive conversion of gaseous streams at high temperatures in excess of C. Said device comprises a reaction chamber (8) with an inlet opening for the gaseous streams to be converted, in particular a burner head (2) and an outlet
7788944 Process and apparatus to cool harvest grapes September 7, 2010
The invention relates to a process and apparatus to cool harvest grapes, the grapes being transported from a harvest reception vessel (1) to a press (5) or to a maceration vessel (23), characterized in that the grapes are charged with carbon dioxide during transport to the press (5)
7788073 Processes for determining the strength of a plate-type exchanger, for producing a plate-type hea August 31, 2010
A process for determining the strength of a plate-type heat exchanger includes computing the temperature stresses of the plate-type heat exchanger within the heat exchanger during its operation by a three-dimensional numerical simulation. Based on the computed temperature stresses, t
7785550 Process and device for separating hydrogen from gas flows by a pressure swing adsorption process August 31, 2010
A process for separating hydrogen from a gas flow having an oxygen constituent and including predominantly hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and/or other hydrocarbons, as well as a device for conducting the process, is disclosed. The gas flow underg
7765914 Displacer unit with a valve plate body August 3, 2010
A displacer unit with a valve plate body is disclosed. The displacer unit having at least one displacer space which is arranged in a cylindrical drum rotating about an axis of rotation and which can be connected to an inlet connection and an outlet connection by a control surface. The
7744676 TSA process June 29, 2010
In a TSA process of an at least two-component raw gas, to adjust for fluctuation in load, the cycle time of at least one method step is extended in the event of falling below the design load value.
7718914 Metal-protective gas-joint with changeable polarity May 18, 2010
A method of gas-shielded metal arc joining using a consumable electrode having an alternating polarity (GMA-AC). A shielding gas containing argon is used to improve process stability and working speed.
7669646 Heat exchanger with header and flow guide March 2, 2010
A plate heat exchanger includes a heat exchanger block having a plurality of heat exchange passages. On the heat exchanger block, a header is mounted that extends over at least one part of one side of the heat exchanger block and establishes a flow connection between the heat exchang
7637441 Cold gas spray gun December 29, 2009
A cold gas spray gun is disclosed. The spray gun includes a high-pressure gas heater which has a pressure vessel through which gas flows and a heating element situated in the pressure vessel, as well as a mixing chamber in which particles can be admixed with the gas through a particle
7554002 Method for cold supply to the low-temperature separation stage of an olefin plant June 30, 2009
A method is described for refrigerant supply of a low-temperature separation stage in a plant for producing olefins from hydrocarbon-containing feed (olefin plant). During the separation sequence beginning with a front end deethanizer (3) downstream of raw gas compressor (1), precool
7552915 Mass exchange column with exchange plates June 30, 2009
A column for mass exchange between a liquid and a gas includes at least one pair of adjacent exchange plates, formed by an upper exchange plate and a lower exchange plate. The column also includes a drain shaft for passing liquid between the upper exchange plate and the lower exchange
7536873 Process and device for cooling a gas by direct heat exchange with a cooling liquid May 26, 2009
For cooling a gas by direct heat exchange with a cooling liquid, the gas (1) to be cooled is introduced into the lower region of a direct contact cooler (2). A first stream of cooling liquid (8) is fed into the direct contact cooler (2) above the point of introduction of the gas (1). Coo
7518082 Method for arc welding of ductile cast iron April 14, 2009
A method for joining components made from ductile cast iron and made from ductile cast iron and steel, by arc welding with fusible electrodes under a gas blanket. The gas blanket comprises, in addition to argon, 1 to 25 vol. % carbon dioxide and/or 0.5 to 10 vol. % oxygen. The gas blanke
7517390 Process for adsorber regeneration April 14, 2009
The invention relates to a process for regenerating the adsorbers of adsorber stations in the crude gas stream of installations for obtaining gas products from synthesis gas with the aid of a cryogenic gas separation unit. A part-stream from the purified synthesis gas stream, which i
7516626 Apparatus for the low-temperature separation of a gas mixture, in particular air April 14, 2009
The apparatus is used to produce a product by low-temperature separation of a gas mixture, in particular air. It includes a direct contact cooler (3) for cooling the feed mixture, a purification apparatus (4) for purifying the cooled feed mixture and a low-temperature part (7). The l
7510395 Device for introducing substances into reaction space March 31, 2009
The invention relates to a device for mixing and/or introducing gases and/or liquids into a hot reaction space, said device comprising a metal tube and not being equipped with water cooling means. The metal tube is surrounded by a heat insulation made of refractory material to enable the
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