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RE42567 Electrochemical cell July 26, 2011
A biosensor for use in determining a concentration of a component in an aqueous liquid sample is provided including: an electrochemical cell having a first electrically resistive substrate having a thin layer of electrically conductive material, a second electrically resistive substr
D611489 User interface display for a glucose meter March 9, 2010
D601258 Analyte test meter docking station September 29, 2009
D601255 Analyte test meter September 29, 2009
D600813 Analyte test meter in a docking station September 22, 2009
D600349 Analyte test meter September 15, 2009
D586678 Analyte test meter February 17, 2009
D586466 Blood glucose meter February 10, 2009
D579653 Cradle for analyte test meter November 4, 2008
D579652 Cradle for analyte test meter November 4, 2008
D543878 Analyte test meter June 5, 2007
D477670 Visual blood glucose test strip July 22, 2003
D456910 Analyte test strip May 7, 2002
D444235 Blood glucose monitoring system June 26, 2001
D428150 Lancing device July 11, 2000
D417504 Blood glucose meter December 7, 1999
D399566 Blood glucose meter October 13, 1998
D392740 Blood glucose monitoring system March 24, 1998
D383550 Reagent test strip September 9, 1997
D381591 Visual test strip July 29, 1997
D378612 Blood glucose meter March 25, 1997
D371198 Blood glucose meter June 25, 1996
D367109 Test strip holder February 13, 1996
D318331 Blood glucose monitor July 16, 1991
8187658 Method of manufacturing analyte test strip for accepting diverse sample volumes May 29, 2012
A method of manufacturing an analyte test strip includes positioning a patterned spacer layer between a first insulating layer and a second insulating layer such that the second insulating is disposed above the first insulating layer and a channel is defined between the first and sec
8178313 Method for determining an analyte in a bodily fluid May 15, 2012
A method for determining (e.g., detecting and/or measuring the concentration of) an analyte in a bodily fluid sample includes obtaining a bodily fluid sample, applying the bodily fluid sample to an analyte test strip, transferring the applied bodily fluid sample to a sample-receiving
8173008 Method for determining an analyte in a bodily fluid sample using an analyte test strip with comb May 8, 2012
A method for determining an analyte in a bodily fluid sample includes inserting the analyte test strip into a test meter. The insertion is such that an electrical connector pin of the test meter travels along an electrical contact pad of the analyte test strip, and across a meter ide
8163162 Methods and apparatus for analyzing a sample in the presence of interferents April 24, 2012
Disclosed herein are methods and apparatus for determining analyte concentration in a rapid and accurate manner. The methods include depositing a physiological sample in an electrochemical cell and finding a first and second current transient. Peak current values are obtained from th
8101065 Systems, devices, and methods for improving accuracy of biosensors using fill time January 24, 2012
Methods for determining a concentration of an analyte in a sample, and the devices and systems used in conjunction with the same, are provided herein. In one exemplary embodiment of a method for determining a concentration of an analyte in a sample, a sample including an analyte is p
8101056 Electrochemical cell January 24, 2012
A hollow electrochemical cell is provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a hollow electrochemical cell includes two sets of electrodes and an opening for admitting an analyte to the cell. At least one of the two sets of electrodes can be in fluid communication with the opening. Furthe
8093903 System and method of processing a current sample for calculating a glucose concentration January 10, 2012
A system and method of processing a test current for an analyte measurement in a fluid using a test strip and a test meter are disclosed. The method comprises sampling the test current at a pre-determined sampling rate to acquire a plurality of A/D conversions. The method also compri
8075760 Electrochemical cell December 13, 2011
A method for determining the concentration of a reduced or oxidized form of a redox species is provided. In one exemplary embodiment, an electrochemical apparatus is provided in which the apparatus includes a hollow electrochemical cell for measuring a concentration of glucose in a b
8066866 Methods for measuring physiological fluids November 29, 2011
Electrochemical measurement techniques for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a physiological fluid sample are described. More particularly, the present invention relates to techniques for distinguishing a signal caused by an extraneous event from a desired information prov
8017395 Seeding cells on porous supports September 13, 2011
The present invention generally relates to a method for seeding cells on to a support. In particular, the method relates to a method for seeding cells onto a porous hydrophobic support. The method utilizes centrifugal forces to uniformly guide cell seeding into the support with no loss i
8016154 Sensor dispenser device and method of use September 13, 2011
Disclosed herein are electrochemical sensor dispensing methods and apparatus. The sensors dispensers can include an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal, the elongate body including a proximally positioned dispensing surface with an opening for dispensing a sensor. A stor
8001825 Auto-calibrating metering system and method of use August 23, 2011
Methods of auto-calibrating a meter are disclosed. In one aspect, the method can include determining a set of calibration information applicable to a sensor and storing the calibration information onto a tag element associated with a sensor dispenser. The tag element can be placed in
7944366 Malfunction detection with derivative calculation May 17, 2011
Systems and methods of detecting occlusions and fluid-loss conditions (e.g., disconnects and/or leakages) in an infusion pump are discussed. For example, electrokinetic infusion pumps may develop an occlusion in the fluid flow path, which can disrupt control of fluid dispersed from t
7943022 Analyte test strip with improved reagent deposition May 17, 2011
An analyte, system, strip and method are described. In one example, an analyte test strip is provided that includes a substrate, electrically conductive material and an isolated portion of the electrically conductive material. The substrate has a generally planar surface that extends
7922985 Analyte test strip for accepting diverse sample volumes April 12, 2011
An analyte test strip for accepting diverse bodily fluid sample volumes includes a first insulating layer, a second insulating layer disposed above the first insulating layer, and a third insulating layer disposed below the first insulating layer. The third insulating layer has a pla
7846312 Electrochemical cell connector December 7, 2010
The present invention relates to electrochemical cells including a connector which mates with a connection device to provide electrical connection to meter circuitry.
7824333 Diabetes management methods and systems November 2, 2010
The present invention relates to methods and systems for monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes treatment. Methods and systems in accordance with the present invention provide information relating to variability of glucose levels and hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Such information is
7794658 Open circuit delay devices, systems, and methods for analyte measurement September 14, 2010
System, circuits, and methods to reduce or eliminate uncompensated voltage drop between an electrode of an electrochemical cell usable for analyte measurement. In one example, a system is provided that includes a test strip, a reference voltage circuit, an operational amplifier connected
7756586 Wound healing patch with guard electrodes July 13, 2010
In one example, the present invention is directed to a wound-healing patch including a flexible substrate, at least one wound electrode, at least one guard electrode and at least one return electrode. The guard electrode is positioned between the wound and return electrodes in the el
7749371 Method and apparatus for rapid electrochemical analysis July 6, 2010
Methods and apparatus for electrochemically determining an analyte concentration value in a physiological sample are disclosed. The methods include using a test strip in which two time-current transients are measured by a meter electrically connected to an electrochemical test strip.
7747302 Method for integrating facilitated blood flow and blood analyte monitoring June 29, 2010
A method for the integrated facilitization of blood flow and monitoring of blood analyte concentration (for example, blood glucose concentration) includes implanting a stent configured to facilitate blood flow into a cardiovascular system of a user's body with the stent having attached
7713229 Drug delivery pen with event notification means May 11, 2010
Devices, systems and methods are provided for drug delivery and the monitoring thereof. The systems include a drug delivery device, a holder for the drug delivery device when the device is not in use, a detector for detecting the presence of the drug delivery device within or close to
7666287 Method for preparing an electrokinetic element February 23, 2010
A method for preparing an electrokinetic element is provided and generally includes providing a porous membrane adapted for use in an electrokinetic pump and encapsulating the porous membrane within a polymer substrate to yield an electrokinetic element base member having the porous memb
7654127 Malfunction detection in infusion pumps February 2, 2010
The present application is directed to systems and methods associated with infusion pumps, which can optionally utilize an electrokinetic driving mechanism. Infusion pumps, including electrokinetically-driven pumps, are discussed, along with schemes for controlling their operation. As we
7608175 Electrochemical cell October 27, 2009
This invention relates to a biosensor and more particularly to an electrochemical biosensor for determining the concentration of an analyte in a carrier. The invention is particularly useful for determining the concentration of glucose in blood and is described herein with reference
7604722 Electrochemical cell October 20, 2009
This invention relates to a biosensor and more particularly to an electrochemical biosensor for determining the concentration of an analyte in a carrier. The invention is particularly useful for determining the concentration of glucose in blood and is described herein with reference
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