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RE40527 Translatable head restraint for automotive seat backrest October 7, 2008
An occupant seat of a motor vehicle includes a backrest, and a headrest mounted atop the backrest on a pair of posts. The headrest includes a base portion supported by the posts, and an occupant-engaging contact portion that is supported by the base portion for relative translational
RE39316 Sliding visor October 3, 2006
A sliding visor includes a rod assembly and a visor body. The rod assembly includes a rod, a torque control, and a guide. The rod extends longitudinally. The torque control pivotally attaches to the rod. The guide is fixed to one side of the torque control. The visor body includes a
RE39010 Lightweight acoustical system March 14, 2006
An improved acoustical system for inhibiting noise in a motor vehicle. The system comprises an impermeable layer and an underlayment adjacent to the impermeable layer. The underlayment includes a first fibrous layer and a second fibrous layer. The underlayment has an airflow resistance b
RE35622 Dual synchronous opening mirror doors for sun visors October 7, 1997
A hollow visor is provided which is adapted to receive a mirror and which defines a channel. A plurality of doors are provided which are located within the visor and which are movable within the channel for selectively moving between an extended position which covers the mirror in the
D666152 Connector assembly August 28, 2012
D604326 Display panel or screen with computer generated image of the body pressure distribution pattern November 17, 2009
D406096 Cargo net for vehicle seat back February 23, 1999
D393623 Removable storage container for motor vehicle April 21, 1998
D391791 Vehicles seat bolster March 10, 1998
D391223 Storage container for motor vehicles February 24, 1998
8587403 Method and system of determining and preventing relay attack for passive entry system November 19, 2013
A system and method for preventing relay attack on a passive entry system (PES) or other passive system (PS) included within a vehicle or other entity. The relay attack prevention may be based in part on an assessment of whether the fob is able to distinguish signal strength relative to
8585147 Stowable rear seat with fore and aft adjustment November 19, 2013
A vehicle seat is provided with a linkage that may be used to raise and lower a front portion of the seat base. A track assembly is provided in combination with the linkage that moves the seat in a fore-and-aft direction with the seat back in either an upright or fold flat position.
8585145 Vehicle seat easy entry system November 19, 2013
A vehicle seat easy entry system includes a vehicle seat having a seat bottom and a seat back. A seat track assembly receives the vehicle seat and selectively allows forward and rearward travel of the seat bottom. A seat track locking mechanism is engageable to lock the seat bottom with
8584333 Method for manufacturing a vehicle seat cushion assembly November 19, 2013
A method for manufacturing a vehicle seat cushion assembly includes providing a first material to define an outer seating surface. A second material is sewn to the first material using first and second sewing lines disposed generally parallel to each other. A wadding material is disp
8581696 Universal garage door opener and appliance control system November 12, 2013
Universal garage door opener and appliance control system operable to facilitate garage door opener and appliance control with a fob or other wireless device operable to wirelessly communicate corresponding instructions to a vehicle other device for subsequent relay to the garage doo
8573702 Seat assembly having an adjustable head restraint assembly November 5, 2013
A seat assembly that includes a seat back, a support post disposed on the seat back, and a headrest moveably disposed on the support post. The headrest includes first and second transverse members disposed on the support post and a spindle assembly rotatably associated with the first
8573701 Support member for vehicle seat head restraint November 5, 2013
A head restraint assembly for a vehicle seat has a head restraint post adapted to be mounted to the vehicle seat. A support member is coupled to the head restraint post. The support member having a plurality of attachment receptacles to mount the head restraint post to one of the plu
8573698 Adjustable seat track having improved track engagement structure November 5, 2013
A seat adjustment apparatus comprises a first rail (24) and a second rail (26) each having a plurality of openings that extend along a longitudinal axis, the openings being defined by spaced-apart locking surfaces. A locking mechanism having first (56) and second (58) locking portions is
8573635 Vehicle seat assembly with air bag protection member November 5, 2013
A vehicle seat assembly according to the present disclosure includes an air bag module having a front and a side, and the air bag module includes an inflatable air bag and a flexible cover at least partially covering the air bag. The flexible cover may include a protection portion that
8573552 Cup holder assembly having a pair of lids and a single release button November 5, 2013
A cup holder assembly includes a base and a pair of lid assemblies. The lid assemblies are respectively supported on the base for movement between an opened position and a closed position, wherein the lid assemblies are separately biased in the opened position. A pair of locking tabs
8570699 Relayless and fuseless junction box October 29, 2013
A relayless and fuseless junction box or power distribution unit. The junction box configured to perform operations associated with fuses and relays without the short-comings associated with the operations thereof.
8570147 Debounce strategy for validating switch actuation October 29, 2013
A debounce strategy is disclosed for use with a switch detection circuit to validate whether the switch is properly actuated or whether interferences, switch bounce, or other interruptions are presenting indications of switch activation. The debounce strategy may be implemented in a
8561742 Insert, plastic part assembly utilizing same and die-casting mold for making the insert October 22, 2013
A molded metal insert and plastic part integrally formed therewith form an assembly wherein the insert is provided with anti-rotation, die-cast teeth. The insert is adapted to attach and fix the plastic part to a vehicle structure in combination with a threaded fastener. The insert i
8297705 Adjustable head restraint for an automotive vehicle seat October 30, 2012
A head restraint system for an automotive vehicle seat includes a post having first and second end portions, a support member fixedly attached to the second end portion of the post, and a head rest assembly. The support member includes a locking feature. The head rest assembly includ
8284020 Passive entry system and method for a vehicle October 9, 2012
A passive entry system and method for determining the location of a remote transmitter positioned near a vehicle. The system and method may include an irregularly shaped authorization zone. The authorization zone may be formed using as least three LF antennas. Alternatively, at least
8282429 Electrical terminal with coil spring October 9, 2012
An electrical terminal operable to facilitate electrical connectivity between the terminal and an electrical connector. The electrical terminal may include a cap to facilitate positioning a conducting element, such as but not limited to a coil spring, within a receptacle used to connect
8282164 Seating durability layer electrical, mechanical and connecting system integration October 9, 2012
A vehicle seat assembly has a seat bottom that is adapted for attachment to a vehicle. The seat bottom has a foam layer and an expanded polymer layer that defines a first cavity. The first cavity is configured to receive an electrical component.
8278874 Apparatus and method for balancing the transfer of electrical energy from an external power sour October 2, 2012
In at least one embodiment, a device for balancing a flow of electrical energy from a vehicle to an external power source is provided. The device comprises a balance circuit being configured to receive an input current signal from the power source and to transmit an output current signal
8274382 Compass based car locator September 25, 2012
A remote keyless entry system is provided comprising a handheld remote keyless entry transmitter in selectable wireless communication with a car based entry system. The handheld remote keyless entry transmitter comprises an integrated electronic compass element and logic adapted to s
8272665 Side air bag assembly for vehicle seat September 25, 2012
A vehicle seat air bag assembly (17) having an air bag module (18) includes an air bag guide (44) that is foldable from a flexible sheet (46) to provide both left and right hand embodiments with connection of distal ends of the flexible sheet to each other after the folding fabricati
8269641 Vehicle power management system September 18, 2012
A vehicle power management system (VPMS) controls a charging voltage of a battery in a vehicle, wherein a VPMS controller evaluates state-of-charge (SOC), battery temperature, and battery charging current to determine a charge mode. A rapid charge mode is used when the SOC is less than a
8253269 Economizer for vehicle battery disconnect August 28, 2012
An economizer configured to connected coils in series and in parallel with a voltage source in order to facilitate pulling relays to a closed position, and thereafter, holding the relays in the closed position while reducing a voltage applied across the coils.
8249947 Vehicle seat component selection system August 21, 2012
A vehicle seat component selection system includes a showroom having a vehicle seat component display and a touch screen terminal for input of customer data such as vehicle identification, vehicle assembly location and vehicle assembly volume. The terminal has access to a vehicle seat
8242874 Electrical connector housing August 14, 2012
A fuse holder for an electrical fuse includes a first housing portion which has first and second electrical terminals disposed therein. A second housing portion is pivotally attached to the first housing portion, and is configured to carry the electrical fuse. Pivoting the first and
8240759 Seat assembly having a trim cover August 14, 2012
A seat assembly having a trim cover assembly disposed proximate a cushion. The trim cover assembly includes a first portion and a second portion. The second portion has a first end coupled to the first portion, a second end coupled to the frame, and an elastomeric layer that exerts a
8232792 System and method for controlling the output voltage of a power supply July 31, 2012
A system and method for controlling the output voltage of a power supply that includes a control section and an interconnect section having an output point. A voltage regulator provides a control section voltage, and a current measurement device measures a control section current and
8231177 Folding head restraint mechanism July 31, 2012
A foldable head restraint assembly includes a mounting subassembly, a structural shell, and a locking plate. The mounting subassembly supports the structural shell and includes a first support post, a second support post, a cross member, and a latch rigidly. The cross member is attached
8225633 Rotation mechanism for key blade July 24, 2012
In at least one embodiment, a fob assembly comprising a housing, a mechanical key a spring cover, a spring, and a button is provided. The mechanical key includes includes a key holder for rotation to and from the housing and defines an opening extending therethrough to define a pivot
8222549 Input control module with adaptive actuators July 17, 2012
An electronic input control assembly adjusts to the shape of a receiving assembly. The input control assembly includes an input control module and an actuator module. The actuator module has one or more actuators that are manually activated by a user. Advantageously, the input control
8218608 Self-tuning transmitter July 10, 2012
A self-tuning duplicating transceiver is provided. The transceiver includes a microprocessor, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes an electrically tunable radio frequency oscillator, and the receiver includes a counter for determining an edge count associated with a
8215810 Interior components having illumination features July 10, 2012
An interior component having an illuminated portion comprises a trim cover positioned over a substrate. At least one light conductive element is in communication with an illumination source. A carrier engages the trim cover. The carrier further secures the light conductive element to
8215714 Vehicle seat assembly with interlocking layered seating system July 10, 2012
A vehicle seat transitional composite with a structural reinforcement member adapted to be mounted within a vehicle seat to provide support to an occupant. The structural reinforcement member has at least two edge regions and an inner region at least partially bound within the at least
8215709 Vehicle seat having active head restraint system July 10, 2012
A vehicle seat assembly having a seatback frame, an upper armature that is movable relative to the seatback frame and a head restraint mounted on the upper armature. A linkage assembly operatively interconnects the upper armature and an impact body such that movement of the impact body
8215602 Longitudinal adjustment apparatus for a vehicle seat July 10, 2012
A longitudinal seat adjustment apparatus for a vehicle seat includes a first seat support member that is attachable to a vehicle. A second seat support member that is movable with respect to the first seat support member and configured to support the seat such that the seat is movable
8210008 Ignition module with multi-beam spring July 3, 2012
An ignition module assembly having a housing member connectable to an ignition system the housing having an undulating surface. A slider member is connected to the housing member and moved between a plurality of discrete positions. The slider member controls the ignition system based
8207454 Electrical junction box June 26, 2012
An electrical junction box for an automotive vehicle. The junction box includes an upper cover and a lower cover. The lower cover may be constructed as a unitary one-piece molded body that defines a plurality of separate terminal cavities. Each of the separate terminal cavities is ad
8206184 Connector assembly for vehicle charging June 26, 2012
A connector assembly is provided with a support structure having an elongate shape and an inlet for receiving a charging cable. A fitting is disposed in mechanical interlocking engagement with a distal end of the support structure for interconnecting the support structure with a vehi
8205945 Rotary mechanism of rotary seats June 26, 2012
A rotary mechanism includes an upper seat pan, a lower seat pan and an arc slideway mechanism. The upper and lower seat pans are connected at their sides and can rotate relative to each other. A middle inner slide rail of the arc slideway mechanism, which has a long through-hole in its
8204236 Protection procedure for speaker systems June 19, 2012
Protection method and system for use with speaker systems. The method and system being suitable for use in any number of environments to protect speakers from overload and other undesirable operating conditions. The method and system optionally being suitable for use in maintaining syste
8203424 Automatic walk-away detection June 19, 2012
A method and system for walk-away locking of a vehicle. The vehicle may be automatically locked when an occupant walks away from the vehicle in a passive manner. The automatic locking capabilities may be incorporated within an energy conservation strategy that allows one or more vehicle

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