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Lasa Industries, Inc. Patents
Lasa Industries, Inc.
San Jose, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5338924 Apparatus and method for automatic focusing of light using a fringe plate August 16, 1994
The present invention provides an apparatus and method to automatically focus an incident beam of monochromatic parallel planar light on a work piece, using a fringe plate and a vision detector. The work piece may have a perfect mirror surface, or have a non-reflective patterned surface.
5260235 Method of making laser generated I. C. pattern for masking November 9, 1993
An improved method of patterning layers on a semiconductor element by use of laser processing. A thin film of amorphous silicon is deposited on a fused quartz window. Selected regions of the amorphous silicon are crystallized by a laser beam focused through the quartz window. The non
5104481 Method for fabricating laser generated I.C. masks April 14, 1992
An improved method of making masks includes forming a layer of amorphous silicon of about 2,000 angstroms on a transparent substrate. A laser beam is directed through the transparent substrate traverses the amorphous silicon to form a pattern of crystallized silicon. The n-crystallized
4978841 Automatic leveling system and a method of leveling a workpiece based on focus detection December 18, 1990
An automatic leveling system and a method of use of the leveling system that is suited for use with electronic components. The system uses an automatic laser focus system to focus on three separate locations on a workpiece, and the information about the focus positions is sent to a c
4928284 Laser power control system May 22, 1990
A laser power beam control system includes a photodetector for generating an electrical signal which is proportional to the power level of the laser beam. The electrical signal is converted to a high frequency modulated signal which controls a single acousto-optical modulator. The ac
4897150 Method of direct write desposition of a conductor on a semiconductor January 30, 1990
An improved method of patterning a conductive interconnect on a semiconductor element is disclosed. A catalytic layer of, for example, amorphous silicon is deposited on a semiconductor element. The areas over which a conductive pattern is to be formed is activated by directing a focu
4865683 Method and apparatus for laser process control September 12, 1989
A method and apparatus for controlling the energy of a laser beam on a workpiece includes a photodetector for generating an electrical signal which is proportional to the light reflected from the workpiece. The energy of the laser beam at the workpiece is increased from some predeter

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