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RE43508 Plasma confinement by use of preferred RF return path July 17, 2012
A confinement assembly for confining a discharge within an interaction space of a plasma processing apparatus comprising a stack of rings and at least one electrically conductive member. The rings are spaced apart from each other to form slots therebetween and are positioned to surround
RE41266 Composite electrode for plasma processes April 27, 2010
An electrode assembly for a plasma reactor, such as a plasma etch or plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor, comprises an electrode plate having a support frame attached to one surface thereof. The electrode plate is composed of a substantially pure material which is compa
RE39534 Method and apparatus to calibrate a semi-empirical process simulator March 27, 2007
A method and apparatus for calibrating a semi-empirical process simulator used to determine process values in a plasma process for creating a desired surface profile on a process substrate includes providing a test model which captures all mechanisms responsible for profile evolution in
RE39145 Method and apparatus for in-situ monitoring of plasma etch and deposition processes using a puls June 27, 2006
An interferometric method and apparatus for in-situ monitoring of a thin film thickness and of etch and deposition rates using a pulsed flash lamp providing a high instantaneous power pulse and having a wide spectral width. The optical path between the flash lamp and a spectrograph used
RE38097 Chemical vapor deposition system with a plasma chamber having separate process gas and cleaning April 29, 2003
A method and arrangement for the insitu cleaning of a chamber in which process gas is injected into the chamber through gas injection ports. Separate gas injection ports through which process gas and the cleaning gas are injected into the chamber are provided. The process gas is inje
8587113 Thermal plate with planar thermal zones for semiconductor processing November 19, 2013
A thermal plate for a substrate support assembly in a semiconductor plasma processing apparatus, includes multiple independently controllable planar thermal zones arranged in a scalable multiplexing layout, and electronics to independently control and power the planar heater zones. E
8586133 Method for strengthening adhesion between dielectric layers formed adjacent to metal layers November 19, 2013
A method is provided which includes forming a metal layer and converting at least a portion of the metal layer to a hydrated metal oxide layer. Another method is provided which includes selectively depositing a dielectric layer upon another dielectric layer and selectively depositing
8585844 Extending lifetime of yttrium oxide as a plasma chamber material November 19, 2013
A method of installing a component of a plasma processing chamber by replacing a used component with a component made by forming a dual-layer green body and co-sintering the dual-layer green body so as to form a three-layer component. The three layer component comprises an outer layer
8585825 Acoustic assisted single wafer wet clean for semiconductor wafer process November 19, 2013
A method for cleaning a substrate is provided that includes applying a liquid medium to a surface of the substrate such that the liquid medium substantially covers a portion of the substrate that is being cleaned. One or more transducers are used to generate acoustic energy. The gene
8584613 Single substrate processing head for particle removal using low viscosity fluid November 19, 2013
A head for dispensing a thin film over a substrate is disclosed. The head includes a body assembly that extends between a first and a second end that is at least a width of the substrate. The body includes a main bore that is defined between the first and the second ends, the main bore
8584612 UV lamp assembly of degas chamber having rotary shutters November 19, 2013
A UV lamp assembly having rotary shutters. Each rotary shutter has a concave wall with a reflective concave surface. The rotary shutters can be collectively rotated between an open position and an closed position. At the open position, the rotary shutters do not block UV light of UV
8580079 Electrode carrier assemblies November 12, 2013
In accordance with one embodiment of the present disclosure, an electrode carrier assembly is provided including an electrode carrying annulus and a plurality of electrode mounting members. The electrode carrying annulus includes an electrode containment sidewall that forms an inner or o
8580078 Bevel etcher with vacuum chuck November 12, 2013
A bevel etcher incorporating a vacuum chuck used for cleaning the bevel edge and for reducing the bending curvature of a semiconductor substrate. The bevel etcher includes a vacuum chuck and a plasma generation unit which energizes process gas into a plasma state. The vacuum chuck in
8580076 Plasma apparatus, gas distribution assembly for a plasma apparatus and processes therewith November 12, 2013
A plasma apparatus, various components of the plasma apparatus, and an oxygen free and nitrogen free processes for effectively removing photoresist material and post etch residues from a substrate with a carbon and/or hydrogen containing low k dielectric layer(s).
8580045 Method and apparatus for physical confinement of a liquid meniscus over a semiconductor wafer November 12, 2013
Systems, methods and apparatus for making a chemical head including forming a first return chamber in the chemical head, forming a second return chamber in the chemical head, forming a plurality of first return conduits from a head surface to the first return chamber, forming a plura
8574447 Inorganic rapid alternating process for silicon etch November 5, 2013
A method for etching features into a silicon substrate disposed below a mask in a plasma processing chamber is provided. The silicon substrate is etched through the mask comprising a plurality of cycles, wherein each cycle comprises a sidewall deposition phase and an etch phase. The
8574397 Bevel edge plasma chamber with top and bottom edge electrodes November 5, 2013
A plasma processing chamber configured for cleaning a bevel edge of a substrate is provided. The chamber includes a top edge electrode surrounding an insulating plate, and the insulator plate opposes a bottom electrode. The top edge electrode is electrically grounded and separated fr
8573153 Multi-part electrode for a semiconductor processing plasma reactor and method of replacing a por November 5, 2013
An improved upper electrode system has a multi-part electrode in which a central portion of the electrode having high wear is replaceable independent of an outer peripheral portion of the electrode. The upper electrode can be used in plasma processing systems for processing semicondu
8573152 Showerhead electrode November 5, 2013
A showerhead electrode, a gasket set and an assembly thereof in plasma reaction chamber for etching semiconductor substrates are provided with improved a gas injection hole pattern, positioning accuracy and reduced warping, which leads to enhanced uniformity of plasma processing rate. A
8567421 Method and system for uniformly applying a multi-phase cleaning solution to a substrate October 29, 2013
An apparatus used to supply a force onto a cleaning solution for processing a substrate for cleaning surface contaminants is disclosed. The apparatus includes a force applicator and a gate. The force applicator is configured to be adjusted to a first height off the surface of the sub
8563619 Methods and arrangements for plasma processing system with tunable capacitance October 22, 2013
A method for processing a substrate in a plasma processing chamber is provided. The substrate is disposed above a chuck and surrounded by an edge ring. The edge ring is electrically isolated from the chuck. The method includes providing RF power to the chuck. The method also includes
8562785 Gas distribution showerhead for inductively coupled plasma etch reactor October 22, 2013
A two piece ceramic showerhead includes upper and lower plates which deliver process gas to an inductively coupled plasma processing chamber. The upper plate overlies the lower plate and includes radially extending gas passages which extend inwardly from an outer periphery of the upper
8562750 Method and apparatus for processing bevel edge October 22, 2013
A method and apparatus for processing a bevel edge is provided. A substrate is placed in a bevel processing chamber and a passivation layer is formed on the substrate only around a bevel region of the substrate using a passivation plasma confined in a peripheral region of the bevel p
8562272 Substrate load and unload mechanisms for high throughput October 22, 2013
In various exemplary embodiments described herein, a system includes a plurality of carrier arms each having concentrically mounted midpoints between opposing ends of the carrier arms with a wafer carrier mounted on each of the opposing ends of the carrier arms. A hub includes a pluralit
8562266 Flush mounted fastener for plasma processing apparatus October 22, 2013
A fastener assembly for parts of a plasma chamber. The fastener assembly includes a bolt with a tool engaging socket and a spring-loaded pin which fits in a through hole of the bolt. When installed, the spring-loaded pin substantially fills the space in the socket and thus prevents paras
8299390 Apparatus and method for controlling plasma density profile October 30, 2012
A number of RF power transmission paths are defined to extend from an RF power source through a matching network, through a transmit electrode, through a plasma to a number of return electrodes. A number of tuning elements are respectively disposed within the number of RF power trans
8298958 Organic line width roughness with H.sub.2 plasma treatment October 30, 2012
A method for reducing very low frequency line width roughness (LWR) in forming etched features in an etch layer disposed below a patterned organic mask is provided. The patterned organic mask is treated to reduce very low frequency line width roughness of the patterned organic mask,
8298949 Profile and CD uniformity control by plasma oxidation treatment October 30, 2012
A method of forming spacers from a non-silicon oxide, silicon containing spacer layer with horizontal surfaces and sidewall surfaces over a substrate is provided. A plasma oxidation treatment is provided to form a silicon oxide coating over the spacer layer, wherein the silicon oxide
8298626 Methods for selective pre-coating of a plasma processing chamber October 30, 2012
A method for processing a substrate in a plasma processing system is provided. The method includes disposing a first confinement ring set in a first position. The method also includes depositing a first coating on a first portion of the plasma processing system using a first plasma in a
8298433 Methods for removing an edge polymer from a substrate October 30, 2012
A method for generating plasma for removing an edge polymer from a substrate is provided. The method includes providing a powered electrode assembly, which includes a powered electrode, a dielectric layer, and a wire mesh disposed between the powered electrode and the dielectric laye
8298336 High strip rate downstream chamber October 30, 2012
A gas chamber contains upper and lower chamber bodies forming a cavity, a heating chuck for a wafer, a remote gas source, and an exhaust unit. Gas is injected into the cavity through channels in an injector. Each channel has sections that are bent with respect to each other at a sufficie
8298325 Electroless deposition from non-aqueous solutions October 30, 2012
A non-aqueous electroless copper plating solution that includes an anhydrous copper salt component, an anhydrous cobalt salt component, a non-aqueous complexing agent, and a non-aqueous solvent is provided.
8295966 Methods and apparatus to predict etch rate uniformity for qualification of a plasma chamber October 23, 2012
A method for predicting etch rate uniformity for qualifying health status of a processing chamber during substrate processing of substrates is provided. The method includes executing a recipe and receiving processing data from a first set of sensors. The method further includes analyzing
8295963 Methods for performing data management for a recipe-and-component control module October 23, 2012
A computer-implemented method for performing data management in a plasma processing system is provided. The method includes providing a recipe-and component control module (RACCM). The RACCM is a server that includes a plurality of intelligent agents, which are configured to interact wit
8293335 Yttria-coated ceramic components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses and methods of October 23, 2012
Yttria-coated ceramic components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses include a substrate and at least one yttria-containing coating on the substrate. The components are made by applying a first yttria-containing coating on a ceramic substrate, which can be a green body o
8293023 System and method for monitoring wafer stress October 23, 2012
A method of using a processing system that is operable to deposit liquid and to remove liquid by way of negative pressure. The method includes arranging a device to have at least one of the liquid deposited thereon by the processing system and the liquid removed therefrom by the proc
8292698 On-line chamber cleaning using dry ice blasting October 23, 2012
An on-line method of cleaning contaminants from at least one interior surface in plasma chambers comprises blasting one or more interior surfaces of a plasma chamber with dry ice to remove contaminants from the one or more surfaces.
8292697 Method for manufacturing a hybrid composite wafer carrier for wet clean equipment October 23, 2012
A carrier structure for supporting a substrate when being processed by passing the carrier through a meniscus formed by upper and lower proximity heads is described. A method of manufacturing the carrier further described. The method includes forming a composite frame having a carbon
8291921 Removing bubbles from a fluid flowing down through a plenum October 23, 2012
In an example embodiment, a top proximity head for depositing fluids on a semiconductor wafer includes a delivery bore which receives fluid. The top proximity head includes a plenum that is connected to the delivery bore by numerous input channels into which fluid flows from the delivery
8291565 Method of refurbishing bipolar electrostatic chuck October 23, 2012
A bipolar electrostatic chuck refurbishing process in accordance with an aspect of the present invention does not require physical separation of the two electrodes of the electrostatic chuck. One aspect of the present invention is drawn to method of treating a bipolar electrostatic chuck
8290717 Methods and apparatus for wafer area pressure control in an adjustable gap plasma chamber October 16, 2012
In a plasma processing chamber, a method and an arrangement to stabilize pressure are provided. The method includes providing coarse pressure adjustments in an open-loop manner and thereafter providing fine pressure adjustments in a closed-loop manner. The coarse pressure adjustments are
8287656 Methods for correlating gap value to meniscus stability in processing of a wafer surface by a re October 16, 2012
Methods for monitoring meniscus processing of a wafer surface to stabilize a meniscus are provided. In one example, the processing is in response to a current recipe that defines a desired gap between the wafer surface and a proximity head. The method includes the operations of monit
8287647 Apparatus and method for atomic layer deposition October 16, 2012
The embodiments provide apparatus and methods of depositing conformal thin film on interconnect structures by providing processes and systems using an atomic layer deposition (ALD). More specifically, each of the ALD systems includes a proximity head that has a small reaction volume
8283255 In-situ photoresist strip during plasma etching of active hard mask October 9, 2012
A method for etching features in a silicon layer is provided. A hard mask layer is formed over the silicon layer. A photoresist layer is formed over the hard mask layer. The hard mask layer is opened. The photoresist layer is stripped by providing a stripping gas; forming a plasma with t
8282987 Aluminum-plated components of semiconductor material and methods of manufacturing the components October 9, 2012
Aluminum-plated components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses are disclosed. The components include a substrate and an optional intermediate layer formed on at least one surface of the substrate. The intermediate layer includes at least one surface. An aluminum plating
8282847 Photoresist double patterning October 9, 2012
A method for etching an etch layer formed on a substrate is provided. A first photoresist (PR) mask with first mask features is provided on the etch layer. A protective coating is provided on the first PR mask by a process including at least one cycle. Each cycle includes (a) a depos
8282698 Reduction of particle contamination produced by moving mechanisms in a process tool October 9, 2012
In various exemplary embodiments described herein, a system and related method to reduce particle contamination on substrates is disclosed. The system includes a substrate traverser mechanism having tracks to transport substrate carriers with one or more traverser ducts arranged to s
8277675 Method of damaged low-k dielectric film layer removal October 2, 2012
An apparatus, system and method for removing a damaged material from a low-k dielectric film layer include identifying a control chemistry, the control chemistry configured to selectively remove the damaged material from the low-k dielectric film layer, the damaged material being in a
8277670 Plasma process with photoresist mask pretreatment October 2, 2012
A method for etching features in a dielectric layer through a photoresist (PR) mask is provided. The PR mask is patterned using laser light having a wavelength not more than 193 nm. The PR mask is pre-treated with a noble gas plasma, and then a plurality of cycles of a plasma process is
8277604 Antenna for plasma processor and apparatus October 2, 2012
An antenna includes excitation terminals responsive to an RF source to supply an RF electromagnetic field to a plasma that processes a workpiece in a vacuum chamber. The coil includes a transformer having a primary winding coupled to the excitation terminals and a multi-turn plasma e

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