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RE40219 Diaphragm pump comprising on at least a portion of its periphery preferred deformation zone and April 8, 2008
The invention provides a pump of type comprising a moving member mounted to move relative to a support, the moving member having a central duct into which the substance to be dispensed penetrates via at least one opening, the support co-operating with the moving member to define a va
RE38816 Dispensing cap with gripping means October 11, 2005
A dispensing cap intended to equip a reservoir containing a liquid or viscous product includes a body provided with at least one dispensing opening and a lid articulated to the body around an axis. The lid is intended to stopper the dispensing opening in the storage position. The bod
RE38755 Progressive brush for applying a cosmetic product July 12, 2005
A brush for applying a cosmetic product, in particular for applying mascara to eyelashes or dye to hair, has an elongate core (2) formed by the helical winding of two strands of metal wire (3), with bristles (4) radially implanted in the core and being tightly held between the twisted
RE38698 Assembly for packaging and applying a product, especially a cosmetic product February 8, 2005
An assembly (1) for packaging and applying a product, especially a cosmetic product, includes a reservoir (2) formed of a body (3) surmounted by a neck (12) having a free edge which delimits an opening (18) and a cap element (17) capable of removably capping the opening (18). The cap
RE38646 Brush for applying makeup, a device fitted therewith, and a method of manufacture November 9, 2004
The invention relates to a brush for applying makeup, in particular mascara, the brush comprising a core made up of two twisted-together lengths of wire between which bristles are held. At least some of said bristles are constituted by bristles of deformable section each having at le
RE38397 Brush for applying a cosmetic product and make-up device comprising it January 27, 2004
A brush comprises a wand defining a major axis, a flexible core which defines the length of the brush, the core having a first end and a second end, the first end being secured to the wand. Bristles are inserted radially into the core, the ends of the bristles defining an envelope su
RE38362 Compositions for making up the eyes December 23, 2003
Cosmetic composition, in particular one for making up the eyes, comprising: (a) at least one aqueous phase comprising at least one film-forming polymer, (b) at least one fatty phase comprising at least one wax, and (c) at least one silicone selected from the group consisting of: (i)
RE38328 Packaging and dispensing device November 25, 2003
The invention relates to a device for packaging and dispensing substances in the form of a liquid, a gel, or a paste form, the device comprising a receptacle having a plurality of compartments for separately storing at least two substances, each compartment having an outlet for the subst
RE38230 Brush having plano-convex profile August 26, 2003
A brush (200) has a straight stem (201) defining a main axis (X--X), a flexible core (202) having a first and a second end, the first end being integral with the stem, and bristles (204) implanted radially in the core. The end of the bristles defining the surface (205) of the brush have
RE38207 Valve with outlet flow rate regulation, and container equipped with such a valve August 5, 2003
A valve (1), particularly for an aerosol container, includes, inside a valve body (2), an inlet passage (4) communicating with the container and an outlet passage (10), a first elastic return (16) for urging the valve (1) into the closed position, and a regulator for regulating the produ
RE38185 Process for molding a make-up composition July 15, 2003
Process for moulding a make-up composition in a mould comprising a concave moulding surface forming the base of the mould and a bottom forming the upper component of the mould and closing off the space bounded by the said moulding surface, the composition being cast in the said mould in
RE38067 Device for separately storing at least two substances, for mixing them together, and for dispens April 8, 2003
The invention relates to a device enabling at least two substances to be stored separately, to be mixed together, and the resulting mixture to be dispensed, said device being of the type comprising a receptacle and at least one removable shutter suitable for separating, inside the re
RE38023 Head for dispensing a liquid product in the form of an aerosol and dispenser equipped with such March 11, 2003
The invention relates to a head for dispensing a liquid product in the form of an aerosol. The dispensing head includes a push-button, at least two ducts housed in the push-button and at least two nozzles provided in the push-button. At least part of each duct is radial, and another part
RE38022 Dispensing head March 11, 2003
A dispensing head for dispensing a product of liquid to viscous consistency. The head has a fixed part (10) fixed on a dispenser reservoir (3) and a movable part (4) separated from the fixed part by a peripheral cutout and connected thereto in a pivotable manner by a hinge zone (7).
RE38019 Brush having a plano-concave profile March 11, 2003
A brush (200) has a straight stem (201) defining a main axis (X--X), a flexible core (202) having a first end integral with the stem and bristles (204) implanted radially in the core. The ends of the bristles define the surface (205) of the brush, this surface having a first face. The
RE38016 Application unit for a lipstick-type product March 4, 2003
An application unit (1) includes a first compartment (4) intended to form a housing for an application (6) containing a product capable of solubilizing or gelling on its surface in contact with a liquid composition, and mounted in a detachable manner in the first compartment (4) thro
RE37931 Deformable applicator with capillary feed December 10, 2002
Applicator including a reservoir containing a substance to be applied, a cap intended to close the reservoir and supporting a stopper including an applicator holder supporting a deformable element for applying the substance. The deformable element has a shape memory, i.e., can return to
RE37675 Dispensing bottle having two openings April 30, 2002
A reservoir body (101) contains a product (102) and is provided with at least two openings, one (P) of these openings being provided with a part (103) for increasing the pressure, and the other opening (R) being provided with a part (110) for braking and retaining the product (110).
RE37198 Process for the preparation of a solid dispersion of at least one polyhydric alcohol in a fatty May 29, 2001
A process for preparing a stable and anhydrous solid dispersion, containing from 20 to 95 weight percent of a fatty body, constituted of 10 to 50 weight percent of at least one wax having a melting point greater than C., and from 4 to 50 weight percent of a polyhydric alcohol,
RE34300 Chloro-meta-phenylenediamines, their use as couplers in the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibre July 6, 1993
New chloro-meta-phenylenediamines, their use as couplers in the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibres, dyeing compositions for hair containing these compounds and dyeing process using the said compositions.The invention relates to the compounds of formula: ##STR1## in which Z and Z'
RE30516 Process for permanently waving hair using a self-heating neutralizing composition containing a w February 17, 1981
A packaged, self-heating neutralizing composition for use in the second stage of a permanent waving operation comprises a first component selected from a water-soluble sulfite, bisulfite, metabisulfite or thiourea stored in one compartment of a two-compartment package and a second compon
RE29871 Fatty compositions for use in cosmetic makeup compositions and said cosmetic makeup compositions December 26, 1978
A fatty composition for use in producing cosmetic compositions comprising a mixture of at least one cosmetic fatty body and at least one non-toxic copolymer of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 represents a saturated hydrocarbon chain, linear or branched, having from 1-19 car
D660005 Container with brush applicator May 22, 2012
D618561 Container with applicator June 29, 2010
D615304 Fingertip tool May 11, 2010
D600123 Bottle September 15, 2009
D584156 Bottle January 6, 2009
D482162 Makeup apparatus November 11, 2003
D467164 Bottle December 17, 2002
D432429 Bottle October 24, 2000
D426410 Dispenser June 13, 2000
D402894 Container for cosmetic products December 22, 1998
D402203 Spray unit December 8, 1998
D401150 Spray unit November 17, 1998
D346747 Bottle May 10, 1994
D345299 Pump dispenser March 22, 1994
D341740 Soap dish package November 30, 1993
D270614 Bottle September 20, 1983
D269591 Bottle July 5, 1983
D268812 Bottle May 3, 1983
D254035 Finger held make up applicator or implement January 22, 1980
D253010 Finger held make up applicator September 25, 1979
8588963 Cosmetic or dermatological system including an internal clock and/or a clock data receiver and a November 19, 2013
A cosmetic or dermatological system including a handheld packaging and dispenser device including one or more compositions from which a preparation to be delivered in a fluid form suitable for an application onto skin, mucous membranes or keratinous fibers, an internal clock and/or a
8586014 Composition for the care of keratin material and cosmetic treatment process using said compositi November 19, 2013
The present disclosure relates to a cosmetic composition for the care of keratin materials and which comprises, in an aqueous medium: at least one silicone, at least one mono- or diester of a fatty acid and of ethylene glycol or of polyethylene glycol, and at least one ester of a C
8586013 Comfortable, long-wearing, transfer-resistant colored cosmetic compositions having a non-tacky f November 19, 2013
The present invention is directed to an anhydrous composition which is long wearing and transfer resistant, while at the same time providing superior comfort, non-tacky feel and cushioning, the composition containing: (a) at least one silsesquioxane resin; (b) at least one polypropyl
8585779 Composition comprising at least one 2-pyrrolidone functionalized in the 4 position with a carbox November 19, 2013
The invention relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibers, and in particular human keratin fibers such as the hair, comprising at least one 2-pyrrolidone functionalized in the 4 position with a carboxylic acid or amide radical, and at least one hydrophobic direct dye or a pigment;
8585778 Cationic 6-aminoindolines, dyeing compositions containing them, processes and uses thereof November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to a cationic 6-aminoindoline of general formula (I), the addition salts thereof with an acid and the solvates thereof: the present invention is also directed towards a method for synthesizing this cationic 6-aminoindoline, the compositions, the uses, th
8585777 Cosmetic composition for keratin fibers November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition for keratin fibers, such as a composition for coloring hair or a composition for reshaping hair, comprising: (a) at least one phosphoric surfactant; (b) at least one non-ionic surfactant, (c) at least one polyol; (d) at least on
8585306 Cosmetic applicator device comprising a heater member November 19, 2013
A device for applying a cosmetic or for adding finishing touches to makeup, the device comprising a heater member comprising a resistive track that is printed or that is made by etching a coating that is deposited on a substrate, the device comprising a temperature sensor that is dis
8579531 Device for dispensing a cosmetic product and associated storage method November 12, 2013
This device comprises a container (12), a head (14) which is for dispensing cosmetic product and which is provided with a rotary application member (44) and a retention cap (42). It comprises a blocking cover (16) which can be moved between a position for blocking the container (12)

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