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LFK-Lenkflugkoerpersysteme GmbH Patents
LFK-Lenkflugkoerpersysteme GmbH
Schrobenhausen, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8569669 Navigation method for a missile October 29, 2013
A SAR image recorded by a reconnaissance system is transferred as a reference edge image together with the data of the trajectory as a reference. The signal of the infrared seeker head of the missile is converted into a virtual SAR edge image and compared to the SAR reference image t
8199405 Tactical radiating device for directed energy June 12, 2012
A tactical radiating device for directed energy includes at least two generators of high energy directed beams. At least one beam combining system combines high energy directed beams emitted by the generators into a combined high energy beam. A focusing device focuses the combined high
7970023 Fiber laser arrangement having a high beaming power June 28, 2011
A fiber laser arrangement having a high beaming power includes a plurality of continuously operating coherent individual fiber lasers. Pumping energy generated by a common master oscillator operated in the longitudinal mode is distributed to the fiber lasers by way of a fiber splitte
7960675 Unmanned missile and method for determining the position of an unmanned missile which may be unc June 14, 2011
An unmanned missile which may be uncoupled from a preferably propelled aircraft has a navigation and control device which has a receiver for position determination signals. The receiver is electrically connected to a first antenna, and receives signals collected by the first antenna and
7926764 Device for launching unmanned missiles from an aircraft April 19, 2011
A device for launching unmanned missiles from an aircraft with a pallet, on which at least one container is provided to receive a missile. The container has an upper container section that has a pylon for the suspended, detachable support of the missile. The container has a lower con
7825848 Method with a system for ascertaining and predicting a motion of a target object November 2, 2010
Method, tracking system, and intercept missile for tracking highly maneuverable target objects. The method includes estimating the motion of the at least one target object via a mathematical method that includes a filter method relating to a model assumption for estimating at least one
7030820 Antenna elements for a missile April 18, 2006
The invention relates to antenna elements for the UHF and VHF range for antennas of an airborne vehicle with empennage parts. These antenna elements are integrated into the empennage parts (L) which are made of a dielectric material and are configured in such a way that they radiate
6950563 Method and system for relocating hidden objects in images September 27, 2005
The invention relates to a method for relocating objects in images. An object reference is correlated with image values. When the object is partially covered in the image, the image values which are located within the covered area in the image are replaced by grey scale values of the
6876443 Process and apparatus for automatically determining the modulation transfer function of focal pl April 5, 2005
In a process for automatically determining the modulation transfer function (MTF) of a focal plane array (FPA) cameras, a test grid is used to generate a beat whose amplitude corresponds to that of the grid image to be measured, without the sampling MTF. (The image of the test grid has a
6818883 Method for the independent detection of helicopter November 16, 2004
A method for the detection of helicopters from a flying platform utilizes an imaging sensor. Relevant image regions of two successive images are subtracted from one another with respect to picture elements, and within the thus formed differential image, segments are identified by means o
6581870 Method and apparatus for reducing pressure and temperature on the front of a missile at ultrason June 24, 2003
In a method and apparatus for reducing pressure and temperature on the front of a missile at ultrasonic speed a spike with a spherical, ellipsoidal, or drop-shaped mounted is used on the front end. In contrast to conventional shapes, the sensitive nose of the missile is protected fro
6448734 Method for current regulation of permanently excited synchronous motors for guided missiles havi September 10, 2002
In a method for current regulation of permanently excited synchronous motors for guided missiles with an electromechanical actuating drive for the rudder, the commanded current is always guided orthogonally to the magnet-wheel flow. Further: a) from measured current of two voltage pha
6398156 Mounting for attaching a rudder to a missile June 4, 2002
A rudder of a missile, particularly an aircraft born ramjet missile, is attached to the missile by a plug and socket mounting. A bearing socket (B1) is attached to a base plate (B0) which is secured to the missile body (FK). The socket (B1) has a conical cavity (B3) tapering toward the b
6151126 Rotational rate comparator for a fiber optic gyroscope with a 3.times.3 coupler November 21, 2000
A rotational rate comparator for a fiber optic gyroscope has a 3.times.3 coupler and an evaluating computer to calculate the rotational rate from photodiode signals generated by the fiber optic gyroscope. An electrical circuit is provided that is independent of the evaluating computer, a
6104026 System for parallelizing the axes of a thermal image apparatus August 15, 2000
In a system for parallel alignment of the axes of a thermal image apparatus, the IR beam path and the visual beam path extend along the same optical elements. A luminous point/four-quadrant sensor unit which in itself is adjusted with precise and stable axes, is assigned to the IR ra
6007020 Missile for detecting and combatting enemy helicopters December 28, 1999
A missile for detecting and combatting enemy helicopters has an infrared homing head with an infrared lens and infrared sensor that will emit electrical signals, depending on incident infrared radiation, and the sensor is designed as a two-dimensional detector matrix consisting of a

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