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Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. Patents
Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Kyoto, JP
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4525622 Ceramic glow plug June 25, 1985
The heat generating member in a ceramic glow plug is a coil embedded in the ceramic. The coil is wound to have a coil angle, i.e. an angle formed between the coil and a line parallel to the coil axis, of no more than The ceramic may be a non-oxide ceramic, nitride ceramic, Si
4508624 Ceramic body for chromatography and process for preparation thereof April 2, 1985
Disclosed is a ceramic body for chromatography, which consists of a calcined molded body of alumina particles composed mainly of .alpha.-alumina, preferably containing a minor amount of .gamma.-alumina, and which has a narrow pore size distribution range.This ceramic body has no substant
4409311 Photosensitive member October 11, 1983
A hydrogen containing amorphous silicon photoconductive layer exhibits infrared absorption peaks between wavenumber of 2000 cm.sup.-1 where Si-H bonds are predominant and wavenumber of 2090 cm.sup.-1 where Si-H.sub.2 bonds are predominant and has an absorption coefficient ratio of the pe
4401065 Glow plugs for use in diesel engines August 30, 1983
In a glow plug, a pair of ceramic rods having longitudinal bonding surfaces are used as a heating rod. A resistor including a heater, and a pair of lead portions connected to both ends of the heater and extending to rear ends of the ceramic rods is continuously disposed on one bonding su
4397013 Cantilever and phonograph pickup cartridge including said cantilever August 2, 1983
A cantilever for use in supporting a stylus tip of a phonograph pickup is disclosed, which consists of a pipe of a ceramic material composed mainly of aluminum oxide. This cantilever is light weight and has a high Young's modulus. When this cantilever is attached to a phonograph pickup,
4293540 Granular ceramic carrier for administration of medicines and medicine supported therein October 6, 1981
Disclosed is a carrier for administration of medicines, which consists of a granular shaped article of a porous ceramic material having communicating fine pores. Pores of this carrier are impregnated with a medicine, or a capsule is formed from this carrier and the inner space of the car
4240834 Synthetic single crystal for alexandrite gem December 23, 1980
Disclosed is a synthetic single crystal for an alexandrite gem, which consists essentially of a synthetic chrysoberyl single crystal comprising aluminum oxide and beryllium oxide as the main components and chromium and vanadium as the coloring components, wherein vanadium is contained in
4229758 Package for semiconductor devices with first and second metal layers on the substrate of said pa October 21, 1980
A package for sealing an MOS type semiconductor element having a die-attach area comprising a first metal layer composed of gold and a second metal layer composed of a metal having a good bondability to aluminum metal, which is electrically connected to the first metal layer.
4178145 Extrusion die for ceramic honeycomb structures December 11, 1979
An extrusion die for forming thin-walled honeycomb structures is provided comprising a plurality of discharge slots for forming unit cells of a predetermined web thickness formed transversely in the die to a predetermined depth in the outlet face and a plurality of mutually independe
4093502 Process for synthesizing and growing single crystalline beryl June 6, 1978
A process for synthesizing single crystalline beryl out of a molten salt is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of providing at least one flux to which is added the component oxides of beryl and optionally a colorant. The mixture thus obtained is heated at a temperature higher tha
4035613 Cylindrical ceramic heating device July 12, 1977
The disclosure relates to a ceramic heating device in the form of a cylindrical shape comprising a burnt cylindrical support core of heat-resistant ceramics, a ceramic element disposed around said support core, said element comprising (i) a burnt sheet of heat-resistant ceramics; (ii
4032674 Magnetic memory structure and method of making the same June 28, 1977
A magnetic memory structure which may be used as a disc memory, a drum memory or a similar component including a ceramic substrate having a thin film of magnetic ferrite material thereon, said film being of a cobalt-based spinel type ferrite and a method for manufacturing the same.
4016651 Device for implanting an artificial endosseous element of ceramics and an implant method for use April 12, 1977
This invention is directed to a device for implanting an artificial endosseous element of ceramics in the fields of dentistry, oral surgery and orthopedics, comprising an implant screw pin and more than one nut element in combination with said screw pin primarily for securely holding
3975023 Golf club head with ceramic face plate August 17, 1976
This invention relates to a golf club head capable of increasing the flying distance of the ball hit in a substantial degree, imparting a refreshing feeling of ball hitting to the player and being manufactured at low cost and durable for long time use by fixing the striking face of the c

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