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Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Tokyo, JP
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4022869 Method for removing hydrogen chloride from exhaust gas containing same May 10, 1977
Disclosed is a method for removing hydrogen chloride from an exhaust gas containing same without discharging any waste water from the system, which method includes bringing the exhaust gas into contact with a slurry containing calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide to absorb the hydrogen
4022860 Method for producing arcuately curved film casings May 10, 1977
A method for producing arcuately curved film casings particularly suitable for a foodstuff such as meat or the like, by an inflation process, wherein a non-stretched resin tube is advanced along and in contact with a circumferential surface of a cylindrical shaping member at the time of
4021509 Production of impact-resistant, thermoplastic resin compositions May 3, 1977
A thermoplastic resin composition of excellent transparency and high impact strength is produced by causing methyl methacrylate and styrene monomers to undergo post polymerization in the presence of a conjugated diolefin polymer rubber latex containing at least 50 percent by weight of a
4021390 Alkyd resin composition comprising a 1,1-bis(1'-methyl-2'-vinyl-4',6'-heptadienoxy)alkane May 3, 1977
An alkyd resin composition including an alkyd resin and a 1,1-bis(1'-methyl-2'-vinyl-4',6'-heptadienoxy)alkane, useful as non-solvent type paint.
4017960 Method of repairing injured portion of refractory furnace-lining April 19, 1977
A method of repairing an injured portion of a refractory furnace-lining characterized by cutting off the injured portion of said lining through the furnace shell using a specific supersonic flame jet cutter; inserting a rigid refractory lining block having a shape which is similar to tha
4016247 Production of carbon shaped articles having high anisotropy April 5, 1977
In the production of carbon shaped articles such as fibers, films, etc. having high molecular orientation, anisotropy, strength, and modulus of elasticity through the steps of forming raw material pitch into desired shapes, infusibilization of the same followed by carbonization optionall
4016135 Radioactive ray-resistant stabilizer April 5, 1977
A resin composition containing, as a radioactive ray-resistant stabilizer, an alkyl-substituted condensed tetracyclic hydrocarbon compound of the generic formula,wherein R denotes an alkyl group having one to four carbon atoms and x is an integer from 1 to 4, and when x is an integer of
4014980 Method for manufacturing graphite whiskers using condensed polycyclic hydrocarbons March 29, 1977
A method for manufacturing graphite whiskers which comprises: mixing one or more of gasified compounds having a condensed polycyclic structure of two to five benzene rings with a large amount of inert gas containing a small amount of CO, CO.sub.2 or H.sub.2 O; heating said gas mixture at
4013531 Method of producing high molecular film containing ionized material March 22, 1977
The ion distribution in a high molecular film is controlled by selectively altering the ion pattern under a combination of heat and electric field where at least one of the latter is applied to the film in the desired pattern. Selectively altering the ion pattern is accomplished by any o
4011874 Dorno ray transmitting sheet March 15, 1977
A melt-molded polyvinylidene fluoride or polymonochlorotrifluoroethylene sheet having a thickness of about 20 .mu. to 2 mm and a spherulite size of less than about 10 .mu., whereby the sheet transmits more than about 40% of the dorno rays in a wavelength region of about 2,800 to 3,300 A,
4010141 Anti-fouling composition for use in water comprising a polymer and an organo tin compound March 1, 1977
In an article to be used in or under water and in constant contact with the water, at least the surface of the article is composed of an anti-fouling composition which comprises a polymer and an organo tin compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is n-dodecyl and R.sub.2
4009305 Process for the surface treatment of carbon fibers February 22, 1977
A carbon fiber is oxidized to form oxygen-containing functional groups on the entire surface of the fiber and then contacted with ammonia, an organic amine, a lactam, or an amino carboxylic acid at a temperature of C whereby the surfaces of the carbon fiber obtain
4009232 Method for the production of carbon microspheres 1-20 .mu. in diameter February 22, 1977
Discrete carbon microspheres having a particle diameter on the order of 1-20 .mu. are obtained by a process involving the steps of homogeneously mixing a pitch having a softening point of - C, a nitrobenzene-insoluble content of not more than 25% and an H/C ratio o
4008283 1,1-Bis(1-methyl-2-vinyl-4,6-heptadienoxy) alkane and method for the production thereof February 15, 1977
1,1-BIS(1'-METHYL-2'-VINYL-4',6'-HEPTADIENOXY)ALKANE IS OBTAINED BY ACETAL FORMATION OF 1-METHYL-2-VINYL-4,6-HEPTADIENOL WITH AN ALDEHYDE. The 1,1-bis(1'-methyl-2'-vinyl-4',6'-heptadienoxy) alkane is a novel curing compound.
4007279 Fungicides February 8, 1977
A fungicidal compound having a general structure corresponding to a member selected from the group of 2,3-dicyano-5,6-dihydro-p-dithiin and its 5-alkyl derivatives, as expressed by the following general formula: ##STR1## wherein R stands for H or an alkyl radical of C.sub.1 - C.sub.6
4006192 1,1-Di-(2,7 octadieneoxymethylene)-1-(hydroxymethylene)alkane February 1, 1977
4003589 Carbonless copying paper January 18, 1977
Carbonless copying paper comprising paper coated with microcapsules containing a dye solution which is composed of a solvent, a dye which gives color under acidic conditions and a mineral oil, said dye solution including as solvent one or more of alkylnaphthalenes of the general form
3998689 Process for the production of carbon fiber paper December 21, 1976
A carbon fiber paper is obtained from a mixture of carbon fibers, pulp, organic fibers having a carbon yield of not less than 20% and a paper sheet binder in relative amounts such that the ratio of the carbon fibers to the pulp falls in the range of 40 - 90% by weight of carbon fibers to
3997642 Method for transferring and heating a deformed and one-sided wall-thickness parison December 14, 1976
A blow molding method for transferring and heating deformed and one-sided wall-thickness parisons in which each heated parison is expanded in conformity with the mold after being stretched or just after being heated, with the use of a conveying device provided with a number of upright pi
3992508 Method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas containing nitrogen oxides November 16, 1976
A method of effectively removing nitrogen oxides which are entrained in a gas, wherein a nitrogen oxide-containing gas is brought into contact with an aqueous solution which contains at least one ferrous salt and one sulfurous acid alkali salt to absorb the nitrogen oxides in the solutio
3991451 Method of making a fluoride film capacitor November 16, 1976
An organic film capacitor element comprising a dielectric polyvinylidene fluoride film, elongated and subsequently heat treated, and an electrode foil and a method for preparing same are disclosed.
3991169 Method for the production of porous carbon sheet November 9, 1976
A porous carbon sheet having excellent physical properties is obtained by dispersing oxidized pitch fibers in a liquid containing at least one wetting agent having at least one hydroxyl group and a boiling point of not less than C, subsequently shaping the resultant dispersio
3991161 Method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas and for converting same to ammonium sulfate November 9, 1976
A method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas containing nitrogen oxides and converting same to ammonium sulfate, wherein the gas containing nitrogen oxide is brought into contact with an aqueous solution which contains at least a ferrous salt and a sulfurous acid alkali salt to ab
3989796 Method for removing sulfur dioxide in the form of calcium sulfite from combustion exhaust gas November 2, 1976
There is disclosed a method wherein sulfur dioxide contained in combustion exhaust gas is absorbed in an aqueous alkali sulfite solution to produce a corresponding alkali bisulfite and the resultant aqueous alkali bisulfite solution is added with calcium carbonate to form calcium sulfite
3988235 Vertical diaphragm type electrolytic apparatus for caustic soda production October 26, 1976
An improvement on the known brine-chlorine gas separting vessel disposed on the anode chambers of a vertical diaphragm type electrolytic cell for caustic soda production by connecting said brine-chlorine gas separating vessel to a secondary brine-chlorine gas separating vessel through a
3987149 Method for removing sulfur dioxide from exhaust gas October 19, 1976
A sulfur dioxide-containing exhaust gas is scrubbed by contact with an aqueous solution containing an alkali salt of an organic acid to dissolve sulfur dioxide in the aqueous solution in the form of alkali sulfite. The alkali sulfite in the solution is converted by oxidation into alkali
3985938 Dielectric ethylene copolymer compositions containing alkylfluoranthene October 12, 1976
Ethylene copolymer compositions having excellent dielectric properties comprising an alkylfluoranthene having the following formula: ##SPC1##(wherein R represents an alkyl group containing from 1 to 4 carbon atoms, and x is an integer of from 1 to 4, and when x is an integer of 2 or
3985914 Method for continuously polarizing thermoplastic film October 12, 1976
For making a piezoelectric thermoplastic film device, a polar thermoplastic film is provided on both sides thereof with conductive layers which function as polarizing electrodes during the polarizing step. In a polarizing zone, a polarizing voltage is applied across the electrodes wh
3984903 Method of spanning across a frame a high-molecular-weight piezoelectric element October 12, 1976
A high molecular weight piezo-electric element is spanned across and adhered to a frame by first affixing the element to a base film which provides support and increases rigidity. Subsequent to adherence, the base film is removed.
3984305 Process for producing low sulfur content fuel oils October 5, 1976
A process for producing a low sulfur content fuel oil in a high yield from a starting oil having a high sulfur content, which comprises (1) treating a residual petroleum oil with hydrogen at a temperature of about to C and a pressure of about 50 to 200 Kg/cm.sup.2
3982110 Input transfer system for electronic computer September 21, 1976
A multipoint temperature indicator and/or recorder whose output analogue signals are automatically transferred and sequentially introduced into a computer is used as an input transfer system for the computer. Preferably, the multipoint temperature indicator and/or recorder contains means
3981788 Caustic alkali producing multiple vertical diaphragm type electrolytic cell admitting of easy as September 21, 1976
In a caustic alkali producing multiple vertical diaphragm type electrolytic cell, wherein a plurality of vertical flat box shaped unit anode chamber sets are assembled in parallel in a large cell case acting as a common cathode chamber, each said unit anode chamber set comprising an anod
3975207 Method of taking out scale from polymerization reactor August 17, 1976
Scale particles of vinyl polymer which accumulate on the inner surfaces of the polymerization reactor and are peeled therefrom are removed by placing a net into the reactor through an opening in the reactor and entrapping the particles within the strands of the net whereby the particles
3972993 Insecticidal device August 3, 1976
An insecticidal device includes a core of an insect-attracting substance. The core is substantially covered with at least one perforated cover sheet covering at least part of the surface of the core, the cover sheet being coated on its exposed outer surface with a insecticidal agent. The
3970690 Method for preparing dispersing agent July 20, 1976
An improved dispersing agent for cement having low foamability and high dispersibility is prepared by sulfonating high aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, and subsequently neutralizing the sulfonated compounds.
3969927 Vibration measuring and the apparatus therefor July 20, 1976
A method of measuring the mechanical vibration of an object comprising contacting one of the surfaces of a piezoelectric element comprising a polarization treated polyvinylidene fluoride piezoelectric film having metal thin films as electrodes deposited on both surfaces thereof with an
3967027 Stable electret retaining a high surface potential and method of making the same June 29, 1976
A layered electret retaining a high surface potential for a prolonged period of time or substantially permanently consisting of a laminate of a plurality of unit electrets which are formed of a sheet of a synthetic plastic material, each side of the laminate having been covered by a thin
3966674 Epoxy resin composition June 29, 1976
An epoxy resin composition having excellent electric insulating properties is obtained by incorporating into an epoxy resin one or more additives selected from the group consisting of fluoranthene, pyrene, alkylfluoranthenes of the generic formula: ##SPC1##And alkylpyrenes of the gen
3965242 Method for desulfurizing exhaust gas by alkali sulphite-gypsum process June 22, 1976
Process for through desulfurization of exhaust gas by treating the gas through the steps of absorption, double decomposition, oxidation, and alkali sulfate conversion.
3961021 Method for removing sulfur dioxide from combustion exhaust gas June 1, 1976
Sulfur dioxide can be removed from a combustion exhaust gas and converted to gypsum by first scrubbing a sulfur dioxide-containing combustion exhaust gas with an aqueous alkali sulfite solution to form an alkali bisulfite-containing aqueous solution and then treating, within a closed
3959408 Vinyl chloride resins blended with two step graft resins May 25, 1976
Vinyl chloride resin composition having excellent impact resistance, weather resistance and processability which comprises a vinyl chloride resin and a multicomponent resin blended therewith, said multicomponent resin being prepared by (1) graft polymerizing acrylonitrile, and a vinyl
3956424 Photo-degradable resin composition May 11, 1976
A photo-degradable synthetic resin composition which consists of a blend of a butadiene-containing graft copolymer and a thermoplastic resin. The blend consists essentially of (A) 50-99 parts by weight of a graft copolymer containing at least 30% by weight of butadiene monomer, said
3956101 Production of cokes May 11, 1976
High grade cokes are produced by a simple expedient such that a raw material oil is charged into a coking drum and is subjected therein to a two step operation, namely reforming of the oil and subsequent coking under bubbling into the oil of a heated non-oxidizing gas. No fluidized b
3953345 Method for the production of activated carbon spheres containing nitrogen April 27, 1976
Spheres of activated carbon are obtained by adding to 100 parts by weight of pitch 10 to 50 parts by weight of an aromatic solvent compatible with said pitch and 2 to 50% by weight, based on the total weight of said pitch and said aromatic solvent, of a nitrogen-containing compound, melt
3951904 Electromagnetic wave absorbing material containing carbon microspheres April 20, 1976
An electromagnetic wave absorbing material comprising as a conductive material hollow carbon microspheres which are prepared by the use of a coal-base or petroleum-base pitch material and which have a non-cohesive property with one another, and as a matrix a non-conductive material h
3947658 Protector for the plate-shaped heating element March 30, 1976
A heating assembly having a protector for its sheet-type heating element, which is made from a sheet containing certain electroconductive fibrous or particulate materials such as carbon fibers. A detector element is formed on an intermediate resin layer having a negative temperature coef
3947644 Piezoelectric-type electroacoustic transducer March 30, 1976
A piezoelectric-type electroacoustic transducer composed of two convex or concave piezoelectric polymer films each having electrodes on both surfaces thereof, said two polymer films being so connected to electric wiring that, when the one of the piezoelectric polymer films elongates by
3943614 Method of polarizing high molecular weight films March 16, 1976
A method of polarizing high molecular weight films comprising polarizing elongated strips of polar high molecular weight film upon which conductive thin films as opposing electrodes are deposited on both surfaces thereof the strips being assembled in an even number of layers and wound ar
3937682 Stress-sensitive composition February 10, 1976
A composition for forming into a soft, pliable, leather-like material includes a polyolefine having from 50 to 90 weight percent of inorganic compounds. The inorganic compounds contain a substantial amount of calcium sulfite having crystal sizes of 1-100 .mu..
3935485 Piezoelectric key board switch January 27, 1976
A key board switch comprising a multi-piezoelectric polymer film element A having, in the surface of the polymer film, a plurality of piezoelectric unit elements satisfying the following criteria: (a) the unit elements have electrodes on both surfaces thereof, (b) the portions of the pol
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