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Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Tokyo, JP
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4147753 Apparatus for the thermal cracking of heavy hydrocarbon April 3, 1979
In a process for the thermal cracking of a heavy hydrocarbon in a cylindrical reactor, a portion of the content material in the reactor is taken out and injected back into the reactor according to a specific procedure to form a "wet wall" or liquid curtain on the inner peripheral wal
4146450 Method for removing nitrogen oxides from nitrogen oxide-containing gases March 27, 1979
There is disclosed a method for removing nitrogen oxides from a nitrogen oxide-containing gas by contacting the gas with ammonia excited by ultraviolet irradiation in the presence of a catalyst to react the nitrogen oxides with the ammonia. According to the method, the reaction of ni
4143011 Vinylidene chloride copolymer composition March 6, 1979
A vinylidene chloride copolymer composition is produced by copolymerizing 60 to 95 wt. % of vinylidene chloride and 40 to 5 wt. % of a comonomer in the presence of a rigid polymer which has a softening temperature of 50 to C. and a melt viscosity of 0.1 to 500 poise at
4140578 Method of producing polysaccharides February 20, 1979
A fungus belonging to genus Coriolus of the class Basidiomycetes is subjected to submerged culture in a liquid medium and the obtained culture is dried and extracted with an aqueous solvent, and then the substances with molecular weights of less than 5,000 are eliminated from the extract
4137475 Thin film, thermoplastic piezoelectric switches January 30, 1979
A piezoelectric switch is disclosed for providing a continuous output in response to a contact pressure. An oscillator is brought into contact with a thermoplastic piezoelectric film, having electrodes on both surfaces thereof, via an elastic wave absorbing member.The oscillations cause
4135983 Method for improving coking property of coal for use in production of cokes January 23, 1979
Raw material coal for coke production having improved coking property is readily obtainable by a simple step of blending raw material coal having poor coking property with a highly aromatic bituminous substance obtained by heat-treating hydrocarbons.
4134952 Method and die for forming laminated tubular structures of synthetic resins January 16, 1979
Molten first and second resins are directed to flow in a two-layer and confluent state along a tubular passage formed between a torpedo and a die structure from the nose tip of the torpedo and then along a divergently expanding path along the conical nose of the torpedo respectively as t
4129608 Multi-component graft copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition thereof December 12, 1978
A muti-component graft copolymer comprises 50 to 80 wt. parts of an elastic component produced by an emulsion polymerization of 100 to 70 wt. % of a C.sub.2-12 alkyl acrylate and 0 to 30 wt. % of a comonomer having a single vinyl or vinylidene group and 50 to 20 wt. parts of a graft poly
4127473 Method for the thermal cracking of heavy oil November 28, 1978
A method for the batch thermal cracking of heavy oils, such as steam blowing for production of binder pitch, employing a reactor having a rotary injection pipe which is rotatable within the reactor. Upon completion of the thermal cracking and withdrawal of the reaction product, the i
4125654 Information signal recording disc November 14, 1978
A phonograph or video disc comprises at least one unsaturated nitrile copolymer and has therein an unsaturated nitrile content of from 40 to 90 percent by weight, and the disc exhibits a Clash-Berg flex temperature of from to C, an absorbed impact energy of at leas
4123576 Bonding a multi-layered structure of olefin-containing and nitrile-containing polymers and artic October 31, 1978
A synthetic-resin laminated structure is fabricated by bonding together in a molten state a layer of a nitrile-containing polymer (I), an interposed layer of a polymer mixture (II) comprising a nitrile-containing polymer (A) and an olefin-containing polymer (B) blended together, and a la
4115527 Production of carbon fibers having high anisotropy September 19, 1978
In the production of carbon shaped articles such as fibers having high molecular orientation, anisotropy, strength, and modulus of elasticity through the steps of forming raw material pitch into fibers, infusibilization of the same followed by carbonization optionally graphitization,
4112053 Dry method for the denitrification of exhaust gas containing nitrogen oxides September 5, 1978
From an exhaust gas containing nitrogen oxides, the nitrogen oxides can be advantageously removed by contacting the exhaust gas with ammonia in the presence of a substance derived from laterite.
4111889 Plasticized halogen containing rigid resin composition September 5, 1978
A halogen containing rigid resin composition contains 100 parts by weight of a halogen containing resin and 0.1 to 2.0 parts by weight of a dibasic acid-higher alcohol ester represented by a general formulawhere X denotes a divalent saturated hydrocarbon group of C.sub.2 to C.sub.8 ; R,
4111780 Apparatus and process for the electrolytic treatment of alkali metal halide solution with ion ex September 5, 1978
This invention relates to an apparatus for the electrolytic treatment of alkali halide solution in a three chamber type electrolytic bath assembly comprising an anodic chamber, an intermediate chamber and a cathodic chamber arranged one after another in series. Each chamber is separated
4106988 Method of cultivating Methylomonas probus on methanol containing medium August 15, 1978
A new species of bacteria, Methylomonas probus, is cultured in a medium containing methanol as a sole carbon source to obtain propagated bacterial cells that can be utilized as an effective source of protein in feed and food.
4106892 Apparatus for heat treatment using downwardly swirling hot gas flow August 15, 1978
Hot gas is introduced into a heat treatment furnace 10 through a plurality of nozzles 11 on the furnace wall to form a conical, downwardly swirling gas flow which is convergent at the top and divergent at the bottom. Such a gas flow pattern both heats the bed below, and acts to contain a
4105779 Anthelmintic process for domestic animals August 8, 1978
This invention relates to a novel anthelmintic composition comprising a complex chemical compound of calcium salt of O-methyl-O-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)phosphoric acid with O, O-dimethyl-O-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)phosphate, and a specifically selected thermoplastic resin, for oral administrati
4092402 Method for removing sulfur dioxide from exhaust gas May 30, 1978
Scale is formed in a closed system wherein an exhaust gas containing sulfur dioxide is treated with an aqueous solution containing an organic acid alkali salt to remove the sulfur dioxide in the form of gypsum from the exhaust gas. The method disclosed herein prevents formation of scale
4091080 Method for the production of alpha type calcium sulfate hemihydrate May 23, 1978
Alpha type calcium sulfate hemihydrate gypsum is obtained by suspending gypsum in an aqueous solution containing a specific monocarboxylate in a specific concentration and heating the resultant suspension in a specific temperature range under atmospheric pressure. The production of this
4091055 Light transmitting polyvinylidene fluoride or vinylidene fluoride copolymer compositions May 23, 1978
Light-transmitting compositions containing (1) 50-99% by weight of polyvinylidene fluoride or a vinylidene fluoride copolymer and (2) 1-50% by weight of a copolymer of a vinyl fluoride monomer and at least one acrylate monomer selected from the group consisting of alkyl acrylates and
4088300 Flow control valve for hot pitch or other viscous material May 9, 1978
A flow control valve for hot pitch or other viscous material, wherein a valve rod is guided by a guide member which has radial indentations in its center aperture to define a number of narrow axial ridges around the circumference of the valve rod to provide stabilized guidance by linear
4087372 An absorbing solution for the removal of nitrogen oxide form a gas containing same May 2, 1978
Oxides of nitrogen can be removed efficiently from a gas containing such oxides of nitrogen by bringing said gas into contact with an aqueous solution containing an organic acid alkali salt and a salt of metal selected from the group consisting of Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Mn in the presenc
4085034 Method for the thermal cracking of heavy hydrocarbon April 18, 1978
In a process for the thermal cracking of a heavy hydrocarbon in a cylindrical reactor, a portion of the content material in the reactor is taken out and injected back into the reactor according to a specific procedure to form a "wet wall" or liquid curtain on the inner peripheral wal
4080464 Certain 3,4-dichloropyrrole-2,5-dione fungicides March 21, 1978
A novel fungicidal composition for agricultural use is proposed. It has as the effective substance at least a member selected from the group defined by the following general formula: ##STR1## wherein R stands for methyl or chlorine atom.
4076889 Heat-insulation material February 28, 1978
A method and laminate for protecting an article from exposure to radiant heat are disclosed. The laminate is formed by adhering a metal coating to one surface of a polymeric film of polyfluoroolefin or fluoroolefin copolymer, having not more than a 50% transmission ratio of visible ray
4076604 Process for the electrolytic treatment of alkali halide February 28, 1978
In an electrolytic treatment of alkali halide for the manufacture of alkali hydroxide, a three-chamber type reaction vessel assembly is used so as to provide an anodic chamber, an intermediate chamber and a cathodic chamber arranged in succession one after another and mutually separated
4071785 Laminated piezoelectric matrix switch January 31, 1978
A matrix switch comprises a lamination of several layers in which first and second piezoelectric films have row and column electrodes, respectively, arranged in parallel on their first surfaces. A ground electrode is between said row and column electrodes. The operating electrodes are at
4071633 Fungicidal N-trichloroacetyl-N'-chlorobenzoylhydrazine derivatives January 31, 1978
Novel N-trichloroacetyl-N'-chlorobenzoylhydrazine derivatives, having the following formula: ##STR1## WHERE N STANDS FOR 1 OR 2, AND ESPECIALLY ADAPTED FOR USE AS FUNGICIDAL AGENT FOR AGRICULTURAL USE, AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING SAME.
4071553 Method for the production of trans-4-aminomethyl cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid January 31, 1978
Disclosed is a method for producing trans-4-aminomethyl cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid by heating and isomerizing cis-4-aminoethyl cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid hydrochloride or a mixture of cis-4-aminomethyl cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid hydrochloride with trans-4-aminomethyl cyclohe
4070303 Solvent for dye used in pressure-sensitive copying paper January 24, 1978
Disclosed is a composition used as a solvent for dye used in pressure-sensitive copying paper containing an aromatic solvent and an aliphatic di-ester of the formula ROOC (CH.sub.2) COOR wherein R is methyl or ethyl and n is 2-4.
4069211 Air drying reaction product of a diisocyanate and 1-methyl-2-vinyl-4,6-heptadienol January 17, 1978
A composition including a diisocyanate and 1-methyl-2-vinyl-4,6-heptadienol. This composition is capable of curing in air at room temperature after aging in a dry nitrogen atmosphere.
4068034 Heat-insulation laminate of polyvinylidene fluoride, metal and plastic January 10, 1978
Metallized plastic composite films including a metallic layer, a layer of a polyvinylidene fluoride homopolymer or copolymer and, optionally, a layer of reinforcing or other insulating material are disclosed.
4060650 Method for preventing or eliminating water-absorption whitening of a molded article containing a November 29, 1977
A method for preventing or eliminating water-absorption whitening of a molded article containing an acrylonitrile polymer or copolymer which comprises immersing the molded article into an aqueous medium containing a salt.
4057660 Method for producing thermoplastic film electric element November 8, 1977
Separate polarizing electrodes are attached to the opposite surfaces of a thermoplastic film. A high D. C. voltage is then applied across these electrodes to polarize the film to produce an electric element, such as an electret, piezoelectric or pyroelectric element. Portions of the
4055623 Method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas as a salt of imidodisulfonic acid October 25, 1977
A method of removing nitrogen oxides from a gas containing nitrogen oxides and converting same to a salt of imidodisulfonic acid, wherein the gas containing nitrogen oxides is brought into contact with an aqueous solution which contains at least one ferrous salt and at least one sulf
4051314 Polysaccharides and method for producing same September 27, 1977
Polysaccharides are produced by purifying a liquid extract of a mycelium of a strain of fungus species belonging to the class Basidiomycetes or the filtered broth of a cultured medium in which a mycelium of a selected strain of Basidiomycetes has been incubated; the polysaccharides e
4050910 Apparatus and method for removing pitch from thermally cracked gas September 27, 1977
A demister is disclosed containing a plurality of bubble-cap trays and a plurality of sieve trays beneath the bubble-cap trays and arranged so that the distance between the uppermost sieve tray and the bottom surface of the lower-most bubble-cap tray is at least twice the distance betwee
4049859 Metallized film September 20, 1977
Metallized plastic films having deposited metal layers on both surfaces and being adapted for use as dielectric films, piezoelectric films or pyroelectric films are disclosed. At least a portion of the metal layer deposited on one surface of the film has a relatively increased thickness
4048222 Process for preparing trans-4-aminomethyl-cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid September 13, 1977
A process for preparing trans-4-aminomethylcyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid which comprises catalytically reducing p-aminomethylbenzoic acid or a derivative thereof in the presence of a ruthenium catalyst in a solution of a strong acid or a strong alkali as a solvent is disclosed.
4047998 Method of polarizing a thermoplastic resin film September 13, 1977
A method is disclosed for polarizing a thermoplastic resin film having a continuous metal electrode on one surface and a plurality of discrete electrodes on the other surface. An additional thermoplastic resin film coated on one surface with an evaporated metal coating is placed on the
4046670 Method for the treatment of heavy petroleum oil September 6, 1977
In the thermal cracking of heavy petroleum oil (having an API specific gravity of not more than 25) in a tubular type heating furnace, a specific inorganic substance is added in a specific proportion to the heavy petroleum oil to prevent the heavy oil from undergoing coking inside the
4045368 Process for production of activated carbon spheres August 30, 1977
Microporous pitch spheres prepared from pitch are oxidized at a temperature of from C to C in an atmosphere of an oxidative gas to produce pitch spheres containing not less than 10% by weight of combined oxygen. Then the combined oxygen-containing pitch spheres ar
4042486 Process for the conversion of pitch into crystalloidal pitch August 16, 1977
Crystalloidal pitch is obtained by subjecting solid pitch particles measuring not more than 5 mm in cross-sectional equivalent diameter to a treatment to prevent cohesion and subsequently bringing the cohesion-proof solid pitch particles into contact with a non-oxidative gas at tempe
4041170 Field and garden agricultural fungicide August 9, 1977
2-Carbamoyl-3-N-(3',5'-dichlorophenyl)-carbamoyl-5,6-dihydro-p-dithiin-1-ox ide as effective substance for the control of agricultural plant diseases.
4039290 Spent activated carbon regenerator August 2, 1977
A fluidized bed type spent activated carbon regenerator with an upper drying chamber and a lower reactivating chamber within a column through which spent activated carbon particles are treated in a fluidized state. The regenerator has a distributor at the lower end of a spent carbon feed
4032497 Method and apparatus for removal of unreacted monomer from synthesized high polymer latex June 28, 1977
From a synthesized high polymer latex, the unreacted monomer remaining therein can be removed efficiently by causing a hollow cylinder inclined by a gradient of 1/100 to 1/10 with reference to the horizontal plane to be rotated around its axis, then introducing the synthesized high polym
4031000 Diaphragm for electrolytic production of caustic alkali June 21, 1977
A diaphragm for electrolytic production of caustic alkali which consists of dual microporous layers provided on the anode and cathode sides, wherein the anode side microporous layer is made of an acid-resistant material 0.01 to 0.3 millimeter thick bored with micropores having a mean dia
4028387 (1-Methyl-2-vinyl)4,6-heptadienyl-3,8-nonadienoate and a method of manufacturing the same June 7, 1977
Reaction of (1-methyl-2-vinyl)4,6-heptadiene-1-ol with butadiene and carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst comprising palladium compounds and phosphine compounds provides a novel substance of (1-methyl-2-vinyl)4,6-heptadienyl-3,8-nonadienoate. This product can be made into a
4025475 High solid content alkyd resin compositions comprising (1-methyl-2-vinyl)4,6-heptadienyl-3,8-non May 24, 1977
High solid type alkyd resin compositions comprising 90 to 10 percent by weight of alkyd resin and 10 to 90 percent by weight of (1-methyl-2-vinyl)4,6-heptadienyl-3,8-nonadienoate and compositions prepared, if necessary, by adding bodying agents, driers and/or a small amount of thinne
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