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Kureha Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Tokyo, JP
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RE33132 1,5-diphenyl derivative of 1H-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide and herbicide containing the same December 19, 1989
A compound of 1,5-disubstituted .Iadd.-1H-.Iaddend.1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide represented by the general formula; ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is alkyl of one to three carbon atoms, chloro, fluoro, iodo, trifluoromethyl or nitro, R.sup.2 is hydrogen, methyl or chloro, R.sup.3 i
RE31236 Method of removing sulfur dioxide from combustion exhaust gas May 10, 1983
A method of removing sulfur dioxide from combustion exhaust gas containing sulfur dioxide by contacting the exhaust gas with an aqueous solution containing at least one organic acid salt expressed by the formula(wherein R represents H, CH.sub.3, C.sub.2 H.sub.5 or C.sub.3 H.sub.7, and M
RE29101 Method for the preparation of carbon moldings and activated carbon moulding therefrom January 4, 1977
A method for the preparation of a porous carbon molding having a low apparent density, the method comprising the steps of thermally mixing a pitch, which has a softening point of - C, a carbon content of 80 - 97 wt%, a hydrogen/carbon ratio of 0.3-2.5 and a nit
RE29044 Method for the preparation of acetyl chloride November 23, 1976
This invention relates to a method for preparing acetyl chloride by reacting 1,1-dichloroethane with chlorine and oxygen under the irradiation of light.
6824927 Polymer electrolyte containing a vinylidene fluoride copolymer and a nonaqueous electrolytic sol November 30, 2004
A nonaqueous battery, such as a lithium ion battery, is formed from a polymer electrolyte comprising: a vinylidene fluoride copolymer comprises 80 to 97 wt. % of vinylidene fluoride monomer units and 3 to 20 wt. % of units of at least one monomer copolymerizable with the vinylidene fluor
6699549 Heat-shrinkable multilayer film March 2, 2004
A polyester-surfaced heat-shrinkable multilayer film exhibiting good printability and adaptability to various automatic packaging processes is provided, including an outer surface layer (a) comprising a polyester resin, an intermediate layer (b) comprising a polyamide resin and an inner
6657005 Thermoplastic resin composition December 2, 2003
A thermoplastic resin composition is formed by mixing (A) 30-84.9 wt. % of a crystalline thermoplastic resin, (B) 15-65 wt. % of a graft copolymer obtained by graft-polymerizing an ethylenically unsaturated monomer onto a rubber trunk polymer having an alkylene oxide group and (C) 0.1-5
6569570 Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery May 27, 2003
A carbonaceous electrode having improved capacities for doping and dedoping of a cell active substance, such as lithium, and suitable for a non-aqueous secondary battery, is constituted by a carbonaceous material obtained by carbonizing an aromatic condensation polymer formed by cond
6565985 Heat-shrinkable multilayer film May 20, 2003
A polyamide resin-based heat-shrinkable multilayer film is caused to satisfy various properties required of a packaging material, especially a food packaging material, at high levels, and particularly exhibit a highest level of heat-shrinkability. The multilayer film comprises at lea
6562992 Optical material May 13, 2003
The optical material in accordance with the present invention contains a specific phosphonate monoester compound such as monoethyl 3-methoxy butyl phosphonate, and a metal ion such as a copper ion or rare-earth metal ion. They may be contained in a solvent or resin. The use of such a spe
6528567 Antistatic resin composition March 4, 2003
An anionic surfactant having a thermal weight loss initiation temperature of at least C. is incorporated with a thermoplastic resin comprising a graft copolymer formed by graft-polymerizing an ethylenically unsaturated monomer onto a rubber trunk polymer obtained by emulsion
6486099 Microcapsule and process for production thereof November 26, 2002
A microcapsule (or microencapsulated product) having a uniform and smooth coating film and also an excellent performance of gradually liberating the content material is produced at a good particle size distribution while suppressing the occurrence of isolated or aggregated film material,
6436495 Multilayer film August 20, 2002
A flexible multilayer film suitable as a (food-)packaging material includes a first seal layer comprising principally a metallocene-catalyzed polyolefin, and a second seal layer comprising a copolymer of at least one oxygen-containing monomer and ethylene. The copolymer is set to have a
6410613 Phosphate compound and preparation process thereof, phosphate copper compound and preparation pr June 25, 2002
Disclosed herein are a novel phosphate compound by which a copper ion can be dispersed in a high proportion in a synthetic resin, thereby providing excellent visible ray-transmitting property and performance that near infrared rays are absorbed with high efficiency, a preparation process
6339045 N-(unsubstituted or substituted)-4-substituted-6-(unsubstituted or substituted)phenoxy-2-pyridin January 15, 2002
N-(substituted or unsubstituted)-4-substituted-6-(substituted or unsubstituted) phenoxy-2-pyridine carboxamide or thiocarboxamide represented by the general formula (I) and a process for producing the compound.A herbicide containing as an effective ingredient N-(substituted or unsubs
6335122 Carbonaceous electrode material for non-aqueous secondary battery January 1, 2002
A carbonaceous electrode having improved capacities for doping and dedoping of a cell active substance, such as lithium, and suitable for a non-aqueous solvent secondary battery, is constituted by a carbonaceous material having a true density as measured by a butanol substitution met
6327136 Electrode-forming composition, activated carbon electrode and electric double layer capacitor December 4, 2001
An electrode-forming composition for providing an activated carbon electrode for an electric double layer capacitor is provide by blending activated carbon, a vinylidene fluoride polymer and a solvent including a plasticizer in addition to a good solvent for the vinylidene fluoride p
6271385 N-heterocyclic methylpropylamine derivatives, process for producing the same and germicides August 7, 2001
N-heterocyclicmethylpropylamine derivatives of formula (I): ##STR1##and acid addition salts thereof;wherein R.sup.1 represents hydrogen, halogen, alkyl, alkenyl, halogenated alkyl, alkoxy, halogenated alkoxy, hydroxyl, cyano, nitro, phenyl optionally having a substituent on a ring thereo
6258337 Carbonaceous material for electric double layer capacitor and process for production thereof July 10, 2001
A carbonaceous electrode material for electric double layer capacitors having a large capacitor per volume, a low resistivity and a large bulk density, is provided as a carbonaceous material having a specific surface area of 800-2000 m.sup.2 /g as measured by the nitrogen adsorption BET
6200703 Binder solution and electrode-forming composition for non-aqueous-type battery March 13, 2001
A vinylidene fluoride polymer binder solution for forming an electrode for a non-aqueous-type battery is formed by adding an acid, preferably an organic acid, as a stabilizer to a solution of a vinylidene fluoride polymer in an organic solvent. The acid is preferably added in an amount
6199017 Biochemical information processing apparatus, biochemical information processing method, and bio March 6, 2001
A biochemical information processing apparatus includes a storage means storing biochemical information, input means for accepting input of data, reaction scheme detection means for detecting a chemical reaction scheme involving a compound, based on the data, and display means for displa
6170192 Leader for fly fishing January 9, 2001
A leader for fly fishing which has a high knot strength and a high tensile tenacity, is free from the formation of a shape-unstable portion (constriction) having a smaller diameter than an average thread diameter of the tippet section and the occurrence of melt fracture at a connecting
6159901 6-phenoxy picolinic acid alkylidene hydrazide derivative, process for producing the same and her December 12, 2000
A 6-phenoxy picolinic acid alkylidene hydrazide derivative, a process for producing the derivative and a herbicide containing the derivative as an effective ingredient. Such a compound is a novel compound and is useful as an effective ingredient of herbicides.
6136494 Transfer sheet October 24, 2000
A transfer sheet comprising not less that 75% by mass of a polycarbonate resin, and having a ratio of an infrared absorbency at a wave-number of 155 mm.sup.-1 to that at a wave-number of 160 mm.sup.-1 of not less than 0.02 and less than 0.3, a melting viscosity of not less than 2,500
6088629 Displaying method of reaction path diagram of compound July 11, 2000
A method for displaying a reaction path diagram of compound by use of an apparatus comprising an input device, display device, and a storage device, the displaying method of reaction path diagram of compound comprising: a step of preparing a reaction path diagram based on input data
6073080 Computer system and method for production of molecular structure diagram June 6, 2000
The present invention provides a computer system configured to produce molecular structure diagrams. The computer system accepts input of bonding atom pair data indicating the bond relation of each atom constituting a compound and has a storage medium for storing the bonding atom pair da
6054503 Plastic lens material and process for preparing the same April 25, 2000
Disclosed herein are a plastic lens material having both excellent optical and mechanical properties and having a low specific gravity, and a production process for producing the plastic lens material having excellent various properties and a low specific gravity. The plastic lens ma
5884763 Wrapping film housing carton March 23, 1999
A wrapping film housing carton of a long type for housing a rolled wrapping film therein, comprising at least cutting means for cutting the wrapping film after drawing out the wrapping film through an opening provided in a longitudinal direction of the carton and a film holding section f
5820779 Polymeric optical low-pass filter and device thereof October 13, 1998
A polymeric optical low-pass filter of the birefringent type is provided which is lightweight and small, and which can be easily produced. Also provided are a polymeric optical low-pass filter device including the polymeric optical low-pass filter; and a composite optical filter incl
5793544 Production process of composite optical filter August 11, 1998
A component optical filter and a process for production of the filter includes the steps of arranging a pair of transparent plates, at least one of which has an optical low-pass filtering function, to oppose each other with a gap therebetween and filling the gap with a monomer compositio
5777000 Plastic lens and production process thereof July 7, 1998
Disclosed is a plastic lens formed of a crosslinked polymer obtained by polymerizing or copolymerizing a monomer composition comprising as essential component the following component (A) and/or the following component (B), and optionally a component (C) composed of at least one monom
5776637 Vinylidene fluoride polymer-based binder solution and electrode-forming composition July 7, 1998
A binder solution for providing an electrode suitable for use in non-aqueous-type electrochemical devices, such as a battery and an electric double layer capacitor, is formed by dissolving a vinylidene fluoride polymer having an inherent viscosity (and thus a polymerization degree) h
5759448 Plastic optical material June 2, 1998
Disclosed herein is a plastic optical material, which has excellent glare-proofness and transparency and is low in the degree of coloring.The plastic optical material of the invention comprises a polymer containing a phosphate group and a trivalent neodymium ion therein, wherein the poly
5741472 Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery April 21, 1998
A carbonaceous electrode having improved capacities for doping and dedoping of a cell active substance, such as lithium, and suitable for a non-aqueous solvent-type secondary battery, is constituted by a carbonaceous material having a specific microtexture. The carbonaceous material
5739234 Epoxy group-containing vinylidene fluoride copolymer and its application to secondary battery April 14, 1998
A vinylidene fluoride copolymer having a relatively high molecular weight is formed by copolymerizing (a) vinylidene fluoride as a principal component, (b) a small amount of epoxy group-containing monomer, and (c) an optional component, such as an unsaturated dibasic acid monoester f
5721071 Graphitic electrode material for secondary battery and process for production thereof February 24, 1998
A graphitic electrode material suitable for use in a non-aqueous solvent-type secondary battery is provided. The graphitic material is characterized by an average (002)-plane spacing d.sub.002 of 0.336-0.345 nm, a crystallite size along c-axis L.sub.c(002) of 15-60 nm, and a lattice
5702824 Dielectrics for transfer sheet carrying member December 30, 1997
The disclosure describes dielectrics for a transfer sheet carrying member used in electrophotographic image forming apparatus, comprising 80 to 96 mass % of a vinylidene fluoride-based resin and 4 to 20 mass % of a methyl methacrylate-based resin.
5691838 Infrared-blocking optical fiber November 25, 1997
Disclosed herein is an infrared-blocking optical filter having optical properties that the transmittance to rays in a visible region is excellent while rays in a near infrared region, particularly, in a wavelength range longer than 1200 nm are cut off or attenuated with high efficiency.
5672655 Plastic optical material and production process thereof September 30, 1997
Disclosed herein are plastic optical materials having properties that rays in a specific visible range are absorbed, being low in specific gravity and easy to conduct processing or machining, and having excellent glare-proofness. One of the plastic optical material comprises an acrylic
5668214 Polyarylene sulfide resin composition September 16, 1997
A polyarylene sulfide resin composition having improved toughness and impact resistance is formed by 100 wt. parts of polyarylene sulfide and 0.5-50 wt. parts of a graft copolymer. The graft copolymer includes an olefin copolymer segment comprising .alpha.-olefin units and .alpha.,.b
5651935 Spiral die and laminate production method using same July 29, 1997
A spiral die for forming a laminate includes an outer die ring, an inner die ring inserted into the outer die ring with a fit clearance therebetween, a plurality (m, a positive integer greater than 1) of spiral grooves each having a gradually decreasing depth disposed between the out
5633065 Laminate resin product May 27, 1997
A laminate resin film having two major surfaces is constituted by plural resin species. In the laminate, layers of the plural resin species are laminated obliquely to the two major surfaces in at least one section perpendicular to the two major surfaces, and each layer of the plural
5616436 Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery and process for production thereof April 1, 1997
A carbonaceous electrode having improved capacities for doping and dedoping of a cell active substance, such as lithium, and suitable for a non-aqueous solvent-type secondary battery, is constituted by a carbonaceous material having a specific microtexture. The carbonaceous material
5612163 Transfer sheet of polycarbonate-based resin March 18, 1997
A transfer sheet for printing media of electrophotographic copying machines or printers comprises a polycarbonate-based resin or a composition containing not less than 75% by mass of a polycarbonate-based resin, and having characteristics that:the ratio of infrared absorbance at the wave
5611965 Plastic optical filter March 18, 1997
Disclosed herein is a plastic optical filter which has a combined optical function that it has an effect of effectively blocking or attenuating rays in the wavelength range of a near infrared region and excellent luminosity factor-compensating ability and is provided with an optical low-
5587255 Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery December 24, 1996
A carbonaceous electrode having improved capacities of doping and dedoping a cell active substance, such as lithium, and suitable for a non-aqueous solvent-type secondary battery, is constituted by a carbonaceous material having a specific microtexture. The carbonaceous material is chara
5578679 Flame-resisting resin composition November 26, 1996
The disclosure describes a flame-resisting resin composition comprising:(A) 90 to 99.5% by weight of a polyarylene sulfide; and(B) 0.5 to 10% by weight of a graft copolymer composed of an olefinic copolymer (a) having 30 to 59% by weight (based on the weight of said graft copolymer) of an .a
5574375 Dual pyroelectric sensor November 12, 1996
A dual-type pyroelectric elements. The first pyroelectric element is constituted by a larger electrode on a first surface and a smaller electrode on a second surface, respectively of a pyroelectric sheet. The second pyroelectric element is on the other hand constituted by a smaller e
5562852 Resin magnetic compound and molded article thereof October 8, 1996
A resin magnetic compound is disclosed, comprising (i) from 65 to 77% by weight of a magnetic powder having been surface treated with from 0.01 to 5% by weight, based on the magnetic powder, of a mercaptosilane represented by the following formula (I) or a hydrolysis product of the m
5527643 Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery and process for production thereof June 18, 1996
A non-aqueous solvent-type secondary battery having a large charge-discharge capacity and exhibiting a high utilization rate of an active substance, such as lithium, and an excellent charge-discharge cycle characteristic, can be constituted by using a carbonaceous electrode material
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