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Koninklijke Philips N.V. Patents
Koninklijke Philips N.V.
Eindhoven, NL
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D693462 Patient interface assembly November 12, 2013
D693461 Frame for a patient interface assembly November 12, 2013
D693460 Patient interface assembly November 12, 2013
D693083 Steam generator for iron November 5, 2013
D692999 Elbow connector for a nasal mask assembly November 5, 2013
D692861 Speaker November 5, 2013
D692860 Speaker November 5, 2013
D692849 Micro audio November 5, 2013
D692718 Air fryer November 5, 2013
D692462 Gas sampling chamber (pump head) October 29, 2013
D692122 Holding chamber for face mask October 22, 2013
D692121 Elbow connector and nebulizer October 22, 2013
D691987 Remote control unit October 22, 2013
D542268 Speaker box May 8, 2007
D536330 Speaker February 6, 2007
D535867 Portable cord station January 30, 2007
8588514 Method, apparatus and system for processing depth-related information November 19, 2013
The invention relates to a method, apparatus and system for processing first depth-related information associated with an image sequence. The method of processing comprises mapping first depth-related information of respective images of a shot of the image sequence on corresponding secon
8588492 Visualization of vascularization November 19, 2013
An apparatus produces image space data (35) indicative of the spatially varying strength of the vascular connections between locations in the image space and a lesion or other feature of interest. The data may be presented by way of a maximum intensity projection (MIP) display in which
8588488 Group-wise image registration based on motion model November 19, 2013
A method includes generating a set of group-wise registered images from a time sequence of images based on a region of interest of a subject or object identified in at least one of the images, the image sequence, and a motion model indicative of an estimate of a motion of the subject or
8588449 Audio driver November 19, 2013
An audio driver including a diaphragm with a first side and a second side. The diaphragm is coupled to a transducer element on the second side and is arranged to radiate sound. The transducer element converts an electrical input signal into movement of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is
8588440 Sweet spot manipulation for a multi-channel signal November 19, 2013
An apparatus, such as a decoder is arranged to modify the sweet-spot of a spatial M-channel audio signal by modifying spatial parameters. Specifically, a receiver (201) receives an N-channel audio signal where N<M. The M-channel signal may specifically be an MPEG Surround sound si
8588411 Method for secure communication in a network, a communication device, a network and a computer p November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to a method for secure communications and communication networks having communication devices, using secure means like encryption system for securing communications. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for secure communications from
8588367 Motion compensation in quantitative data analysis and therapy November 19, 2013
An apparatus includes a diagnostic scanner (102) and a treatment planner (112). The treatment planner (112) plans a treatment to be applied to an object. A treatment device (114) treats the object according to the treatment plan. A treatment scanner (108) scans the object during a tr
8588350 Diversity receiver having cross coupled channel parameter estimation November 19, 2013
A diversity receiver has multiple antenna receiving branches. Each branch has means for estimating at least a receiving channel parameter, and the channel parameter estimating means in one branch are coupled to the channel parameter estimating means in an other branch. This way at least
8588339 System and method for detecting temporarily unused bandwidth in the RF spectrum November 19, 2013
A method (200) and system (300) for detecting temporarily available bandwidth in a frequency band: select (205) a channel in the frequency band; measure (210) an energy received in the selected channel; compare (215) the measured energy to a first threshold; when the measured energy
8588320 Scaled and rotated Alamouti coding November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to an encoder for encoding incoming symbols of an incoming data stream into channel symbols of a channel data stream for transmission over a transmission channel as well as to a corresponding decoder. To improve the error rate compared to a known Alamout
8588312 Method and device for information transmission with time information for controlling a period of November 19, 2013
Video information intended to be reproduced on a television screen (1) often includes additional information such as graphics information (3) or subtitles (4) in addition to the main information such as film images (2). This additional information is transmitted separately, so that the
8588116 Efficient CQI signaling in multi-beam MIMO systems November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to the signaling of channel quality information in a multi-beam transmission system, wherein a plurality of beams are simultaneously transmitted and a plurality of sets of channel quality information are transmitted for controlling independently the tran
8587438 System and method for detecting activities of daily living of a person November 19, 2013
The system according to the invention comprises a plurality of sensors (10), (20) arranged to measure an ambient condition of a person. A movement of the person is being detected by the movement sensor (20) included in the system. The system further comprises interpretation means (11
8587205 LED lighting with incandescent lamp color temperature behavior November 19, 2013
In a lighting device, sets of LEDs are employed using the natural characteristics of the LEDs to resemble incandescent lamp behavior when dimmed, thereby obviating the need for sophisticated controls. A first set of at least one LED produces light with a first color temperature, and
8586933 Radiation detector having a split laminate optical coupling November 19, 2013
A radiation-sensitive detector (120) includes a scintillator array (124) coupled with a photosensor array (140) via an adhesive laminate (144). The photosensor (140) has a plurality of dixels (136). The adhesive laminate (144) includes a material free region that extends through the
8585286 Spectral detector calibration November 19, 2013
A method includes detecting radiation that traverses a material having a known spectral characteristic with a radiation sensitive detector pixel that outputs a signal indicative of the detected radiation and determining a mapping between the output signal and the spectral characteris
8585261 Lamp assembly November 19, 2013
It is provided a lamp assembly (10) for an automotive headlamp, comprising at least two lamps (12) each comprising a light source (14) for emitting light rays, wherein the respective light rays (16) of each lamp (12) are bordered in horizontal direction mainly orthogonal to its light
8583936 Key generation using biometric data and secret extraction codes November 12, 2013
A method of generating a key for encrypting communications between first and second terminals includes obtaining a measurement of characteristics of a physical identifier of a user; and extracting a key from the physical identifier using a code selected from a collection of codes. Ea
8583834 Secure detection of removable medical accessories using data transfer November 12, 2013
The invention relates to an assembly comprising a main device and an accessory, which can be connected by a safe connector and a safe detection method. According to the invention, the assembly comprises: --a main device (2), --an accessory (3) connectable to the main device (2), --th
8583206 Sensor arrangement and method for monitoring physiological parameters November 12, 2013
The invention refers to a sensor arrangement with at least one sensor and a method for monitoring physiological parameters of a person, a textile fabric and a use of a textile fabric. An sensor arrangement is described that is suited to improve signal quality and suppress noise, for inst
8582883 Simultaneous model-based segmentation of objects satisfying pre-defined spatial relationships November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a system (100) for segmenting a plurality of objects in image data using simultaneous model-based image segmentation. A surface mesh is adapted to each object to be segmented. To avoid or reduce the possibility of mesh collision, a plurality of connecting edges
8582855 Apparatus, method and computer program for producing a corrected image of a region of interest f November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to an apparatus for producing a corrected image of a region of interest from acquired projection data (60), wherein an uncorrected intermediate image (74) is reconstructed. The uncorrected intermediate image (74) is corrected and image elements of the correc
8582723 Rotatable anode and X-ray tube comprising a liquid heat link November 12, 2013
In a rotatable anode (4) of an X-ray tube, a heat transfer between the rotating disc of the anode (4a) and the second bearing element (11) is achieved by providing a contact material (14) within a gap (16a, b) between the anode disc (4a) and the second bearing element (11). Contact e
8582666 Image compression and decompression November 12, 2013
Clusters of pixels are defined for use in image compression and decompression. The image information used to define the clusters may include pixel values at predetermined positions relative to a pixel or related motion vectors, gradients, texture etc. During compression of images the
8581292 Light emitting diode device November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a light emitting diode device comprising a light emitting diode arrangement comprising a flexible substrate (103) having an inner surface and an outer surface, and a light emitting diode (101) arranged on the inner surface of the flexible substrate (103) and a sh
8581229 III-V light emitting device with thin n-type region November 12, 2013
A device includes a semiconductor structure comprising a III-nitride light emitting layer disposed between an n-type region and a p-type region. A transparent, conductive non-III-nitride material is disposed in direct contact with the n-type region. A total thickness of semiconductor
8581214 Staff dose awareness indication November 12, 2013
According to an exemplary embodiment of the invention a dose awareness indication device is provided in which an individual dose is determined on the basis of raw dose measuring data, dose sensor and information data from an examination apparatus, wherein the information data from the
8581200 Radiation detector with multiple electrodes on a sensitive layer November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a radiation detector (200), particularly an X-ray detector, which comprises at least one sensitive layer (212) for the conversion of incident photons (X) into electrical signals. A two-dimensional array of electrodes (213) is located on the front side of the
8579473 Luminaire for indirect illumination November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a luminaire (2) and an illumination system (12). The luminaire according to the invention comprises a light exit window (30) for emitting light from the luminaire, and a reflective screen (40) arranged opposite the light exit window. The luminaire further compris
8579452 User interface and method for control of light systems November 12, 2013
An interface device (100) for controlling light sources (110) includes a target region (205); and a controller (120) that associates a preset with an illumination region, and controls a light source (110) in the illumination region when an indicator (215) associated with the preset a
8578539 Pressurized valve system for driving bristle tufts November 12, 2013
The dental cleaning appliance includes an appliance body (30, 73) which has a bristle field housing (32, 52) and fluid within the housing. A flexible membrane (34) is positioned within the housing, or in a fluid-tight relationship (54) within an opening (60) in the housing. A fluid p
8578439 Method and apparatus for presentation of intelligent, adaptive alarms, icons and other informati November 5, 2013
System actions such as presentation of information to a user via a remote control device are carried out in accordance with user preferences based on, e.g., observed user behavior over time. The preferences may be learned by observation of user actions and corresponding system state
8577439 System and method for positioning electrodes on a patient body November 5, 2013
A system for positioning electrodes on a patient body includes an image capturing system, a memory device, a processing system and an indicator system. The image capturing system generates an actual image of the patient body. The memory device stores a reference image, the reference
8577113 Image reconstruction for truncated detector array November 5, 2013
A reconstruction system reconstructs projection data generated by a detector array of an imaging system having at least one truncated row of detector modules. The reconstruction system includes a projection data generator that augments the projection data with projection data created
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