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Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. Patents
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
Eindhoven, NL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43564 Hand-held with auto-zoom for graphical display of web page August 7, 2012
A mobile phone has a display with a touch screen. The device has a browser and is capable of retrieving a Web page from the Internet. The page is first displayed in its entirety. The user can recognize the page's general lay-out and presence of hyperlinks. When the user touches a par
RE43384 Radio communication system with multiple and simultaneous encoding technique May 15, 2012
A method of operating a radio communication system uses a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technique. Multiple scrambling codes may be used in a single cell to alleviate the shortage of channelisation codes available for downlink channels from a primary station. To minimise inter
RE43273 Generation of a sound signal March 27, 2012
In a method and a media system of/for generation of at least one output signal (H.sub.PL,H.sub.PR) from at least one input signal belonging to a second set of sound signals (M) having a related second set of Head Related Transfer Functions, in which the media system can be a TV, a CD
RE43170 Previewing documents on a computer system February 7, 2012
A method, system and apparatus for previewing documents on a computer system, the method comprising the steps of:--displaying a main document (102) which contains a hyperlink (104); and--in response to an indication (106) of the hyperlink being received by the computer system, displaying
RE43050 Medical electrode and release liner configurations facilitating packaged electrode characterizat December 27, 2011
An electrode includes a conductive adhesive layer and a conductive foil layer having a void therein. One such electrode may be mounted in conjunction with another electrode upon a release liner having one or more openings therein to facilitate electrical signal exchange between elect
RE42803 Ultrasonic method, system, and device for diagnosis of stroke October 4, 2011
A medical diagnostic method, system and related equipment particularly adapted to diagnose disorders of the blood circulation serving the head and neck, and especially the brain. A preferred use of the system is early, rapid, accurate, diagnosis of stroke, especially whether the stro
RE42428 Method of and device for generating an image having a desired brightness June 7, 2011
The present invention relates to a method of generating an image having a desired brightness, which image is generated by means of a device provided with at least one light source, at least one electro-optical light modulation panel and at least one light-control device. The light fr
RE41445 Arrangement for suppressing an interfering component of an input signal July 20, 2010
In an acoustic echocanceller (6), an estimate of an echo signal is determined by an adaptive filter (10) and is subtracted from the input signal by a subtracter (14). The spectrum estimator (12) determines the frequency spectrum of the estimate of the echo signal, and the filter (16)
RE38822 Circuit, audio system and method for processing signals, and a harmonics generator October 11, 2005
A circuit, audio system and method are presented for processing an audio signal, in which a frequency band is selected, harmonics are generated from the selected signal by a harmonics generator, wherein the harmonics are scaled by a level detected in at least a part of the spectrum of th
RE38703 Device for scanning a disc-shaped information carrier with controlled changes in angular and lin February 15, 2005
For scanning a disc-shaped information carrier at a high average information rate with minimum access time, the angular velocity is decreased substantially as the radial distance to the scan location increases, while at the same time the linear velocity of track scanning increases su
RE38634 System appliance and cartridge for personal body care October 26, 2004
The system comprises, for example, an electric shaver (1) and a cartridge (2) mounted in a chamber (12) of the shaver (1). The shaver (1) comprises a shaving head (3) having drivable cutters (31) and an electric motor (11) for driving the cutters (31) via a coupling pin (14). The cartrid
RE38560 Adjustable dual-detector image data acquisition system August 3, 2004
An improved image acquisition system allows the angular displacement between two detectors to be adjusted between and to reduce the imaging time for both and scans. A patient table is displaced vertically and horizontally from a lateral axis
RE38242 Force feedback apparatus and method September 2, 2003
A joystick, mouse, or trackball having a rotationally-symmetrical member. The joystick or the like can be braked by an appropriate control signal from data processing apparatus such as a computer. Mechanical feedback to the operator is thus realized. In accordance with the invention, the
RE37906 Display device and method of driving such a device November 19, 2002
In a picture display device driven with an active matrix the voltage across the pixels (12) is accurately adjusted by discharging or charging the associated capacitances, if necessary, first to beyond the transition range (17) in the transmission/voltage characteristic.
RE37817 Apparatus for recording a count signal in a fixed location regardless of transport velocity of r August 13, 2002
An arrangement for recording an information signal in a track (T.sub.0, T.sub.1, . . . ) on a record carrier (1), includes an input (20) for receiving the information signal, signal processing circuitry (21) for processing the information signal such that it can be recorded in the tr
D670044 Portable garment steamer October 30, 2012
D670020 Luminaire October 30, 2012
D670016 Luminaire October 30, 2012
D669994 Pain relief patch October 30, 2012
D669978 Dental cleaning instrument October 30, 2012
D669625 Luminaire October 23, 2012
D669624 LED lamp October 23, 2012
D669589 Blood system cartridge October 23, 2012
D669309 Filter for tea maker October 23, 2012
D669294 Coffee maker October 23, 2012
D668812 Luminaire October 9, 2012
D668797 LED lamp October 9, 2012
D668509 Container for coffee beans October 9, 2012
D668498 Coffee maker October 9, 2012
D668413 Iron October 2, 2012
D668375 LED lamp October 2, 2012
D668374 Luminaire October 2, 2012
D667985 Luminaire September 25, 2012
D667984 Luminaire September 25, 2012
D667600 Iron with steam generator September 18, 2012
D667160 Lamp September 11, 2012
D667159 Luminaire September 11, 2012
D667145 LED module September 11, 2012
D666349 Luminaire August 28, 2012
D666337 Light bulb August 28, 2012
D666336 Light bulb August 28, 2012
D666089 Packaging August 28, 2012
D666051 Coffee maker August 28, 2012
D665779 Remote control unit August 21, 2012
D665485 Automotive air purifier August 14, 2012
D665378 Micro audio system August 14, 2012
D665083 Data and inspection apparatus for medical purposes August 7, 2012
D665074 Nozzle for dental cleaning instrument August 7, 2012
D664943 Micro audio system August 7, 2012
D664297 Handle for body groomer July 24, 2012

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