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Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
Hachioji-shi, JP
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7854864 Method for manufacturing an optical film having a convexoconcave structure December 21, 2010
A manufacturing method of an optical film provided with a convexoconcave structure, comprises the steps of: coating a resin solution including a first resin solved by a solvent onto an endless or roll-like mold provided with a convexoconcave structure, and forming a resin solution la
7854515 Projection type image display apparatus December 21, 2010
An projection type image display apparatus includes a projection optical system having a plurality of concave mirrors and digital micromirror device (DMD). An optical path from the DMD to the concave mirror closest to the DMD is a sealed space which is surrounded by an image forming
7850314 Light-emitting module and image projection apparatus using same December 14, 2010
A light-emitting module has: a single reflector having a plurality of concave reflection surfaces; and light emitters in a same number as a number of the concave reflection surfaces. Each of the concave reflection surface has an outer shape partially notched at a boundary thereof with
7843793 Optical pickup apparatus, objective optical element and optical information recording reproducin November 30, 2010
An optical pickup apparatus according to the present invention includes: a first light source for emitting a first light flux; a second light source for emitting a second light flux; a third light source for emitting a third light flux; and an objective optical element. The objective opt
7843777 Assembly method of optical pickup and optical pickup apparatus November 30, 2010
A method for assembling an optical pickup apparatus for recording/reproducing a high density DVD, DVD and CD including two objective lens and three laser light sources, the objective lenses being provided on the lens holder having an actuator base for supporting the actuator, the met
7841785 Imaging lens, imaging device, portable terminal, and method for manufacturing imaging lens November 30, 2010
An imaging lens (LN) includes at least one lens block (BK), and an aperture stop (ape). The lens block (BK) includes parallel flat lens substrates (LS) formed of different materials, and a lens (L). In the imaging lens (LN), a first lens block (BK1) positioned closest to an object in
7835016 Positioning detecting device and electronic device using the same November 16, 2010
A position detecting device, including: a movable section which has an axial section and moves in a direction of an axial line of the axial section; and a supporting section which supports the movable section and allows the movable section to move through the axial section; wherein the
7834515 Drive apparatus November 16, 2010
A drive apparatus includes an ultrasonic motor that rotates by an electromechanical transducer element, and generates an intermittent signal that outputs an alternating signal without change only during ON times of a pulse signal as a driving signal for the ultrasonic motor. A voltag
7825566 Ultrasonic actuator and method for manufacturing piezoelectric deformation portion used in the s November 2, 2010
Provided are an ultrasonic actuator and a method for manufacturing an piezoelectric deformation portion in which wiring a drive circuit can be easily processed, and in which productivity can be increased. The ultrasonic actuator comprises: a triangular vibrating member which has a pi
7823383 Actuator driving device November 2, 2010
An actuator driving device includes: an actuator made of a shape metal alloy having a property that a predetermined shape is memorized in advance, and that the predetermined memorized shape is recovered when the actuator is heated to a predetermined temperature; an applier for applyi
7821904 Optical pickup apparatus and objective optical element October 26, 2010
A light flux from the first light source forms a converged spot on first optical information recording medium by only a refraction action of the aspheric surface, or by a combination of the refraction action and an optical action given by at least one of the first phase structure and the
7821725 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal October 26, 2010
An image pickup lens includes a first lens block with a positive power and a second lens block with a positive or negative power. The first lens block includes a first lens substrate, and lens portions 1a and 1b arranged on opposing surfaces of the first lens substrate. The lens port
7820576 Optical glass and optical element October 26, 2010
An optical glass for press-molding contains as glass ingredients, by weight: 0.5-4% SiO.sub.2; 20-30% B.sub.2O.sub.3; 10-20% ZnO; 1-10% ZrO.sub.2; 30-45% La.sub.2O.sub.3; 5-12% Nb.sub.2O.sub.5; 1-15% WO.sub.3; 0.5-3.5% TiO.sub.2; 0.5-3% CaO; 0.1-0.5% Li.sub.2O; 0-0.4% Na.sub.2O (zero
7815823 Optical film, manufacturing method of optical film, optical compensating film, manufacturing met October 19, 2010
An object is to provide an optical film in which retardation variation is less even after a long period of duration of use, to provide an optical compensating film in which transparency and flatness are not deteriorated in a stretching process by using the foregoing film as a support, an
7808731 Lens guide mechanism, lens barrel, and image pickup apparatus October 5, 2010
The present invention provides a lens guide mechanism, a lens barrel, and an image pickup apparatus. A lens guide mechanism relating to the present invention includes: a plurality of lens frames each including a sliding section; and a guide shaft engaged with the sliding sections of the
7808154 Actuator unit, driving device for information recording/reading head, information recording/read October 5, 2010
An actuator unit including a friction drive actuator, a driving device for information recording/reading head, an information recording/reading apparatus and a method for driving the actuator unit which can achieve both high precision and high speed is provided by waiting the residual
7805071 Camera module and electronic device September 28, 2010
There is provided an inexpensive camera module 1 having shieldability. The camera module 1 has a housing 2 which is molded from resin so that layers of the resin are formed on both sides of a metal plate 5 and in which an inside space for accommodating a group of lenses 6, 7 is formed an
7803455 Optical element and optical pickup apparatus September 28, 2010
The present invention provides an optical element including: a substrate; and an antireflection film formed on a surface of the substrate. The antireflection film includes a plurality of lower refractive index layers, and a plurality of higher refractive index layers which are layere
7803293 Optical film manufacturing method, optical film manufacturing apparatus and optical film September 28, 2010
An optical film manufacturing method, including steps of: casting a dope in which a thermoplastic resin is dissolved in a solvent, on a support so as to form a web; peeling and conveying the web from the support; measuring a physical property of the conveyed web at plural positions a
7803292 Optical film, optical film manufacturing method and optical film manufacturing device September 28, 2010
An optical film producing method, comprises steps of: extruding a melted material including a melted cellulose ester resin from a casting die by using an extruding device; forming a film by pressing the extruded melted material between a first rotating member and a second rotating member
7801013 Optical pickup apparatus September 21, 2010
An optical pickup apparatus is provided for recording and/or reproducing information on an optical disc in which information can be recorded at recording positions. The optical pickup apparatus includes: a light source; a relay optical system; an objective lens for converging a light
7800647 Image capturing device September 21, 2010
JPEG image data captured by camera module 20 is paired with image capturing information pertaining to image capturing conducted by camera module 20 and a predetermined information area to store image capturing information pertaining to a main body unit, in a form being compliant with
7800050 Holding structure for optical element including an elastic biasing section and a displacement re September 21, 2010
Pressure spring pieces elastically bias a free-form curved mirror such that the free-form curved mirror is pressed against positioning sections and positioned thereby. Displacement restricting sections are disposed opposite to the pressure spring pieces with respect to the free-form
7798655 Projection unit and projection type image display apparatus September 21, 2010
A projection unit 17 effectively corrects out of focus due to a temperature rise. A mirror holding mechanism of a concave mirror 25 has a mirror holder 41 and a mirror holder base 42. The concave mirror 25 is slidably housed in the mirror holder 41. A focus correction member 57, whic
7793403 Manufacturing method of optical component or molding die therefor September 14, 2010
A method of manufacturing an optical component or a molding die for the optical component, the method comprising the steps of: cutting a surface of a work with a tool by rotating the tool around its axis with a cutting edge facing outward and moving in a circle to cut the work surface at
7792007 Optical device for monitor and optical pickup apparatus September 7, 2010
A monitor optical device has a first region and a second region. The first region transmits part of light beam emitted from a light source to introduce the transmitted light beam to a monitor device. The second region reflects the remainder of the light beam to introduce the reflecte
7791822 Focusing method and image-taking apparatus September 7, 2010
An optical system has a plurality of optical surfaces and an aperture stop, and has an eccentric reflective surface as at least one of the plurality of optical surfaces. For different conjugate distances, focusing for keeping a position of an entire image surface substantially consta
7790249 Stretched cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display employing the same September 7, 2010
A stretched cellulose ester film produced by stretching after film forming employing a cellulose ester including a polyester polyol obtained from (a) a glycol having an average carbon atom number of 2 to 3.5 and (b) a dibasic or an anhydrous dibasic acid having an average carbon number o
7790070 Mold assembly for optical parts and method of setup thereof September 7, 2010
A mold assembly that is adapted to clamp fixed mold and movable mold together while making temperature adjustment and inject a molding material into a molding cavity provided therebetween, thereby producing an optical part. The mold assembly is one including fixed platen supporting f
7787192 Lens unit and photographing apparatus August 31, 2010
A lens unit includes: a first lens group arranged in a first optical axis direction of the lens unit, on which a light flux from an object is incident; a second lens group provided closer to an image side than the first lens group and arranged in a second optical axis direction; a be
7784950 Image projecting apparatus having variable stop August 31, 2010
An image projecting apparatus has an integrator for generating plural secondary-light-source images for generating illumination light with a uniform intensity; and a variable stop mechanism arranged at or near a position conjugate with the secondary-light-source images. The variable
7782558 Optical device vibrator August 24, 2010
An optical device vibrator has a driving mechanism and a controller. The driving mechanism repeatedly changes position or angle of an optical device in predetermined cycles in order to vibrate the optical device. The controller controls driving of the driving mechanism and changes a
7782388 Solid image pickup unit and camera module August 24, 2010
A solid image pickup device includes an image pickup unit on which image pickup elements are arranged in a two dimensional form, a print on which the image pickup unit is mounted, and protrusions formed in a pattern form of a conductive material on a floor area, of the print board, c
7781070 Antireflection film, manufacturing method of antireflection film, hard coat film, polarizing pla August 24, 2010
An antireflection film comprising a hard coat layer and an antireflection layer on at least one side of a transparent resin film, wherein the hard coat layer contains a polyoxyethylene oleyl ether compound and an actinic ray curable resin.
7778138 Objective optical element for optical pickup device, optical element for optical pickup device, August 17, 2010
An optical element for optical pickup device is provided with an optical path difference providing structure which provides a substantial phase change to a light flux having a predefined wavelength. The optical path difference providing structure is provided with a step portion having a
7777952 Image stabilizing apparatus, lens unit, and image pickup apparatus August 17, 2010
The present invention relates to an image stabilizing apparatus, a lens unit, and an image pickup apparatus. The present invention provides an image stabilizing apparatus for stabilizing an image by moving a predetermined lens group in an image pickup optical system which transmits a
7773321 Lens unit and image pickup apparatus August 10, 2010
The present invention provides a lens unit including: a first lens group; a second lens group; an optical-path bending member; a movable frame holding the first lens group; a stationary frame holding the movable frame movably in an direction of the first optical axis, and adopted to
7773119 Drive apparatus, image pickup unit and image pickup apparatus August 10, 2010
A small-sized and highly efficient drive apparatus, an image pickup unit and an image pickup apparatus are provided, by using a polymer actuator that is small in size and has high speed of response and has high degree of freedom for arrangement, and by realizing an actuator having excell
7771826 Antireflection film, producing method of antireflection film, polarizing plate and display devic August 10, 2010
Disclosed is an antireflection film having an antireflection layer excellent in chemical resistance, surface hardness and wet-heat-resistant adhesion. Also disclosed are a method for producing such an antireflection film, a polarizing plate using such an antireflection film, and a di
7771781 Anti-glare film, manufacturing method of anti-glare film, anti glaring anti-reflection film, pol August 10, 2010
It is an object of the present invention to provide an anti-glare film and a manufacturing method thereof, in which undesired image capturing caused by outside light and lowered contrast are effectively inhibited without lowering sharpness of a high quality image via miniaturization of a
7760439 Variable power optical system, imaging lens device and digital apparatus July 20, 2010
There is provided a zoom optical system having lens elements produced with less difficulty i.e. with substantially the same skill level as the conventional arrangement, with sufficient miniaturization. The zoom optical system includes a first lens group having a negative optical powe
7758777 Polarizing plate protecting film and its manufacturing method, polarizing plate and liquid cryst July 20, 2010
Disclosed is a process for manufacturing a polarizing plate protecting film comprising the steps of providing a film formation composition containing cellulose resin having a total acyl substitution degree of from 2.5 to 2.9, a plasticizer and a hindered amine or hindered phenol comp
7755978 Recording head and recorder July 13, 2010
A recorder has a recording head which uses light for information recording to a recording medium. The recording head has a slider and an optical waveguide. The slider moves relative to the recording medium while floating thereon. The optical waveguide is provided in the slider and has
7755854 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal July 13, 2010
An image pickup lens includes, in order from an object side thereof: a aperture stop; a first lens having a positive refractive power; a second lens having a negative refractive power; a third lens having a positive refractive power; and a fourth lens having a negative refractive power
7751128 Wide-angle lens July 6, 2010
A wide-angle lens whose angle of view is more than 90 degrees and less than 120 degrees includes, in order from an object side thereof: a first lens having a negative power and including a spherical glass body; a second lens having a positive power and including an aspheric surface;
7751005 Liquid crystal display apparatus July 6, 2010
An IPS (In Plane Switching) mode type liquid crystal display apparatus having polarizing plates on both sides of a liquid crystal cell, wherein the polarizing plate protective film used between a liquid crystal cell and polarizer on a backlight light-source side is a cellulose ester film
7750534 Drive device and drive system July 6, 2010
Driving techniques are provided for achieving a sufficiently low-speed drive and smooth change in the drive speed. Voltage is applied to an electromechanical element by repeating an output cycle in which one voltage value out of a first voltage value is output during a first period,
7749579 Rolled optical film July 6, 2010
A rolled optical film includes a cellulose ester film which has a width of from 1 m to 3 m and a length of 500 m or more and is shaped in a rolled film. The cellulose ester film includes streaks from 1 line to 20 lines per 10 mm in a lateral direction thereof in which the streaks have a
7749578 Cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display July 6, 2010
An object of the present invention is to provide a polarizing plate protective film exhibiting a reduced variation value retardation, which is highly stable against polarizing plate degradation, polarizing plate dimension, and polarizing plate curl. Disclosed is a cellulose ester film
7749412 Wide optical film and method for producing the same July 6, 2010
An optical film comprising a cycloolefin resin or a cellulose ester resin, wherein (a) at least one of edges of the optical film is slit; (b) an average surface roughness Ra specified in JISB0601-2001 of a cross-section of the optical film formed by slitting is 0.05 to 0.9 .mu.m; and
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