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Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
Hachioji-shi, JP
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8061855 Projection apparatus November 22, 2011
A projection apparatus including an image display element for modulating illumination light, an illumination optical system for irradiating the illumination light onto the image display element, a projection optical system for projecting the modulated light by the image display element
8061161 Molten glass dropping nozzle, molded glass product manufacturing method and molded glass product November 22, 2011
A molten glass dropping nozzle including: a molten glass flow path therein for flowing molten glass; and a plurality of openings of the flow path, the plurality of openings being provided on a front end of the molten glass dropping nozzle, wherein the molten glass flowing out of the
8052416 Injection nozzle and molding apparatus November 8, 2011
Provided is an injection nozzle and a molding apparatus which ensure injection pressure by suppressing resin leakage even when a resin material having a low viscosity is used. In injection molding, it is especially important that the injection nozzle and a fixed die are excellently k
8052283 Oblique projection optical system November 8, 2011
An oblique projection optical system enlarges an image formed on a display device surface, and obliquely projects the enlarged image on a screen surface. The oblique projection optical system has, in the order from a reduction side: a refraction optical portion having a positive opti
8049967 Anamorphic lens November 1, 2011
Provided is a low-cost and compact super-wide-angle anamorphic lens having small number of lenses and exhibiting excellent lens performance when the lens is used for an onboard camera, capturing of an unwanted portion is minimized. The super-wide-angle anamorphic lens has an angle of
8047104 Vibration body for cutting, vibration cutting unit, processing apparatus, molding die and optica November 1, 2011
In a vibration cutting unit, a root portion of a holding member for supporting a vibration body is fixed on a fixed portion of a node portion which is common to axial vibration and bending vibration, on a jointless basis. Therefore, the node portion, namely, a vibration body main part is
8040783 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, and cartridge October 18, 2011
An optical information recording and reproducing apparatus relating to the invention employs a two-beam interference method. In the optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, a moving device moves an information recording medium between a recording and reproducing position
8035723 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal October 11, 2011
Provided is a small-sized five-element image pickup lens which ensures a sufficient lens speed of about F2 and exhibits various aberrations being excellently corrected. The image pickup lens is composed of, in order from the object side, a first lens with a positive refractive power,
8031415 Imaging lens, imaging device, portable terminal, and method for manufacturing imaging lens October 4, 2011
An imaging lens (LN) includes one or two lens blocks (BK), and an aperture stop (ape). The lens block (BK) includes a plane-parallel lens substrate (LS) and a lens (L) formed of different materials. In the imaging lens (LN), a first lens block (BK1) disposed at the most object-side e
8027074 Scan optical system, light scan device, and image formation device September 27, 2011
An imaging lens good in mass-productivity, compact, low in manufacturing cost, good in aberration performance is provided by effectively correcting aberrations without greatly varying the variation of the thickness of a curing resin. An imaging device having such an imaging lens and
8026688 Driving device September 27, 2011
In order to provide a driving device that is capable of eliminating sticking of a movable member due to nonuse, the driving device includes a drive shaft that reciprocates in axial directions with expansion and contraction of an electromechanical transducer element, a movable member
8023389 Objective lens, optical pickup apparatus, and optical information recording reproducing apparatu September 20, 2011
An objective lens relating to the present invention includes a first optical path difference providing structure in which a first basic structure and a second basic structure are overlapped with each other. The first basic structure is a blaze-type structure which emits a Xth-order d
8023388 Objective lens, optical pickup apparatus, and optical information recording reproducing apparatu September 20, 2011
An objective lens includes a first optical path difference providing structure in which a first basic structure and a second basic structure are overlapped together, and a second optical path difference providing structure in which a third basic structure, a fourth basic structure, and
8021724 Optical film, manufacturing method of the same, and polarizing plate and liquid crystal display September 20, 2011
An optical film having an inner portion exhibiting an N value defined by the following equation smaller than an N value at a surface of the optical film: N=(nx+ny)/2-nz wherein nx represents an in-plane refractive index in a slow axis direction of the optical film, ny represents an
8019210 Image stabilizing unit, lens unit, and imaging apparatus, having two drive units at an inclined September 13, 2011
There is provided an image stabilizing unit 1 small in size in one direction perpendicular to an optical axis, including, on a base member 2, a movable compensation member 5 which can displace an image forming position by moving in a plane perpendicular to an optical axis Z, and two
8014088 Lens group positioning method and image capturing apparatus September 6, 2011
Described is an image capturing apparatus, which makes it possible to accurately secure the distance between the two lens groups, even if the interval distance between the two lens groups varies from the default design-distance value. The image capturing apparatus includes a first le
8013596 Position detector and positioning device September 6, 2011
A position detector (3) capable of obtaining an output having a linearity in a wide range includes: a magnetic field generating member (11) attached to a movable member (10) movable in a predetermined movable direction (x); and magnetic field detection means (12) for detecting a magn
8012384 Polarizing plate protective film and manufacturing method for the same September 6, 2011
A method for manufacturing a polarizing plate protective film including the steps of: 1) mixing a cellulose ester resin and an organic additive to obtain a mixing composition, 2) placing the mixing composition in a mold to obtain an integral molding, and 3) heating to melt the integral
8009366 Super wide-angle lens August 30, 2011
A small-sized super wide-angle lens for a solid-state image sensor that is suitable for a digital input apparatus such as a monitoring camera and an onboard camera, which is excellent in terms of optical performance and is low in terms of cost. The super wide-angle lens includes, in orde
8009365 Projection optical system August 30, 2011
The projection optical system uses a plurality of wavelengths or a wavelength band within a wavelength range from a visible region to a near ultraviolet region. The double-telecentric projection optical system includes: a first lens group with a positive power; a second lens group wi
8008219 Optical glass and optical element August 30, 2011
An optical glass includes, based on the total weight of the optical glass: not less than 35 weight percent and less than 45 weight percent of P.sub.2O.sub.5; not less than 0.5 weight percent and less than 10 weight percent of B.sub.2O.sub.3; 0 to 16 weight percent of Al.sub.2O.sub.3; 0
8007116 Video projection device having a converter lens attachably and detachably provided August 30, 2011
A video projection device has one of a plurality of types of projection lenses replaceably loaded and projects a video on a screen at a fixed position. The video projection device includes: a converter lens which is composed of a plurality of lenses, which is afocal as a whole, and which
8004777 Image pickup lens, image pickup unit and mobile terminal August 23, 2011
An image pickup lens includes: an aperture stop; a first lens having a positive power and including a convex surface facing an object side; a second lens having a negative power and including a concave surface facing an image side; a third lens in a meniscus shape having a positive p
8000590 Driving apparatus, image capturing unit, and image capturing apparatus August 16, 2011
An object of the preset invention is to provide a technique capable of preventing occurrence of an assembly error. A driving apparatus for driving an object includes: a driving part having a stationary part and a moving part; and a displacement transmitting part for transmitting a di
8000038 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal August 16, 2011
The present invention provides an image pickup lens, an image pickup apparatus, and a mobile terminal The image pickup lens includes a lens group. The lens group includes a lens substrate which is a parallel flat plate, and lenses are formed on an object side surface and image side s
8000037 Imaging lens, imaging device, and mobile terminal August 16, 2011
Provided is an imaging lens, including, in order from an object side: a positive first lens; a second lens having a concave shape toward the object side; and (i-2) number of lens, wherein the i-th lens, which is the most image-side lens, includes: an i-th lens flat plate; and a posit
8000027 Drive device, lens barrel, image pickup apparatus, lens drive method and method of producing sha August 16, 2011
A lens barrel, an image pickup apparatus, a lens drive method and a method of producing a shape memory alloy used for the drive device are disclosed. A drive device includes: a lens group for guiding light from a subject; a shape memory alloy adopted to be deformed by an electricity
7995446 Optical element and optical pickup apparatus August 9, 2011
The present invention relates to an optical element for use in an optical pickup apparatus and an optical pickup apparatus. An optical element is provided for use in an optical pickup apparatus which records or reproduces information by converging a light flux from a light source ont
7995293 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, mobile terminal, method for manufacturing image picku August 9, 2011
An image pickup lens includes: a first lens block with a positive power and a second lens block. The first lens block includes a first lens substrate, a lens portion 1a with a positive power, formed on an object-side surface of the first lens substrate, and a lens portion 1b with a n
7993555 Structure of molding tools, injection molding device, and molding method August 9, 2011
Provided are a structure of molding tools and an injection molding device that can easily perform molding of an optical element even from a resin of low velocity or the like and can suppress any negative effects by air. The structure of the molding tools includes between the molding tool
7988441 Optical element molding apparatus August 2, 2011
An optical element manufacturing apparatus is provided with a fixed side metal mold 5 attached to a fixed platen 1, and a movable side metal mold 6 attached to a movable platen 2. The fixed side metal mold 5 and the movable side metal mold 6 are clamped by bringing both platens 1 and 2
7986604 Optical element and optical pickup device July 26, 2011
An objective lens causes birefringence, which causes wave aberration in outgoing light from the objective lens. A coated objective lens has a dielectric multilayer film that can reduce astigmatism component of the wave aberration to 5 m.lamda. rms or smaller when 10 m.lamda. rms or l
7982968 Variable-power optical system, image pickup device, and digital apparatus July 19, 2011
A variable-power optical system includes, in order from an object side thereof: a first lens group with a negative optical power; a second lens group with a positive optical power; and a third lens group with a negative optical power, where an interval between the first lens group an
7981230 Method and joining jig for fabrication of an optical device July 19, 2011
Two prisms bonded together in a bonding step are then, in a pressing step, put onto a joining jig and pressed to be formed into an optical device. The joining jig has a pair of holding plates arranged opposite each other and a precision plate held between parts of the directly opposi
7978745 Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting laser July 12, 2011
Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface-emitting laser comprising a two-dimensional photonic crystal, having media different in refractive index arrayed in a two-dimensional cycle, disposed in the vicinity of an active layer that emits light by the injection of carriers, wherein the
7977440 Optical element and optical pickup apparatus July 12, 2011
A production method of an objective lens for optical pickup apparatus having a numerical aperture NA of image side of 0.80 to 0.90 is disclosed. The method includes steps of molding resin composition containing copolymer of .alpha.-olefin and a cyclic olefin represented by Formula (I
7975477 Driving device and method of manufacturing the same July 12, 2011
A driving device and driving device manufacturing method that ensure stable fixing of an SMA, without causing difficulties in downsizing the device, and without adversely affecting the performance of the SMA. A driving device equipped with a string-shaped shape memory alloy as a driv
7973883 Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display July 5, 2011
Disclosed is a polarizing plate protective film having high dimensional stability against moisture. Also disclosed are a polarizing plate using such a polarizing plate protective film, and a liquid crystal display. Specifically disclosed is a polarizing plate protective film which is
7969852 Optical pickup apparatus June 28, 2011
An optical pickup apparatus includes: a first light source; a second light source; a light-converging optical system including a coupling lens and an objective lens; and a photodetector. The optical pickup apparatus is capable of recording and/or reproducing information by converging a
7969499 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus June 28, 2011
A lens barrel includes: an image pickup optical system; an image pickup element; and a plurality of reflection members including first to n-th reflection members in order from the subject. The first reflection member is arranged at a position to bend an optical path of an incident light
7969063 Driver June 28, 2011
A driver, including: a piezoelectric element extending and contracting upon application of an electrical voltage; a driving member having one end secured to the piezoelectric element; a frictionally coupling member, frictionally coupling the driving member; and a drive circuit, connected
7968019 Optical compensation film, method for producing optical compensation film, polarization plate an June 28, 2011
An object of the invention was to provide a method for producing an optical compensation film having low haze and high uniformity of retardation, and a polarization plate and a liquid crystal displaying apparatus which is considerably reduced in the visivility variation caused by hea
7965457 Vibratory driving device June 21, 2011
A vibratory driving device 1 comprising a shaft-like driving member 7, a electromechanical transducer 6 which can incline the driving member 7 and which can also displace the driving member 7 in the axial direction of the driving member, a movable member 8 which slidably engages on the
7965454 Imaging lens and small-size image pickup apparatus using the same June 21, 2011
There are provided an imaging lens, which is capable of promoting high definition and miniaturization of a small-size image pickup apparatus, and the small-size image pickup apparatus using the same. A aperture diaphragm S is arranged between a first lens L1 and a second lens L2 so t
7964127 Optical film, method for producing the same and polarizing plate using the same June 21, 2011
A method for producing an optical film comprising the steps of: (i) melt casting a cellulose ester resin or a cycloolefin resin by extruding melt of the cellulose ester resin or the cycloolefin resin from a die onto a roll-shaped cooling drum; (ii) cooling and solidifying the extruded me
7957249 Objective lens, optical pickup apparatus and optical information recording and/or reproducing ap June 7, 2011
An objective lens according to the present invention is an objective lens used for an optical pickup apparatus, and the objective lens includes a superimposed structure on a surface of a lens with a power in which a first optical path difference providing structure changing spherical
7957231 Optical pickup apparatus and objective optical element June 7, 2011
A light flux from the first light source forms a converged spot on first optical information recording medium by only a refraction action of the aspheric surface, or by a combination of the refraction action and an optical action given by at least one of the first phase structure and the
7957047 Laser projection device June 7, 2011
A laser projection device includes: an incidence optical system condensing laser light, a scanning device deflect the laser light in a first scanning direction and a second scanning direction with a mirror, and a projection optical system guiding the deflected light to a surface to b
7953319 Position controller, driving mechanism and image pickup system May 31, 2011
In a position controller, a driving mechanism and an image pickup system according to the present invention, an operation of controlling a position of a movable member is performed by using, as a reference value, a first resistance value giving a first change point at which a resista
7952965 Optical pickup device, optical pickup controller and optical pickup control method May 31, 2011
An optical pickup device such that the driving force of the drive unit provided on the same optical base as that of the objective lens exerts no adverse influence on controlling of the objective lens is provided. The optical pickup device 1 has an objective lens 11 that condenses laser
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