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Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
Hachioji-shi, JP
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RE41193 Method for fabricating a prism and method for fabricating an optical system April 6, 2010
A method for fabricating a prism that comprises a first and a second substrate, both translucent, bonded together with an optical thin film interposed at the interface in between and that is used with the interface inclined relative to the optical axis of incident laser light of a wa
8587871 Wafer lens and method for the production thereof November 19, 2013
Disclosed is a wafer lens in which the warpage of a glass substrate included therein can be prevented. Specifically disclosed is a wafer lens comprising a glass substrate, a first resin part composed of a curable resin, and a second resin part composed of a curable resin. In each of
8587870 Wafer lens and manufacturing method thereof November 19, 2013
A wafer lens (10) in which the warpage of a glass substrate included therein can be prevented, having a glass substrate (12), a first resin part (14) composed of a curable resin, and a second resin part (16) composed of a curable resin. In each of the first resin part (14) and the se
8580358 Cellulose ester film, polarizing plate for in-plane-switching mode display and in-plane-switchin November 12, 2013
A cellulose ester film containing a polyester represented by Formula (1) or (2), wherein an in-plane retardation value (Ro) is 0 to 5 nm and a retardation value in a thickness direction (Rt) is -20 to 10 nm, Ro and Rt being measured at C. and 55% RH: B.sub.1-(G-A-).sub.mG-
8576501 Wide-angle optical system, image pickup lens device, monitor camera, and digital apparatus November 5, 2013
A wide-angle optical system comprises a front lens group (11), and a rear lens group (12), with an aperture stop (13) interposed between. The front lens group (11) includes at least two negative lenses (111, 112) and at least one positive lens (113). At least one of the positive lenses
8576307 Imaging device having a characteristic converting section November 5, 2013
To convert a pixel value obtained from a non-reference photoelectric conversion characteristic into a pixel value obtained from a reference photoelectric conversion characteristic without variation, and to prevent generation of fixed pattern noise in an image. An image sensor 3 is co
8576291 Drive unit, movable module, and autofocus control method November 5, 2013
To provide a drive unit and a drive module which include a shape memory alloy as a drive source to move a driven member and are capable of the high-precision movement of the driven member to a reference position. A drive unit and a drive module can be provided by controlling, in the
8575870 Vibratory driving device November 5, 2013
A vibratory driving device includes a shaft-like driving member, an electromechanical transducer which can incline the driving member and which also can displace the driving member in the axial direction of the driving member, a movable member which slidably engages on the driving me
8573792 Reflective mirror for solar thermal power generation November 5, 2013
Disclosed is a reflective mirror for solar thermal power generation comprising a metal film and provided thereon, a substrate, the reflective mirror reflecting sunlight entering from a substrate side, featured in that the substrate is a film composed of a resin containing microfibril
8564894 Lens barrel October 22, 2013
A lens barrel having: an imaging optical system including, a moving lens group movable in a direction of an optical axis, a first aperture disposed on an object side of the moving lens group, and a second aperture disposed on an image plane side of the moving lens group; a first opti
8561309 Shape measuring device October 22, 2013
A shape measuring device to measure a shape of a workpiece, wherein the shape measuring device includes: the probe; a probe support shaft to pivotally support the probe; and a probe drive device to which the probe support shaft is attached to contact the probe with a measuring position
8300329 Optical element assembly and method of manufacturing optical unit October 30, 2012
Disclosed are an optical element assembly comprising a base member in which occurrence of cracks in the base member upon cutting can be prevented and a method of manufacturing an optical unit. The optical element assembly comprises a base member and a plurality of lens members, where
8297149 Friction drive actuator October 30, 2012
A friction drive actuator, comprising: a vibration member which is configured to be driven to vibrate by expansion and contraction of a piezoelectric displacement portion which is included in the vibration member and driven by a driving signal; a sliding member which is in contact wi
8294357 Wavelength conversion element and light emitting device October 23, 2012
A wavelength conversion element, including: a substrate; and a ceramic layer formed on the substrate, the ceramic layer being obtained by sintering a ceramic precursor; wherein the ceramic precursor is a compound selected from the group composed of alkoxysilane and a compound having
8292443 Mirror structure October 23, 2012
To provide a mirror structure capable of reflecting incident light with good efficiency and is excellent in reliability. In a mirror structure which is used under an environment that the maximum irradiance of incident light is 5 kW/m.sup.2 or more and has an area of 0.2 m.sup.2 or mo
8287264 Injection molding machine October 16, 2012
An injection molding comprises: a fixed mold; a movable mold which is capable of contacting to and separating from the fixed mold; and an injection unit which supplies molten resin to a space formed between the fixed mold and the movable mold when being pressed to a non-molding face
8284263 Optical unit and image pickup apparatus having an optical device and a polymer actuator for movi October 9, 2012
An optical unit and image pickup apparatus capable of performing "auto focus function" and "image shake correction function" and characterized by easy assembling, compact configuration, high performance and reduced costs is provided. The optical unit and image pickup apparatus are pr
8274866 Optical recording head and optical recording apparatus September 25, 2012
An optical recording head includes: a light source; a slider comprising a wave guide which irradiates light from the light source to a recording medium, wherein a grating coupler is formed on an end portion at an opposite side of the waveguide relative to the light source; and an opt
8274745 Image pickup lens, image pickup device, and mobile terminal device September 25, 2012
An image pickup lens, comprises sequentially from an object side: an aperture stop, a first lens being a positive meniscus lens which has a convex surface at the object side and a concave surface at an image side opposite to the object side, and a second lens having a concave surface
8274625 Cellulose ester film, method for production of cellulose ester film, and protective film for pol September 25, 2012
Disclosed is a cellulose ester film which rarely causes the attachment of foreign matters to the surface of a conveying roll or the failure of film transfer induced by the attachment of the foreign matters, which is free of the partial deformation caused by foreign matters on the conveyi
8274197 Driving device September 25, 2012
A driving device capable of multidimensional positioning by the single device has a shaft-like driving member 4, an electromechanical transducer 3 which has a plurality of expandable portions 11, 12 and which holds one end of the driving member 4, the expandable portions being provided i
8273273 Manufacturing method for optical film September 25, 2012
A manufacturing method for an optical film via a solution casting method on a transparent substrate film comprising the steps of: (i) ejecting a micro-particle dispersion containing micro-particles having a average particle diameter of at least 25-200 nm as liquid droplets by use of an
8270095 Variable-power optical system, image pickup device, and digital apparatus September 18, 2012
A variable-power optical system includes, in order from an object side thereof: a first lens group with a negative optical power; a second lens group with a positive optical power; a third lens group with a negative optical power; and a fourth lens group with a positive optical power. An
8270074 Magnified-projection optical system and digital type planetarium device September 18, 2012
Provided is a magnified-projection optical system, which can retain a considerably long back focus although a focal length is short and which has a small chromatic aberration. The optical system comprises a projecting optical system, a relay optical system and a display element, whic
8269878 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal September 18, 2012
Provided is a small-sized five-element image pickup lens which ensures a sufficient lens speed of about F2 and exhibits various aberrations being excellently corrected. The image pickup lens is composed of, in order from the object side, a first lens with a positive refractive power,
8269397 Vibratory driving device September 18, 2012
A vibratory driving device (1) comprising an electromechanical transducer (3) which causes mechanical displacement according to an applied voltage, a driving shaft (4) which is held so as to be displaced in its axial direction by the electromechanical transducer and which is provided on
8268112 Bonding method of resin member September 18, 2012
A method for bonding resin members by laser welding in which melting of a resin member can be prevented on the contact surface with a base or a tool used for bonding. In the bonding method, a resin member (1) is mounted on a base (3) and a surface of the base (3) in contact with the
8262235 Laser projector and image projection method for projecting an image with reduced speckles on the September 11, 2012
A laser projector comprises an oscillation device for displacing at least one of a plurality of optical elements, which constitute the projection optical system of the laser projector, periodically along the direction of the optical axis of laser light. The laser projector reduces the
8248497 Image sensor device with movable sensor August 21, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a small-sized image sensor device having high precision of moving an object to be moved. The image sensor device includes: a fixed unit; a movable unit including an image sensor; a beam unit fixed to the fixed unit and movably supporting
8246880 Method of producing cellulose ester film, cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crys August 21, 2012
Disclosed is a method for producing a cellulose ester film wherein a film-forming material containing the following components A-C is heated and melted, and a cellulose ester film is formed therefrom by melt-casting. A: a cellulose resin, B: an ester compound obtained by condensing a
8246737 Cellulose ester optical film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using the same, method August 21, 2012
Disclosed is a cellulose ester optical film containing cellulose ester, a polymer (a) below and a compound (b) below: (a) a polymer obtained by copolymerization of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer having in the molecule a partial structure represented by formula (1) below with at
8245537 Mold for glass substrate molding, method for producing glass substrate, method for producing gla August 21, 2012
Disclosed is a mold for glass substrate molding, which enables to produce a glass substrate having high flatness by a method for producing a glass substrate through press molding of molten glass. Also disclosed is a method for producing a glass substrate by using such a mold. Specificall
8236208 Optical cellulose ester film and manufacturing method thereof, and polarizing plate and liquid c August 7, 2012
An optical cellulose ester film comprising a cellulose ester (A); at least one ester based plasticizer (B) selected from ester based plasticizers composed of a polyhydric alcohol and a univalent carboxylic acid, or ester based plasticizers composed of a polyvalent carboxylic acid and
8228621 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, and mobile terminal July 24, 2012
An image pickup lens LN includes four blocks of lens blocks Ci (i=0 to 4). Lens substrate Li2 is different in material from lens portions Li1 and Li3. First lens block C1 has positive power, second lens block C2 has negative power, and fourth lens block C4 has a concave shape facing an
8228618 Drive mechanism, drive device, and lens drive device July 24, 2012
Provided is a drive mechanism comprising a stationary support member, a lever member having a displacement input portion for receiving a moving force from the outside and a bearing portion for abutting against the support member, so that the lever member engages with a driven member and
8228443 Video projection device July 24, 2012
A video projection device includes: a video display element, a projection lens, a converter lens, and a video processing part. The video display element displays a video by an electrical video signal. The projection lens projects on a screen the video displayed on the video display e
8224173 Imaging apparatus July 17, 2012
A small imaging apparatus (1) implementing an optical image stabilizing function has a vibratory driving device (3) which comprises a driving shaft (7), an electromechanical transducer (6) consisting of a plurality of elongatable portions capable of elongating and contracting in an axial
8223419 Scanning optical system, optical scanning device, and image forming device July 17, 2012
A scanning optical system is provided with a light source device (1), a deflection optical system (5) that deflects the light flux from the light source device (1) to carry our a scan in a main-scanning direction (y), and a scanning and image-forming optical system (8) that forms the lig
8218216 Image projector July 10, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide an image projector capable of projecting a high-quality image while realizing small size. In the image projector, a light flux is deflected two-dimensionally by turning a reflector for reflecting a light flux emitted from a light sourc
8211345 Optical film, process for producing the same, and polarization plate utilizing the film July 3, 2012
This invention provides an optical film having a reduced thickness and an increased width, which is free from bleedout with the elapse of time (during storage) in a continuous wound state, a method for manufacturing an optical film, and a polarizing plate using the optical film. The
8208361 Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus June 26, 2012
Provided is an optical pickup device which can properly record and/or reproduce information on and/or from three types of discs having different recording densities and is simple in configuration and low cost. An objective lens is also provided. On the optical surface of the objectiv
8203253 Piezoelectric actuator, driving device, positioning device and laser module June 19, 2012
In a piezoelectric actuator (8) comprising a layered piezoelectric element (14) which consists of alternately stacked expansion and contraction layers (14a) and electrode layers (14b), a driving shaft (15) of which one end is fixed to one end of the piezoelectric element (14) in expa
8202937 Optical film, polarizing plate and display device using the same, and manufacturing method there June 19, 2012
The present invention is to provide an optical film which exhibits low hygroscopicity, high transparency, high heat resistance and markedly lowered brittleness, and particularly to provide an optical film which is appropriately employed as a polarizing plate protective film for large
8199629 Objective lens for optical pickup device, and optical pickup device June 12, 2012
There are provided an objective lens for an optical pickup device which can record and/or reproduce information on/from an optical disk with high density with the use of a light flux with a short wavelength while keeping a temperature characteristic to be satisfactory in spite of hav
8199616 Assembly method of optical pickup and optical pickup apparatus June 12, 2012
A method for assembling an optical pickup apparatus for recording/reproducing a high density DVD, DVD and CD including two objective lens and three laser light sources, the objective lenses being provided on the lens holder having an actuator base for supporting the actuator, the met
8197916 Cellulose ester film, light diffusing film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display June 12, 2012
Disclosed is a cellulose ester film which, when used in a polarizing plate, can impart excellent dimensional stability, curling properties and surface properties to the polarizing plate. Also disclosed is a light-scattering-film, a polarizing plate or a liquid crystal display element
8194323 Method for producing wafer lens assembly and method for producing wafer lens June 5, 2012
There is provided a method for producing a wafer lens assembly capable of adhering a wafer lens and a spacer surely. The wafer lens assembly includes a first substrate including plural optical members formed of a curable resin on at least one surface, a second substrate joined to the
8194183 Imaging device June 5, 2012
Provided is an imaging device which simplifies an assembling adjustment so as to reduce the manufacturing time and cost, wherein second lens L2 driven by actuator 30 is brought into contact with first lens L1 and third lens L3 so that a hyper-focal position or an infinite position as a
8189093 Drive unit and drive module May 29, 2012
To provide a drive unit and a drive module which include a shape memory alloy as a drive source to move a driven member and are capable of the high-precision movement of the driven member to a reference position. A drive unit and a drive module can be provided by controlling, in the
8179613 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and portable terminal May 15, 2012
The image pickup lens includes a first positive lens (focal distance: f1) having the convex surface facing the object side, a second negative lens having the concave surface facing the image side, a third positive lens (focal distance: f3) having the convex surface facing the image side,
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