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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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8107105 Image forming apparatus January 31, 2012
An image forming apparatus including: a generation section which generates time stamp data, an image forming section which forms an image on a sheet based on a synthetic image data which is synthesized of the time stamp data generated by the generation section and an image data of
8104758 Sheet finisher and image forming system provided therewith January 31, 2012
A sheet finisher includes: a stacking section having a stacking surface arranged to be tilted, and a stopper located below the stacking surface; a sheet finishing section which post-processes for a sheet bundle that hits the stopper and is stacked on the stacking section; a conveying
8103317 Communication system and communication method January 24, 2012
A communication system and a communication method for permitting a user of a cell-phone to receive data in a non-service area via an MFP. When the communication condition between a base station and a cell-phone becomes bad, the base station sends a map showing the current position of
8103204 Fixing apparatus and image formation apparatus January 24, 2012
In a fixing apparatus including a fixing roller including an elastic layer, a heating roller including a heat source, the heating roller being formed by sequentially layering an elastic layer and a mold release layer on an outer circumferential face of a shaft, a fixing belt wound around
8103202 Transfer belt for electrophotography and image forming apparatus equipped therewith January 24, 2012
A transfer belt for electrophotography comprises at least a polyphenylene sulfide resin and a conductive agent, preferably further a nylon resin, wherein a deviation in surface resistivity is 1 or less; and an image-forming apparatus comprises a latent-image supporting member, and
8103200 Image forming apparatus January 24, 2012
An image forming apparatus includes a plurality of image carrier rollers placed on an inner circumferential side of an annular conveying path so as to face the annular conveying path and so as to be juxtaposed in a sheet conveying direction along the annular conveying path. Opposed r
8103193 Image forming apparatus January 24, 2012
An image forming apparatus having a color mode and a monochromatic mode, which includes: a transmission member, which can be switched between a transmitted state where a motor transfers a drive force to a single photoreceptor drum and a non-transmitted state where the motor does not
8103184 Image forming apparatus January 24, 2012
When a number of print pages, a driving time or a toner adhering amount exceeds a cleaning trigger value during no transfer operation, a circumferential speed of a secondary transfer roller is changed with respect to a circumferential speed of an intermediate transfer belt so as to c
8102573 Image forming apparatus, image reading apparatus and program January 24, 2012
The MFP 101 compresses the image data read by the scanner 102 using the JBIG format, and then stores the image data in the image-data storing unit 104. The converting unit 109 of the MFP 101 converts the stored image data into a specific file format and then outputs this converted im
8102553 Data communication system, image processing apparatus, program and data communication method January 24, 2012
A data communication system, an image processing apparatus, a program and a data communication method which permit a user to command a reply multicast transmission in reply to a multicast transmission with easy operations. In executing a multicast transmission of first image data, th
8102544 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium for co January 24, 2012
A terminal is provided with an image obtaining portion that obtains an image including a code representing a location of a web page, a web page obtaining portion that obtains the web page based on the code included in the image, a calculation portion that compares the image except the co
8101330 Two component developer and image forming method January 24, 2012
A two component developer comprising a toner and a carrier, wherein the toner includes: colored particles; and external additive particles comprising a complex oxide incorporating silicon atoms and at least one of titanium atoms and aluminum atoms, and a surface existing ratio of the
8100400 Sheet ejecting device with sheet strengthener January 24, 2012
A sheet ejecting device has a pair of ejection rollers, a strengthener arranged in the sheet ejection device, for strengthening a sheet, a driver for moving the strengthener to advance into and retreat from a sheet ejection route, a sheet sensor, and a tray for receiving sheets eject
8100392 Image forming apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for distinguishably control January 24, 2012
The printer as an image forming apparatus supplies a plurality of types of tab sheet, and distinguishably discharges the tab sheets that became no longer necessary according to the type of tab sheets.
8100328 Apparatus and method for data processing for IC tags and image forming device with the apparatus January 24, 2012
The invention relates to an apparatus and method for data processing for IC tags and an image forming device capable of recording an image onto a conveying medium on which IC tags are mounted. The apparatus and method set up a state that enables reliable radio communication between a
8099037 Image forming apparatus January 17, 2012
An image forming apparatus includes: an image forming section which forms an image on a sheet; a conveyance section which conveys the sheet to the image forming section, having a registration roller, a plurality of loop forming rollers which cause the sheet to form a loop, provided upstr
8098937 Image processing apparatus and image processing program product for discriminating dot region in January 17, 2012
To accurately discriminate a dot region within an image, the image processing apparatus includes first through fourth isolated dot discriminating portions each judging, for each of a plurality of pixels included in the image, whether the pixel corresponds to a center pixel of an isol
8098406 Image forming apparatus capable of suppressing color variation due to misregistration of colors, January 17, 2012
An image forming apparatus performs dither processing on image data to form an image subjected to pseudo-halftone processing. The image forming apparatus includes a dither processing unit that performs dither processing on image data, and a dither pattern generation unit that generat
8098389 Image processing apparatus, workflow testing method and workflow testing program January 17, 2012
An image processing apparatus comprising: a test data generator that generates test data instead of actual data entered for executing a workflow consisting of a plurality of unit works, if an instruction is given to test the workflow; a test process executor that executes a test proc
8098386 Image management system, image output apparatus, and computer readable medium for security enhan January 17, 2012
Disclosed herein is an image management system, including: an image output apparatus which outputs an image data to various types of media, and a server, wherein the image output apparatus and the server are connected via a communication network, and the image output apparatus includ
8095868 Document management device and document management method January 10, 2012
The document management device manages documents circulated to a reader according to a circulation tree and additional information added to the documents by the readers. The circulation tree indicates the circulation order of a plurality of readers, and includes at least a first group an
8095043 Image forming apparatus and method of abrading photoconductor of the apparatus January 10, 2012
An image forming apparatus of the present invention is arranged to hold an intermediate transfer belt and a photoconductive drum out of contact with each other. In a non image formation process in a first mode, the intermediate transfer belt and the photoconductive drum are separated
8095038 Compact imaging cartridge and image forming apparatus January 10, 2012
An imaging cartridge includes an image carrier, a developing device, a cleaning device, a waste toner box, a communication section and transporter means. A communication section formed by positioning a first joint section of the cleaning device and a second joint section of the waste
8095026 Developing device and image forming apparatus January 10, 2012
A developing device and image forming apparatus are provided, wherein high quality images, in which generation of development hysteresis (ghost image) is alleviated, are obtained over a long period using a hybrid development method including a toner-supplying developer supporting mem
8095024 Image forming device and image forming method detecting a reference point on an intermediate tra January 10, 2012
An image forming device that transfers a plurality of toner images of different colors in layers, onto an intermediate transfer member by controlling a timing of forming each of the plurality of toner images, based on a reference position on a surface of the intermediate transfer mem
8094327 Image processing device, image processing method, computer readable recording medium stored with January 10, 2012
An image processing device manages data for each object transmitted for each image forming device with respect to a plurality of image forming devices, which are transmission destinations of data for each object, and controls transmission of data for each object which has not been tr
8092965 Two component developer and image forming method January 10, 2012
Provided is a method for forming an image containing the steps of: (a) forming an electrostatic latent image on an electrostatic latent image carrier; and (b) developing the electrostatic latent image by a two component developer comprising a toner and a carrier, wherein the two comp
8090948 Image formation system having authentication function January 3, 2012
Image data is transmitted from a client PC to an image formation apparatus. Upon printing, an external server conducts an authentication process. A certificate indicating that the user has been authenticated is held, with its validity period provided in the image formation apparatus.
8090289 Charging device and an image forming apparatus provided with the charging device January 3, 2012
A charging device has a sheet electrode with triangular pins aligned in a first direction and a cleaner unit for cleaning the sheet electrode while moving in the first direction and in a second direction opposite to the first direction. The cleaner unit has a grinding member for grinding
8090281 Image forming apparatus and tone correction method January 3, 2012
A tandem-type color image forming apparatus forms a toner pattern and toner markers on an intermediate transfer member. Tone levels in the toner pattern vary in a sub scanning direction, and the toner markers which are a same color with the tone pattern each oppose, in a main scannin
8090277 Image forming apparatus January 3, 2012
In a copier having an image data converter that sets the C density, the M density and the Y density to a density obtained by multiplying the density of black in the RGB system by a CMY mixture ratio and sets the K density to a density obtained by multiplying the density of black by a K
8089641 Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus January 3, 2012
Disclosed is an image processing apparatus including: a controller for generating expanded image data; a local bus connected with the controller; a plurality of generic buses which are independent from each other; a plurality of image processing sections, each of which is respectivel
8087865 Bookbinding apparatus and image forming system provided therewith January 3, 2012
In a bookbinding apparatus provided with a coating device having a coating roller to coat an adhesive onto a spine of a sheet bundle by moving relatively the coating roller and the spine in both forward and backward movement while making the coating roller and the sheet bundle to fac
8086947 Document processing apparatus, document processing system and data structure of document file December 27, 2011
A document processing apparatus, including: a communication section to communicate with an external device; a document storage section to store a document file including a content portion and a menu information portion, wherein a content is stored in the content portion and menu info
8086151 Developing roller specific for mono-component developing apparatus December 27, 2011
A mono-component developing apparatus including a developing roller which transports toner supported on an outer circumferential face of a center portion toward a developing area by rotating while frictionally sliding on a sealing member on each of two end portions. The developing roller
8086136 Photoreceptor unit and image forming apparatus December 27, 2011
A photoreceptor unit is inserted into an image forming apparatus in the predetermined insertion direction, and includes a photoreceptor, a light-shielding sheet covering a part of the photoreceptor on the front side in the insertion direction; a rigid cover made of resin and provided
8085443 Original reading device December 27, 2011
An original reading device corrects line noise when performing original image reading by a sheet-through method, even if line noise appears due to a piece of debris simultaneously influencing all color sensors. Background plates (33) have different densities and a background plate sw
8084175 Electrophotographic toner set December 27, 2011
Provided is a set of toners comprising a yellow toner, a magenta toner, a cyan toner and a black toner for forming a full color image with an electrophotographic method, wherein the yellow toner comprises toner particles containing at east one pigment selected from the group consisti
8084172 Organic photoreceptor, image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and color image forming appar December 27, 2011
An organic photoreceptor comprising a photosensitive layer on a conductive substrate and a protective layer on the photosensitive layer, wherein the protective layer is a surface layer prepared via reaction curing of a compound having a radical polymerizable, curable functional group
8081908 Toner bottle for electrostatic latent image developing December 20, 2011
A toner bottle containing a cylindrical toner container having therein a toner comprising at least a resin, a colorant and an external additive, the toner container having a toner discharge port on an end thereof and a rotation axis along the cylindrical toner container, and the toner
8081892 Image forming apparatus December 20, 2011
Bias correction control of an intermediate transfer belt 21 on which an image of each color formed on a surface of a photoconductive body 31 is transferred, and a second transfer belt 24 in pressure contact with the intermediate transfer belt 21 to transfer a toner image onto a recording
8081347 Image forming apparatus suitable for recycling sheets of paper with images formed thereon, and m December 20, 2011
To facilitate sorting sheets of paper for recycling, a MFP includes an image data accepting portion to accept image data output from an image reader, a recycling information determining portion to determine recycling information corresponding to the image data, and an image forming p
8081336 Image forming apparatus, image processing method, and program December 20, 2011
The above object is achieved by an image forming apparatus connected to a network and used for forming an image on a sheet, comprising: a 1st obtaining unit operable to obtain via the network, with respect to each of one or more image files related to an authenticated user, (i) a cor
8081335 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, method for managing data in the image proce December 20, 2011
An image processing apparatus is provided with a box data management portion that manages boxes where document files as shared data are saved, a document update detecting portion that detects an updated document file among the document files saved in boxes, an RSS data accumulating porti
8081330 Data outputting apparatus, and recording medium in which data outputting program is recorded December 20, 2011
A data outputting apparatus, includes a box capable of storing data in a sorted manner, an outputting portion for outputting the data stored in the box, a data number setting portion for setting the number of data to be stored in the box, and a controller for making the outputting portio
8081328 Image forming apparatus December 20, 2011
An image forming apparatus having: a replacement part that can be replaced; an operation and display section; an image forming section that forms an image on a sheet; a power supply section that supplies power to the image forming section; a storage section that stores a procedure of
8081326 Color imaging forming apparatus with image stabilization control and method therefore December 20, 2011
An image forming apparatus performs image stabilization after a printed page count exceeds a first threshold, if either an end of a job or a mode switch from monochrome mode to color mode has been detected. Even if neither the end of the job nor the mode switch from monochrome mode to
8081322 Image forming apparatus, job setting support method, and job setting support program December 20, 2011
The image forming apparatus of the present invention includes a storage unit storing therein a database that contains a plurality of setting value strings of executed jobs. Here, each setting value string (i) indicates a setting condition used in a corresponding executed job, and (ii
8080359 Image forming method December 20, 2011
An objective is to provide an image forming method by which sufficient fixing strength can be obtained at a low temperature of C., excellent print images with no belt-like or streak image defect can be obtained, and no document offsetting is generated even though the supe
8080354 Toner December 20, 2011
Disclosed is toner in which is used in an image formation process comprising the steps of transferring an image of toner formed on a photoreceptor onto a recording sheet, and removing any residual toner remaining on any of the photoreceptor, an intermediate transfer member and a seco

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