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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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7536142 Transfer belt and full color image-forming apparatus equipped therewith May 19, 2009
A transfer belt that contains carbon black A, that is acidic carbon black having a pH value of not more than 6 or basic carbon black having a pH value of not less than 8; resin B, that is a polymer capable of serving as an electron-pair donator or as an electron-pair acceptor with respec
7536128 Image forming system including an image forming apparatus which forms an image based on a remote May 19, 2009
An image forming system having: an image forming apparatus for forming an image base on a job ticket; a remote operation apparatus for remotely operating the image forming apparatus via a network; and a controller for editing the job ticket according to a request from the remote operatio
7535542 Information display sheet May 19, 2009
An information display sheet includes: a transparent first substrate; a second substrate spaced away from and parallel to the transparent first substrate; a sound reproducer provided in a space formed by side edges stipulated by the transparent first substrate and the second substrate;
7532838 Image forming apparatus for attaching a cutting guide to image data May 12, 2009
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming section that forms an image on a sheet, based on image data of a job, a sheet ejection tray on which to stack sheets have been formed with an image, and a controller to control image forming, wherein the controller performs control to
7532836 Document management method, document management system, and computer program product May 12, 2009
The image of a document is depicted on a sheet of paper together with a background pattern image expressing a password, and the password is notified to a person having authority to duplicate the document. A requestor requesting duplication of the document is caused to enter a passwor
7532769 Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program May 12, 2009
The printer controller as an image processing device detects the information that indicates a limitation on an operation related to a PDF file from the file, and converts the PDF file into bitmap data. Furthermore, the printer controller sets up the operation limitation related to th
7531282 Organic photoreceptor, image forming apparatus, image forming method and process cartridge May 12, 2009
An organic photoreceptor, comprising a conductive support, an intermediate layer provided on the conductive support, having a thickness of 6 to 25 .mu.m and containing inorganic particles having a number average primary particle diameter of 5 to 200 .mu.m; and a photosensitive layer prov
7529419 Data processing device capable of processing image data with small memory capacity, image proces May 5, 2009
In an image processing device, image data is divided into a plurality of band data including first and second band data. The first band data and the second band data have an overlap region, from which the first and second regions are extracted, respectively. The first region and the
7528845 Image processing apparatus and image processing method May 5, 2009
An image processing apparatus, which transmits image data to a plurality of addresses via a network, includes a transmission device which transmits the image data to an address in the plurality of addresses, an address setting device which sets at least one of the plurality of addres
7527465 Book-binding apparatus using adhesive agent May 5, 2009
A book-binding apparatus in which adhesive is used for binding a book includes a tank to store an adhesive which is heat-melted, a heater to heat the tank, a first temperature sensor mounted in the tank, a first controller to control the temperature based on a temperature detected by
7525564 Image printing apparatus April 28, 2009
An image printing apparatus, which can correct variation in inter-sheet distance at the time of conveyance of transfer sheets, comprising an image printing section which performs image printing by sequentially conveying a plurality of transfer sheets at predetermined intervals at a f
7524155 Bookbinding apparatus and image forming system April 28, 2009
A bookbinding apparatus for bookbinding such that a cover sheet forms a front and a back cover by bonding the cover sheet to a spine portion of a bundle of sheets, the bookbinding apparatus including a cover-sheet outfitting device which can be raised and lowered for holding and conv
7522864 Image forming apparatus and image forming method April 21, 2009
In an image forming apparatus of the present invention, a developing unit for magenta contains magenta-type toner for pseudo full-color image forming whose chromaticity point is shifted closer to yellow hue on a chromaticity diagram, in comparison with genuine-magenta toner for full-
7522855 Image forming system and image forming apparatus April 21, 2009
An image forming system including: an image forming apparatus which executes a print job to form an image on a recording medium; and a post processing apparatus which carries out a post processing to the medium on which the image has been formed; wherein, the image forming apparatus
7522315 Image processing apparatus with hierarchical encoder April 21, 2009
When image data are sent through a network, bit streams of hierarchically encoded JPEG 2000 data of a plurality of pages of a document are formed by prioritizing resolution, and the bit streams of the plurality of pages are divided in a plurality of files based on the unit of hierarchica
7521160 Image forming method April 21, 2009
An image forming method, including the steps of: charging each surface of a plurality of amorphous-silicon-based photoreceptors; exposing the each surface of the amorphous-silicon-based photoreceptors to form respective color latent images of yellow, magenta, cyan and black; developing t
7519597 Device and method for managing files in storage device April 14, 2009
In a device, files are stored in each of a plurality of storage areas, and an authenticated user can browse and/or manipulate the files stored in the storage areas. A user is allowed to set the device when the user is authenticated as a system administrator, otherwise the user is inhibit
7519302 Image processing system and image processing device capable of transferring data of job between April 14, 2009
An image processing system includes a first image processing apparatus executing a job of processing an image, and a second image processing apparatus connectable to the first image processing apparatus over a network. The second image processing apparatus includes an authentication
7517628 Manufacturing method of electrostatic charge image developing toner, and electrostatic charge im April 14, 2009
Disclosed is a toner having a core/shell structure and including a hydrophilic resin and a hydrophobic resin, and a manufacturing method thereof.
7516957 Image forming apparatus April 14, 2009
An image forming apparatus provided with a bent sheet feeding guide member in the transportation path for transporting the recording material with the inclination along the width direction of the guide surface configured by the bent sheet feeding guide member being variable, or provided
7515871 Image forming system April 7, 2009
An image forming system having an image forming apparatus and a post-processing apparatus having a sorting function, a stapling function, etc. The post-processing apparatus is movable between a first position to receive long papers and a second position to receive non-long papers. Wh
7515870 Image forming device, image forming method, and computer readable recording medium stored with i April 7, 2009
The image forming device compares the size of the paper ready to be discharged with the size of the paper left on the paper tray if there is any paper left on the paper tray, and supplies a supporting member having a larger bending strength than the paper onto the paper left on the paper
7515862 Sheet moisturizing apparatus and image forming system April 7, 2009
A sheet moisturizing apparatus, including a vertical conveyance route in which a sheet is guided upward or downward and paired moisturizing units which are mounted symmetrically to sandwich the vertical conveyance route.
7515299 Image processor, image output device, image input device, and multifunction device April 7, 2009
A multifunction device includes a look-up table generation portion for generating a look-up table in accordance with a profile of a print mechanism or an image read mechanism and a profile of an apparatus except for the multifunction device, a look-up table memory for storing the gen
7515298 Image processing apparatus and method determining noise in image data April 7, 2009
An image processing apparatus reducing image noise caused at a device which has a stationary reading portion such as a CCD sensor and reads an image of a document by moving the document is structured as follows: the image processing apparatus determines whether full color image data read
7515168 Laser scanning optical apparatus having exclusive optical elements at varying distances from rec April 7, 2009
A laser scanning optical apparatus wherein a plural number of beams are deflected by one polygon mirror and are scanned on respective corresponding photosensitive drums via a scanning optical system. The scanning optical system has a first scanning lens which transmits all the beams,
7514190 Method for forming an electrophotographic image April 7, 2009
An electrophotographic image forming method is disclosed, which includes the steps of developing an electrostatic image on a electrophotographic photoreceptor by a developer, transferring a toner image formed by the development, and fixing the toner image on a recording medium. It is
7512604 Image processing apparatus facilitating information management March 31, 2009
A new box storing information sorted for each individual or each prescribed department is to be registered with a first image processing apparatus, notification of a request to return a box name is transmitted to obtain additional information including a name(s) of a box(es) possesse
7512351 Image forming apparatus which suppresses selective development of toner March 31, 2009
An image forming apparatus includes: an image carrying body; a latent image forming unit to form an electrostatic latent image on the image carrying body; a developing unit to develop the electrostatic latent image on the image carrying body to form a toner image, the developing unit
7510610 Image recording sheet moistening device and image printing apparatus March 31, 2009
A sheet moistening device comprises a pair of moistening rollers which respectively have porous layers and form a nip to convey a sheet, and a dampening mechanism which supplies water to at least one of the pair of moistening rollers through a surface thereof. In the sheet moistening
7509068 Image forming apparatus March 24, 2009
An image forming apparatus that forms an image on a front side of a sheet then reverses the sheet front and back sides and forms an image on the back side, including: a sheet conveying path; a sheet edge portion detection sensor; a sheet reference mark detection sensor; a first deter
7508552 Document reader, image forming apparatus, and image processing method March 24, 2009
To improve operationality in color adjustment of an image quality, colored characters, or the like of a document including one of a character image, a photographic image, and a screened halftone image of chromatic or achromatic color, the invention comprises image processing means (36) f
7507516 Toner and method of manufacturing toner March 24, 2009
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing toner comprising the steps of adding oil-droplets containing a radically polymerizable monomer into an associated particle dispersion formed by association-fusing resin particles and colorant particles, and forming a shell by coating a resin pro
7507514 Toner and manufacturing method of the same March 24, 2009
Toner containing binder resin constituted of plural types of copolymers comprising a vinyl type polymerizing monomer, wherein at least one of the copolymers comprising a vinyl type polymerizing monomer is one formed by utilizing a monomer provided with at least two polar groups.
7506864 Cutting device, finisher and bookbinding system provided therewith March 24, 2009
A cutting device that cuts an edge portion of a sheet bundle having plural sheets stacked, includes: a cutting blade; a paddle provided on a side of the cutting blade, which removes chips attached to the cutting blade by rubbing a side surface of the cutting blade; a controller which con
7506142 Method for configuring device driver by customizing same user setting using in different image p March 17, 2009
A device driver customizing method that is performed when a second driver is installed in an information processing device in which one or more first drivers each for controlling an image processing device have been already installed, the driver customizing method comprising: a searching
7503556 Sheet finisher, sheet finishing method and image forming apparatus March 17, 2009
Disclosed is a sheet finisher including: a push-in member to push a sheet bundle; a pair of rollers to fold the sheet bundle pushed-in by the push-in member; a movement member to move at least one roller of the pair of rollers; an acquiring member to acquire information of a thickness of
7502573 Image forming apparatus having a heat-discharging rotary-type development unit March 10, 2009
An image forming apparatus according to the invention includes, in an apparatus body, an image carrier on which an electrostatic latent image is formed; and a rotary-type development unit being rotatable about an axis thereof and having a plurality of developing devices, which are used
7502512 Image processing apparatus and image processing method March 10, 2009
An image processing apparatus, including: an averaging processing section to periodically carry out an averaging processing on image data of an averaging target, the averaging processing calculating an average value of pixel values of pixels which correspond to a position of a one-di
7502129 Image transmission apparatus and control method March 10, 2009
An image transmission apparatus capable of carrying out efficient image processing and transmission as a whole even where multiple image transmission requests exist, without increasing the complexity of the apparatus construction. The image transmission apparatus is provided with mul
7502045 Image forming apparatus with LED head March 10, 2009
An image forming apparatus includes a photoreceptor member; a LED head that includes a plurality of light emitting diodes arrayed in a line along a rotating axial direction of said photoreceptor member and that is modulated in response to image signals, so as to expose said photorece
7499661 Image printing apparatus for performing job based printing in which an interrupt job is stored a March 3, 2009
The present invention provides an image printing apparatus comprising: a tray on which printing paper sheets are placed; a job storage section storing a predetermined job and a forthcoming post-determined job; a priority level setting section setting execution priority levels of jobs;
7499072 Color image forming apparatus and image forming system therewith March 3, 2009
A color image forming apparatus for forming a color image on a recording medium, includes: an image carrier; a polygon mirror; a signal forming device for forming a pseudo main scanning reference signal having a fixed cycle; and a controller for controlling image formation on a prede
7497427 Image forming apparatus March 3, 2009
When a job cancellation instruction has been specified, if the number of the recording sheets loaded on the stacker device of a post-processing apparatus is not greater than the predetermined number of sheets, the aforementioned recording sheets are ejected without being subjected to
7497424 Image forming apparatus and bookbinding system March 3, 2009
An image forming apparatus that forms an image on a sheet includes a reading unit that reads a plurality of original document sheets, a supply unit that supplies a sheet for a cover and a sheet for an inner page, a designating unit for designating an arbitrary one from original document
7496311 Fixing device with a magnetic flux generating section and a control section February 24, 2009
When a fixing roller 1 generates heat by a magnetic flux generating section 3 during a standby time, a control section 5 rotates the fixing roller 1. This prevents the fixing roller 1 from locally generating heat and being damaged. Moreover, the control section 5 rotates and heats a
7496303 Fixing device, image forming apparatus having the same and image forming method February 24, 2009
A fixing device, an image forming apparatus having the same include a fixing member having an outer peripheral face with which a sheet to be transported is brought into pressure contact, an exciting coil for induction heating of a heat generating layer of the fixing member, and an RF
7491481 Method of manufacturing toner, toner, and image forming method February 17, 2009
A method of manufacturing a toner comprising the steps of: (i) forming oil droplets in an aqueous medium comprising a surfactant having a long chain hydrocarbon group and an acid group, the oil droplets comprising: (i-a) a polycarboxylic acid having two or more carboxyl groups, (1-b) a
7488561 Electrostatic charge image developing toner February 10, 2009
Disclosed is an electrostatic charge image developing toner containing external additives comprising at least amorphous silica and a crystallized metal oxide selected from titanium oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, or calcium oxide, wherein the amorphous silica is present on th
7487324 Computer system February 3, 2009
A computer system including a first volatile memory, a nonvolatile memory being virtually divided into a plurality of areas including a first memory area and a second memory area, the first memory area including a first management table thereof, and a controller for controlling data

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