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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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8587799 Image processing system, image processing device, control method thereof and computer program pr November 19, 2013
An image processing device, which performs an image-related process about an image in cooperation with another image forming device via a network, is provided with a device configuration detection portion for detecting a function that is added to the image processing device itself, and a
8586278 Electrostatic image developing toner and producing method of the same November 19, 2013
A method of producing an electrostatic image developing toner comprising toner particles comprising a binder resin containing at least a non-crystalline polyester resin having a crosslinking structure and a crystalline polyester resin, the method comprising the steps of (a-1) prepari
8585044 Sheet processing device and image forming apparatus November 19, 2013
A sheet processing device includes: a first reservoir unit which reserves sheets; a sheet processing unit which implements predetermined processing for the sheets reserved in the first reservoir unit; a discharge unit which includes a stepping motor, and discharges the sheets from the fi
8584137 Image processing system for judging whether a partial job should be processed by an own device o November 12, 2013
An image processing system including: storage; image processing devices; and job divider dividing an unprocessed job into partial jobs and store them into storage. Each image processing device includes: a first judging part to judge whether partial job stored in the storage can be proces
8583017 Fixing device including an air separation section November 12, 2013
A fixing device including: a fixing member that heats toner image and fixes it onto a recording material; a pressure member that forms a nip that presses the recording material against the fixing member; a first air separating section that blows air against the fixing member and sepa
8582998 Fixing device and image forming apparatus November 12, 2013
A fixing device includes: a heating rotary member having a heating layer generating heat upon current application; a pressurizing rotary member brought into pressure-contact with an outer circumferential surface of the heating rotary member to form fixing nip, through which a sheet on
8582986 Inventory management device and inventory management method November 12, 2013
Provided is an inventory management device, connected over a network to groups of image processing devices, for managing inventory, by device group, of consumable supplies used in the image processing devices. The inventory management device includes an inventory information storage
8582179 Image forming apparatus and image forming system for adjusting a density of a formed image based November 12, 2013
An image forming apparatus comprises: an image forming section that forms an image on a sheet; a density sensor that measures the image formed on the sheet and outputs a measured value corresponding to a density of the image; a conversion data storing section that stores plural conversio
8582152 Image forming apparatus with multi-view display November 12, 2013
An image forming apparatus comprises: an operation part having a display area and operable to receive an input from a user; a first display part operable to display, in a part of the display area, (i) a first image to be visible only from a range of a first viewing angle and (ii) a secon
8582142 Image processing system November 12, 2013
After a print request is made from a personal computer to a multifunction peripheral, when a user who logs into the multifunction peripheral instructs an execution of the print request in the multifunction peripheral, the multifunction peripheral requests the personal computer to tra
8582137 Method and system for managing security of a remote device using a multifunction peripheral November 12, 2013
A multifunction peripheral that can set appropriate criteria of security levels for another device, and improves usability while lowering a risk of data alteration, information leakage and the like by including a holding part 11 holding therein security criteria set for the image pro
8582136 Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for ensuring the authenticity of a docu November 12, 2013
A detector detects a first key information piece embedded on one side of one sheet or more than one respective sheets from which image data is read out by a reader, and a second key information piece embedded on the other side thereof or on another sheet. And a comparator compares to eac
8577254 Slide rail and image forming apparatus with the same November 5, 2013
A slide rail includes an outer rail and an inner rail. The inner rail includes a top face portion, main-portion side walls, outer deck portions, and end-portion side walls. The outer rail includes a bottom wall and a storage portion. The main-portion side walls and the end-portion si
8577246 Developer containing device and image forming apparatus November 5, 2013
A developer containing device for containing a developer includes a partition arranged between an outer space and an inner space for containing the developer, a bearing arranged on the partition, a rotation shaft carried by the bearing and extending from the outer space to the inner
8577239 Image forming apparatus November 5, 2013
An image forming apparatus including a transfer section for transferring a toner image formed on an image bearing member onto a sheet by pressure contact of the sheet against the image bearing member with a transfer member; a cleaning section having a cleaning blade to remove residual
8577132 Electronic document generation system, electronic document generation method, and program November 5, 2013
An electronic document generation system includes a first layer generation unit that generates a character image layer that represents a character image in the scanned image by a predetermined number of bits, an edge image generation unit that generates an edge image of the character
8576457 Image reading apparatus provided with a white reference member for shading correction November 5, 2013
An image reading apparatus 4 includes an image reading portion 38 which is unmovably arranged at one side with respect to a document transportation path 30, a white reference member 43 for shading correction which is arranged at the other side with respect to the document transportat
8576440 Image processing system, apparatus, method, and computer readable recording medium recorded with November 5, 2013
In order to form an image without losing a moving image included in a structured document, an MFP, when forming an image, receives print data and a moving image from a PC, stores the moving image in association with second moving image identification information, embeds, in a still image
8576437 Image forming apparatus and method for printing variable contents and attributes associated ther November 5, 2013
Disclosed is printing a character forming image in an end part of each sheet of a plurality of sheets of paper which are to be sorted by an attribute, in an order of slicing a character which expresses the attribute of each sheet, based on what number sheet of paper is each sheet amo
8576429 Image forming system, information processing apparatus, document processing method and printer d November 5, 2013
When a user activates a printer driver recorded in a memory of an information processing apparatus, a setting screen to configure operation setting for the printer driver's matching image forming apparatus is displayed on a display of the information processing apparatus, and in the
8576420 Image processing apparatus that can maintain security November 5, 2013
When an image of a read out document is acquired, an MFP obtains information of a read out state of the image (document orientation or the like) or a copy setting information (magnification and the like), qualified as the copy permissive condition embedded in the image. Copying is pe
8576415 Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and method of controlling image processing November 5, 2013
Attachment of a USB memory is sensed and whether the USB memory can be recognized or not is determined based on data information output from the USB memory. When the USB memory cannot be recognized, an emulation transition screen is displayed. Thereafter, when an instruction to start
8576413 Printing system, printing apparatus, print setting method and recording medium November 5, 2013
A printing system has a terminal apparatus and a printing apparatus that are interconnected via a network. The terminal apparatus includes an obtainer that gains access to the printing apparatus and obtains print setting screen data stored in the printing apparatus, a display that di
8573590 Sheet finisher and image forming system provided therewith November 5, 2013
In a sheet finisher which receives a sheet from an image forming apparatus, conducts a sheet finishing onto the sheet and feeds out the sheet, the sheet finisher includes: a stacking section which stores temporarily one or more sheets; and a sheet finishing section which conducts the
8571435 Image forming apparatus that prevents toner from escaping the developing area October 29, 2013
An image forming apparatus has a toner image carrier that rotates in a specified direction, a developing device comprising a toner supporting member that faces to a surface of the toner image carrier to form a developing area and that rotates in a same direction with the toner image
8571432 Image forming apparatus provided with function to calculate charge based on the number of sheets October 29, 2013
In order to properly count the number of sheets printed which serves as the basis on which a charge is calculated, an MFP that acts as a designated printer includes a job accepting portion to accept a print job, a job executing portion to carry out printing based on the print job, a
8570615 Image scanning device October 29, 2013
An image scanning device includes: a light source; a light guide for converting light from the light source into a linear light beam and applying the linear light beam onto a reading position; an image reading element for receiving the light beam reflected from the reading position;
8570597 Image forming apparatus and image forming method which enhance graininess and also reduce a tota October 29, 2013
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus including a color converter for converting cyan, magenta and yellow components of a first image signal to equivalent neutral density, calculating a first gray component from cyan, magenta and yellow components of equivalent neutral density, subtrac
8570578 Image processing apparatus, uploading method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording med October 29, 2013
An image processing apparatus capable of performing at least one of scanning, printing, copying, and facsimile transmission/reception includes a communication portion, a job execution portion, a browsing portion, a monitoring portion, a data acquiring portion, an image transmitting p
8570560 Image processing apparatus changing an operating mode to an adjustment mode and control program October 29, 2013
An image processing apparatus that has an interface section for connecting a measuring instrument and is capable of changing an operating mode to an adjustment mode in which an adjustment is carried out by using the results of measurements by the measuring instrument, the image proce
8570558 Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium capable of outputting voice data October 29, 2013
An image processing apparatus includes: a data memory that stores in itself voice guide data pieces; a voice output portion that outputs the voice guide data pieces stored in the data memory; and a controller. The controller prohibits a first voice guide data piece from being outputted
8570545 Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming units, initial adjustment method for October 29, 2013
An image forming apparatus includes a main body storage part, a determination part, and an initial adjustment part. The first image forming unit includes a first storage part storing first information indicative of whether or not an initial adjustment of the first image forming unit
8570540 Image forming apparatus for processing document data file capable of performing processing as sp October 29, 2013
In the case where an attribute of a general-purpose file to be processed is an attribute inhibiting printing, an MFP selects a transmission function, which is one of output functions of the MFP, as a function that can be performed (selected) in response to an output instruction, and
8570539 Image processing device for determining whether or not an application is executable based on whe October 29, 2013
Referring to contents of a user information storage, an MFP information storage, an API information storage and the like, whether or not an API is available is determined, an unexecutable function of an application due to unavailability of the API is determined, and a display way for
8568947 Green toner for developing static latent image and full color image forming method October 29, 2013
Disclosed is a green toner for developing a static latent image containing a binder resin and a colorant, and the colorant contains C.I. Solvent Green 5 and colorant compound X represented by Formula (1), and content ratio of C.I. Solvent Green 5 in whole amount of the colorant is 5
8566614 Method for outputting image data, image processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medi October 22, 2013
A method for outputting image data generated by an image processing apparatus to a portable storage medium connected to an interface is provided. The method includes the following steps of: issuing an identifier of the image data; writing the identifier into the storage medium withou
8566366 Format conversion apparatus and file search apparatus capable of searching for a file as based o October 22, 2013
A portion identifying a file attribute identifies an attribute of an unconverted file (e.g., a name of an application used to create a document). A file format converter converts the file in a selected format. A portion adding a file attribute and writing it to a file provides the id
8565664 Image forming apparatus October 22, 2013
An image forming apparatus provided with a sheet feeding tray to store sheets for image forming; a sheet feeding section to feed the sheets form the sheet feeding tray so as to supply the sheets for the image forming; and a control section to individually administer remaining sheets stor
8565548 Image processing apparatus which performs anti-aliasing on input image data and image processing October 22, 2013
An image processing apparatus and method is provided which performs anti-aliasing on input image data. The apparatus and method may be utilized to improve resolution of, for example, images formed by a group of dots and lines, such as characters and marks. The apparatus and method di
8564842 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium for applying different October 22, 2013
An image processing apparatus of the invention specifies, in a scanned image of an original, a first region including a specific form pattern (a two-dimensional bar-code pattern or the like) with the digital information embedded therein and a second region not including the specific
8564839 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus that selects a screen from a plurality of screens ba October 22, 2013
An image forming apparatus selects a screen from a plurality of screens corresponding respectively to a plurality of gradation values and each including a pattern in which a first region to which toner is to adhere and a second region to which toner is not to adhere are defined, and
8564816 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus October 22, 2013
An image forming apparatus equipped with a processing apparatus which requires a warm-up operation of a predetermined time and performs a predetermined processing to an image-formed sheet includes: a control section to specify whether each of a plurality of input jobs is a first job
8301074 Sheet conveying apparatus with auxiliary guide which accommodates conveyance mechanisms operatin October 30, 2012
A sheet conveying apparatus is provided with a decurling mechanism to correct a curl formed on a sheet; a pair of guides including a first guide member and a second guide member arranged to oppose to the first guide member, the pair of guides constituting a conveyance passage to guid
8299890 System and method for power management directed to image forming apparatus, and usage management October 30, 2012
A presence state inquiry unit refers to a use permission table stored in a data storage unit to extract a user permitted to use a target image forming apparatus, and inquires from an entry control server for a presence state of the extracted user in a particular area where the target
8298739 Electrophotographic toner October 30, 2012
A toner comprising toner particles, wherein a surface-treated titanate compound is contained on the surface of parent toner particles comprising a resin and a colorant, and the titanate compound having a carbon amount of not less than 0.15% by mass and not more than 0.50% by mass.
8298736 Electrophotographic toner October 30, 2012
Provided is a toner comprising toner particles containing a binder resin and coloring matters, wherein the coloring matters comprise a dye represented by Formula (X-1), a metal compound represented by Formula (1) and a quinacridone pigment represented by Formula (2): ##STR00001##
8298735 Organic photoreceptor and manufacturing method thereof October 30, 2012
Disclosed is an organic photoreceptor, which is composed of a photosensitive layer and a protective layer, provided on an electric conductive support, and the protective layer contains a composition obtained by hardening reaction of .gamma.-alumina particles treated with a compound h
8295741 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus October 23, 2012
A developer accommodating container is structured such as to be provided with a first accommodating portion in which the first feeding member is arranged, a second accommodating portion in which the second feeding member is arranged, a first communication portion communicating the first
8295592 Apparatus and method for adjusting pixels values of object edges within images October 23, 2012
An apparatus and method provide logic for processing images. In one implementation, an image processing apparatus includes an edge extraction section, a judgment section, and an edge processing section. The edge extraction section extracts an edge of an object of a character or a line
8294937 Print system for conferencing and print method thereof October 23, 2012
A print system for conferencing includes a plurality of print apparatuses that are provided in a plurality of conference locations and interconnected via a network; a storage that registers in itself, data of conference material and information of prospective attendees from the respe

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