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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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7675656 Image reading apparatus for detecting noise in image data March 9, 2010
An image reading apparatus includes: three line sensors mutually spaced in a sub scanning direction; a platen arranged between the original and the three line sensors; a mover moving the platen relative to the three line sensors at a rate relative to the three line sensors, the rate bein
7675640 Network printing system, printing terminal and printing method March 9, 2010
In a network printing system, initial print setting information and save-mode print setting information are preparatorily set as print setting information in a server. In response to a request from PC1 or PC2, the server sends the save-mode print setting information as the "print set
7672626 Developing roller and image forming method employing the same March 2, 2010
An objective is to provide a developing roller in which increase of residual potential is inhibited during repetitive operation without deteriorating interlayer adhesion, and prepared is a layer immediately below the surface capable of preventing fog caused by toner scattering, accom
7672608 Image forming apparatus March 2, 2010
An image forming apparatus, including an image forming section which conducts image formation on a sheet based on an image data, a tray which accommodates the sheets to be supplied to the image forming section, a humidity detecting unit which detects humidity inside the tray, a dehum
7672311 Communication device suitable for setting IP address of server connected to network, network par March 2, 2010
In order to easily set IP addresses required for communicating with apparatuses connected to a network, an MFP includes a port scan unit for acquiring, by port scanning, an IP address of a server having a predetermined port open from one of the servers connected to the network, and a
7668480 Cleaning device for use with image forming apparatus February 23, 2010
A cleaning device for use with an electrophotographic image forming apparatus has a charging brush positioned in contact with an endless image bearing surface of a rotatable image bearing member to form a contact region in which the brush provides an electric charge with a certain po
7664422 Image forming system and sheet humidifying apparatus February 16, 2010
An image forming system, comprises an image forming section to form an image on a sheet; a fixing section to fix the image formed on the sheet; a sheet conveying passage to convey the fixed sheet; a humidifying roller arranged on the sheet passage and to humidify the sheet; a water s
7664420 Image forming apparatus having monochrome and color print modes and a plurality of system speeds February 16, 2010
An image forming apparatus of the present invention includes a first identification section for identifying whether a print target page in a print target document is color or monochrome and its page attribute, a second identification section for identifying a system speed during prin
7660541 Image formation apparatus utilizing density of waste toner to detect amount thereof February 9, 2010
An image formation apparatus has a waste toner accommodation unit including a toner transporting rotation member covered with a fixed pipe. As the member rotates, waste toner in the pipe is transported downstream. The toner transporting rotation member has an upstream portion with a
7660014 Image processing apparatus capable of extracting rule from document image with high precision February 9, 2010
An image processing apparatus scans image data along a row in an x direction, and if a series of black pixels having a length equal to or more than a first threshold is detected, the series of black pixels is determined as a rule and erased. Furthermore, if a series of black pixels h
7658584 Bookbinding apparatus February 9, 2010
There are provided bookbinding apparatuses that wrap a bundle of sheets with a cover and form back corners, and have a detecting unit for detecting a wave amount of a bundle of sheets. A type of such an apparatus includes a controller to control a time period to form back corners, ba
7657202 Image forming apparatus and image forming system February 2, 2010
An image forming apparatus, including an image forming section which forms image on a recording sheet based on image data, plural trays which accommodate the sheets to be supplied to the image forming section, a humidity detecting unit which detects humidity inside the paper tray, a
7657201 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and control program of the same February 2, 2010
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus including: a dedicated operation input section having various function keys provided with the image forming apparatus; a connection section to connect an external operation input section having various keys with the image forming apparatus; a m
7654519 Image forming apparatus and sheet material conveyance device used therein February 2, 2010
An image forming apparatus comprising: an image forming section which forms an image on a sheet material; a curl correcting mechanism which interposes and conveys the sheet material on which the image has been formed by the image forming section. Pressure applied to one surface of th
7653340 Decurl device and image forming apparatus provided therewith January 26, 2010
A decurl device includes: a curl detecting section having a plurality of toothed wheels each which detects a curling amount and a curling direction of a sheet having a curl; and a plurality of uncurling sections each arranged downstream of the curl detecting section in a conveyance d
7653335 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus January 26, 2010
A compact development apparatus using a two-component developer and an image forming apparatus wherein carrier deterioration is prevented to ensure formation of a high-quality image for a long time. The development apparatus uses the developer made up of a mixture of toner, carrier, and
7652790 Image forming apparatus, gradation correction method and control method of image forming apparat January 26, 2010
An image forming apparatus includes: an image forming unit for forming a correcting image for correcting gradations of an output image, on a bearing body; a sensor for measuring reflected light quantity of the correcting image formed on the bearing body; a gradation correcting unit f
7652784 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and image forming system for receiving and executi January 26, 2010
In the image forming apparatus, upon reception of a job containing a file to be printed, it is determined whether or not the job contains a template indicating that a plurality of files are to be merged. If it is determined that the job contains the template, then the job is stored in
7652781 Data processing system, data processing method, and data processing program product suited for t January 26, 2010
In order to facilitate the designation of a destination of data while allowing the data to be delivered in a processing method desired by a user at the destination, an MFP includes a registration portion to register for each user a processing method for processing data, a destination
7649656 Image reading device January 19, 2010
An image reading device capable of detecting foreign particles on a transparent member by including the transparent member, a conveyance unit that conveys an original document to the transparent member, a reading unit that reads via the transparent member an image of the original doc
7647006 Image forming apparatus having endless belt January 12, 2010
An image forming apparatus includes a plurality of rotors, and an endless belt that is supported with tension by the plurality of rotors and rotated by the rotors. Herein, at least one of the plurality of rotors is provided, at a first end, with a belt restraining member that has a r
7643050 Optical signal generating apparatus, optical signal generating method, and image forming apparat January 5, 2010
An information recording apparatus for recording image information on an image forming body, the apparatus including: a light source for emitting light; a light valve of diffraction grating type, for modulating the light emitted from the light source according to the image information,
7642030 Toner, manufacturing method thereof and image forming method January 5, 2010
A toner including toner particles each containing a resin and a colorant, wherein the toner particle has: a region A which contains the colorant and a region B through which more electrons can pass than the region A; and the region A is covered by the region B being within 1 .mu.m deep
7639973 Image forming apparatus with developer supply roller December 29, 2009
An image forming apparatus has an electrostatic latent image bearing member capable of bearing an electrostatic latent image thereon, and a developer apparatus having a developer material for visualizing the electrostatic latent image into a visualized image. The developer apparatus
7639961 Image forming apparatus with means of preventing backside soil of transfer material December 29, 2009
An image forming apparatus, includes: a photoreceptor on which a toner image is formed by a charging device, an image exposure device and a developing device; and a transfer section for transferring the toner image on the photoreceptor. DC bias and AC bias voltage is applied to a dev
7639385 Image processor, method for informing status change of image processor and computer program prod December 29, 2009
An image forming device includes a user job history database for storing execution condition information that indicates an execution condition of the job in relationship with user identification information for distinguishing a user who made the instruction for each executed job, a d
7639377 Dither pattern generating apparatus for generating dither pattern corrected for density change a December 29, 2009
In a printer which corrects a density change by measuring densities of a plurality of output dither patterns (test patterns) by a sensor and obtaining a .gamma. characteristic curve, the following processes are performed. Data of the present number of print sheets is obtained from a
7639273 Image forming apparatus December 29, 2009
An image forming apparatus which has a plurality of image forming stations arranged in parallel, each of the image forming stations having a photosensitive drum, and which forms a desired image by combining toner images formed on the photosensitive drums. A laser scanning optical sys
7634217 Electrophotographic image forming method using a double walled toner cartridge December 15, 2009
An image forming method wherein a storage container, accommodating the toner having a volume-based median diameter of 3.5 .mu.m through 8.5 .mu.m and containing a resin having a glass-transition temperature of C. through C. and a softening point of C.
7634210 Cleaning system for an image forming apparatus for margin-less printing and control method there December 15, 2009
An image forming apparatus comprising: an image forming section to form a toner image based on print data; a transfer section to transfer the toner image onto a transfer sheet; a fixing section to fix the toner image transferred onto the transfer sheet; a cleaning section for cleaning at
7633646 Image forming method and apparatus December 15, 2009
This invention is directed to an image forming apparatus which forms a color image on the basis of image information and includes an image forming unit which forms a color reference image on an image forming member on the basis of reference image information for color correction, a c
7630586 Image processing apparatus and image processing system December 8, 2009
An image processing apparatus comprises an input section which inputs a user identification information; and a registration section which registers an image data in association with the user identification information.
7627822 Image forming apparatus December 1, 2009
An image forming apparatus includes a display unit, a plurality of types of input units, an input unit recognizing unit that recognizes a type of input unit via which input is being performed, and a display control unit. If a function menu has been selected of the first screen via the
7623737 Information processing apparatus, control method and control program for registration of informa November 24, 2009
In an information processing apparatus, an image pattern of a background and an image pattern of a latent image are selected from image patterns stored in a storage unit. Image data of a ground tint is generated based on the selected image patterns. Following display of the generated ima
7623514 Data transmission device capable of transmitting data to a plurality of addresses by simple meth November 24, 2009
When an MFP determines that text data is transmitted to a plurality of addresses as destinations set by a user, an address group including set addresses is searched from a one-touch key registration and the transmission history of the user (or a group such as a department or a sectio
7621523 Feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus incorporating feeding apparatus November 24, 2009
A feeding apparatus including a feeding roller for conveying a sheet, a separation roller for conveying the sheet in a reverse direction, a transmission mechanism for transmitting the rotational force to the feeding roller, a limited force reverse transmission mechanism for transmitt
7619772 Document processing apparatus, control program, and control method of displaying information rel November 17, 2009
A document processing apparatus displays a print setting screen including setting contents related to printing of document data in response to input of information designating initiation of a process to print out document data stored in a storage device. The document processing appar
7619627 Image processing apparatus November 17, 2009
An image processing apparatus having: a first screen processing section for performing a screen processing to image data; and an outline processing section for determining whether to output or not to output a dot with respect to an outline pixel of the image data, based on an outputt
7616921 Sheet cooling device, intermediate sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus having the November 10, 2009
A sheet conveying mechanism, which conveys a sheet on which a toner image has been fixed at a heat-fixing process, includes conveying rollers each of which is a single roller having the same diameter throughout a width for passing the sheet and is disposed in a predetermined section for
7616914 Color image forming apparatus November 10, 2009
There is described a color image forming apparatus, which makes it possible to prevent the intermediate transfer belt from slacking. The apparatus includes a plurality of image bearing members; an intermediate transfer belt onto which a full color toner image is formed; a driving rol
7616906 Image forming device, image forming method, and a computer readable storage medium stored with i November 10, 2009
An image forming method for controlling a device to receive a printing job; and to execute an intervening of a proof-printing to print at least one certain page of the received printing job in order to check its quality while an another printing job is being processed if the proof-pr
7613895 Memory administrating method November 3, 2009
A memory administrating method of administrating a memory divided into plural regions each of which consists of consecutive memory addresses, where the method includes the steps of: providing each region of the plural regions with usage information; and when releasing a release targe
7613678 Data transmission device with address searching feature, data transmission method, and data tran November 3, 2009
The MFP used as a data transmission device authenticates a data entering person as a specific user in correspondence with a specific data input, searches data receiving addresses related to the authenticated user among the data receiving addresses of each user registered in the address b
7613422 Image forming apparatus and intermediate conveyance unit November 3, 2009
An image forming apparatus having therein an image forming apparatus body and at least one post-processing apparatus, wherein there is provided an intermediate conveyance unit which is connected with and located between the image forming apparatus body and the post-processing apparatus a
7611050 Image processing system including plurality of image processing apparatuses connected to network November 3, 2009
When user identification information is input, if user data including the input user identification information is stored, an MFP serving as an operation terminal requests an MFP serving as a home terminal specified by the apparatus identification information associated with the accepted
7609881 Device and method for image processing as well as image processing computer program October 27, 2009
The image processing device is equipped with an image area extracting part for extracting a plurality of image areas from image data, an image positional information recognizing part for recognizing positional information of each extracted image area, an attribute recognizing part fo
7609423 Sheet transfer apparatus having a light volume detection means for detecting a deviation amount October 27, 2009
The present invention comprises a light volume detection means for detecting the light volume according to the deviation amount at a sheet transfer position in the width direction of a sheet end to be transferred, the light volume detection mean being constituted by a light emitting
7608372 Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic October 27, 2009
Provided are a photoreceptor, an image forming method, an image forming apparatus and a processing cartridge exhibiting an excellent effect on high quality toner images with no image defect caused by occurrence of fog, lowered image density and sharpness, or generation of black spots.
7606516 Image printing apparatus October 20, 2009
An image printing apparatus includes a control unit which controls a rotational speed of an image carrier; a detecting unit which detects data of the rotational speed; a storage unit which stores the rotational speeds up to n past rotation cycle of said image carrier; and a determini
7606508 Image forming apparatus with a fixing apparatus October 20, 2009
An image forming apparatus including a fixing roller; an endless fixing belt rotated together with the fixing roller; a pressurizing section arranged on the inner peripheral surface side of the fixing belt wherein the pressurizing section makes the fixing belt to be in pressure contact
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