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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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7865108 Cleaning device and image forming device for charging residuals of toner evenly January 4, 2011
A cleaning device for cleaning residual toner that, in an image forming device of an intermediate transfer type, remains on an outer circumferential surface of an intermediate transfer member after a transfer. The cleaning device includes: a charging brush operable to contact with an
7864370 Copy machine with image rotation and back surface reading based on memory capacity required January 4, 2011
A copy machine including: an original reading apparatus having a front and back surface image reading sensors, being capable of setting plural original documents, feeding out one by one, and simultaneously reading both surfaces of the documents; an image forming apparatus; a post pro
7864367 Image processing system and image processing method January 4, 2011
A printer divides an input image into a plurality of blocks and extracts a block image corresponding to each of the blocks. The colors of the block image are reduced to, for example, four colors. Index numbers are given to pixels of the color-reduced image, and the four colors are assign
7864351 Image forming apparatus and method for remote job editing January 4, 2011
An image forming apparatus connected to a network, including: an operation section for editing a first job ticket specifying an output condition to output image data onto an output medium; an interface section to communicate a remote operation apparatus through the network; and a con
7862977 Image forming method using trickle developing system, developer used for the same, manufacturing January 4, 2011
A method to form an image using a trickle developing system, wherein (a) the toner comprises colorant particles with a volume median diameter of 3 to 8 .mu.m having first inorganic particles on surfaces of the colorant particles to form toner particles; (b) the carrier comprises magnetic
7862974 Toner for electrophotography January 4, 2011
An embodiment may be an electrophotographic toner which comprises at least one toner particle which comprises an inner layer and an outer layer covering the inner layer, wherein a cross-sectional area ratio of the outer layer to the inner layer is 0.05-0.46, and wherein a non-uniform
7862883 Intermediate transfer member, method of producing intermediate transfer member, and image formin January 4, 2011
The present invention provides an intermediate transfer member having higher transferability and higher cleaning properties aid durability, an apparatus for producing an intermediate transfer member which does not require the provision of any large equipment such as vacuum equipment,
7861040 Memory apparatus, cache control method, and cache control program December 28, 2010
A memory apparatus including: a cache control section to control a cache memory for an auxiliary storage apparatus; a volatile memory; and a nonvolatile memory, wherein the cache memory for the auxiliary storage apparatus is configured to have a volatile cache memory provided in the
7860441 Fixing belt, fixing device and image forming apparatus December 28, 2010
There is described a fixing device provided with a fixing belt, including a belt-shaped fixing member, which makes it possible to obtain a good image quality and an appropriate driving torque, by considering not only heights of the protrusions and depths of the depressions, but also widt
7860436 Image forming apparatus with toner supplying roller December 28, 2010
A developing device has a developer bearing member, a housing adapted to accommodate a developer, and a supply roller adapted to supply the developer within the housing for the developer bearing member. The supply roller has an outer circumferencial foam layer made of resin or rubber.
7860330 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for removing a noise generated by scannin December 28, 2010
In order to enhance the quality of image after removing a noise from image data obtained by scanning an original document, an MFP is provided with a scanning portion to obtain the image data by scanning the original document, a noise detection processing portion to detect a noise from th
7859703 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and recording medium having program recorded there December 28, 2010
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus including: a memory section having a common storage area that temporarily stores a plurality of pieces of data having different forms from each other; and a control section configured to deem an area of data expected to be deleted among the plu
7859697 Image transmission apparatus December 28, 2010
An image transmission apparatus for transmitting image data to a designated destination including, a mode selection section for receiving a transmission mode selection, and a destination selection section for receiving a destination selection, wherein the destination selection sectio
7853190 Fixing device, carrying device and image forming apparatus December 14, 2010
A conveying device includes a cylindrical first roller, a cylindrical second roller that has a surface hardness higher than a surface hardness of the first roller, and a belt placed in a state surrounding either the first roller or the second roller. the conveying device moves an object
7853179 Method and apparatus for regulating toner amount in developing chamber of image forming apparatu December 14, 2010
In an image forming apparatus provided with a rotary type image developing apparatus, during monochrome print job processing, it is judged whether the amount of toner remaining in the developing chamber of the black developer unit is equal to or less than a predetermined amount M. If the
7853161 Image forming apparatus with toner discharge method December 14, 2010
A potential difference between the photoreceptor and the development roller is set at a value at which the normally charged toner on the development roller can be flown toward the photoreceptor in the development phase at the time of compulsorily consuming the toner, and this potenti
7852532 Image forming apparatus and image forming method December 14, 2010
An image forming apparatus including: an outputting section to output a chart which has a gradation pattern in a low-density area, the gradation pattern including patches, each of the patches having a density; a reading section to read-in the density of each of the patches; a calcula
7851118 Image forming method, image forming apparatus and organic photoreceptor December 14, 2010
An image forming method, comprising: forming an electrostatic latent image on a rotatable organic photoreceptor; forming a developing brush with a developing agent containing a toner on a rotatable developing sleeve; and bringing the developing brush in contact with the photoreceptor at
7850160 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system December 14, 2010
A sheet processing apparatus, including: a booklet making section for making a booklet by covering a sheet bundle comprised of a plurality of sheets with a cover in a U-shape; a folding section for forming a fold-line on a coversheet, which covers the booklet made by the book making
7848673 Computer readable recording medium stored with control program for controlling image forming app December 7, 2010
A warning is issued to the user when the tab sheet type selected at the first tab sheet type setup section for setting up the insertion of the first tab sheet is identical to the tab sheet type selected at the second tab sheet type setup section for setting up the insertion of the second
7848008 Structural color display December 7, 2010
Disclosed is a structural color display including: (a) a pattern forming member which forms a plurality of cells each lined up in two dimension; and (b) a light transmissive image display sheet comprising a color showing layer which shows a structural color, the light transmissive im
7847960 Managing reading conditions in an image reading apparatus December 7, 2010
In order to enable setting of a reading condition from an external apparatus, an image reading apparatus includes a reading unit reading a document and outputting an image data in accordance with a given reading condition, a communication unit communicating with an external apparatus
7846626 Image forming method and image forming apparatus December 7, 2010
A toner image is formed while a developing sleeve is rotated in a direction counter to that of an organic photoreceptor at the developing section and a developing agent contains toner which contains toner particles having a particle diameter of 0.7.times.(Dp50) or less in an amount o
7844120 Method and device for compressing image data November 30, 2010
A method for compressing image data on which a pseudo gradation process has been performed by using a dither pattern is provided. The method includes the steps of dividing the image data into predetermined blocks, calculating a typical value if an arrangement pattern of image data in
7840173 Sheet moisturizing device, sheet remedying apparatus incorporating the sheet moisturizing device November 23, 2010
A sheet moisturizing device, including: paired moisturizing rollers which form a nipping section to apply water onto a sheet when the sheet is conveyed through the nipping section; two water supplying rollers, each being in pressure contact to each of paired moisturizing rollers resp
7840148 Image forming apparatus and method for detecting separated state of transfer member November 23, 2010
An image forming apparatus includes a secondary transfer roller that becomes a pressed state to make an intermediate transfer belt perform a transfer process and can move between the pressed state and a separated state, a press and separation driving device for driving the secondary
7840146 Developing device and image forming apparatus November 23, 2010
A developing device has stirring members for conveying and stirring a developer-tank-contained developer and a developer holder, and has a developer replenishing tank for replenishing a replenishment developer to a developer tank; a toner concentration detecting sensor; a discharging
7839562 White particles for image display device November 23, 2010
Disclosed are white particles for an image display device which includes: (i) a pair of substrates facing each other, provided that at least one of the substrates is transparent; and (ii) the white particles enclosed in a gap between the substrates, with which an image is displayed throu
7839545 Image reading apparatus correcting noise in image data November 23, 2010
An image reading apparatus includes, with the purpose of accurately correcting noise in an image due to dust on a platen, three line sensors spaced from each other in a sub scanning direction to scan an original in the sub scanning direction, a platen between the original and the three
7839354 Image display system, host machine and recording medium for storing program November 23, 2010
An image display system is provided that has a plurality of compact, easy to carry, and easy to use display devices. The image display system having the feature of transmitting image data and also supplying power successively for every prescribed number of display apparatuses from a
7838194 Toner for developing electrostatic image November 23, 2010
A toner for developing an electrostatic image is disclosed. The toner has softening point Tsp of from C. to C., and the toner satisfies the relation of 0.02.ltoreq.(Sw/S).times.100.ltoreq.10, Sw being an area of a wax domain having largest diameter among wax do
7836013 Data transmission apparatus incorporating key that specifies recipient and system therefor November 16, 2010
A data transmission system in which a registration server on which recipient information is registered is connected over a network to a data transmission apparatus that transmits data to a recipient, comprising: the registration server, comprising, a database in which information inc
7835676 Developing apparatus image forming apparatus, and method of charging a developer using charging November 16, 2010
A developing apparatus for visualizing an electrostatic latent image on an electrostatic latent image bearing member by using a developer including toner and carrier particles, has a developer including toner and carrier particles, a first transport member, a second transport member posi
7835659 Image forming apparatus capable of reducing noise energy radiated outside the apparatus, method November 16, 2010
In an image forming apparatus, a frame as an interior member is provided so as to oppose an exterior cover as an exterior member for controlling noise from an apparatus main body. An opening that is made up of a number of aperture regions is provided for allowing sound that is radiated t
7835654 Fixing apparatus in which a fixing nip is secured by a pressure belt and a fixing roller, and im November 16, 2010
A belt-nip system fixing apparatus reduces the frequency of replacing a pressure belt or a sliding sheet. In accordance with a sheet measurement in a roller axis direction, the fixing apparatus switches a pressure distribution in the roller axis direction between a low-pressure load
7832725 Paper sheet stacking apparatus and paper sheet post processing apparatus November 16, 2010
There is described a paper sheet post processing apparatus that includes a paper sheet stacking apparatus in which the paper sheet stacking operation can be smoothly and stably conducted during a high-speed post processing of paper sheets. The paper sheet stacking apparatus includes:
7832716 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system November 16, 2010
A sheet processing apparatus including: a sheet supporting table that supports a sheet stack made of a plurality of sheets which have been folded; a stopper against which a first edge of the sheet stack which is a side to be cut of the sheet stack is pressed on the sheet supporting t
7830593 Image display device November 9, 2010
An image display device 10, having two substrates 11 and 12, at least one of which is transparent; and display particles 21 and 22 enclosed in the powder form between the substrates, the display particles being moved under an electric field generated between the substrates so that an ima
7830544 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program and recording medi November 9, 2010
An image processing apparatus which creates and delivers an image file whose layer can be managed comprises a first image data acquisition unit which acquires first image data, a second image data acquisition unit which acquires second image data, receiving unit for receiving a delivery
7830534 Information processing apparatus for transmitting print data to printer, printing instruction me November 9, 2010
Disclosed are an information processing apparatus, a printing instruction method, and a storage medium storing a computer program, that can improve the operability. When dragging and dropping of a first icon that indicates a printer onto a second icon that indicates a document to be
7828277 Sheet storing device storing sheets upright, post-processing apparatus equipped with the device November 9, 2010
A sheet storing device that has a conveyance device that holds a folded sheet to convey and a sheet storing section on which a sheet falling after being released from holding is placed, and allows a position of holding lower end position of the aforesaid conveyance device to be varia
7826788 Image forming system, image forming apparatus and program November 2, 2010
Based on the image size and folding setting, a recording medium storing device is selected among a plurality of the recording medium storing devices, an image is formed on a recording medium in the selected recording medium storing device based on image information, and the recording
7826082 Output processing device and output processing method for executing print and communication oper November 2, 2010
An output processing device includes a communication section for communicating with an external device such as a user terminal, an output section for executing a printout of stored data, and a controller which controls printing and communication operations. The controller of the outp
7826077 Apparatus, system and method for executing image processing based on job data stored in a portab November 2, 2010
The system according to the present invention includes: a portable storage medium which can store data and job data regarding a job to be executed by the image processing apparatus; an information processing apparatus which can record and read the job data in the portable storage medium
7824143 Bookbinding apparatus November 2, 2010
A bookbinding apparatus includes: a replenishing device having a pellet storing section that stores pellets of adhesive and a replenishing member that takes out the pellets in a countable manner from the pellet storing section; an adhesive reservoir that melts the pellets replenished fro
7821671 Image processing apparatus and image processing method October 26, 2010
Disclosed is an image processing apparatus for converting input image data based on n dimensional color space to output image data based on m dimensional color space, comprising: a storing section to store a color conversion value in the m dimensional color space determined for every
7821396 Image forming device and recording sheet selection method therefor October 26, 2010
An image forming device including a document tag reader that detects a contactless IC tag (document tag) attached to the document. If the document tag reader detects a document tag attached to a document, the tagged document is recognized as having a high management level, and a tagg
7817949 Intermediate transfer belt for image-forming apparatuses October 19, 2010
The present invention provides an intermediate transfer belt allowing formation of a high-quality toner image.The present invention relates to an intermediate transfer belt having at least one resin layer that is wound around at least a pair of supporting shafts, for receiving a toner
7817941 Color image forming apparatus having developing devices with different storage capacities October 19, 2010
In a color image forming apparatus comprising a plurality of developing devices each provided with a developing roller structured with a developing sleeve and a fixed magnetic pole member, an agitating member, a recovering and feeding member, a regulating member and a developing devi
7817825 Apparatus, system and method for person verification October 19, 2010
A person verification apparatus having: a biological information input section to receive an input of biological information of a person and to obtain a data of the biological information as a data to be verified; an ID input section to receive an input of ID of a person; and a control
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