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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
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8045210 Image processing apparatus, image data transfer control method and image data transfer control p October 25, 2011
An image processing apparatus being provided with: a volatile recording medium that stores image data; a nonvolatile recording medium that stores image data; a transfer portion that transfers image data page by page between the volatile recording medium and the nonvolatile recording
8045209 Image processing apparatus October 25, 2011
Detection section 22 detects the blank space area in each page for all pages of the document, determining section 23 determines image size for combining a designated stamp image in uniform size in all the pages of that document based on a detection result by detection section 22. Com
8045197 Data processing system, data processing apparatus, and data processing program product suited fo October 25, 2011
The data processing system includes a storage portion to store user data that at least includes user identification information for identifying a user, a destination designation portion to display a user identified by the user identification information stored in the storage portion so a
8045196 Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing program product suited October 25, 2011
To allow inputting and outputting of data using any apparatus of a plurality of MFPs, each of the plurality of MFPs includes a HDD to store user data including user identification information for identifying a plurality of users, a job attribute information generating portion to gene
8045192 Image data encryption apparatus, image data encryption method and recording medium having comput October 25, 2011
An image processing apparatus disclosed in the present application includes a destination designation receiving unit that receives a designation of a destination to which image data is transmitted; a security information acquiring unit that acquires security information of the destin
8041284 Automatic document feeder device and image forming device October 18, 2011
An automatic document feeder device 100 has a device body 110 disposed on a platen 210 of a document reading device 200 and pivotably openable relative to the device 200 by being hingedly connected thereto. The device 100 includes detectors 130, 140 for detecting a document-stack sta
8041251 Developing device and image forming device October 18, 2011
A developing device used for forming a toner image by developing the electrostatic latent image on an electrostatic latent image carrier in an image forming device, comprises a developer carrier roller which is rotationally driven, and a toner thin layer forming member which is broug
8041249 Developer collecting/charging device, image forming apparatus and cleaning method October 18, 2011
After-transfer remaining toner is reversely transferred from a transfer member to an image carrier. A toner collecting/charging device for temporarily collecting and charging the after-transfer remaining toner remaining on the transfer member includes a toner collecting/charging roll
8041235 Image forming apparatus, adjusting method thereof and replacement component thereof October 18, 2011
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus in which a replacement component is set including the replacement component in which a storage medium storing adjustment necessity information indicating whether an adjustment procedure is needed or not after the replacement component is replaced
8039741 Photoelectric conversion element and solar cell October 18, 2011
A photoelectric conversion element comprising a pair of electrodes containing therebetween a compound represented by Formula (1) or Formula (2): ##STR00001##
8039184 Two-component developer October 18, 2011
Provided is a two-component developer with which degradation of development is inhibited even in the case of prolonged use, and thereby a high quality image exhibiting high resolution and sufficient image density can be formed for a long duration. Also disclosed is a two-component de
8037513 Image processing system including plurality of image processing apparatuses used by plurality of October 11, 2011
When a new MFP is connected in a state where a plurality of MFPs are connected to a network, each of a plurality of MFPs obtains an IP address of MPF from the new MFP, and if user data including the obtained IP address is stored, then transmits to the new MFP the registered user info
8036591 Bookbinding apparatus and bookbinding system October 11, 2011
A bookbinding apparatus which forms a booklet by coating adhesive onto a spine of a sheet bundle, the bookbinding apparatus comprising: an adhesive tank which stores adhesive; a supplying section which supplies solid adhesive to the adhesive tank; a melting section which melts the so
8036588 Image forming apparatus October 11, 2011
In an image forming apparatus including an image forming section which forms an image on a sheet and a conveyance section which conveys the sheet to the image forming section, the conveyance section includes: a registration roller, a plurality of loop forming rollers which cause the
8036577 Image forming method and image forming apparatus October 11, 2011
An objective is to provide an image forming method and an image forming apparatus exhibiting neither failure in lack of line image nor image defect in halftone images, together with extremely high image quality and longer lifetime. Disclosed is an image forming method possessing the
8036562 Image forming apparatus and method of the same October 11, 2011
An image forming apparatus 1 to form a panel sheet 100 placed at sections 111 to 113, 115 to 117 and 119 to 121 where operation buttons to be operated by a user are located, having a display 24b to display country setting screen to conduct country setting, operation buttons 24a at the
8036560 Image formation apparatus and image formation method October 11, 2011
A standby state is where a pair of rotating bodies stops rotating, and temperature control is performed so that a rotating body reaches a standby temperature. A fixing state is where the rotating bodies are rotating and temperature control is performed so that a rotating body reaches
8035858 Image processing apparatus and method allow user to set a sequence of instructions October 11, 2011
For image processing, user's setting of an item is received, and the item set by the user is recorded with information on situation of the setting of the item as setting log data. A parameter on reuse value is calculated based on one or more setting log data in the recorded setting log d
8034525 Image forming apparatus and image forming method October 11, 2011
An image forming method is disclosed, which includes steps of cleaning toner remaining on a photoreceptor surface by a cleaning blade which is arranged on counter direction to rotation direction of the photoreceptor, supplying a fatty acid metal salt onto the photoreceptor surface after
8034519 Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image formation method October 11, 2011
Disclosed is an electrophotographic photoreceptor comprising on or over an electrically conductive support a photosensitive layer containing a pyranthrone compound represented by the following formula and the pyranthrone compound has a crystal structure exhibiting a CuK.alpha. X-ray
8032046 Image forming device and image forming method wherein a standby fixing temperature is higher tha October 4, 2011
To control a temperature of a rotating member for fixing an image during standby, an image forming device can suppress overshoot of the temperature of the rotating member occurred when a fixing state is switched to a standby state. Determining the standby temperature is higher than t
8032043 Image forming apparatus and image forming method October 4, 2011
In case new and old toners may be mixed, a developing bias is set as follows. The time is first clocked. The number of times toner is replenished from a hopper into a buffer for a clocked period is counted. If a replenishment amount per clock time is a threshold value or higher, cons
8031358 Image forming system including a plurality of image forming apparatuses October 4, 2011
An image forming system, having means for storing usage histories of latent image carriers, developer, or the like and maintenance cycles of image forming apparatuses and having a function for selecting image forming apparatuses outputting an image based on the usage history data or
8031351 Image formation apparatus connected to power supplying device capable of supplying power via dat October 4, 2011
A message displaying area displays a message "DATA HAS BEEN RECEIVED", which indicates that a print instruction has been received, as well as a message "CONDUCT AUTHENTICATION", which urges a user to enter identification information. On the other hand, an input area displays a form i
8029965 Developing roller and image forming method employing the same October 4, 2011
An objective is to provide a developing roller possessing a surface layer capable of suppressing the residual potential during repetitive use with no damage of interlayer adhesiveness, preventing toner leakage and contaminations caused by adhesion matter on the surface, and preventing
8029955 Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming method October 4, 2011
Provide is an electrophotographic photoreceptor exhibiting excellent evenness of halftone images together with fine line reproduction, and an image forming method thereof, as to a photoreceptor in which an oxytitanium phthalocyanine pigment having a maximum diffraction peak at a Brag
8029908 Specific resin composition of polyphenylene sulfide, and molded component, electrophotographic t October 4, 2011
A resin composition comprises a polyphenylene sulfide resin and a nylon resin having a .chi.-parameter of 1.3 or more at C., and has one glass transition temperature, and an image-forming apparatus comprises: a latent-image supporting member, and an intermediate transfer
8025281 Sheet post-finishing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same September 27, 2011
In a sheet post-finishing apparatus, a stapling device conducts a saddle stitching process on a bundle of sheets, based on an instruction signal; a sheet guide member, mounted on the stapling device, faces a surface of a sheet to be stacked on a sheet stacking section; a stapling device
8023881 Sheet finisher and image forming system provided therewith September 20, 2011
A sheet finisher having a post-processing section that conducts post-processing on a sheet on which an image has been formed by an image forming apparatus, the sheet finisher comprising: an intermediate storing section in which a plurality of sheets conveyed from the image forming ap
8023870 Image forming apparatus having a control section which corrects deviation of a belt September 20, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes: a rotating belt which rotates around a roller; a drive section which rotates the belt; a detection section which detects a position of the belt in a width direction; a moving section which moves the belt in the width direction; a control section w
8023839 Developing apparatus and image forming machine September 20, 2011
The developing apparatus, having stirring members for conveying and stirring developer-tank-contained developer and a developer holder, comprises a developer replenishing tank; a toner concentration detecting sensor; a trickle-type discharging mechanism; a developer amount estimating
8020856 Image forming apparatus September 20, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes: an image forming section which forms normal images on sheets sequentially based on normal image data and forms sample images on sheets based on sample image data; a discharge section which discharges normal image sheets in a stack which are sheets on
8019244 User-friendly image forming apparatus with current supplier for supplying cleaning current, imag September 13, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes: an intermediate transfer belt for, by rotation thereof, transferring a toner image on a surface thereof; a cleaner for removing toner particles after the transfer by rotation of a cleaning brush which touches the surface of the intermediate transfer
8018626 Image forming method and count control method September 13, 2011
An image forming apparatus which copies on a recording sheet an original document carrying a watermark, where a watermark comprising a specific character or a pattern is embedded inconspicuously into an image of the original document, the image forming apparatus including: a discrimi
8014695 Image forming apparatus September 6, 2011
An image forming apparatus for forming an image on a sheet, includes: an image forming section which forms the image on the sheet; a fixing device which fixes the image onto the sheet; a first duct which covers the fixing device and ventilates air heated by the fixing device; a second
8014010 Apparatus, system and method for executing image processing based on job data stored in a portab September 6, 2011
An image processing apparatus that can execute a job in accordance with job data read from a portable storage medium. Upon deciding that the image processing apparatus is not able to execute a mode set in the job data, the image processing apparatus can change the mode set in the job
8011656 Image forming apparatus September 6, 2011
There is provided an image forming apparatus which does not need height adjustment of the main body and the sheet post-processing device at the time of attaching the sheet post-processing device to the main body and which can prevent jam from occurring while securing the conveying force
8010002 Image forming apparatus August 30, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes a control section which controls a forming section and a detection section to form an image patterns at a non-image area between image areas on an image carrier, to detect the image patterns as required, and to execute various types of compensation
8009908 Area testing method for image processing August 30, 2011
A method for deciding correctly a type of a specific area of an image having inclination includes the steps of generating an edge image based on a target image to be a target of image processing, generating a first histogram indicating the number of edge pixels existing in the lateral
8009318 Preparing form data and page data for printing, image processing device, image processing method August 30, 2011
A print server which functions as an image processing device extracts the reusable data of each object to be used on multiple pages within the file and prepares the form data by synthesizing the extracted reusable data. The print server prepares page data to be used for printing by s
8007426 Developing roller August 30, 2011
A developing roller that can form a toner image with high quality includes: a supporting shaft, and at least one resin layer formed on a peripheral face of the supporting shaft, the resin layer containing carbon black in which a number average Feret's diameter is in a range from 5 to
8006096 Information processing apparatus August 23, 2011
There is described an information processing apparatus, which makes it possible to discriminate the injustice inputting operation from the input error simply committed by the authorized user, in order to prevent the correct password from being illegally found by the injustice intruder.
8006010 Information sharing system and relay device capable of controlling peripheral according to user August 23, 2011
A workspace control unit performs a process on a common work area screen for sharing information, and an information processor display transmission and reception unit transmits to a display of an information processor the common work area screen processed by the workspace control uni
8005417 Bookbinding system with an adhesive replenishing rate controller August 23, 2011
A bookbinding system comprising: an image forming apparatus; and a bookbinding apparatus; wherein both the image forming apparatus and the bookbinding apparatus include a communication section respectively, for transmitting information from the image forming apparatus to the bookbind
8005379 Image forming apparatus and image forming method August 23, 2011
An image forming apparatus is provided with a control section which stores detection results of a toner sensor regarding detection patterns. When forming a plurality of detection patterns on an intermediate transfer belt, the control section determines circumference-directional lengt
8004723 Information processing apparatus and image processing apparatus executing script stored in assoc August 23, 2011
An image processing apparatus formed of MFP or the like includes a plurality of folders for storing files. In the image processing apparatus, a script for the processing executed on a file stored in each folder is generated. Then, the generated script is stored in association with a
8004709 Data communication device, computer readable medium and method for transmitting and managing dat August 23, 2011
A data communication device capable of facilitating file management compared to conventional methods is provided. The data communication device includes an image file storage portion for memorizing an image file to be sent to a user at the other end, a transmission information settin
8002259 Image forming apparatus, method for assisting paper sheet supplying operation and control progra August 23, 2011
Described is an image forming apparatus, which makes it possible to create a vacant tray. The apparatus includes a paper sheet managing section to conduct consecutive operations including: acquiring the residual amount of the paper sheets accommodated in each of plurality paper sheet
8002258 Tab sheet insertion apparatus August 23, 2011
An image forming apparatus has a tab sheet supply unit and a control unit. The tab sheet supply unit supplies tab sheets of an identical type from an identical sheet supply tray as a chapter tab sheet to be inserted at a breakpoint of a first level of classification of a document to be
8000640 Image forming apparatus August 16, 2011
An image forming apparatus includes a section for obtaining a property of a recording material; an adjusting section for adjusting a toner amount of a toner image formed by development depending on the property of the recording material; a charging section for charging the toner image
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