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Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Patents
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE41202 Belt-type fixing device April 6, 2010
A belt-type fixing device is provided that allows reduction in driving torque for a fixing belt without deteriorating performance of heat transfer from a heating roller to the fixing belt.The belt-type fixing device of the present invention has an endless-sheet-like fixing belt to be
D659750 Operation panel for an electronic copying machine May 15, 2012
D657413 Image forming apparatus with toner cartridge April 10, 2012
D646712 Image forming apparatus with toner cartridge October 11, 2011
D644683 Toner cartridge September 6, 2011
D644264 Image forming apparatus August 30, 2011
D636435 Toner cartridge April 19, 2011
D636016 Toner cartridge April 12, 2011
D622313 Front panel portions of a paper feeder August 24, 2010
D622310 Front panel portion of a paper feeder August 24, 2010
D608823 Printer January 26, 2010
D608821 Printer January 26, 2010
D604358 Toner cartridge November 17, 2009
D594507 Toner cartridge June 16, 2009
D587306 Printer February 24, 2009
D585934 Printer February 3, 2009
D585483 Toner cartridge January 27, 2009
D581974 Developing apparatus for printer December 2, 2008
D578154 Electronic copying machine October 7, 2008
D577060 Electronic copying machine September 16, 2008
D576666 Electronic copying machine September 9, 2008
D576665 Electronic copying machine September 9, 2008
D574038 Toner cartridge July 29, 2008
D573177 Electronic copying machine July 15, 2008
D573176 Electronic copying machine July 15, 2008
D570904 Toner cartridge June 10, 2008
D569900 Toner cartridge May 27, 2008
D567282 Toner cartridge April 22, 2008
D566754 Toner cartridge April 15, 2008
D565646 Toner cartridge April 1, 2008
D559389 Display with operation switch January 8, 2008
D553183 Developing device with a toner container October 16, 2007
D552671 Portion of a toner container October 9, 2007
D546381 Toner container July 10, 2007
D544529 Paper tray June 12, 2007
D543584 Overhang portion of a paper feed machine May 29, 2007
D537474 Front panel portion of a paper feed cassette February 27, 2007
D537473 Front panel portion of a paper feed cassette February 27, 2007
D535687 Printer January 23, 2007
D534576 Toner cartridge January 2, 2007
D534206 Electronic copying machine December 26, 2006
D529077 Front panel portion of a paper feed cassette September 26, 2006
D526351 Printer August 8, 2006
D524850 Toner cartridge July 11, 2006
D522046 Printer May 30, 2006
8589710 Image forming device which performs power saving control upon authentication printing November 19, 2013
An image forming device can operate in a print mode, a first power saving mode, and a second power saving mode. In the print mode, a first circuit having a unit to acquire the state of the image forming device and a second circuit are both activated. In the first power saving mode, n
8589545 Job execution system, job execution apparatus, counter data administration method thereof and re November 19, 2013
A job execution system comprises a job execution apparatus and a server apparatus interconnected via a network. The server apparatus stores in itself, counter data defining the range of using the job execution apparatus, which is allowed for a user who logs in the job execution appar
8589339 Data collection device, program, and data collection method November 19, 2013
The present invention provides a data collection device that lightens a registering workload for an administrator and prevents that a set of procedures for a data collection is started later than a registered start time. A data collection device 101 comprises: a database 105 in which
8588675 Image forming system November 19, 2013
An image forming system including: a fixing device for fixing a toner image on the recording sheet; a curl flattening section for flattening a curl formed on the recording sheet, and conveying the recording sheet in a downstream direction against the fixing device; a first conveying rout
8588627 Image forming apparatus that detects consumable supplies November 19, 2013
In the image forming apparatus including a developing device that develops an electrostatic latent image on an image carrying member by using toner, a first toner empty stop condition and a second toner empty stop condition for prohibiting printing because of a lack of the remaining

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