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Kobishi Electric Co., Ltd. Patents
Kobishi Electric Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D339513 Ashtray with air-cleaner September 21, 1993
D318437 Siren for fire alarm July 23, 1991
D292895 Siren November 24, 1987
5150097 Motor driven bell striking mechanism September 22, 1992
The present invention relates to a motor driven type bell striking device to be employed in electric bells. The device incorporates a cam coupled with the rotating drive shaft of an electric motor, the cam translating the rotary motion of the motor to an oscillating action which serves t
4996995 Ashtray March 5, 1991
An ashtray which has a main body including a tray for receiving ashes and a housing having an opening facing upwardly for housing the tray therein, a lid member for covering the opening of the housing therewith, a hinge assembly for rotatably connecting the lid member to the main body, a
4952907 Motor driven bell August 28, 1990
In a motor driven bell, a pair of cam members are operatively connected to a drive shaft of a motor. One of the cam members acts directly on a leaf spring for moving a hammer attached to the leaf spring generally in parallel relation to the axis of rotation of the cam member to thereby
4896134 Armored self-contained outdoor/indoor siren assembly January 23, 1990
An armored self-contained outdoor/indoor siren assembly which eliminates the need for an additional protective box and an additional tamper switch which are generally used in the prior art installations. The armored siren assembly of the invention consists of a rigid and strong cover mem
4885572 Anti-theft alarm device for vehicle December 5, 1989
An anti-theft alarm device for a vehicle, the device having: (a) a detector for detecting an emergency of the vehicle and for emitting a detection signal; (b) a switch for setting and deactivation the alarm device, the switch emitting selectively a setting and a deactivation signal; (c)
4700178 A.C. alarm buzzer October 13, 1987
An alarm buzzer includes a bobbin mounted within a housing and having a base portion and a hollow cylindrical portion. The mounting plate is interposed between the bottom wall and the base portion. A coil is wound around the cylindrical portion, and opposite ends of the coil are conn
4692741 Motor actuated buzzer assembly with a plurality of leaf springs of different frequencies September 8, 1987
A motor actuated buzzer includes a motor mounted on a body, at least one cam member fixedly mounted on an output shaft of the motor, a sound generating plate mounted on the body, and a hammer for striking the sound generating plate, the cam having a plurality of radial protrusions. At
4664055 Alarm horn May 12, 1987
An alarm horn includes a one-piece molded body which includes a casing portion having opposite open ends, and a first horn disposed in the casing portion and having opposite open ends. The first horn is connected to the casing portion at their one ends. A second horn of a generally cup-s
4599498 Tamper switch July 8, 1986
A tamper switch includes an elongated tamper element mounted on a casing for movement along an axis thereof between an inoperative and an operative position. An urging device normally urges the tamper element into one of the operative and inoperative positions. A pair of elongated resili
4380758 Motor actuated bell April 19, 1983
A motor actuated bell comprises a crank member operatively connected to a motor drive shaft. An elongated connecting plate is connected at one end thereof to the crank member for being reciprocally moved along its axis. A pivotal lever is connected at one end thereof generally perpendicu
4368458 Motor actuated bell January 11, 1983
In a motor actuated bell a cam member is operatively connected to a motor drive shaft. The cam member acts directly on a leaf spring for moving a hammer attached to the leaf spring generally in parallel relation to the axis of rotation of the cam member to thereby allow the hammer to str
4366472 Motor actuated bell assembly December 28, 1982
A motor actuated bell assembly comprises a housing box having a body with an open top and a lid for closing the open top. The motor actuated bell includes a base having an integral support portion on which a gong is mouted. The base is fastened to the box body adjacent to the open top
4360800 Gong striking mechanism November 23, 1982
Gong striking mechanism is provided, which comprises a driving electric motor mounted on a frame within a gong, conversion means rotationally connected directly or indirectly to the motor shaft for converting continuous rotational motion of the motor shaft to reciprocal gong striking
4329680 Double gong bell May 11, 1982
A double gong bell has an outer gong and an inner gong separately arranged to accommodate the inner gong within the space defined by the inner surface of the outer gong. In one embodiment at least two hammer driving members, disposed within the space defined by the inner surface of the
4310834 Motor actuated bell January 12, 1982
A motor actuated bell comprises a motor having a drive shaft and a cam means connected to the drive shaft. The cam means is engageable with an elongated hammer intermediate the opposite ends thereof to intermittently move the hammer away from a gong against the bias of an urging means. W
4308529 Motor actuated bell December 29, 1981
A motor actuated bell which comprises a gong having an extension at a predetermined inner surface thereof; an electric motor having a drive shaft; transmission means for transmitting torque of said electric motor to a slotted ring to impart an angular moment to the ring. The transmis
4306227 Motor actuated bell December 15, 1981
A motor actuated bell comprising a motor having a drive shaft; transmission means for transmitting the rotational movement of the shaft to a second supporting shaft; a cam member which is fixedly mounted on the second supporting shaft; at least two hammer driving means disposed to be cap
4305066 Motor driven bell sound generating system December 8, 1981
A motor driven bell sound generation system is constructed such that rotational movement of a motor is converted into reciprocative hammering operation or single directional striking operation of hammer means via a crank means, driving means with radial protrusions on the outer periphery
4300128 Motor actuated bell November 10, 1981
A motor actuated bell comprises a pneumatic actuator. A hammer is operatively associated so as to be movable into striking contact with an associated gong to produce bell sound.
4286259 Electrically operated bell August 25, 1981
An electrically operated bell comprises an electric drive means and a pivotal lever supporting a hammer means. The lever is operatively connected to the drive means for intermittently moving the hammer means into striking contact with a gong. The lever has a pivot adjusting means by
4075626 Alarm buzzer February 21, 1978
An alarm buzzer comprising an electromagnet, a yoke on which said electromagnet is mounted while maintaining insulation from the housing, an armature which is held with a plate spring on said yoke and is attracted by said electromagnet, a vibratory plate which contacts said armature, and

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