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Klockner-Werke Aktiengesellschaft Patents
Klockner-Werke Aktiengesellschaft
Duisburg, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4632651 Hydraulically controlled extruder injection molding units for the processing of rubber December 30, 1986
Disclosed is a hydraulically controlled extruder injection molding unit which includes a measured value pick-up for the position of the piston rod of the working cylinder and/or of the injection piston. A pressure control valve which can be switched on is provided in the line leading to
4605367 Mold closing unit of an injection molding machine August 12, 1986
A mold closing unit of an injection molding machine has a hydraulic traveling cylinder and a hydraulic mold closure retention cylinder for the movable mold clamping plate. One-half of a divided injection mold is clamped on the plate and defines with a fixed mold die a mold cavity hav
4599063 Injection molding apparatus having die closing and locking means July 8, 1986
An injection molding apparatus having movable die operated by a piston and cylinder, includes a hydraulic circuit having a supply line for closing and opening the movable die. A branch line from the supply line leads into a die locking chamber defined between the piston and cylinder, and
4592714 Mold closing unit of an injection molding machine June 3, 1986
A mold closing unit of an injection molding machine has a threaded spindle which is engaged with the movable mold clamping plate of the machine via a spindle nut. The spindle is attached to the stationary mold clamping plate of the machine in a freely pivotable manner, and is connected w
4592713 Mold closing unit of an injection molding machine June 3, 1986
A mold closing unit has a multi-way valve in a hydraulic supply line leading to a hydraulic traveling cylinder which is controlled as a function of a speed pattern specified for the movable mold clamping plate. The valve body of this multi-way valve is arranged on an elongated, threa
4592712 Plastification and injection device for an injection molding machine June 3, 1986
A plastification and injection device for an injection molding machine includes a plunger rod on the pressurized piston coupled to a spindle on which the valve body of a directional control valve is guided axially. The spindle is axially rotatable and is coupled to a stepping motor contr
4568508 Cut-off process for terminating injection operations of an injection molding machine February 4, 1986
A cut-off process for an injection molding machine for forming two-layer, directly laminated footwear soles and includes a pressure transmission pin which is guided in a passageway constructed as a through-hole between the mold cavity and the outer surface of the mold. The pressure trans
4556315 Process and apparatus for the emission-spectroscopical testing of metallic samples December 3, 1985
During the emission-spectroscopical testing of metallic samples by means of unipolar discharges, material is precipitated onto the counterelectrode material which leads to faulty test results. According to the invention, at the start of the pre-spark period half waves of the unipolar dis
4544270 Apparatus for the spectrographic analysis of workpieces formed from iron and steel alloys October 1, 1985
The determination, through spectrographic analysis, of the C content of iron and steel alloy workpieces via the C 1931.02 line is made using spectrometers having a test head that can be attached to the workpiece. The region of the discharge near the surface of the workpiece is isolated
4542781 Breakout warning method, utilizing acoustics, in a continuous casting installation and apparatus September 24, 1985
A breakout warning method and apparatus for a continuous casting installation wherein structure-bound sound, traveling through the area of the ingot mold, is continuously picked up by a sound recorder and checked for the presence of typical frictional noises between the mold and billet.
4473399 Method of supplying coal gas to a smelting works September 25, 1984
A coal gas supply method converts a carbon carrier in a reactor into a coal gas by the addition of oxygen and feeds the coal gas to fuel consumers. To ensure a continuous fuel supply to the fuel consumers during the coal gasification process, a branch current of the coal gas produced is
4464831 Method and device for fabricating insulated joints for railroad tracks August 14, 1984
A method of fabricating an insulating joint between a pair of end abutting rail sections of a railroad track includes the suspension of a pair of opposed fishplates at the rail joint at spaced distances outwardly of the rail sides, and simultaneously heating the rail sections and the
4453904 Injection mold device for forming an article such as footwear June 12, 1984
An injection mold device for forming an article such as footwear from a plastic material includes a two-part male die such as a boot last, a fabric liner covering the male die, and a split female die surrounding the male die in spaced relation and forming together therewith a mold cavity
4443134 Yieldable roof support for mine passages and the like April 17, 1984
A yieldable roof support structure for mine passages and the like includes inner and outer hollow segments attached end-to-end to form a closed or an opened support frame, the segments including separating walls defining chambers associated with the joined together ends so that, upon
4407438 Transport system for flat metallic materials in strip mills October 4, 1983
A transport system for flat metallic materials such as thin, hot-rolled metallic strips in a strip mill includes a roll table and one or more linear drive elements which are positioned between a pair of rollers of the roll table and below the table plane formed thereby to exert a tra
4278005 Connecting bolt and coupling element July 14, 1981
Disclosed is a device comprising a connecting bolt having a gripping profile near one end and a coupling element having a profile adapted to engage the profile of the connecting bolt. The profile of the connecting bolt is a plurality of projecting teeth separated by grooves where the
3946860 Conveyor construction March 30, 1976
A scraper conveyor has a conveyor trough composed of at least two longitudinally adjacent trough sections having respective side walls and juxtaposed terminal faces. A pair of first connecting members is welded to the side walls of one of the sections and recessed longitudinally thereof

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