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D293557 Taximeter January 5, 1988
4810118 Cartridge system for printing apparatus March 7, 1989
A coloring system for a printing apparatus, wherein a color ribbon is mounted within a cartridge which may be inserted within the printing apparatus so that the color ribbon is operable in cooperation with a print head to effect color printing on a recording carrier, with the print head
4807737 Manually actuated, self-collecting parking meter February 28, 1989
A manually actuated self-collecting parking meter includes a single lockable coin insertion device for receiving a range of available coin diameters. A coin checking device is arranged to receive one coin at a time from the insertion device and is placed in operation by turning a rot
4715223 Device for testing properties of coins December 29, 1987
A device for testing the magnetic properties of coins in coin operated apparatus such as parking meters, used in conjunction with a coin diameter testing device. The device includes a double arm rocker lever provided on a side wall of a coin guiding duct. A first arm of the rocker lever
4676680 Printing assembly with coloring system June 30, 1987
A printing apparatus having a printing base with a printing head located to perform a printing operation along said printed base operating with a color transfer band and a recording medium and with a scraper device separating the color transfer band and the recording medium. The printing
4655446 Storage compartment for documents April 7, 1987
A storage compartment can be used selectively as an individual compartment attached to a document processing device or as one of several compartments joined together in a sorting device. The compartment is functionally autonomous so that its component parts, which are drive and pressure
4607739 Coin activated timer mechanism August 26, 1986
A coin activated timer mechanism particularly useful as a parking meter including a sensing device for sensing the value of coins received in a coin receiving device in order to actuate through a transmission lever a time indicator mechanism which includes a timer disc rotatable in i
4589143 Information processing mechanism with combined printing and reading device May 13, 1986
An information processing mechanism having a combined printing and reading head wherein the reading head is maintained as close as possible to the printing head by providing means for deflecting light entering the reading head so that the organization of the reading head may be arranged
4580039 Circuit arrangement for the protection of data in volatile write-read memories (RAM) April 1, 1986
A circuit arrangement for the permanent protection of data in volatile write-read memories (RAM) such as the type used for the storage of tariff data and variable control counter data in a taximeter. The inventive circuit arrangement provides a signal line between the microcomputer s
4578760 Arrangement for controlling an electronic taximeter March 25, 1986
An arrangement for the control of the quantity of the functions to be called in an electronic taximeter. In order to be able to adapt the device to the most multipurpose of demands, a greater or fewer number of recesses with keys A1 to A8 or with corresponding fill-in pieces can be provi
4577683 Heat exchanger with separate helical ducts March 25, 1986
A heat exchanger for indirect heat transfer between fluid media includes a duct member with the space in its interior divided by a separating wall extending transversely of the duct member axis into a pair of partial spaces. Webs located within the partial spaces and extending helically
4574189 Taximeter assembly March 4, 1986
A taximeter assembly including an electronic calculating module with data memory, an operating keyboard, as well as a data indicating device, consists of two flat housing panels which are joined by detent devices and which are secured together by a lead-sealable screw connection. An
4539644 Electronic taximeter and control system therefor September 3, 1985
In the taximeter disclosed, a microprocessor responds to a first set of pulses representing time and a second set of pulses representing distance and receives data representing a tariff from a constant store. The microprocessor calculates fares and advances the fares continuously on the
4538643 Electropneumatic pilot control stage for a pneumatic servo valve September 3, 1985
Electropneumatic pilot or anticipatory control stage for a pneumatic servo valve includes a nozzle impact plate system, with an impact plate (9,23) controlled by a plunger coil (7) by the input of electric signals. Openings (58,61,62) are arranged in a diaphragm spring disk (10) serving
4524804 Electropneumatic servo valve for controlling a volume current and pressure, respectively June 25, 1985
Electropneumatic servo valve for controlling a volume current or a pressure, respectively.The subject matter of the invention relates to a two-stage, electropneumatic servo valve for controlling a volume current. The servo valve (1, 2) consists of an electromechanically controllable prel
4521122 Needle printer assembly June 4, 1985
A needle printing device having a plurality of printing needles mounted in electromagnets with a permanent magnet operating through a yoke to retain a spring upon which the needles are mounted against the core of the electromagnet, the spring having an armature thereon which is released
4507963 Tachograph cover door assembly April 2, 1985
A tachograph assembly including a casing and a cover member pivotally mounted on the casing with a first pivotal bearing member being formed on a first part of the cover member and a second pivotal bearing member being formed on a casing extension which, together with the cover member, f
4501251 Booster pump arrangement for feeding a secondary circulation system in the operative system of a February 26, 1985
A booster pump for a secondary fuel circulation system of a diesel engine adapted to be connected with the fuel pump of the primary circulation system by removing a screw plug associated with a piston chamber of the fuel pump in order to permit the booster pump to be threadedly engaged i
4423631 Construction of a housing, particularly for tachographs, and of a cover pivotally arranged on th January 3, 1984
A housing for an instrument, particularly of the type for indicating and recording speed. A front cover includes a window through which the indicator is visable.The cover is hinged to the housing on a horizontal axis spaced from the housing base so that the bottom of the cover swings inw
4420748 Passive data display and method and means for control and monitoring thereof December 13, 1983
In the disclosed display, the symbol segments of a passive cell, such as a liquid crystal cell, are each connected to one of two leads through an elastic connector layer having mutually insulated conductors running through the layer transverse thereto. According to an embodiment of the
4403335 Arrangement for the self-wiping of contacts in multidigit interrogating counters September 6, 1983
An arrangement for the self-wiping of contacts in multidigit interrogatory counters where the data are read through code wheels to contact wheels and to mechanical sliding contacts which sense the contact wheels. The improvement includes the arranging of the rotatably-mounted contact whe
4401025 Device for pivoting a printing unit August 30, 1983
A printing unit is guided along a straight line in parallel relation with the printing plane of a printing support. A device is arranged to pivot the printing unit between at least two printing supports spaced angularly apart. The device includes a coupling assembly interconnecting the
4389653 Line recording device June 21, 1983
In the disclosed recording device, variable values are measured and recorded on a recorder carrier by moving the record carrier along a given direction. A number of recorders form a row and define separate tracks along the direction when the record carrier moves and trace lines along
4369704 Printing device for distance counter mechanism January 25, 1983
A printing mechanism, particularly for a counter device which records distances, is formed with a pair of sets of print wheels with a housing defining a slot through which a voucher may be passed to have imprinted thereon information contained on the print wheels. Platens are arranged to
4362927 Preselection counter with continuous display and automatic repetition of a preset value December 7, 1982
A preselection counter having a switch-off counter which is adapted to actuate a desired function when a quantity of this function determined by a preset value has been reached includes presettable indicating means having number rollers adapted to have the preset value set therein and to
4354173 Arrangement for obtaining an indication of efficiency of operation of a motor vehicle October 12, 1982
An arrangement which provides an indication of the economy of motor vehicle operation includes a number of sensors for detecting different vehicle operating factors including engine speed, distances travelled by the vehicle, and the position of the engine throttle. An acceleration me
4349286 Keyboard assembled from individual keys September 14, 1982
A keyboard which can be assembled from individual keys is disclosed. The individual keys include a key button, a key shaft for switching electric circuits, a stationary key body, and a spring for influencing the relative movement between the key shaft and key body. A base structure havin
4331965 Recording device for a tachograph with time markings May 25, 1982
A device for recording time markings on a speed graph in a tachograph includes a support mounting a pair of rods on which a slide is movably displaceable. The slide supports a recording member or stylus for marking the graph. An electromagnet is arranged to tilt the slide and laterally
4323933 Device for erasing a record carrier recorded by magnetic fields in visually readable form April 6, 1982
The record carrier allows visually readable recordings of measured values. A measuring device associated with said record carrier is driven by a drive device. The erasing device comprises at least one erasing magnet positioned directly on top of the record carrier and movable transverse
4308528 Electromechanically driven digital indicating device December 29, 1981
An electromechanically driven digital indicating device comprising an arrangement of seven flaps electromagnetically movable to one of two defined positions. The flaps are disposed in a housing at one plane thereof so as to form an "8"-shaped figure. The device includes a deep drawn
4306244 Speed recording device December 15, 1981
In the disclosed apparatus, a slide is mounted on a guide bar for longitudinal as well as rotary motion. A recording instrument projects from the slide and a spring biases the slide about the guide bar so as to press the recording instrument against the record carrier. The speed meas
4298791 Scanning device for preselector counter mechanism November 3, 1981
Apparatus for scanning the relative position of a preselector counter mechanism which includes a plurality of digital discs having radial cams rotated in accordance with the setting of a preselected numerical value on the counter, with each of the radial cams being provided with a scanni
4291313 Recording apparatus September 22, 1981
Recording apparatus includes a planar support for supporting a flat recording medium such as one or more circular graph sheets. At least one recording instrument, e.g., a wire pen, is arranged to be movable relative to the support to provide a recording on the recording medium when the
4251162 Form band alignment device for a form printer February 17, 1981
A perforated form band is introduced into a form printer through an input passage or shaft. The passage is formed by spaced walls and is pivotally mounted on the printer for movement between an input position and a working position. In the input position, a form band is introduced into
4249745 Recording apparatus February 10, 1981
A recording device featuring simplicity of design operative with a movable planar recording medium is formed as a unitary lever assembly having a first arm with a stylus mounted thereon and a second arm actuated to effect rotation of the lever assembly about a mounting axle to effect
4228519 Monitoring method and system for a parking lot October 14, 1980
A method for electronically monitoring parking lots and an electronic monitoring system for carrying out such method are disclosed. The method and system employs the use of a central control unit and a plurality of parking meters connected to the central control unit. The central control
4209688 Electronic taximeter assembly June 24, 1980
The housing of an electronic taximeter has a first fixed section including the rear and bottom walls which are fixedly secured to and sealed to the chassis of a taxicab, and a removable second section which may include the front, top and side walls of the housing and has grooves engaging
4202640 Keyboard assembly May 13, 1980
A keyboard assembly includes a U-shaped carrier member and a plurality of key members connected thereon by resiliently yieldable legs having detent portions which engage cooperating recesses provided in the bottom wall of the U-shaped carrier member with snap action. Each key member has
4200812 Frequency converter delivering constant width output pulses within variable duty cycles April 29, 1980
In the disclosed frequency converter, a pulse shaper receives pulses at the input frequency and changes their pulse widths to a predetermined value. An integrator integrates the reshaped pulses. An ultra high resistance triggering stage applies the voltage output of the integrator to a
4187510 Device for recording vehicle speeds February 5, 1980
In a device for recording vehicle speeds on a record carrier, the carrier includes a recording layer of a suitable colored paste and is combined with a lid as a unit which is removably mounted on the device housing. The recording layer is located between the lid and the record carrier. T
4183205 Coin operated parking meter January 15, 1980
An arrangement for resetting a coin operated parking meter is disclosed. By the use of a sensor to monitor a parking space, it can be determined when a vehicle leaves the parking space with parking time remaining. A resetting device within the meter clears the meter of remaining parking
4181445 Device for selecting a line to be printed in a printer January 1, 1980
In a printer where a card or record carrier is inserted for printing on one of a plurality of lines, a device is provided for determining the line to be printed. The device consists of a setting assembly and a stop and rest part. The setting assembly includes a card guide element surroun
4172220 Setting device for presettable counters October 23, 1979
In a setting device for presettable counters, a number of indicating rollers are arranged with symbols on their circumferential peripheral surfaces. Connected to each indicating roller is a ratchet wheel and an adjusting wheel. A switching device for each roller permits it to be moved
4141660 Printer for data-processing machine having single operator station February 27, 1979
A data-processing machine having a single operator station is provided with a printer comprising a supply holder on the front of the machine next to the operator station for holding a form band, a support on the machine next to the station with an upwardly concave surface, and a receptac
4128755 Apparatus for automatic reading and evaluation of graphs on trip recorder disks, and the like December 5, 1978
The diagram carrier bears a plurality of graphs of different formats in different respective tracks. A scanning station includes a plurality of scanning elements arranged in a row. The diagram carrier is moved in the direction of its tracks and perpendicular to the row of scanning elemen
4124313 Keyboard assembly November 7, 1978
A keyboard assembly includes a U-shaped carrier member and a plurality of key members connected thereon by resiliently yieldable legs having detent portions which engage cooperating recesses provided in the bottom wall of the U-shaped carrier member with snap action. Each key member has
4095737 Taximeter and mounting arrangement June 20, 1978
A taximeter housing is securable to a vehicle part in such a manner that only two seals are required to prevent unauthorized tampering with the input connections, the interior components of the taximeter and the taximeter mount, and that only a single seal need be broken when it is n
4063142 Servo system for trip recorder December 13, 1977
The output of an operational amplifier is connected to a bridge having as its diagonal two push-pull, complementary-symmetry, output stages, the servo motor being connected between the emitters junction of the one stage and the emitters junction of the other stage.
4056709 Taximeter indicator arrangement November 1, 1977
A digital taximeter provides a visual read out of a first and a second multi-digit number. Instead of a plurality of discrete one-digit illuminated-digit display units arranged together to be capable of displaying multi-digit numbers, use is made of a single multi-digit illuminated-d
4054922 Apparatus for forming an erasable record of the value of a measured quantity October 18, 1977
The record carrier is made of a material which can be caused to assume a dark state by passing a magnetic field through the record carrier normal thereto. It can be caused to assume a light state by establishing in the general plane of the record carrier two magnetic fields which are ori
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