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Kennedy Van Saun Corporation Patents
Kennedy Van Saun Corporation
Danville, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4826429 Apparatus for uniformly cooling pyroprocessed particulate material May 2, 1989
Apparatus for cooling a bed of pyroprocessed particulate material such as lime received from a source such as a kiln, the cooler including a shaft with one or more underlying hoppers through which the material flows as cooling air is forced upwardly therethrough. The invention embodies
4744155 Apparatus for removing dust from pyroprocessed particulate material May 17, 1988
Apparatus for minimizing dust in a kiln system for pyroprocessed particulate material such as lime received from a source such as a kiln. A suction nozzle is located in close proximity to the underside of a stream of falling particles discharging from a kiln where fines are noted to be
4373451 Apparatus and method for feeding pulverized solid fuel to a burner February 15, 1983
An apparatus and method for feeding pulverized solid fuel to one or more burners of a kiln in which batches of the pulverized fuel are weighed and metered into air conduits at a rate controlled by the weight of the batch for the supply of an air-fuel mixture to the burners.
4337031 Preheating apparatus June 29, 1982
An apparatus for preheating particulate material in which the particulate material is transferred from an upper storage bin to a lower annular flow passage by a plurality of connecting chutes and the particulate material is preheated in the annular flow passage by hot kiln gases flowing
4337030 Solid fuel fired kiln June 29, 1982
A fuel burning kiln and process especially adapted for utilizing solid fuel in which one or more burners are accommodated within the kiln and a fuel and air mixture and a supplementary air supply are supplied to the combustion chamber of the burner through a pair of conduits arranged in
4248699 Pneumatic classifier February 3, 1981
A pneumatic classifier and process in which a stream of fluid and the material to be classified are introduced in a swirling stream into a classification chamber, the coarser material migrates by centrifugal force to the outer portion of the stream, the inner and outer portions of the
4076493 Apparatus for cooling particulate material February 28, 1978
Apparatus for cooling calcined or sintered particulate material discharged from a rotary kiln or other pyro-processing system. The apparatus includes an upright shell adapted to contain the material to be cooled, a mixing hopper arranged within the upper portion of the shell for mixing t

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