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Kennametal Inc. Patents
Kennametal Inc.
Latrobe, PA
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RE38151 Rotatable cutting bit June 24, 2003
A rotatable cutting insert of improved geometry having a shank depending from a head portion and having a hard insert mounted therein, includes an insert having a conically shaped tip section, a base section contiguous with a first intermediate section, a second intermediate section
RE37149 Cutting tool inserts May 1, 2001
CLAIMThe ornamental design for a cutting tool insert, as shown and described.DESCRIPTIONFIG. 1 is an isometric view of a cutting tool insert in accordance with a first embodiment of the subject invention;FIG. 2 is a top plan view of FIG. 1, wherein the bottom plan view is identical;FIG. 3 is
RE34180 Preferentially binder enriched cemented carbide bodies and method of manufacture February 16, 1993
Cemented carbide substrates having substantially A or B type porosity and a binder enriched layer near its surface are described. A refractory oxide, nitride, boride, and/or carbide coating is deposited on the binder enriched surface of the substrate. Binder enrichment is achieved by
RE31292 Clamping mechanism for cutting insert June 28, 1983
A toolholder for holding a cutting insert having an axial hole is disclosed having a pocket therein for seating of the insert and a hole in the toolholder extending transversely through the bottom of the pocket. A pin having a head for engaging the insert and a pivotal shoe member cooper
RE30908 Cutting insert April 20, 1982
A cutting insert, especially for milling cutters and the like, and which is to be mounted in a tool holder in a negative radial rake position. The insert is indexable and invertable and has a cutting edge means. The peripheral wall adjacent the cutting edge means has recesses therein whi
RE29900 Pick-type mining bit with support block having rotatable seat February 6, 1979
A pick type mining bit with a cylindrical shank has a support block with a bore and a hard insert detachably and rotatably mounted in the bore. The insert has a bore for rotatably receiving the shank of the bit.The bit has a cylindrical working end projecting from the support block which
D692036 Cutting insert October 22, 2013
D659729 Toolholder May 15, 2012
D659529 Washer May 15, 2012
D658218 Round cutting insert with reverse anti-rotation feature April 24, 2012
D651223 Machining insert for the initial machining and/or the reprofiling of at least one wheel of a veh December 27, 2011
D640717 Cutting insert June 28, 2011
D638452 Cutting insert May 24, 2011
D636418 Cutting insert April 19, 2011
D635164 Cutting insert March 29, 2011
D633534 Cutting insert March 1, 2011
D632320 Cutting insert February 8, 2011
D621429 Cutting insert August 10, 2010
D603433 Cutting insert November 3, 2009
D588810 Toolbox March 24, 2009
D582448 End mill face December 9, 2008
D582447 End mill face December 9, 2008
D568915 End mill face May 13, 2008
D559286 Cutting insert January 8, 2008
D558802 Tool holder January 1, 2008
D555684 Cutting insert November 20, 2007
D523040 Cutting tool insert June 13, 2006
D523039 Cutting insert June 13, 2006
D522545 Cutting insert June 6, 2006
D522025 Cutting insert May 30, 2006
D516594 Hole saw March 7, 2006
D503181 Cutting insert March 22, 2005
D497923 Cutting insert November 2, 2004
D497371 Cutting tool insert October 19, 2004
D496950 Cutting tool insert October 5, 2004
D496949 Cutting tool insert October 5, 2004
D491588 Cutting insert June 15, 2004
D488492 Cutting insert April 13, 2004
D488491 Cutting insert April 13, 2004
D488176 Cutting insert April 6, 2004
D488175 Cutting insert April 6, 2004
D487901 Cutting insert March 30, 2004
D487759 Cutting insert March 23, 2004
D487758 Cutting insert March 23, 2004
D487757 Cutting insert March 23, 2004
D487756 Cutting insert March 23, 2004
D487755 Cutting insert March 23, 2004
D474787 Cutting tool insert May 20, 2003
D459741 Cutting blade July 2, 2002
D448393 Cutting insert September 25, 2001
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