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Kawasaki Steel Corporation
Kobe, JP
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RE33006 Feed-water heater comprising low C-Cr-Mo steel components used under wet steam August 1, 1989
A novel low C-Cr-Mo steel having an excellent weldability and a high erosion-corrosion resistance under wet steam, which consists of, in % by weight, 0.02-0.14% of C, not more than 0.90% of Si, 0.30-0.80% of Mn, 0.70-1.60% of Cr, 0.40-0.70% of Mo and the remainder being susbtantially
D266329 Merchandise bagging machine September 28, 1982
D264723 Merchandise bagging device June 1, 1982
7080307 Error correction decoder with correction of lowest soft decisions July 18, 2006
An object of the present invention is to provide a decoder capable of improving accuracy of error correction. A demodulating section 11 demodulates received data Y and creates soft decision data. An error correction processing section 14 performs an error correction processing in acc
6905530 Metallic powder-molded body, re-compacted body of the molded body, sintered body produced from t June 14, 2005
In a preliminary molding step 1, a metallic powder mixture 7 obtained by blending an iron-based metal powder 7a with graphite 7b such that the graphite is present in an amount of preferably not less than 0.1% by weight, more preferably not less than 0.3% by weight, is compacted into a
6861028 Lubricants for die lubrication and manufacturing method for high density iron-based powder compa March 1, 2005
A manufacturing method for high-density iron-based powder compacts is disclosed. The temperature of the die is adjusted at ordinary temperature or at a predetermined temperature by preheating. A lubricant for die lubrication prepared by mixing at least two different lubricants having
6837109 Material thickness measurement method and apparatus January 4, 2005
Longitudinal and shear ultrasonic waves are generated inside a material by irradiating a laser beam onto a first surface, e.g., incident surface, of the material. An ultrasonic longitudinal wave and a mode converted wave reflected by a second surface, e.g., a bottom surface, of the mater
6777931 Method of displaying signal obtained by measuring probe and device therefor August 17, 2004
The testing results, etc. of surface flaws such as cracks formed in or just below a surface of a body to be detected are displayed using colors within different color regions in the color space when displaying, on the basis of a preset threshold value, the test signal ranging in magnitud
6774627 Leak magnetism detection sensor for magnetic flaw detection system August 10, 2004
A soft-magnetic material is installed on the opposite side of the magnetism sensing face of magnetism sensing devices. This soft-magnetic material is larger than the magnetism sensing face. Then the detection coverage per sensor is enlarged, and the number of sensors and signal processin
6688151 Device and method for shifting work roll of cluster mill February 10, 2004
A roll shifting cylinder 14 is driven to pivot a lever arm 12, thereby shifting a work roll 1 via a thrust bearing 15. A control unit 27 performs auto-positioning control, based on a shift amount performance value of the thrust bearing 15 detected by a shift amount detection sensor 16, s
6673470 Surface treated tin-plated steel sheet and surface treatment solution January 6, 2004
A surface treated tin-plated steel sheet which has an alloy layer formed on the surface of a steel sheet, a tin plating layer being formed on said alloy layer with a remaining exposed portion of the alloy layer having an area of 30% or more of that of the alloy layer and, formed on said
6652618 Iron based mixed power high strength sintered parts November 25, 2003
On the basis of mass percentage of a mixture, 1-5% of Ni powder, 0.5-3% of Cu powder, and 0.2-0.9% of graphite powder are mixed into an alloy steel powder containing 0.5-3 mass % of prealloyed Ni, more than 0.7 to 4 mass % of prealloyed Mo, and the balance being Fe and unavoidable impuri
6649054 Magnetic filter device November 18, 2003
In a magnetic filter apparatus in which permanent magnets are arranged to oppose each other with a container therebetween so as to generate a magnetic line of force in a direction substantially orthogonal to the moving direction of the fluid in the interior of the container, while re
6648941 Iron-based mixed powder for powder metallurgy and iron-based sintered compact November 18, 2003
In order to improve machinability of a sintered compact, a phosphate compound of an alkali earth metal (calcium phosphate compound or the like) is mixed with an iron-based powder, or an alkali earth metal fluoride (calcium fluoride, or the like) is further mixed with the iron-based p
6648264 Method and apparatus for coiling a metal strip November 18, 2003
It is adapted such that, when coiling a thin metal strip at high speed, no shape defect owing to a center buckle occurs in the metal strip, thereby intending an improvement in yield.In a method of coiling a metal strip, adapted such that, before the coiling is finished, wrapper rolls 6 a
6645324 Method of manufacturing a ferritic stainless steel plate November 11, 2003
A ferritic stainless steel plate of excellent ridging resistance and formability, as well as a manufacturing method thereof are proposed. Specifically, the rolling is conducted at a rolling reduction of 30% or more in at least 1 pass and at a temperature difference between the center
6644962 Heating furnace having heat regenerating burners and operation method thereof November 11, 2003
A method of controlling a furnace pressure for preventing air from intruding to a heating furnace, a method of stable operation during low combustion load of heat regenerating burners and a method of measuring concentration of an atmospheric gas in a heating furnace are proposed.
6638371 Cold-rolled steel sheet having ultrafine grain structure and method for manufacturing the same October 28, 2003
A cold-rolled steel sheet having an ultrafine grain structure including a ferrite phase provided. The cold-rolled steel sheet contains C, Si, Mn, Ni, Ti, Nb, Al, P, S, N and Fe and incidental impurities. The ferrite phase has a content of 65 percent by volume or more and an average grain
6638335 Highly compressible iron powder October 28, 2003
A highly compressible iron powder for powder metallurgy has an optimized particle size distribution. The Vickers microhardness of the particles that do not pass through the sieve having the nominal opening of 150 .mu.m is controlled to be at most about 110. The iron powder is suitable fo
6630940 Pattern output circuit and pattern output method October 7, 2003
The invention obtains a pattern output signal with a minimal delay time and to reduce the size of a circuit substantially. The data output from the memory is decoded and then the decoder outputs the decoded signal. Next, the pattern selection output signal is output in accordance with th
6629839 Method and apparatus for charging raw and carbonaceous materials into a moving hearth furnace October 7, 2003
The invention provides a method and apparatus for charging a raw material and a carbonaceous material, in which a reduced product generated on a hearth can be quickly melted for reliable separation into a metal and slag, and the metal and the slag can be easily discharged out of a furnac
6612745 Slide bearing device for roll immersed in continuous molten metal plating bath September 2, 2003
In a sliding bearing device for continuous molten metal plating bath rolls, a shaft and a bearing composed of a sliding and contacting hard ceramic sinter are retained displaceably by a steel retainer, and by using such bearing device, therefore, a stable operation of continuous molten m
6562473 Electrical steel sheet suitable for compact iron core and manufacturing method therefor May 13, 2003
Electrical steel sheets having superior magnetic properties, anti-noise properties, and workability, are ideal for use a compact iron core material in electric apparatuses, such as compact transformers, motors, and electric generators. A totally new electrical steel sheet and a manuf
6558815 Hot dip Galvanized steel plate excellent in balance of strength and ductility and in adhesivenes May 6, 2003
The hot dip Zn galvanized steel sheet has excellent balance between tensile strength and ductility and excellent coating adhesion, an average composition of a base steel thereof includes: 0.05-0.25 mass % of C; not more than 2.0 mass % of Si; 1.0-2.5 mass % of Mn; and 0.005-0.10 mass % o
6557623 Production method for continuous casting cast billet May 6, 2003
Molten steel is poured using an immersion nozzle and a direct current magnetic field zone is applied to a cast slab over the entire width in the thickness direction thereof at a predetermined distance below the molten metal level in a continuously-casting mold. The immersion nozzle is
6555249 Surface treated steel sheet and method for production thereof April 29, 2003
The coated steel sheet includes a zinc phosphate coating containing Mg on a surface of a galvanized steel sheet, and an orthophosphoric acid ester-containing coating on a surface of the zinc phosphate coating. The coated steel sheet has no coating fall-off even during a chemical conv
6548460 Coating composition and lubricated metal sheets April 15, 2003
The coating composition includes a methacrylic resin prepared by copolymerization of styrene or a substituted styrene (A), a methacrylic ester obtained from an alcohol having at least two carbon atoms and methacrylic acid (B), and an olefinic compound having at least one carboxylic g
6547886 Method and apparatus for degreasing steel strip April 15, 2003
A steel strip is degreased with low power consumption by subjecting the steel strip to electrolytic washing in a degreasing apparatus including an electrolytic washing apparatus in which electrodes confront each other across the steel strip located therebetween, and charge density and
6537822 Method for analyzing free fluorine in solutions containing hydrofluoric acid solution, and appar March 25, 2003
Free fluorine is measured in a hydrofluoric acid-containing solution with a coexistent metallic ion based on a total fluorine concentration, a total acid concentration, a metallic ion concentration, the equilibrium constant of hydrofluoric acid, and equilibrium constants of metal fluorid
6537674 Surface treated steel sheet March 25, 2003
The coated steel sheet is a zinc-based plated steel sheet which has a zinc phosphate-based coating containing magnesium thereon and a silicone resin coating containing a functional group which reacts with an organic substance on the surface of the zinc phosphate-based coating. The coated
6537394 Method for producing hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having high strength and also being excellen March 25, 2003
A hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel sheet having superior workability and galvanizability containing: 0.01% to 0.20% by weight of C; 1.0% by weight or less of Si; more than 1.5% to 3.0% by weight of Mn; 0.10% by weight or less of P; 0.05% by weight or less of S; 0.10% by w
6537391 Steel with improved impact penetration resistance and method for producing the same March 25, 2003
A steel has a tensile strength of 850 to 1700 MPa, a yield ratio of at most 80%, and a penetration border energy ratio of at least 2.0 relative to the penetration border energy of a reference steel JIS SS400 (corresponding to ASTM A36) of the same thickness. The steel can be produced by
6533836 Iron-based powders for powder metallurgy March 18, 2003
An iron-based mixed powder for use in powder metallurgy and excellent in die filling property and compressibility and without segregation, includes an iron-based powder in which alloying powder(s) is adhered to the surface by a binder and, further, a free lubricant. The iron-based powder
6531001 Non-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss and high magnetic flux density and manufa March 11, 2003
Non-oriented magnetic steel sheets, which are mainly used as materials for iron cores for use in electric apparatuses, have a low iron loss and a high magnetic flux density at the same time. The non-oriented magnetic steel sheet comprises from about 1.5 to about 8.0 weight % Si, from abo
6525350 Semiconductor integrated circuit basic cell semiconductor integrated circuit using the same February 25, 2003
A basic cell is disclosed, which is small in area and has sufficient connection flexibility. for achieving a semiconductor integrated circuit with a higher density and a reduced manufacturing cost. In a basic cell, a terminal wire, which is connected to a transistor terminal with a conta
6523416 Method for setting shape and working stress, and working environment of steel member February 25, 2003
A delayed fracture is effectively prevented by appropriately setting a shape and working stress, and working environment of a high strength member having more than 1,000 MPa of tensile strength. For this end, the relationship between a maximum value of diffusible hydrogen contents of
6521057 High-strength high-toughness steel products February 18, 2003
A high-strength and high-toughness steel product having at least about 0.001% and less than about 0.030% by weight C, not more than about 0.60% by weight Si, from about 0.8 to 3.0% by weight Mn, from about 0.005 to 0.20% by weight Nb, from about 0.0003 to 0.0050% by weight B, and not mor
6521056 Ferritic stainless steel sheet having superior workability at room temperatures and mechanical c February 18, 2003
A ferritic stainless steel sheet which has not only superior high-temperature fatigue characteristics, but also superior workability at room temperatures. The steel sheet contains, by weight percent, C: not more than 0.02%, Si: 0.2 to 1.0%, Mn: not more than 1.5%, Cr: 11.0 to 20.0%,
6521040 Method for processing chromium oxide-containing substances in large quantities, method for utili February 18, 2003
A method of rapidly reducing chromium oxide-containing slag and the like in large quantities, in a simplified manner and without requiring high temperatures. Chromium oxides are reduced with at least one of elementary sulfur and compounds of sulfur having a valence less than 6. For an
6517643 Steel having excellent outer surface SCC resistance for pipeline February 11, 2003
A steel pipe is provided which is excellent in resistance to outer surface stress corrosion cracking (SCC) when used for a pipeline without impairing the fundamental requirement for the steel as a pipeline. The steel pipe has a surface adjusted to have a mean line roughness Ra of up to 7
6514357 Composition for metal surface treatment and surface treated metallic material February 4, 2003
A composition for metal surface treatment which comprises an aluminum ion, a magnesium ion, a manganese ion, a water-soluble organic resin, an acid and water; and a surface treated metal material which has been treated with the composition. The resultant surface treated metal material is
6505491 Rolling mill and rolling-mill train January 14, 2003
This invention provides a rolling mill and a rolling-mill train which are compact. Reducers to be coupled with them can be made compact. The inner surfaces of pipes to be rolled with the rolling mill and the rolling-mill train can be prevented from becoming squarish. The rolling mill com
6503443 Metallic powder molding material and its re-compression molded body and sintered body obtained f January 7, 2003
In a preliminary molding step 1, a metallic powder mixture 7 obtained by blending an iron-based metal powder 7a with graphite 7b such that the graphite is present in an amount of preferably not less than 0.1% by weight, more preferably not less than 0.3% by weight, is compacted into a
6497154 Method of preparing slag sample for X-ray fluorescence analysis and sampler for use in the same December 24, 2002
A metallic hollow polygonal column having a smooth outer surface is immersed into a molten slag and immediately pulled up. The contact plane of the slag adhered on the outer surface of the hollow polygonal column is used as the analytical plane. The method of the hollow column has a
6496956 Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof December 17, 2002
A method of designing a logic circuit including pass transistors is disclosed. A logic group having a complementary variable in a given logical expression to be realized into the logic circuit is mapped using a multiplexer composed of a combination of the pass transistors. The number
6492068 Etching method for production of semiconductor devices December 10, 2002
An etching method for use in production of semiconductor devices is disclosed. In the etching method, CBr.sub.x or its derivative formed in the plasma is deposited on portions of the surface of a substrate to be etched. A sidewall and/or underlying layer protection effect is obtained
6485570 Sink roll blade apparatus used in continuous molten metal plating apparatus and method for preve November 26, 2002
An apparatus installed in a molten metal plating line includes a blade pressed against a roll dipped in a molten metal plating bath, in which a metal strip travels. The apparatus removes substances deposited on a surface of the roll. The apparatus also includes an arm for supporting the
6480274 Method of analyzing oxygen and oxide in metallic material November 12, 2002
This invention provides a quantitative determination method capable of quickly determining a mean composition of oxide type inclusions and oxygen concentration of a metallic material such as a steel by using an optical emission spectrometer alone. This method comprises the steps of (1)
6474163 Ultrasonic flaw detection method and instrument therefor November 5, 2002
A method and apparatus for ultrasonic flaw detection of line focus type suitable for detection of flaws in nonmetallic materials included in an object. Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver elements of line focus type are opposed at a distance (L) with an object under test placed between
6467510 Pipe formed by bending rolls October 22, 2002
In a pipe forming process using bending rolls, load applied to an upper roll is reduced to suppress the deflection of the upper roll, thereby suppressing creation of large end gap at the longitudinal center of the pipe, thus enabling production of high-strength, thick-walled elongated
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