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Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Kobe-shi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42086 Utility vehicle with cabin frame February 1, 2011
A utility vehicle having a cabin-frame assembly coupled to the vehicle body so as to cover rows of seats is provided. Typically, the assembly includes a main frame extended in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle substantially arcuately over the rows of seats, and an intermediat
RE40762 Jet-propulsion watercraft June 23, 2009
A jet-propulsion watercraft, comprises a steering position sensor for detecting a steering operation of a steering operation means. A steering means adapted to be subjected to a steering assist mode control, when a signal indicating that the steering position sensor has detected the
RE35584 Industrial robot August 12, 1997
A spot welding robot including a base and an arm assembly mounted on the base. The arm assembly includes a lower arm mounted at a lower end on the base for a swingable movement about a substantially horizontal first axis, a swingable member mounted on the lower arm at an upper end portio
RE33978 Air-cooled overhead-valve engine June 30, 1992
An air-cooled overhead-valve engine comprises a cooling fan connecting to one end portion of crankshaft and surrounding with fan casing, a combustion air intake port provided in the direction of downstream side of cooling air, and push rods for driving a cam arranged in opposite side to
D693282 Wheel for motorcycle November 12, 2013
D669822 Motorcycle October 30, 2012
D669821 Motorcycle October 30, 2012
D665706 Motorcycle August 21, 2012
D661712 Electrical control device June 12, 2012
D657721 ATV April 17, 2012
D656867 Motorcycle April 3, 2012
D647839 Head panel for water scooter November 1, 2011
D647825 Motorcycle November 1, 2011
D647824 Motorcycle November 1, 2011
D646605 Railway vehicle and/or toy replica thereof October 11, 2011
D640173 Motorcycle June 21, 2011
D638756 Motorcycle May 31, 2011
D634040 Turn signal lamp for motorcycles March 8, 2011
D628130 Meter set for motorcycles November 30, 2010
D624860 Motorcycle fairing October 5, 2010
D624473 Motorcycle muffler September 28, 2010
D624091 Internal combustion engine September 21, 2010
D623662 Generator cover for motorcycles September 14, 2010
D622645 Hood for utility vehicles August 31, 2010
D622209 Trunk for motorcycles August 24, 2010
D619522 Leg shield for motorcycles July 13, 2010
D609151 Motorcycle mirror February 2, 2010
D606457 Motorcycle December 22, 2009
D605982 Motorcycle December 15, 2009
D605555 Truck December 8, 2009
D605090 Motorcycle December 1, 2009
D605089 Motorcycle December 1, 2009
D605088 Motorcycle December 1, 2009
D601731 Tail light for motorcycles October 6, 2009
D598935 Internal combustion engine August 25, 2009
D598330 Motorcycle August 18, 2009
D596768 Tail light for motorcycles July 21, 2009
D596767 Tail light for motorcycles July 21, 2009
D594784 Motorcycle June 23, 2009
D594392 Front fender for a motorcycle June 16, 2009
D593234 Turn signal lamp for a motorcycle May 26, 2009
D590302 Motorcycle April 14, 2009
D588963 Air intake assembly of a motorcycle fairing March 24, 2009
D588961 Motorcycle March 24, 2009
D588503 Motorcycle March 17, 2009
D587828 Head light for a motorcycle March 3, 2009
D584669 Side mirror for motorcycles January 13, 2009
D584661 All terrain vehicle January 13, 2009
D583714 Motorcycle December 30, 2008
D582320 Motorcycle December 9, 2008

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